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  • mznmzn Posts: 727
    You're right, paul2. The best car for you is the best car for YOU. And only you know what it is. We're here to help and to the extent that we have, I'm glad we're available to you.

  • LackeyLackey Posts: 24
    So, any of you with Mk.4 GTI have any problems? Have you found them to be pretty reliable?
  • haze2haze2 Posts: 1
    just picked up my GTI GLX, one word-- WOW!!!
    Fast as hell and easy to ride in. I got the Flash Red, only one on the lot. Paid 22800 and got hem to add the CD changer for free. No regrets yet, and the ladies love it :)!

    Hard to find anything with a V6 for under 25000.
    Who cares what the writers for car mags say they dont get to drive this car everyday, their probably pissed because their stuck with some Mini van to haul the kids around in.
  • Hi!
    I just bought a new '99 GTI GLX, Tropic Orange...and love it. I got a great...just $20,000 with ALLOT of haggling!

    This is my 14th new car, and my second VW; my last was a '95 GTI-VR6, that I kept for 4 years...longer than any other car.

    I am having problems with the dealer, and getting parts. I took delivery with a chipped windshield and hood, and it took 2 months to get the windshield, and still no word on the touch-up paint. I am worried that VW may not be able to keep up with the service...since they are not used to selling sooo many cars.

    As far as I am concerned, the car is a great "package"...allot of car for the $, no matter what anyone says. You cannot find a Honda or Toyota, with the level of feel, refinement, sportiness, and accessories that the GTI GLX comes with.
  • PAUL2PAUL2 Posts: 2
    I've been waiting for my silver GTI for about 4 months now. It finally arrived last night, and I'll head over to the dealer tomorrow morning to pick up my little bundle of VR6-joy

    HOWEVER, as excited as I am about getting my GTI, it's absurd that I had to wait 4 months for it to arrive. AND, even though the dealer and I agreed on a price for a 1999.5 GTI GLX in April, my car somehow became a model year 2000 somewhere in the last two months. Of course, the dealer wanted me to pay more than our agreed-upon amount, since my car was now a 2000, instead of a 1999.5. I patiently explained to him that asking me to pay more money because VW can't build and deliver the cars that their dealers sell in a reasonable amount of time is insane. He disagreed, so I wrote a long, detailed letter to VW of America, explaining how long I'd been waiting for my GTI, and how difficult they'd made the purchasing process. I was pretty careful not to insult my dealer, because he's not a bad guy, but it really annoyed me to wait 4 months for a car.

    Anyhoo, when my car arrived yesterday, the dealer told me that VW of America was picking up the difference between the price we agreed on for a 1999.5 GTI and the 2000 GTI that I've ended up with. So, if any of you are in my situation (and I bet some people are), you might want to try registering a complaint with VW of America, as well as writing a letter to them. I got the number for VW Customer Service off the vw website ( and the address for Customer Service is:

    VW of America
    ATTN: Customer Relations
    3800 Hamlin Road
    Auburn Hills, MI

    Now, I have no idea if my complaints were the reason that VW is helping to foot the bill, or if my dealer just convinced his regional rep to chip in -- frankly, I didn't want to ask too many questions. Either way, though, I recommend that you tell VW (both over the phone and through the mail) if you're having a problem taking delivery of your car (which seems to be a common problem with new VW's).

    Hope this helps,

  • manwamanwa Posts: 6
    Hi, I picked up my 2000 GTI VR6 couple days ago. I waited for about 14 months too. Obviously they are paying more attention to the little beetle. But it worthies the wait. It is an awesome car. It is fast, fun to drive, and eye catching.

    I have a question. I heard people saying that for a new car, it'd better to have oil change more frequently. But when I talked to the dealer, that guy said this GTI is made to get the first oil change at 5000 miles. Is that true?
  • LackeyLackey Posts: 24
    I don't see how getting the oil change earlier than the dealer recommends could hurt. A new engine is supposed to put bits of metal and the like left over from manufacturing into its oil. If it were my money, I'd get the oil change.
  • josh17josh17 Posts: 1
    I currently drive a 1999 Subaru Outback Sport, which has suffered from a burning clutch, terrible rattles, and a thin shell; it currently appears that I may qualify under the lemon law, and in which case I'll be in the market for another Hatchback. The two cars I'm interested in at the moment are the Beetle GLS with the 1.8 Turbo, and the GTI VR6. What are the pros and cons between these similarly priced cars? Which one handles better, and which one has better storage ability with the rear seat folded? Thanks.

    [email protected]
  • LackeyLackey Posts: 24
    I would say that for storage capacity, the GTI is superior. With the back seats folded, it's cargo area is a big box.
    As for powertrains, do you plan on tricking the engine out any? If not, the VR6 is the stouter engine. The 1.8T I believe has better gas mileage but with minimum expense, you can really soup the motor up.
    Personally, I prefer the style of the GTI. It has more class and I prefer the look of the interior. The Bug is more gimicky. Two little things about the GTI really clinched it for me, the cool headlights and and the sweet three-spoke steering wheel.
    Just my thoughts.
  • ceff7ceff7 Posts: 5
    I told my dealer that I would opt for either the black or the silver (VR6). But still, I seem to be waiting a long time (that equals over 3 weeks). I have never waited for ANY car. But this, I KNOW, will be a great car to wait for.

    I had a 1985 Rabbit GTI, and since I know the engine wasn't ALL THAT, I'm sure it was the gear ratios that made the thing GO so well. I presently drive a Dodge Neon, and I can't seem to go around ANYTHING that I WANT to. Ha-ha, that engine makes a lot more noise than anything. So when people hear me rev it, they seem to block my move. And I remember being able to take the Rabbit into nearly ANY "gap" in the traffic pattern I could see. It was like a point-and-shoot thing, I used to do. With the Neon, it's an OOZE down the road kind of thing. I can see where I want the car to be, but it doesn't seem to be able to MAKE it THERE. (Ha-ha.)

    I bought made a deal on the VR6 for the following reasons (in this order):

    1. To have FUN!!
    2. To have even MORE FUN!
    3. To torment all my pals with Hondas.
    4. To have some driving FUN.
    5. To enjoy that VW driving experience once again.
    6. To get rid of my ageing, soon to be ailing Neon.
    7. To have the kind of performance I haven't had since the Dodge with the 340 in it (back during the FAKE gas crisis.

  • ceff7ceff7 Posts: 5
    I owned a 1983 Rabbit GTI. And it had the same insurance rates as a regular Rabbit (imagine THAT). Of course, that ALL changed for me, after I wrecked it 3 times. (LOL)

  • barcabarca Posts: 1
    Hi guys,
    After few months searching and analyzing which used car is fun to drive,good looking and most of all classy I ended up with choosing VW VR6. Therefore, I have bought a black VR6 95, the car have 55k miles on it. The previous owner told me he have changed the clutch,front and rear breaks and some minor maintenance. I wonder what would be the next repair or change in schedule. Another thing that I am concerned with is the power in 1&2 gears. The maximum speed that I can get from changing this two gears with rpm of 5000 is about 45 miles is this usual in other GTI's. My last question would be for those who have changed their springs and struts and put sporty one. Does it really help in handling and cornering or doesn't worth the money. Thank you guys in advance and happy, safe driving.
  • tu754ztu754z Posts: 13
    I just bought a 99 GLS Golf I asked the dealer two things. First 5000 miles for the first two oil changes and the 10000 miles for the rest ? Answer yes that is what VW recommends but it’s your car and we recommend no more then 3000 always on standard oil. Second can I use synthetic Mobil 1? Answer Yes it is better and if you bring the oil we will use it for your oil changes. I know from sending my oil out to labs the 10000 is good for synthetic oil but the filter usually can not go as long as the oil. So in my old car I was changing the oil and filter every 7500 miles and I sold that car with 150000 miles on it and it did not burn or leak a drop of oil.
  • dflordflor Posts: 4
    hi guys
    im new here i bought a gti vr6 back at the end of
    april , i simply love this car but i had problems
    with my passenger windows sticking down and not
    rolling up, my poor baby spent 2 weeks in the dealer wating for the part has any one had a similar experience?
  • jimlandjimland Posts: 9
    As I recall from postings on VWVORTEX the oil in a new VW is a special breakin type and it is important to wait until 5000 miles to let it do its job.
  • nedzelnedzel Posts: 787
    The GTI GLX is in short supply, but you don't have to pay MSRP around here (Boston). I spoke with 4 dealers and all of them would negotiate somewhat. I eventually got a 2000 GTI GLX, silver with black interior, for $22244. That's about $1000 off of MSRP. That's not a great deal, but it's something. Of the three dealers who wouldn't take my offer, two of them called back in the next day or two with a lower price. You've just got to be willing to walk away.
  • manwamanwa Posts: 6
    That is exactly what the dealer told me. The guy said the oil is made to last for 5000 miles. I am still puzzled if I should change oil sooner.

    Is it possible that frequent oil change will damage or have negative effect on the engine?
  • ds4ds4 Posts: 1
    I thought I could get around GTI GLX availablity by going through CarPoint and/or AutoWeb. I placed purchase requests using these services with two different VW dealers. Never heard from either dealership. Has anybody ever had any luck with these types of Internet buying services?
  • nedzelnedzel Posts: 787
    With limited availability, I don't think you'll get much help from CarPoint or similar services. Just call up the dealers near you and start dealing. You can get a reasonable deal IF you're willing to walk away. And you will probably have to do so several times. Nevertheless, it took me less than a week to get my Silver GTI GLX for about $1000 under MSRP.
  • Does anyone know what brand cd changer will work with VW GTI's for 99 or 2000. The older models used Clarion and most likely, they use the same brand now, but I don't know for sure. I have a Clarion cd changer in my 97 GTI and want to transfer it to my 2000 when it finally comes in. Any info would be appreciated. Thanks
  • I suspect that you will find that the changer you need will be one that is Panasonic compatible -- VW apparently made the switch sometime during model year 98. I have a(n allegedly) 98 GTi VR6 that has the old Clarion stereo but others had the Panasonic already.
  • I was wondering if anyone has had any bad experiences with the clutch on a Mk3 Golf Gti VR6?
    I bought my 98 at the end of last summer and it has made some nasty grinding noises when I make low speed/clutch slipping starts (what should I expect I suppose). A friend that had owned a Corrado thought that this was not unusual... In my more paranoid moments, I wonder if some idiot fried the clutch before I bought it -- the car had 130 miles on it, which I didn't find out until after signing on the dotted line (the car had been on the dealer floor and I didn't make them sub in a new battery to check the mileage before agreeing to buy it -- why would one think to?)

    Any experiences (good/bad/horrendous) appreciated.
  • feist2feist2 Posts: 1
    1ST MSRP, I just purchased a 2000 GTI GLX (silver) with the monsoon radio and a CD Changer. I bought the car $200 above dealer cost! You shouldn't have to pay more than $500 over dealer cost for this car.

    2ND - Oil Change, The 1st oil change should definitely wait until 5000 miles. It is correct that there are additives for the break-in miles.

    3RD - I had a 1998 Black GTi VR6 (black leather) and the window used to go up and then back down repeatedly. This was due to the car getting so hot and the rubber seal around the window expanding. This caused the window to go into child safety mode (was a pain to get the window to stay up once down). Dealer used powder (talcum powder) to help fix this (It worked, but you have to doing this because the car will keep getting hot from the sun, day after day!
  • So... What does everyone think of the Monsoon sound system? Does it still need an added sub for real kick or does it cover an adaquate frequency response? Thanks.
  • I think the Monsoon Sound System that's standard with my 2000 GTI GLX VR6 is excellent. I don't know the difference between mid range and high range and all that, but I think the system is pretty impressive - definitely better than the 'Premium' system in my 96 Jetta. With the Monsoon system, you can adjust bass, treble and mid. I purchased the recommended CD changer and I can't tell you how much I like having that accessory - as I rocket past a Honda Accord V6.
  • I have a silver GTI GLS on order, arriving in 2 weeks, I hear VW will be using 1.8T 150hp engines and doing away with the old 2.0 115hp, probably as soon as summer of '00. I have a 97 GTI right now and have been satisfied with the 2.0 however if I can get a 150hp engine vs 115hp, I think I should wait. Problem is, what will the price be? and will the car be exactly like the one I can buy today. In other words if I wait then maybe the car will not be available in silver or maybe it will cost 1000 more and not have all the standard equipment that the 2000 GLS has. Maybe I should just say, screw it and get the GLX. Any advice appreciated. Thanks
  • nedzelnedzel Posts: 787
    The new model Golf is heavy, around 2800 lbs. The 2.0 liter just doesn't cut it. 0-60 in over 10 seconds. But that's my opinion. If you've driven it and you're happy with it, then go for it. But the 1.8T will be a MUCH faster car. And yes, more expensive, though not as much as the V6. I got the GTI GLX, but then I like having a fast car...
  • On the GLX, the buff magazines have repeatedly referred to the "imprecise" or "vague" shifter in the GLX and a touchy set of brakes and clutch (different reviews). I currently have a Prelude and basically like the shifting/brakes on it. I am looking for a new car so,... How, from you who own a '99 or '00 GLX, do you find the shifter,...?

    [email protected]
  • Audio on 2000 VR6:
    I talked to a nearby mobile stereo store. The guy could not find the compatible CD change for my '00 Golf GLX. Then he talked to some experts. He found out that VW has switched from clarion to panasonic couple years ago. The compatible one will be panasonic CX-DP801. Suggested manufacturer price is around 300 dollars. But I went to the Internet and I found good deal of something like $190. however, if we want to put this in the new Golf, we need an interface (obviously panasonic has done something to the Monsoon stereo for VW so that it is not easy for us to add things). The manufacturer for those interface said the interface for '00 car won't be able in at least a month. So, i guess we have to wait.

    By the way, the panasonic CX-DP 801 holds 8 CDs since there is not built-in interface like the dealer's does.
  • nedzelnedzel Posts: 787
    Michael: Honda makes probably the best FWD shifters in the world. I just sold my '87 Integra which I had purchased new. The shifter was great when I bought it, and still great when I sold it. My GTI GLX's shifter isn't as nice. It requires more force and you can't hurry it. I suspect it will improve somewhat as the car breaks in. But it won't be as good as my old Integra. The brakes are a bit more overboosted than I like. But you get used to them. I'm not a great fan of the GTI GLX shifter or brakes; but the engine, on the other hand, puts smiles on face.
  • Hi experts,

    Spec: VW GTI VR6 GLX Year 99

    This might seem a stupid question, but I am having serious trouble taking
    off the stock gearshift knob. I bought a Razo knob and all I want to do is
    to change it. I tried twisting it real hard but it didn't turn at all. Am I
    doing the wrong thing? Or am I supposed to use MORE FORCE?? I shouldn't have to take the whole gearshift box out
    in order to change the knob only right?
    Any advice or guidance would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

  • I purchased a 2000 GTI GLX VR6 four weeks ago. I too have read a number of 'experts' describe the gearbox as 'imprecise.' I just don't understand that one: I like to shift quickly and I like to downshift. There's nothing imprecise or rubbery about the gearbox. It takes a few days to get used to the clutch and the shifter, but what's wrong with that? The brakes are also superb as I found out on Monday when I was behind some idiot who decided to turn without using the turn signal. As far as the Honda/VW comparison goes, there's no comparison at all. Honda's stuck to rigging four bangers to produce a bit more horsepower while skimping on sheetmetal to keep their cars light: this maintains a decent hp/weight ratio while producing a lot of high pitch high rev whine. Hondas are for yuppie girls who like the colors. I know this because my wife bought an Accord a few years ago and I had to hold my nose and drive it occasionally. If you want a real driver's car with real power, then purchase either the Golf or Jetta with the VR6 engine. You will outhustle any Accord V6 or any prelude and most certainly leave the bathtub Civic Si way behind on the horizon. Plus with the golf, you can fold the back seats down and haul all the baby's stuff. Cheers!
  • vttivtti Posts: 1
    Which is better GTI VR6 VS Impreza RS?
    Speed wise?
    Handling wise?
  • I was in the same situation you are in two months ago. I think overall, you will get a lot more for your money with the GTI. Secondly, in terms of acceleration, no doubt the VW is better. Max speed on a impreza is about 115-120 mph. On the vw it's about 146 mph.
    Subarus are good cars, but the sheet metal is too thin. German cars have a much stronger body. I know you don't intend on crashing, but if you did crash the sub would be totalled while the VW would only need a new bumper.

    I went to Japan this summer and test drove an impreza WRX. I pushed it a little and it was amazing. Cornering is peachy on subarus. However, although the test drive was only about ten minutes, when i opened the hood after, it was steaming hot. The turbo charged engine heats up fast.
    THis is my point: any four cylinder will have to be pushed harder to perform as well as a 6. The 4 cyl will suffer more than a 6. also, on the resale, you can get more for a 6 than a 4.
    The only thing about the VW i ordered it on august 4th, and the dealer still has no clue when it's gonna come in... I am SICK of waiting.
    If you don't mind waiting, go for VW.
  • Anyone know where I can place an ad for a used car online. New GTI will be in next week, will probably trade in at the dealer unless I can get a better offer selling it myself. Thanks
  • ejsejs Posts: 36
    I've been planning to buy a Jetta GLX, but now I'm also thinking of the GTI GLX. Besides the obvious differences (hatchback vs. trunk, 130 lbs and $1200 less), can anyone tell me the advantages to the GTI? Are there performance differences not apparent from looking at the numbers and the brochures? If anyone else here considered a Jetta, why did you go with the GTI?

    Thanks in advance!
  • The dealers must be able to smell my inexperience, I visited 4 local (SF Bay area) VW dealers looking for a 2000 GTI GLX. They were all asking between $3500 and $4500 above MSRP. Furthermore they said I'd have to wait. While I was talking to a dealer in Redwood City, the GTI VR6 I had my eye on got sold adding credence to the dealers claim that the cars were in demand.

    I tried to act knowledgable about Dealer Holdbacks and walked away when they would'nt budge. I got only one callback from a dealer - and he was willing to come down only $500 from his initial offer of $4500 over MSRP!

    I got on the phone and called still more dealers. They all gave me the same story - that these cars were in demand and going for thousands over MSRP.

    I also called the guy at Bob Lewis who handles internet sales. He too wanted $4000 over MSRP.

    I was amazed at how little some of these VW dealers knew about VWs. One dealer had never heard of the 1995.5 models. Another claimed the 2000 VR6's were all made in Mexico. One guy got confused when I mentioned that I wanted an A4 not an A3. Nobody was prepared to answer my questions about the traction control system.

    I tried, and was impressed (and skeptical) when they offered a 1999 GTI GLX at exactly invoice. But I wanted a 2000 and their customer service rep said they were only doing 1999 models. Furthermore it cost $500 to place an order *with no delivery date* - only a promise to give you your money back if they fail to get you the car in some unspecified period.

    So I followed a friend's advice and tried a professional buyer: Dave at in Palo Alto. He immediatly found two Black&Black models for exactly MSRP. Then the next day he found one in Tropical Orange. But I wanted Black&Beige and I wanted to pay under MSRP so I would'nt feel too chumpish.

    Two days later he found just what I wanted - at $545 *under* MSRP. It took another 3 days to get the car shipped up from LA. The entire process took about 8 days. I'm on my third tankfull and this car is terrific. Its a zillion times zippier than my 88 Jetta GLI 16v.

    I'm still impressed by those who manged to get their GTI VR6 for a few hundred over invoice. But I failed miserably when I tried to make such a deal. I am very very happy with the service I got from It was fast and painless, I did not have to deal with sleazy salesmen, and I got the car I wanted very quickly.
  • jtaimjtaim Posts: 34
    Note that the shifter in the Golf, NB, and Jetta have been replaced with a better one. Went from a rod linkage to a cable one. This change happened in 1999 or perhaps for the 2000 models. Supposed to be a lot better.
  • I started looking at the VW Passat, loved the look. Considered the Jetta, (back seat too small), and had practically decided on the Audi A4 with 1.8 Quattro, Manual, Sport suspension.

    Then I looked at the GTI GLX. Funny, thought it was ugly when I first saw it, but every time I looked at it, I liked it better.

    Very fun to drive! May not out-handle an Audi, but it'll certainly blow by one, (probably even a chipped one).

    The kicker was the hatch. I have a test called the 'lawmower test'. See, my wife and I, suburban yuppies, no kids, have to take the lawnmower in for a yearly maintenance. BARELY fits into the Camry trunk (hers), BARELY fits into the Talon hatch (mine), and is a pain to put in both. Now the GTI? PIECE O' CAKE!

    I know, I know, nobody buys a $20K car, just to carry a lawnmower, but how 'bout a 35" TV? How about anything that's bulky (monitors, small furniture, etc.) that just won't fit into the spacious but small-opening trunk of a Jetta or Passat?

    VW was serious when they called it "quite possibly the world's most functional sports car".

    [Rant Mode on]
    Besides, leather, V6, sunroof, etc. for $20K? Can't believe the Edmund's STOOOOOPID review. They criticize the Si's lack of ABS. They don't mention the GTI's ABS or a wealth of other important stuff, but complain about ergonomics on a car with a phenominal list of safety and standard features. Did you know the moonroof slide cover on the Si is a dealer installed option?
    [Rant Mode off]

    Finally, I *did* order mine through CarOrder. The above criticisms are perfectly valid, there is a $500 down, and the wait is longer than with other services. I ordered a '99 Black/beige at $0 over invoice. If they can't find a '99 so configured, (I don't think they can), they'll order me a '00, (yes may take a bit longer).

    Worse possible case is I end up with a '99 and save a few grand. Oh darn ;)
  • A couple of comments.. the GTI is made in Wolfsburg, Germany.. the Jettas are assembled in Mexico. That *might* make a difference to somebody weighing one over the other. Frankly the assembly quality in Puebla is up to par with the German-built cars, has been for a few years now, so that's not a biggie to me. Personally I'm just a hatchback guy (I've had 4 GTI's now, one from each generation, all bought new). Secondly, whoever said that the shifter is "new" is incorrect.. the VR6 cars have ALWAYS had a cable-actuated shifter, and it has always been sloppy and imprecise - still is. The 4-bangers USED to use a rod linkage setup until the A4 (current generation) cars, but they too went cable
    now. This is really unfortunate, my '86 Scirocco shifts MUCH better than my '99.5 GTI - no excuse for this.. Honda, Mazda, etc., have figured out how to put good shifters into FWD cars, VW should be able to too.

    Other than that - the car is awesome. The suspension is too mushy, but that's easily cured, my car goes under the wrench next week and will be upgraded with H&R springs and Bilstein shox/struts. I've already upgraded the stock all-season Michelin tires to 17" Dunlop SP9000's -
    - a DRASTIC improvement..

    There are few pics up at my page if anybody wants to see.. URL below.
  • mukimuki Posts: 2
    Hi All,
    I am very interested in purchasing a new 2000 vw gti vr6 and need a little bit more time to wait and save for a better down-payment. My question is when is the Golf vr6 4 Motion will be coming to the US, how much more power will be available, and what might be the cost?

    Thanks in Advance for your answers...
  • I disagree with Amontouc's comment about the Subaru being less survivable in a crash. Of course, this is not through personal experience but based on something my insurance guy told me.
    I'm currently torn between the GTI and the 2.5RS so I called my State Farm insurance guy to ask if there was a difference in the rates. He told me that the company is shifting more to using crash test data to determine insurance rates. According to him, the Subaru and the VW both do quite well in crashes and thus both have the same insurance rate.
    Yes, the GTI is faster and better equipped than the 2.5RS, but the 2.5RS is still pretty quick and I think 120 vs 143 is pretty academic on American roads. The Subaru is also about $4000k cheaper. It has all the basics covered, like power everything and a sunroof, but none of the GTI's nifty extras like the Monsoon stereo. The Subaru does have AWD though that gives the front and rear axles a 50/50 split on the power.
    I'm pretty torn between the two cars. Each provide something different. Very difficult stuff. As for styling, I consider both to be pretty wild.
    The Subaru is probably the closest competitor to the GTI available at the moment. I say that because they are both economy cars sporting bigger engines and sporty suspensions and both deliver lots of torque down low.

    As for the 4Motion GTI, there was a recent blurb about the car in CAR magazine. It makes 201bhp from a 24v VR6 and has 6-speed manual. The 0-60 time they quoted was 7.1 seconds, about the same as the current GTI. Who knows how much much they will cost here. They aren't, as far as I know, confirmed as coming to the US yet and if they do, it will probably be during the 2001 calender year. Personally, I don't think it's worth waiting for. The current GTI GLX is already heavy and the 4Motion will most likely be heavier. I would assume it will be heavier as well.
  • Kevinc: you mentioned your '86 Scirocco. My "baby" is sitting on the street not functioning due to a dead fuel pump. I am in my 2nd month without wheels. Going to test drive a GLS on Monday and probably a GTI. My friend has a '95 GTI VR6 and I have had no problem driving it. The steering wheel is smaller but that is about it. Is there a big difference between the GLS and the GTI VR6? Then of course I have the other problem of waiting(perhaps)for the car to be available. I also test drove an Outback. Very peppy, plenty of power, cornering etc. Great car but have been reading people have problems with the clutch?? I did experience this once during the test drive, and went back for another and it was O.K. I definitely loved my Scirocco. Golly, gee I don't think anything will ever replace it.
    $700 for the fuel pump here in the Boston area. Should I get it fixed and wait on the GLS/GTI??
    Any advice would be appreciated. Right now have in mind a bottomline of $20K for a new car.
  • Oh yeah, be sure to check out
    You might consider joining our mailing list, about 400 'roc owners worldwide. Great for tech info and general Scirocco chitchat. Instructions on how to join the list are at the bottom of the page.

  • mukimuki Posts: 2
    Thanks for the info guys. Two will be coming in
    next week at a dealership in Atlanta. Can't wait
    to drive one of these rockets.
  • Kevin, thanks for answering. My head is spinning to tell you the truth. I had my Scirocco completely gone over in '94. I have 165,000 miles
    on it. The local mechanic, whom I trusted?, has done a number of things on the car. His labor costs are quite high, I think. $56 per hr. but what do I know? Truthfully, I wasn't even thinking of the VR6 but now might have to consider it, since I need a car with power and pickup. We live right off an infamous highway (Rt.128) or as you guys in California call them freeways. Speed here is generally in the 70 to 80 range, tough getting on and up to speed with the traffic. Thanks again for the info. I'll take a look at your site. My baby is red, when I saw it in the showroom I knew this was mine,I bought it on the spot. Had Kharman Ghia previously. Thanks. Anne
  • nedzelnedzel Posts: 787
    Anne: I agree with Kevin. Skip the GLS. 0-60 in the GLS is more than 10 seconds. Way too slow. Either get a GLX now, with the VR6, or wait until Q1 2000 when the GLS will be available with the 1.8 Turbo motor.

    Regarding prices, I was able to get mine for about $22240, which is about $1000 below MSRP. If a fruitcake dealer is asking above MSRP, give him your phone number and tell him to call you if he wants to sell a car. Then walk away.
  • I just bought a 2000 Golf GTI VR6.
    The car is great. The acceleration is phenomenal... I have noticed that
    sometimes in the 4th gear, the stick shift vibrates a little bit in my hand.
    I talked to the dealer about it but he said that it's normal behavior.
    Has any one of you noticed something like that?
  • nedzelnedzel Posts: 787
    It's very slight. And you shouldn't rest your hand on the shifter for long periods of time anyways. I'm not worried about it.
  • I've got a 2000 GTI GLX VR6. Shifter wobbles a bit in fourth from time to time and makes a faint noise when I take my foot off the gas. I don't think it's anything to worry about. Shifter seems to be wobbling less now that I've been driving it - close to 2000 miles.
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