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    There is a dedicated Security systems discussion topic in the Aftermarket & Accessories message board. Feel free to have a look around in there if you like.

    Hope this helps!

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    Hey all, I was out for a few days, hence the delay...

    If you can deal with a lease, which is perhaps the old balloon financing with a legal out - you can get some fantastic deals. When I filled out the paperwork about three weeks ago, here's what we got.

    First, insist on invoice price on the vehicle and all options. Dealer gets at least $700 in holdback. Secondly you can combine a $2000 loyalty cash (if you've ended a Jeep lease within the past several months) with a lease cash allowance of $3750.

    Other finance info can be seen on jeeps Website, on the rebates link.

    Now here's where things get a little confusing. In most regions, there is also $1000 dealer cash which they *Should* offer to you.. Which all adds up to a total possible incentive of $6750. However, and you can see this for your self at the Financing link on Jeeps website, leases apparently can only have a max rebate of something like %20 off from total MSRP. For the Cherokee I ordered, this amount was $27,500 - which includes $2300 for the Sport Package - and total invoice was $22,900 Through some sort of sleight of hand by a dealer wanting to sell, he managed to get me about $6100 cash, or in lease terms, capital cost reduction. Because these incentives "Maxed out" the amount needed to start the lease, I had only to fork over the first months payment and title fees.

    At some point, I'm going to reach a mileage committment. The lease contract allows 15,000 miles per year, which is probably 5000 or so less than what I'll ned up putting on it. The excess mileage charge is a steep 18 cents per - so if I really do drive around a lot, I'll have to pay up one way or another - lots of cash to pay for mileage and lose the vehicle - or pay off the residual. I'm planning on buying it then anyways, unless it turns out to be a lemon. As for the long term dollars, three years of lease payments of $300 each month works out to about $10,000. Plus the residual is just about the same amount. BTW, if I had taken the straight $2000 cash and $1000 dealer cash, I'd be looking at financing about the same amount.
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    I am in the market for an after market transmission cooler for a 2001 Cherokee 4.0L. Can anyone recommend a specific product that has been developed for the Cherokee or a web site that sells Cherokee after market transmission coolers?
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    I'm assuming you have an auto tranny; there is at least one factory part that does this - it's the auto tranny cooler installed when you order the tow package or the Off-Road Package.

    Also here is a Mopar site which describs a couple.

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    I just bought a new Toyota Highlander and I love it.

    But I want to tell you about my 1993 Sport 4 door 6 cyl 2wd automatic because it was one of the best vehicles that I have owned espicially on the basis of cost.

    I bought it new in Atlanta for $15,000. It was red, (wife hates red, I love red!)

    I did have some problems over the 7 years that I owned it. The horn was replaced 12 miles before the warranty was up; it always had a harmonic sort of noise between 60 and 70 mph; the fuel pump (I think it was the fuel pump), would humm on trips after an hour or so on the road; I had front rotor problems at about 70K miles compounded by my not having the breaks looked into sooner; and it had wind noise around the front driver side door, (for our friends in Canada, the noise was about the door).

    The above may sound like a bunch but it happened over a long period of time and I sold the car to my bother-in-law when it had approx. 113,000 miles on it. Since it was garage kept it looked like new even after I sold it.

    I always got 22 - 24 mpg in mixed driving.

    The thing I liked most was that 4.0 engine; I am sure that it will still beat my new Highlander from 0 to 60.

    I always liked that car. Sadly some drunk redneck sob ran into it and it may now be damaged beyond repair.

    I hope that all of you that have the newer ones will enjoy them as much as I enjoyed my 93.

    Thanks for listening.
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    Hey everyone, how's it going? I own a 1998 Cherokee Sport. Its the ultimate vehicle. It has power windows. My problem is that all of the windows go down from the driver's controls, but the backseat and the passenger windows will only go down some of the time from their own controls. I've checked and the "window lock" button is always ulocked. I tried locking and unlocking by pressing it several times but this dosen't fix the problem. I'm guessing I just have a loose wire or something. Has anyone else experienced this problem? I figured I'd ask before taking to a dealer since it may just be an easy fix for me. Thanks.
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    Haven't had that problem, but I'm sure your diagnosis is correct. Either the switch is bad (and shorting) or there's a loose wire. All three windows (pass front and both rears) get their power feed from either the lock, or the master panel. Since the master panel works, I'd be looking for a loose wire on the lock out switch.
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    i have a 2001 cherokee sport and it has just over 1000 miles on it (1080 to be exact) so far I love everything about the car but whenever i drive it i hear this one annoying noise. it happens after i let off the accelerator, and also when the car is idling in both park and drive. i sounds like a humming bubbling noise. I haven't opened the hood but it seems to come from the front right(as i am sitting in the drivers seat, so it would be the front left if i pop the hood) side under the hood. i heard other people mentioning a fuel pump hum and i wondered if it was the same hum and if there is anything that will fix it. if anyone has any ideas i am more than grateful to you. thanks in advance,

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    Hey folks I just purchased a jeep cherokee sport in Dallas,Tx. I think I got a pretty good deal since no other dealer would even come close. The msrp was 21935.00 after the sport package discount. I went for the balloon payment to get an extra 1750.00 cash back for a total of 3750.00 rebate. The sales price was 14550.00 plus TTL. I added an extended warranty and the drive out price with TTL and extended warranty was 16,600.00. I will refinance as soon as I get my payment booklet with a conventional loan for 5 years. If you don't mind refinancing the balloon note is the way to go to get that extra 1750.00 rebate. By the way the dealer is Park Cities Chrysler Jeep in Dallas.The other dealers I talked to wanted 1000.00 or more for the same vehicle.
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    A looong wait just resulted in my '01 arriving from Toledo. Not many made like it. Every single factory option available + a couple MOPAR dealer installed items. Leather Dual Power Heated Seats/ABS Braking/Smoker's Group/Cargo Cover/Overhead Console/Select~Trac Transfer Case/Deep Tint Glass/Heated Exterior Mirrors/Sentry Key System/Fog Lamps/Speed Control/Cassette~C.D. & Graphic Eq. Stereo/Infinity Audio System/Limited Value Group and Dealer Installed:- Cargo Area Protection Tray/Transmission Fluid Cooler/23-Piece Black Burl Wood Interior Trim Package. MSRLP was Over $30,000.00. THE ORIGINAL IS STILL THE GREATEST, Thank You American Motors Corporation for designing such a great vehicle. I had the first one, a 1984 Cherokee Wagoneer, and now the final one, the 2001. In between those 18 years 2 Cadillacs and 2 Lincolns. Tired of gettin' stuck in the snow from December to March, I came back! Have read over 200 of the posts here & enjoyed them all. Anyone else here have the Limited? All I see are Cherokee Sports...... Has anyone seen the Solar Yellow or the Amber-Fire "end-of-the-run" Special Colors? Pretty Sharp !!! (Only on "Sports" ~ N.A. LTD, However.......) Regarding the "deal" I got; I paid $350.00 over actual invoice, (which my dealer gave me), minus the $2,000.00 customer incentive, minus the no charge Limited Value Group, minus the $220.00 Leather Incentive. I did not get any Dealer Incetive Cash monies off. My friend sells them in the Pittsburg, Pa area, and told me there was no such incentive on them to dealers. (I am far from him to buy from him). I did not shop around, as I wanted to buy it from the dealer I did, due to their service reputation (AAA). I paid $26,500.00 + $79.00 for Cargo Tray + $225.00 for Wood Kit + $245.00 For Tranny Cooler. Total of $27,050.00
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    You might want to post your question over in the Jeep Grand Cherokee forum, a completely different vehicle than the JC.
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    BUT, my car is a "JC" ~~ It's a Cherokee Limited, NOT a Grand Cherokee, it's the smaller one, the one American Motors Designed and introduced in October of 1983, as a 1984 model. If you are not in America, you are forgiven! In America there is the Cherokee Sport, and the Up-Level Cherokee Limited. The Grand Cherokee Laredo, and the Grand Cherokee Limited. The two "End-of-the-Run" colors I mentioned, Solar Yellow & Amber-Fire are ONLY availabe on the SPORT, not on the Limited, and the Solar Yellow is only available on the 4-Door NOT on the Coupe, whereas the Amber-Fire is available on the Sport 4-Door AND on the Coupe. I did my homework!!
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    bblaha was refering to sonyayjo, who was posting about the Grand Cherokee and whose message seems to have disappeared. I think all of us here know the difference between the Cherokee and the Grand but sometimes others get confused. Welcome, sandyboy.

    Btw, those colours are pretty neat but I couldn't buy one for myself. I ended up with a Black Sport.
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    I looked for someone posting with the name Sonyayjo, thinking what you said...But could not find any, going back about 25 or so, SO, I figured it was I, and Sonyayjo stood for something I did not know! he he he!!! The Amber-Fire is the same as the Plymouth Prowler's "Prowler Orange" ~ it's a beautiful color! ~ Like a brand new penny~
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    Yeah, sonyayjo reposted in the JGC Problems forum, which is the appropriate place.

    I do know the differences between the XJ, WJ, ZJ, MJ, TJ, CJ, SJ, and the god forsaken why-can't-it-be-a-dodge KJ. I was just trying to be helpful. I hope I didn't come off sounding uppity about it, but I do think there are some people who don't know they are different. Why ask Cherokee owners what they think about Grand Cherokees? Now if the question is about Jeeps in general...

    Sandyboy, nice vehicle you got! Congratulations.

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    Which model was the Comanche?
    the Scrambler?
    the Commando? (or was it Comandeer?)
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    MJ, CJ-8, and I have no idea.
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    The SJ was for the old, full sized Cherokee and Wagoneer (pre 84). Unless Commando was a trimline...

    I went searching a few Jeep history sites, and the Jeepster Commando, made by AMC and Kaiser, was C101.
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    Thanks for re-directing, Brent! Help from other participants is always encouraged and appreciated :-)

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    I'm having a really big problem and I'm hoping someone can help me. My Jeep just quit running one day, it had power but it wouldn't start. I took it to the Jeep dealership who replaced a couple of sensors and it seemed to be all right for a few days and then it just quit running again. Back to the dealership I went and they told me they have no idea what is wrong with it. I picked it up and took it to another repair shop who put it on their diagnostic machines and thought it might be the computer. They sent that out to be checked and there was nothing wrong with that. I guess now it will start up and run for about 60 seconds and then dies. I have been without my Jeep for over a week now and still no one knows what is wrong with it. Has anyone had this problem or have any ideas what the problem could be? Thanks
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    In 273 mtnviews wrote "I guess now it will start up and run for about 60 seconds and then dies. I have been without my Jeep for over a week now and still no one knows what is wrong with it. Has anyone had this problem or have any ideas what the problem could be?"
    My Jeep Sahara had a similar problem , I went totally crazy until someone figured out it was my catalytic converter. It had clogged and fouled the engine...fooling all the sensors etc. worth a look-! good luck
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    I have a 96 Cherokee Sport 2WD. My wife side swiped a palm tree and took out the front quarter panel and both doors on the drivers side and the rim was bent, no major damage. We have had the truck into no less than six shops trying to find the problem with the front end. The drivers side hub & baring start squeaking and banging after about 2,000 miles, eventually the truck starts shaking at 55mph. We go to the insurance company who reluctantly replaces the hub and baring. The first 4 repair shops used after market parts, I thought that was the problem. The last shop used original parts and the sqeeking has started back and the banking and shaking have recently started. Does anyone have any ideas on what might fix the vehicle. It's paid off and I have had no other problems with the vehicle and want to keep it. I just can't seem to get this situation taken care of. I also have 2 kids and am wondering how safe this is? Thanks!
    [email protected]
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    Beside the cat, which is a real good thing to check and if it is plugged bad you can ream it out with a tire iron - of course doing so may run you afoul of the Air Quality Police. Anyhow, if you haven't replaced the fuel filter, try replacing it. I can't tell you where it is exactly, on my 88 Comanche it's a metal canister mounted to frame rail underneath driver door. Anyhow it's at most $10, you may want to replace two little pieces of fuel hose which mate the filter to the fuel line from tank and to engine. I think they are 1/4" and 5/16" and need to be about 2" long. Because the filter can hold a cup or so of gas, this could explain the quick shutoff and alse be careful about spillage, dripping into eyes, etc.
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    "I have a 96 Cherokee Sport 2WD. My wife side swiped a palm tree and took out the front quarter panel and both doors on the drivers side and the rim was bent, no major damage."

    No major damage? No major damage? Wow, I wish I had your outlook. Yikes!
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    Sandy, here from posts 262/264 and I was just wondering, since I never go to any commercial car wash, and always do my cars myself, I've now had the car for 11 days, and I washed it yesterday only to find that I could not reach the center-most strip down the roof. My roof looks like a MOHAWK haircut, that being the center stripe down the roof is dirty, while the remainder is clean. Since I am 5'11" I am not exactly short, but the arms just don't go that far, into the center! A step stool would be a real hassle as I'd have to bring it out & take it in each time. Can a couple of you self-washers make any suggestions as to what you do? Thanks in advance!!
    Sandy Boy
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    I picked up one of those brushes with a long handle. It was the only way I could wash the roof. When I wanted to chamois it down, I had to get a ladder to reach the top.
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    I have the MOST anti-car neighbors in the world!!! They laugh like heck at me NOW, doin' my cars, I can't imagine tham watchin' me on a ladder!!! They'll be snapping pictures of that & hoping I fall off!! They are a lovely bunch, that you would not want!!

    S A N D Y
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    What exactly are "anti-car neighbors"?
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    Thanks for the info. I told the repair shop what you both said on Monday and of course that was not the problem. I did receive a call today that they finally found out what was wrong, I guess 2 wires were not connected very well. Anyways at least its fixed.
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    1. They own plain-jane no eye-appeal sedans
    2. They never wash their car, allthough they can spend hours on end working on the lawn, the car sits in the driveway, filthy, the lawn they are cutting, they cut 4 days ago, the car got washed last year.
    3. They always have something to say about my washing my cars, like "you're gonna wash of the paint", or didn't you just wash that last week?
    4. Just this past February, a major snowfall was hours away. I backed down the driveway, to leave and there was a HUGE blop of bird poop on the windshield. I got out, got the 409 window cleaner out of the trunk, sprayed up the windshield and was wiping it off with a paper towel, when the neighbor from 6 houses away drives by, stops, puts down her window and says, "Washing your car BEFORE the storm?" No Bucket. No Hose, No Soap. No Wash Mitt, just a bottle of window cleaner & 2 squares of paper towel, and she's giving it to me! Can you imagine if I haul out a step ladder to do the Cherokee's roof???????
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    You need to worry less about your neighbors.

    What I would do:

    Take a mop and bucket, and walk around the car a few times. Then stay on the side away from them and let them wonder what you are doing. Then, wash it twice in a row, just to see what they say.

    I would hate to have them see me with the toothbrush and QTips doing some serious cleaning.

    Or to take off the wheels, and wash and wax the backside (to prevent corrosion from brake dust). Or to wash and wax the underside of the hood, or inside door sills and door jambs.

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    I owned a '95 Sport and am considering getting a new 2001, but I read on this site that the replacement is pushed back until Summer 2001 as a 2002 model. I thought the Liberty was replacing the Cherokee? Or am I wrong here?


  • sasquatch_2000sasquatch_2000 Member Posts: 800
    I'd go for the Liberty.

    The only minus looks like less luggage room behind rear seats.
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    If you want a Cherokee, you need to get one now. You should be able to get a good deal on 2001s. Construction of new ones has either ended, or will shortly.

    Its replacement, the Liberty, is a 2002 model.
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    You are funny! Some of the things you mentioned, I do - like the toothbrush & Q-Tips. I think the suggestion of waxing the underside of the hood is a classic!!

    Regarding 2001 Cherokees, they stopped taking new orders back in very early April. Now, it's locate from a dealer what you want. Sports comprise 88% of dealer inventory, 12% are Limiteds. Either way, you better go out immediately. There is no 2002 Cherokee, and the Toledo Plant 1 will build the final unit on June 22nd, I was told by a Zone Rep. If you want a coupe (2-door) lots o luck! They are extremely scarce!!! At you can search dealers inventory, but it's a long and tiring process. At dealer can do it for you in less than 2 minutes, as did mine. The new-for-2001 Steel Blue color and the Sienna color are had to find. The Red, Black, Silver and Dk. Green are the easiest. Don't like the dealer?? Tell him you'll pay LIST price for a Steel Blue 2-Door with manual tranny!!!! ha ha ha

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    HELP.... having horrible new car buying experience. - want a new 2001 cherokee, I don't know whats a fair price-the dealers won't help any. Anyone know should I pay a few hundred above, below invoice etc... thanks.
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    I had a hard time finding my Sienna back in December, so probably even worse now. I probably missed out on $1000 worth of incentives by buying early, but at least it's not one of the primary colors. Gotta be a little different!

    I've only washed my Jeep twice since I bought it in late-december. 16K miles on the clock now. Leaving on a fishing trip about midnight tonight, gonna put another 500 miles on her.
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    Start right here.
  • sandyboysandyboy Member Posts: 114
    I paid $354.00 over invoice, and then got off the $2,000.00 factory rebate. I paid $26,343.00, then minus the $2,000, for $24,343.00 + sales tax & registration & title & plates. Matter of fact, my salesman photocopied INVOICE for me, and it is EXACTLY the same as Edmunds is here. I then spent $600.00 in Service adding the JEEP cargo area protection tray ($79.00), the Transmission Fluid Cooler ($245.00) and a 23-piece Black Burl Interior Wood Kit (250.00).Out the door, every last dollar, she was $26,600.00.
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    Have been off net for a while - glad to see that not everyone has jumped ship to the Liberty site! They (Libs)are finally on the line at Tex "No Bull" Earnhardt's - where I bought my just-off-the-transport '01 Sport in March.

    Sandyboy - I've always been able to get the whole roof with just a five-gallon plastic bucket as a step/stool. But you can always climb up on the rear tire and reach most of it, until you cramp up and crash.

    AmberFire on the closeouts? I don't want to hear about it - after two beautiful metallic copper (87) and Champagne (93) 4x4 Sports, the only UpCountry / Tow package I found was in white... like a washing machine. But with a Conferr rack and Ecco wheels it looks pretty good. I love it - just like the last two!

    Next will be Cooper Discoverers and a rear tire carrier - Does anyone know of a solid, swing-away carrier that doesn't replace the entire rear bumper??? Had the Mopar unit on my 93 but they redesigned the bumpers. Now Mopar offers a roof-rack spare tire carrier (sure...jump right up there....)
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    I paid 19,100 before tax etc., it was 20K with tax, title, and tags. this was last september. That was for a sienna sport, 4 door, 4WD, 4.0L, auto, sport value group. I bet i could have done better, he gave me that w/o a fight! I believe now you could walk out with one for around 18K which is a smokin' deal for a SUV.
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    just to let people know, i ended upbuying my 01 sport at invoice w/cd, tint, and auto(no more 5spd) w/a fair trade for my '89 pioneer only problem was I had to pay 269.00 for full size spare and wheel (could'nt find one w/factory) dealer says this is his cost..oh well thought I did pretty good until another dealer called offering me $200.00 more formy trade(unseen!)and all the above except w/60th anniv.(trims,16"wheels etc,full spare)&cruise(which I don't need anyway)came to same invoice of $22,600 because he was invoice buy w/no adv. charges! also doc. fee was $70.00 instead of $144.00. OHWELL, of well, still think I got a good deal at1.9% - can't wait to get on the BEACH!!!!! THIS WEEKEND!! THANKS TO ALL WHO RESPONDED.
  • djbsdjbs Member Posts: 3
    boy, your message got me down but GREAT FOR YOU,
    i'm pretty sure just the invoice cost for that vechicle was $21,525.00! What part of the country are you in?
  • bblahabblaha Member Posts: 329
    Congratulations on your new Jeep!
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    I think it was here I recently read about good deals (financing and cash back) on Cherokees. I also read (present tense) that the Liberty IS SUPPOSED TO (haven't seen it yet) come in under $20,000.

    My question is this:

    Those who recently (past 6 months?) purchased a Cherokee or Liberty, could you please post on separate lines the price paid, model, options, interest, cash back, and location?

    Again, think about how you post it, so it makes for an easy comparison. I will even provide an example from which you can cut and paste and change info to your own:

    Paid: $19,999
    Model: Cherokee Sport
    Options: Towing package
    Interest: 1.9%
    Cash back: $1000
    Where: ABC Motors, Boston

    Thanks in advance.
  • csawrucsawru Member Posts: 29
    Paid $17,400
    2001 Cherokee Sport
    Custom Ordered Options:
    Auto Tranny, Full-time FWD (SelectTrac), Tow Package, Tint Glass, Heated Mirrors and Block Heater.
    MSRP on Vehicle Label = $27,500
    Cash Back = Invoice price of vehicle with all options, $2000 Lease Loyalty and $4000 factory lease incentives
    From: Kayser Chrysler, Sauk City, WI
    Payment strategy: No Down Lease, $300 /mo. for 36 months then finance residual for about 10,000. Total of payments about $20,000
  • sasquatch_2000sasquatch_2000 Member Posts: 800
    So, it sounds more like $20,000 after five or six years, not 17K.

    Thanks, though.

    I keep my vehicles until dead (except this one, I currently have a '92 Civic with 131,000 miles on it, and it is still kicking). I just need the off road ability and a little more room since I now have a boat, a dog, and a wife.

    How much were the heated mirrors? I think I can do without those. The others sound about like what I'd look at too.
  • csawrucsawru Member Posts: 29
    Yeah, give or take; invoice price total was about $23,000, and had I just taken cash and purchased, it would have ended up about the same.

    Heated mirrors cost all of $45!

    Some folks may disagree, I feel steel wheels are more durable. One reason I ordered is because most pre-packaged vehicles with SelectTrac were the Limiteds - and they only have aluminum wheels. It's the same reason I feel if all else is equal, cast iron engines are better than aluminum.
  • sandyboysandyboy Member Posts: 114
    2001 (13 days old)
    Cherokee Limited
    Silverstone Metallic
    Agate Interior
    Leather Group
    Heated Seats
    Dual 6-Way Pwr. Seats
    Smoker's Group
    Cargo Cover
    Overhead Console
    Selec-Trac Transfer Case
    Deep Tint
    Heated Pwr. Mirrors
    Sentry key
    Fog Lamps
    Speed Control
    Cassette/C.D./Gr. Equalizer
    Infiniti Gold Premium Speakers (6)
    $28,140 MSRLP
    $26,142.00 Invoice
    $02,000.00 Rebate
    $00,354.00 Profit
    $24,500.00 Price
    $00,250.00 Wood Kit
    $00,245.00 Tranny Cooler
    $00,079.00 Cargo Protect. Mat
    $25,074.00 Total
    $01,504.44 6% Sales Tax
    $00,151.00 Title, Registration, Plates
    $26,729.00 Total
    $00,005.00 Tip to guy who clean car
    $00,020.00 Tip to my great Salesman
    $26,754.00 Total
    (Sorry if I got too carried away ~ 'ya know, NU TOY)
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