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The Volkswagen Golf IV



  • Remember me? I'm the guy with the funny name on posts 149 and 151. i was looking at a golf gls without the lux package, and then caught the diesel bug. Lo and behold, a dealer in Hagerstown had ONE GL TDI, black with tan interior, and with cruise. (And an empty slot above the cassette deck -- and I got an aftermarket 8-disc changer already)

    Anyway, I have had it 3 weeks and love it. It has an automatic but has already reached 41 mpg on 1 trip. I had a 1985 Honda Accord and must say the Golf has a much better personality (I did not think cars had personality before).

    The dealer had 1 arrest-me red Golf GLS with luxury package, auto, and 2.0 liter gas. He also had 2 GTI GLSes, one arrest-me red w/ 5 speed, and the other black with automatic (?).
    That is Sharrett VV/Mazda/Olds/Subaru/Etc. in Hagerstown MD. Be careful, they try to charge you megabucks for add-ons like fabric and paint protectors, dealer, prep, etc., which I refused to pay. I paid about $500 over invoice.

    Ok, I'm out of breath now. I'm going for a ride in my TDI. See ya.
  • mhobbsmhobbs Posts: 1
    I just test drove the New Golf and I loved it. I live in New England and need a car that does well in the snow. Can anyone comment on its performance, I don't want to just believe the dealer?
  • nedzelnedzel Posts: 787
    If you want it to perform well in the snow, simply get a set of SNOW tires. Not the all-season tires it comes with, but real, honest-to-god, SNOW tires. With snow tires, traction control, and ABS brakes, it will do great in the snow.
  • If you want invoice prices just call the APA. Invoice price for Golf GL is 17226 CAD. MSRP is 18950 CAD
  • chellischellis Posts: 3
    I'm looking to buy a 2000 Golf GLS (no luxury package) and was wondering what kind of prices people are paying. I live in New England and would be looking in VT, MA and upstate NY.
  • nedzelnedzel Posts: 787
    chellis: I just got a 2000 GTI GLX for about $22200, which is about $1200 over invoice. The GTI GLX is relatively rare and in demand, however. You should be able to do better on a Golf GLS. I'd recommend that you offer the dealer a few hundred over invoice and go from there.
  • does anyone know what engine choices are offered on 2000 golf gls. need 4dr..want vr6 or 1.8t power
  • nedzelnedzel Posts: 787
    mikeg: The vr6 is only available on the GTI GLX. The 1.8t is not available yet. The current rumor is that the 1.8t will be available after the 2000 Detroit auto show (i.e., after January 2000) and will only be available on the GTI GLS. Presently the only engine options on the Golf GLS are the 2.0 (too slow) and the TDI. You can get more info on the 2000 models at
  • Hello canadian folks,
    I have a quote for a Golf GL 2000 + Air + 6 CD at 20225 Canadian Dollars. Is it a fair price??
  • thanks, nedzel. i'll keep my fingers crossed that folks at v.w. will do something that makes sense. just because you have kids doesn't mean you lose your enthusiasm for driving. besides 4dr makes more sense and is better looking (just my opinion). p.s. i don't suppose there is anyway to increase performance of 2.0l w/o shelling out thousands of $$$!!!
  • only way to increase performance of 2.0 8V is forced induction, turbo or supercharger. Either will run around $3k.

    Bruce. SmartShopper Host
  • thanks. checked out vwvortex and spoke to vw sales rep and it appears 1.8t is going to be available option on all jetta's and golf's (not just glx's) as early as spring 2000. waiting impatiently...really want that new other car comes close for looks and style!!!
  • New Golf 1.8T 180HP, now available in Europe. Soon, the 210HP version.
  • pipopipo Posts: 36
    My recommendation is to use I've used them twice and was very pleased with the results. They will refer you to a dealer in your area, who will give you a no-haggle low price. The dealers who participate in the Autobytel program are not required to offer the same price uniformly for the same models (that would violate the antitrust laws!), so some dealers will still be higher or lower than others, but you should expect something in the range of $500 to $800 over invoice for the VWs.
  • Does anybody know if the Leatherette option is available on the Golf TDI GL?
  • phlipsphlips Posts: 1
    As a proud 1999 Golf GLS owner, I am dismayed by my car's recent "clattering/ticking" noise when hot. The local dealership indicated that it is a "normal" sound for this model. Hey, maybe I'm not a certified VW mechanic, but it isn't rocket science either! Anyone else experience this noise?
  • ddaleyddaley Posts: 7
    Philps, if you're taking about noise heard after the motor is off and the engine is still hot then it is normal on many cars. It is the sound of metal parts contracting as they cool down. It may be more noticeable on your's because VW's cooling fan will continue to run after the motor is off to help cool it down more quickly. Really nothing to worry about. If you've ever been in a home with hot water heat and heard the pipes creaking and knocking that's basically the same thing. My '00 Golf does it as did my last several cars.
  • swong4swong4 Posts: 10
    Hi everybody!
    Has anyone here leased a 2000 gti vr6? If so,
    could you tell me what the monthly payments would
    work out to be (approximately). I am pretty much
    set on getting the gti vr6, but would prefer to
    lease instead of purchasing it. Also, what would my insurance rates be given that I live in North
    Florida? I'm male, 31 yrs with a clean record. Any
    help on this would be greatly appreciated. Thanksin advance!
  • I have a '99 Golf GL. I took it in a couple of times because I heard an intermittent ticking noise from the engine. It sounded like a valve tap in an old chevy. It was finally identified to my satisfaction by one of the VW techs as the "Evaporative Emissions Condenser", he even showed me the part. If you put your finger on it you can feel it working. The ticking is the thing working like a pump. It's part of the emissions system and works as necessary, hence the intermittent nature of my "problem." VW said they get lots of owners in asking about the noise, so the EEC is usually the first thing they think of. Ask your dealer to point it out to you under the hood, it may be the noise you're hearing. You know what, since I found out everything was working as designed I don't much notice the ticking any more.
  • wj27wj27 Posts: 6

    I am interested in the VW Golf GL 2000. However, I am a bit concerned on the reliability of VW's in general (and especially the Golf).

    My reason for this is the fact that VW only offers a 24 month/24,000 mile bumper to bumper warranty while Honda and Toyota offer an extra year of coverage. Why is this?

    I have also read review of VW cars having reliability issues (more than say a corolla or civic) in the past.

    Are parts and repairs more expensive on VW Golfs vs. Toyota (Corolla) and Honda (Civics)?

    I also welcome any comments from VW Golf GL owners (1996-00 model years). Are you happy w/ your purchase? Have you had any problems?

    I really would like to get the Golf GL. Compared
    to the conservative corolla and commonplace civic, it is the only car I get "excited" about. But the above issues make me wonder if I really should go for the excitement (and driving fun) of a GL or stick w/ the boring, yet proven corolla or civic.

    Please help!
  • rgoetzrgoetz Posts: 13
    Does anyone have any good info on when child seat tether anchors will be installed in 2000 Golfs? The VW website says "Week 35" (which on a calendar basis would be the first week of Sept), which I take to mean vehicles built after that date. The dealers, as usual, don't have a clue.

    Thanks in advance!
  • alextalext Posts: 63
    Hey John 2001,
    As far as I know the TDI does not have the leather seating option. But I could be wrong, take a look at the vw.comm website.
  • Thanks Alex

    I have found out that you can get Leather in the GLS TDI. The only problem is I want Leather and a moon roof in a two door TDI which only comes in the GL. The dealer was not sure about the Leatherette option in the GL.
  • mznmzn Posts: 727
    wj27, I'm driving my second VW Golf, a 1996 replacement to my 1987 Golf. I love the car and the trouble I've had has been minor, a lock assembly replaced once in the 1987 and just recently in the 1996.

    This past weekend, I drove a Corolla as a rental car. I found the steering mushy and the power disappointing. The best feature was the outdoor temperature gauge...

    If you want bulletproof, you might want the Corolla or Civic. If you want fun to drive, you definitely want the Golf!

  • ...according to the reviews I've read (especially the two in Automobile magazine), if you want "fun to drive" the place to find it is behind the wheel of a Ford Focus.
  • jtaimjtaim Posts: 34
    I have the Automobile issue that reviews the Ford Focus, and it's clear they think it's more fun to drive than the Golf/Jetta platform. But that doesn't mean the Golf/Jetta are not also fun to drive. Just because the Focus is praised as dynamically the best in its category means everything else is unworthy. The TDI engine in the Golf/Jetta can make up for some of the dynamic shortcomings of the Golf/Jetta chassis.
  • homerkchomerkc Posts: 113
    Don't worry about VW reliability. I drive a 1995 Golf 2.0 with 71K miles and NO problems. Other than routine maintenance, and one set of front brakes after 66K miles, I have spent no money on the car. It runs great and gives me confidence that it will run forever. It is still solid and rattle free! VW added that warranty after reliability problems in early 90's, which lead to their shutting down and restaffing their Mexico plant. The 3rd generation car, though, had none of those problems. Buy, drive, and enjoy!
  • No, the GL comes only with the cloth seats. If you want options, they are possible only on the GLS. I just bought a new Golf GLS-TDI, and I think it is a fantastic car! MPG for me is even better than the EPA numbers, although I have driven it gently during the break-in period. Leatherette, a fancy euphenism for vinyl seats, seems to be rarely available only on the New Beetle. For the Golf, only cloth and leather are available. The leather comes as an extra cost option only on the gasoline GLS and GTI versions (not diesel, unless you have an after-market shop do it), and standard on the GTI-GLX.
  • Yes!! Get a Golf 2000 and tell me how you like it! I have a 98 and really like it. No problems of major importance (passenger sun visor kept falling off - got new one free) and stinky AC sometimes (which is normal - they gave me a brochure on it). I am really thinking about upgrading to the 2000 w/ a lease since my new job has me commuting on the train (mileage not an issue anymore). The drive is great - cargo space is awesome - and it's pretty peppy. One downfall - I'm 5' 8" and w/ a winter coat on my head can rub on the roof (I have a moonroof too). But the head room has changed in the 2000. My 2 year warranty just expired (bought 98 model on 10/97) and I am keeping my fingers crossed but all will be well I think. There's always the extended warranty option if you're that nervous. Good luck with your decision!
  • Ooops - I mean to say "MAYBE" the head room has changed in the 2000.... That's what you get for trying to goof off at work...
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