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Nissan Pathfinder



  • mbuntingmbunting Posts: 158
    Thanks for the help regarding reccomended speed, It helps me out alot.

    Can't wait to buy mine, my loan was approved yesterday...I just have to wait until January 6th when I return from overseas. Time better fly over the next 3.5 weeks!!!!
  • phil47phil47 Posts: 394
    but is actually Model Year 2003 which will be released in 2002. You can read more about it here
  • bgritzbgritz Posts: 139
    Our service advisor told us to make sure we fluxuated speeds during the first 1,000 miles. ie. not to use cruise for long distances. Something about the valves seating better when they were worked at different RPMs.
  • There is no speed limit on the break in period, what I was told is to keep the RPM under 3000 for the first 1000 miles. I know it's hard keeping yourself down, knowing the power you have. I have installed the PIAA superplasma, those are the one with the blue color. They look great, but from what I compare to the regular stock lights. They look great in the near distance, the PIAA actually loses intensity and range as you long further. Of course that's just what I noticed. I didn't change the fog since it doesn't bother me.
  • crikeycrikey Posts: 1,041
    The manual will always say legal speed limit. I have not seen a manufacturer specifically stating a break-in speed since the number indicated maybe above the legal speed limit in certain areas. Thus, the buyer will not be able to use the excuse of '...but the manual says I have to be at this speed when braking in my vehicle. It's the manufacturer's fault...'

    But seriously, keeping the engine RPM below 4000 is recommended, whatever the speed maybe. And yes, fluctuating speeds during the first 1000 miles is recommended for reasons previously stated.

    Regarding the PIAAs, I can honestly say that the SuperPlasmas are not street-legal. A friend of mine was pulled over because he had PIAA SuperPlasmas. And the PIAA website does not indicate that the bulbs are street legal. Now, the SuperWhites are street-legal and DOT approved according to this.

    I not telling anyone not to buy the PIAA SuperPlasmas, they're great bulbs. But, be mindful of the fact that it may bring about unwanted attention from the local authorities.
  • loboyloboy Posts: 75
    To reiterate what everyone is saying, break-in period is 1000 miles or 1600 km. As for speed, the manual says not to exceed the speed limit on 2WD. If in 4wd, not to exceed 50 mph. I'm not sure what to say if you have AWD. My guess is it is the same as 2WD since only the front wheels will engage if necessary. They also recommend varying the speed and RPM. When I was driving home from Canada (about 150 miles), I put in 2WD mode and varied my speed from 55 to 70mph. No problems so far. Hope this helps. Good luck with your purchase.
  • lzzzlzzz Posts: 4
    Nissan changes their vehicle every 4 years. The last time PF received a face lift was 2000MY. Therefore it is schedule to change again for 2004MY. It will be built on a full-size SUV platform.
  • phil47phil47 Posts: 394
    where are you getting your information from?? I have been relying on freshalloy for mine (they are considered the definitive Nissan site) and they say it is MY2003. If you are seeing something different, I'd like to know where. A change in model affects the value of the previous model, so as an owner of a 2001 PF LE, I'd like to believe it is actually MY2004, not MY2003!

    As for a new release every 4 years, they released the new face-lift as a 99.5, so will it actually be a 2003.5??
  • Hi all! Want to thank everyone for the outstanding and informative bulletin board. After test driving and researching every SUV on the market for over a year and lurking on this bulletin board since August, we finally purchased our Pathfinder LE up in Toronto. Thanks Jon for the invaluable help! We love the Pathy, but lessons learned included the currency exchange, customs, and "the shimmy". Initially, a Royal Bank customer service rep told me that they couldn’t exchange large amounts of money without a local account due to money laundering concerns. However, I later talked to a Royal Bank supervisor (after I already exchanged at a local bank unfortunately) and found out that it is actually is no problem at all to exchange with them using the procedures stated in earlier posts. I also found they give a much better exchange rate than any of the 3 large US banks I contacted. As far as customs…I crossed at Port Huron, MI enroute to St Louis and had a heck of a time. I was basically interrogated repeatedly by three separate customs officers and treated like I was doing something illegal. Then they tried to charge me duty on the total sales price including the Canadian tax. After a heated 10+ minute argument, I finally pulled out Jon’s instructions. I was amazed that although anybody could have typed those instructions, they took them as gospel and I had no more problems. Finally for the bad news…yes, even the Canadian 2001 AWD Pathfinder LE’s are susceptible to the dreaded "shimmy". It’s basically just an annoyance compared to all the great aspects of the vehicle, but I sure hope the local dealer can fix it. Luckily the local dealer said they would be happy to help me. For anyone considering a Pathfinder/Canadian Pathfinder purchase, I highly recommend both the vehicle and the Canadian purchase route (Total savings of $4619.84, not that I'm counting). Thanks again Jon. Over the past year, I test drove almost every SUV from small to large, and I definitely think the Pathfinder is a great vehicle that gives you by far the most for the money. By the way, the Pathfinder is replacing the 4-runner we’ve been driving since 1992. I can’t knock the 4-runner, but I don’t know how they justify the price these days. And regardless of the savings, I have to admit I like the Pathfinder better.
  • meca2meca2 Posts: 284
    I purchased a 2001 LE in Nov 00 and the brakes seem "spongy" and peddle travel seems very excessive Has anyone else had this problem?
  • I have a 2001 SE and it also seems that the breaks are spongy as well and need to be pumped quite frequently. I spoke w/ the service manager at the local Nissan dealer and he told me that they might need to be seated. Basically to get the PF up to ~70mph and slam on the breaks. I have not yet done it at 70 but have at 50 and it seems a little better yet still spongy.
    I seem to remember another post stating that they had to have the brakes bleaded to fix the problem. I will take the PF in as soon as I find the time and will let you know.

    Has anyone else had this problem?
  • lofquistlofquist Posts: 281
    Glad you had a sucdessful trip back from Canada and those savings look great!

    It's nice to know that the Customs people think that I know more than they do :-) Maybe I should - I researched it enough. Of the more than a dozen people that I know of who have gone to Canada we're finding that different Customs offices are charging slightly differently. Not a big difference, but they should all be the same. For example, at the Washington border they are always charging on the tax, but they give such a good exchange rate it makes up for it.

    But to save over $4600 I guess you can put up with ten minutes of gov't incompetency.

  • mbuntingmbunting Posts: 158
    Thanks everybody for helping me understand the break-in period. I'll do my best to keep it easy on I-70 from Baltimore to Indy next month, and I'll try to lay-off using the cruise control as well.

    But that's the only time I'm gonna let any 4Runners pass me!!!! Just kidding!!! LOL
  • After 4000 miles (90% highway) in almost two months, it seems that my shimmy is disappearing. For me it was strongest between 65 and 70. Now, I am not sure if I detect it anymore! Thank God! I dreaded taking my truck to the dealership.

    Has anyone else experienced this just going away?
  • I know they are not street legal when I got them. But I really like the blue color that the bulbs produced. I heard the DOT approval is pending, so it's a matter of time I guess. I live in NYC, since there are more illegal modifications on others cars, and only if the cop knows his or her stuff about which car should or shouldn't have Xenon, I should be okay for now.
    Oh by the way Crikey, what happened to the 4runner v PF comment area?
  • mek7mek7 Posts: 3
    I too thought the brakes were spongy and had to be pumped to feel strong. I have an appointment in the morning to have them bled (for free of course) when I get my first oil change. I'll let you know if it helps. So far I'm impressed with the service department.
  • loboyloboy Posts: 75
    I seem to have the same "spongy" feel on the brakes also on my LE. Haven't had the dealer look at it yet but suppose I should soon. I've never heard of the brakes having to get "seated". I don't recall reading it in the manual (I just finished reading it the other night-what a sleeper :-))
  • On or about Jan 3rd my wife and I are going to have or first child. I was wondering about the child safety seat anchor. Has anyone gotten this and is it an easy install? I called the dealer and they said it would cost me $15 (us). The money isn't a big deal, even though you would a $32k vehicle to have it already.

    Also, I thought on model 2k cars/trucks, this was a requirement. I guess it is only on cars.

    As for CDrs, 3Ms - Imation, 12x compatiable and TDK 8x compatiable. I even had good luck with Samsung (Best Buy had a killer special on them).

    Break in period - 1k miles, stay under 60mph, vary speed, no fast acceleration or braking, get oil changed at 1k miles (I do not remember where I heard this, but it has served all my new cars well). The oil change helped because at 1k miles I needed to tow and I wanted clean fresh oil in there.
  • I bought my "fully loaded" LE Pathfinder last November. After driving for about 500 miles I noticed that there is a missing piece of wood
    trim on the vent by the passenger side. Does any
    know where to get this missing piece of wood trim?

  • Try looking at the Nissan Pathfinder VIII. I think someone mentioned there that you can buy accents for passenger vent, but you have to buy everything new (and it's better "wood", from what I remember). If it makes you feel any better, your car isn't missing it - it's not in any of them. I believe the sales people would consider this a "feature", not a problem ;) I personally didn't notice it until someone here pointed it out.
  • crikeycrikey Posts: 1,041
    Oh, you're in NY. You're right, you can get away with it. Just like you said, a lot of cars are modified there and cops will have a tough time knowing which is which.

    I, too, am waiting for DOT compliancy for the SuperPlasmas. Just don't want to take a chance on getting hassled.

    About the 4Runner vs PF forum, 4runlove kinda left and the animated discussion just stopped. Oh well, 4runlove might come back and start up the commotion.

    Enjoy your PF, dude.
  • crikeycrikey Posts: 1,041
    I had the dealership look at my brakes when they fixed the shimmy (had out of round tires which will be replaced). It was spongy and it had quite a bit of travel before engaging. The tech bled the brakes and afterwards, it seemed to be OK. But lately, the brakes don't seem to react fast enough. Maybe, I'm just used to my Acura which responds rather quickly. I know that I can't brake late on the PF, like I do on my Acura, as I might plow into the car in front of me. So, I keep a safe distance all the time. Problem is, I have more cars cutting me off, in the process. It seems that the brakes are not well-matched to the engine power. Anyway, when I get the new tires, I'll have them look at it again. Have not heard the brake seating thing, though.
  • crikeycrikey Posts: 1,041
    I've been playing a lot of burned CD-Rs lately (I found a site that had mixed 80's MP3s and rare, hard-to-find 80's music). I haven't had any problems playing them on the PF 6-disc CD changer. I use Imation 80MB CD-Rs burned using Yamaha CD-RW writer at work. I might get a Plextors CD-RW writer for home, eventually.
  • Should link you there. All PF are like that. I considered oredering the passenger vent trim, but mine is a lease, and I'll probably not buy it. It is tempting to purchase it at lease end, as it is the best SUV I have owned hands down.
  • You may have to call them, or fill out the request form. The PF is not listed in the standard list. Good luck.
  • dannykadannyka Posts: 115

    I have a '99 SE and installed one of those anchors for use in the middle of the seat. All you have to do is to remove a bolt, insert the anchor, and put the bolt back. Piece o' cake.

  • Don,

    Long time no post for me (work has been a killer!) I too think the brakes are 'soft" but I assumed that I was being too judgemental. The problem I face is that I drive my 98 Maxima 2 days a week, and the difference is dramatic. Does anyone else have the same car comparison to give me a more accurate description of pedal travel (ie.. the pedal goes a 1/4, 1/2 way down to the floor before pressure starts) My third Nissan is a modified 72 510, so that also skews my perception.
  • I tried to order the passenger vent trim from Auto stock Inc about a month ago. They told me they wouldn't sell just that one piece anymore. If you have more success than I did order one for me too.
  • I feel the same thing. I thought it was that I drive my corolla all the time and part of the contribution probably comes from the ABS. But now I am pretty sure there is something there. I do have to pump to feel strong when use brake, which should not happen at so new. ( less than 400 miles total now)
  • I think it may have something to do with a 4000+ lb vehicle being stopped with rear drum brakes.

    Any comments?
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