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Honda Civic: Problems & Solutions



  • jlim1jlim1 Posts: 50
    My 01 Civic went for the 45K mile checkup. The shop said the front strut starts to leak. Cost to fix is about $300 or more.


    I can't really believe that such leak can happen so early, of course I am not very pleased with the road conditions I drive in the city. Can this be the cause of the struts wear that leads to the leak? Do I need Honda shop to fix it or get help from a non-Honda shop because of the original parts concern?

    I also noted some steering wheel vibration at about 55 mph, though I had the tire shop checked and rebalanced before, but the vibration is still a bit evident. Can this vibration be anything to do with the strut leak? Thanks.
  • I was reading earlier posts and this SNOWMAN guy stated that american cars were not any different then Japanese because he had driven many with no problems. The only problem is all the cars he was driving were brand new. Any car is virtually maintanence free when new. Lets talk about those american cars and Hyundai's with there great warrantys after the warranty is expired and they are all reaching 200k if that is even possible with an american car or a hyundai.
  • beanboybeanboy Posts: 442
    Did some searching, seems like I'm not the only one with warping rotors and leaking struts (front right, little on front left). I have KYBs on my car (Civic is GF's) and I'm pleased with them. Anybody have success with another brand? I almost laughed out loud when the dealer quoted the price for an OEM strut, and from the sounds of it, I'd like to stay away from them.

    As far as brakes go, what brands have you guys been happy with on the Civic?

    1999 Civic HX BTW, didn't realize that cars were available without power steering in 1999!

    Any and all suggestions appreciated, thanks!

  • jimsxnjimsxn Posts: 108
    The steering on my 98 Civic LX appears to have gone very light at highway speeds. I heard somewhere that this is common problem with Honda cars when variable power steering goes in full-power mode all the time. Is there a technical service bulletin for that? Is it likely that this can be fixed by Honda even though the car is out of warranty now?
  • My 03 Civic Si Auto Coupe (same as US EX Coupe) has an odd whistling noise at 3000 rpm in all gears.
    My dealer said this noise is related to the engine vacuum. Any other owner out there experiencing a similiar noise and is it normal?
    Thanks much.
  • That is funny you ask that. My girlfriend's 2003 Mazda Protege ES has a whistling noise as well, and the engine is very similar to my 2003 Honda Civic EX V-Tec 5 speed coupe. My Honda makes the same whistling sound as well so it must be normal, but the Mazda is a little louder. I think it is the vacuum on all three cars but I don't think anything is wrong. -Jeff-
  • jimsxnjimsxn Posts: 108
    Check with your dealer etc., if Krown treatment will void your manufacturer's rust and perforation warranty.
  • arymarym Posts: 4
    I live in Toronto, Ontario. Bought a Civic LX Coupe two weeks ago. Still haven't gotten it rustproofed. I'm wondering -- should I go with Honda's for $500, which offers a "lifetime warranty" if inspected (inspection is free) every two years? Or should I go to a place like RustCheck or Krown Rust... "lifetime warranty" as well... if treated ($100 a year) every year? I've heard that dealer-treated cars are not "really" inspected... they aren't even placed on the hoist... I've heard so many things! Any advice for me?
  • bodble2bodble2 Posts: 4,519
    I wouldn't buy rustproofing at all. I think they're all a bit of a scam to get your money.
  • coquiscoquis Posts: 5
    Hi, my 94 automatic Honda Civic LX has only 59000 miles. I purchased it recently from a private owner who took decent care of it. My problem is that it idles too low. Ideal idle RPM should be around + or - 700, but most of the time it's way bellow that when car is not moving. I replaced air & gas filter a short while ago. The whole car trembles a lot when idling, and I'm afraid it's going to turn off. Any suggestion or advise, please!
    Thanks a lot.
  • bodble2bodble2 Posts: 4,519
    The idle speed can be adjusted.
  • snarkssnarks Posts: 207

    We have a 96 Civic 5sp (152k orig clutch) that occasionally has trouble getting into first gear either from neutral or other gear after a stop. The clutch feels funny when this happens at random/non predictably. You try a few times then it works and clutch feels normal again. When it normally goes in the trans feels as if brand new, my gfriend has been very careful with it, very smooth.

    Any ideas?
  • bd21bd21 Posts: 437
    This is easy, it can be adjusted, but with that kind of mileage put a new clutch, pressure plate and throw out bearing in it, if you are going to keep the car for a while. Then it will be like new.
  • Hi, I got a 94 Honda Civic with 344,000 miles and I traveling home from another state, as soon as i got off the highway, I started to feel this clicking on my steering mostly when i go over the bumps, I checked both of my front brakes , they seem to be fine, any ideas?
  • snarkssnarks Posts: 207
    What needs to be adjusted the clutch? It sticks to the floor sometimes. Also if you crank with the car in gear/clutch in it moves foward sometimes? It seems like the opposite of a worn out clutch since it does not slip, just does not disengage. Thanks for insight...
  • bd21bd21 Posts: 437
    If you clutch sticks to the floor sometimes, forget about adjusting it. You have a bad pressure plate, so you need a new clutch, throw out bearing and pressure plate. The whole job should be way under a grand. Use a good independent shop, it will save you as least 25 percent on Honda's service center cost. Good luck.
  • snarkssnarks Posts: 207
    Thanks bd21. I took it in to an independant shop and fortunately you were wrong ;)! It needs a new Clutch Master Cylinder for ~$152 Parts/Labor. Thanks for response.
  • bd21bd21 Posts: 437
    It hard to diagnose over the internet without looking at the car. You did the right thing by taking it to an independent shop. I'm glad I was wrong and you temporarily saved some money, but you will need all of the parts I mentioned in the near future. No matter how easy your driving style is, clutches wear out. And in my experience you are on borrowed time. Hopefully you will be very lucky and get many more miles on your clutch, but I would start setting money aside for the repair. Good luck!
  • dudkadudka Posts: 451
    I replaced clutch on my Jetta, and it was easy. Jetta had a very empty engine bay, and just by jacking up the car and strapping tranny to a jack I was able to remove it. Replacing clutch was easy, and the re-assembly was reverse of removal. Paid total $80 in parts for Sachs clutch, and throw out bearing.

    Has anyone attempted to replace clutch on recent Civic?
  • I had a chunky 14 year old kid ram his bike into my '88 Civic EX and do a body slam onto my hood. His handlebars crunched my passenger side headlamp assembly. I purchased an assembly and was about to replace the busted one, but noticed that it could be somewhat complicated getting to the mounting hardware that seems to be buried in the fender and the grill/bumper area. Do any of you out there know how to go about this replacement?

    Big Al
  • That's a 1998 Civic EX in my previous message. Not a 1988. Sorry.

    Big Al
  • bigfurbigfur Posts: 649
    i worked on alot of Hondas. IF i remember correctly there should be two 13MM bolts on the top of it and as i recall most the rest of the stuff you see is for aiming and thing. Best advice i can give you is to GENTLY tug and pull and move the assembly until you can see for sure what is holding it on. I know that the Hondas of the late 90s are VERY easily put together. not hard at all to take the whole front end off....wonder if thats part of the reason the are stolen so much, but tahts another topic. GOOD LUCK
  • edsmomedsmom Posts: 3
    Hi Folks,

    I'm just about to buy a 95 Civic DX (1.5L) in VGC, 100k miles, runs good, sounds great, one owner, body great, handles like a new car, etc. I'm having my mechanic look it over before final sale tomorrow, and I wonder if there are any special problems he should be looking for. Seller says timing belt was just replaced, but my last car blew a head gasket (Dodge-famous for it) and chucked the engine, so now I'm not sure what to look for. My son mentioned tranny problems in the Civic, but he's got the Accord EX with the VTEC, so he thinks anything less isn't street-worthy. Any help? Auburn, I've appreciated your advice (in lurk) in the past, but anyone, really. And somebody tell me how to get him to give ME the 96 Accord, he can take the Civic!

    Thanks, Melissa
  • bd21bd21 Posts: 437
    It's a good year and transmissions weren't an issue on it. It should be a good car, just make sure your mechanic puts it up on a lift to inspect for any leaks or damage. Make sure the owner can show a receipt for the timing belt work too. If Honda did the work, the cost would have been close to 500 dollars. They always change the water pump along with the belt. Even if an independent shop did the work and only changed the belt, it would have cost a few hundred. Good luck!
  • edsmomedsmom Posts: 3
    Thanks bd21, everything checked out. Turns out the owner kept very detailed records of the maintenance, and things look great now. Only one problem, the A/C doesn't seem to work, although the dealer said it did when they drove it (hmm!). At any rate, I'm paying a low price ($2750, but I'm trying to talk them down to $2500) so I guess I could afford to fix it if I have to. Apparently, it had been a problem before, the owner replaced the condenser and evaporater in June, 02. He named the shop, so I'm going to have them take a look at it.
  • snarkssnarks Posts: 207
    That Civic even with broken AC is worth more than $2750, so even at that price its decent. The thing that is worth gold on the car are maintenance records, a car with no maintenance could be a potential nightmare especially 8 years old. Good luck on your potential purchase.
  • auburn63auburn63 Posts: 1,162
    All sounds as if it should be a great car for the money. As with anything you buy you never can predict or even prevent future happenings. I went over a car my nephew bought head to toe and it had a clean bill of health, 2 weeks later the head gasket blew out, but lucky for him I could replace it cheap. All that said it sounds as if you should be fine. The A/C issue could be just about anything from a blown fuse to a freon leak so that will need looked at. Good luck
  • Hi,

    We have a Honda Civic 2003 LX manual. Today it started making a screeching noise when depressing the clutch pedal. It doesn't make the noise consistently, and in fact I had trouble trying to make it again, but it did make it for a while. Any ideas? Thanks,

  • bottgersbottgers Posts: 2,030
    ........just how long a Honda, any Honda, would last if a person bought one brand new and then followed the maintenance schedule listed in the owner's manual to the tee. I wouldn't be surprised to if they'd go 1,000,000 miles.
  • theflowtheflow Posts: 98
    Assume you drive 20,000 miles a year, will you drive same car for 50 years?
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