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The Volkswagen Golf IV



  • rgoetzrgoetz Posts: 13
    Does anyone have any good info on when child seat tether anchors will be installed in 2000 Golfs? The VW website says "Week 35" (which on a calendar basis would be the first week of Sept), which I take to mean vehicles built after that date. The dealers, as usual, don't have a clue.

    Thanks in advance!
  • alextalext Posts: 63
    Hey John 2001,
    As far as I know the TDI does not have the leather seating option. But I could be wrong, take a look at the vw.comm website.
  • Thanks Alex

    I have found out that you can get Leather in the GLS TDI. The only problem is I want Leather and a moon roof in a two door TDI which only comes in the GL. The dealer was not sure about the Leatherette option in the GL.
  • mznmzn Posts: 727
    wj27, I'm driving my second VW Golf, a 1996 replacement to my 1987 Golf. I love the car and the trouble I've had has been minor, a lock assembly replaced once in the 1987 and just recently in the 1996.

    This past weekend, I drove a Corolla as a rental car. I found the steering mushy and the power disappointing. The best feature was the outdoor temperature gauge...

    If you want bulletproof, you might want the Corolla or Civic. If you want fun to drive, you definitely want the Golf!

  • ...according to the reviews I've read (especially the two in Automobile magazine), if you want "fun to drive" the place to find it is behind the wheel of a Ford Focus.
  • jtaimjtaim Posts: 34
    I have the Automobile issue that reviews the Ford Focus, and it's clear they think it's more fun to drive than the Golf/Jetta platform. But that doesn't mean the Golf/Jetta are not also fun to drive. Just because the Focus is praised as dynamically the best in its category means everything else is unworthy. The TDI engine in the Golf/Jetta can make up for some of the dynamic shortcomings of the Golf/Jetta chassis.
  • homerkchomerkc Posts: 113
    Don't worry about VW reliability. I drive a 1995 Golf 2.0 with 71K miles and NO problems. Other than routine maintenance, and one set of front brakes after 66K miles, I have spent no money on the car. It runs great and gives me confidence that it will run forever. It is still solid and rattle free! VW added that warranty after reliability problems in early 90's, which lead to their shutting down and restaffing their Mexico plant. The 3rd generation car, though, had none of those problems. Buy, drive, and enjoy!
  • No, the GL comes only with the cloth seats. If you want options, they are possible only on the GLS. I just bought a new Golf GLS-TDI, and I think it is a fantastic car! MPG for me is even better than the EPA numbers, although I have driven it gently during the break-in period. Leatherette, a fancy euphenism for vinyl seats, seems to be rarely available only on the New Beetle. For the Golf, only cloth and leather are available. The leather comes as an extra cost option only on the gasoline GLS and GTI versions (not diesel, unless you have an after-market shop do it), and standard on the GTI-GLX.
  • Yes!! Get a Golf 2000 and tell me how you like it! I have a 98 and really like it. No problems of major importance (passenger sun visor kept falling off - got new one free) and stinky AC sometimes (which is normal - they gave me a brochure on it). I am really thinking about upgrading to the 2000 w/ a lease since my new job has me commuting on the train (mileage not an issue anymore). The drive is great - cargo space is awesome - and it's pretty peppy. One downfall - I'm 5' 8" and w/ a winter coat on my head can rub on the roof (I have a moonroof too). But the head room has changed in the 2000. My 2 year warranty just expired (bought 98 model on 10/97) and I am keeping my fingers crossed but all will be well I think. There's always the extended warranty option if you're that nervous. Good luck with your decision!
  • Ooops - I mean to say "MAYBE" the head room has changed in the 2000.... That's what you get for trying to goof off at work...
  • I'm 5'9", not tall for a male, by most standards, but the headroom in my '99 Golf is great. I could be several inches taller, and not have a problem. I've got taller friends and family that don't have a problem even in the back seat, although their leg room is compromised. I can't say enough good things about my car! I love it!
  • I'm 6'3" and there's plenty of room in the driver's seat in the 2000 model... I can't wait to pick mine up!
  • wj27wj27 Posts: 6

    thanks to all that replied. i ended up getting THE car. So far so good. The interior, handling, acceleration, and overall feel are all exceptional.

    One thing that was funny though was trying to reverse for the first time. After putting it in 1st gear 5 times (instead of reverse), I had to pull out ye ol' manual. Ahh, push down then forward--Reverse. Pretty neat but still need to get used to it.

    Some complaints I have:
    1.air conditioning labels are small and hard to see when you are driving.

    2. seats are a bit firm--this is a German thing, or so i read.

    The only thing I am really not happy w/ is the price i paid:

    2000 golf gl 5speed w/ factory inst. 6 disk CD changer

    $13904 (inv)
    $525 (dest)
    $216 (inv CD changer)
    $423 (fair profit )=


    $200 --> "dealer service fee"=

    $15268 before taxes/ title
    ~$16068 after taxes/title

    I don't know what I was thinking in paying that service fee. But I did not walk out when they mentioned it. I think I could have gotten that taken off if did--alas I did not. I was too anxious because we were so close to closing the deal. But it should be the dealer getting anxious to close NOT the buyer. Lesson learned! This was my first car buying experience. So I will take the L (loss) on this one.

    Also, I had my eloan/car finance draft check ready (7.34%) and dealer was able to offer 6.99% (60 months). Of course I went w/ the dealer's financing. I was happy w/ this because i read that has been having some problems (see financing town all on this site).

    anyway, this is my story. oh, I got mine at Jim Ellis Volks in marietta, ga.

    hope this helps someone.

  • mznmzn Posts: 727
    Congratulations on your new car, wj27! Here's one of the carlady's rules: forget what you paid as soon as you drive off the lot. You've got a beautiful car; enjoy it.

  • vocusvocus Posts: 7,777
    I fell in love with the new Golfs the minute I saw one on the road. The only thing is that I hear VW reliability is nothing to brag about. Also, the prices are steep for a subcompact. Nearly $20K for the one I want. I can pay less or the same for a Civic or Protege (forget Corolla. BORING!!!) and have bulletproof reliability. Also, asked dealer about rebates and he said no way because "it downgrades the value of the car's resale value". Bullcrap!!! Anyway, I will stick with my Protege (99 w/4500 miles) for the next few years, then maybe, when VW proves itself in reliability to Consumer Reports, upgrade to a TDI. By the way the 2.0 Golf feels slow to me. Is the TDI any better? Has more torque, but does that help acceleration or not. Want the 4 with the most power, so any help would be appeciated.
  • nedzelnedzel Posts: 787
    Actually, WAY TOO SLOW. I haven't driven the TDI. The folks who have claim that its top-gear acceleration is much faster than the 2.0. That is, when driving around town, you are typically right in the meat of the torque curve and can accelerate well without shifting. 0-60 is in the same neighborhood as the 2.0, i.e., > 10 seconds.

    If you want fast, you'll have to spring for the GTI GLX, with the VR6. Or wait until spring, when the 1.8T is available. I've got the VR6. 0-60 in about 7 seconds.

  • On Monday night my wife and I were in our 97 VW Golf driving on the interstate at 65 MPH. My wife was driving when suddenly in front of us was a recently killed deer. She swirved to avoid the deers carcas, but skidded on the remains, causing the car to go into violent skidding. We skidded down the highway for 1/4 mile until we struck a mile marker, went airborne onto the guardrail, and then the car rolled over at least three times, ending upside down in the middle of three lanes of traffic. Fortunately there were no aggressive drivers or tailgaters behind us and all of the vehicles including a tractor trailer stopped without hitting us.

    Both of us were fully conscious through this terrifying experience. When we stopped upside down we both released our seatbelts crawled through what once were the side windows and walked to the median strip. Our only injuries were I had 12 stitches in my left arm (probably from my watch being ripped off my wrist), and my wife had a broken nail and is sore today. We were fully x-rayed and there were no spinal injuries. The car is totally destroyed, but the doors did not fly open, and the passenger compartment was remarkably intact even though the front of the roof partially collapsed.

    I would say that the Golf is an amazingly well built vehicle and we are also amazingly fortunate.

    I thought those considering a Golf would want to hear about this experience. We may purchase a Subaru because of a need for all wheel drive, otherwise we will happily buy another Golf.

  • mznmzn Posts: 727
    I'm so sorry you had such a devastating experience and so happy that you and your wife were able to walk away. Safety can translate into money when it comes to auto design and a story like yours shows that every penny is worth it! Please give your wife our best wishes as well.

  • The important thing is that you and your wife came through without serious harm.
    Next time though, let Road & Track do the crash test.
    Seriously, I have been wanting to purchase a VW Golf and am very glad to hear it protects in a crash. Sorry you lost your vehicle but am so very happy the two of you are here today to tell about it. Thanks for your input.
  • Is there a shortage of Golf's coming into to Southern California? I've visited 4 different dealers to test drive one, but nobody stocks them. I know they come from Germany by boat and it takes a awhile, but there are also other German cars here by the thousands as well, whats UP VW dealers!?
  • tjts2tjts2 Posts: 18
    Today at the VW dealer in San Rafael CA, I saw a crashed Beetle on their lot. It hit someting hard with the right side of the bumper because it had moved back about 10". The car is totaled. The whole front end was bent in. Also, the back wheels were out of alighnmnet so I guess the floor pan had buckled. The airbags had gone off and the right side front window was broken. But evidently, the alarm system still works.
    I don't think the car can be fixed. But for all you gear heads out there, this particular example happened to be a 1.8T auto. And it looked to be in good shape. Did I mention the leather interior and those nice alloys. I am sure somebody could take it off the dealers hands as a basket case.
  • swong4swong4 Posts: 10
    I've had my '00 VR6 for about 2 weeks now, and I've already clocked almost 400 miles on it! It took me quite a while to find one in silver with a beige interior, but after weeks of searching and numerous phone calls to dealers, a local dealer managed to track one down for me. I really wanted a silver/beige combo, but most dealers told me that silver comes only with a black interior, something that the vw website confirmed. Guess they actually do make a few with beige interiors. I feel that beige contrasts well with the black dash and makes the interior look bigger and more airier. Had to pay MSRP, but it's definitely worth it!

    I love driving this car, it's as solidly built as the BMW 3 series that I owned previously. The fit and finish are impeccable in true Teutonic fashion. The shifter can't match that of Honda's and can be improved on, but I guess it's a matter of getting used to it. The engine's a true gem with lots of tractability and low-end punch. I haven't really driven it hard yet cos it's got less than 1K miles on it. I figured it might take a while to break in, and then it should really show its true capabilities. In fact, right now I feel that it's a bit less powerful than when I first drove it off the lot, but that's probably because I've gotten used to the car's power. The stock suspension is a bit soft for what the engine is capable of; but I think it's adequate under normal driving conditions. Besides, I think the suspension is tuned more for comfort and smoothness rather than a Miata-like setup, and this baby rides really well when cruising down the highway.

    Things weren't perfect with the car, however; I discovered that the cruise control indicator light that's on the tachometer doesn't come on when I switch to cruise. The dealer wasn't too sure that there was actually an indicator light, but I checked the manual and will be sending in the car for service soon. Has anyone else had this problem? There was also a rattling noise near the top of the driver's window that was prominent especially when going over bumps. However, after driving the car more, the sound has disappeared and I have not heard it since. Other than that, no complains at all and I must say that I am very happy with the car so far. Like the ads say, it's the most functional sporst car! Highly recommended, that is if you can find one in a color that you like!
  • COngratulations on your GTI purchase.

    I have read on Beetle topics some weeks ago and with the 2000 Beetles......there is an indicator for the cruise, but it does not light when in operation. Apparently, this is normal and not a malfunction on the Beetle and I am suggesting that this may be the case with the GTI. Check out the Beetle topics to confirm.

    Please keep us up to date on this topic. I want to buy a Golf GL and I am very interested in quality, interior rattles.....etc. So keep in touch.

    Great car!

  • wukwukwukwuk Posts: 17
    When I bought my 89 Golf 10 years ago, the salesman told me to let the engine tach high when shifting, especially for the first 1000 miles. He said I'd get more punch/torque out of the engine in the long run by breaking it in that way. I don't know if it helped or not(can't compare it to another Golf), but I know it didn't hurt the engine either. I have 172,000 and it runs about the same as it did the day I bought it. Has anyone else heard this advice before. Most people seem to say you should go easy.
  • swong4swong4 Posts: 10
    According to my manual, the engine should not be driven too hard for the first 1K miles. I have not revved it up beyond 4000 rpm, but from what I read in mags, it's supposed to be a free-revving engine. Don't know if I want to rev it past that yet, but it's still got plenty of pull at the low end. Anyone has suggestions on breaking in the car?
  • nedzelnedzel Posts: 787
    Though the manual talks about a cruise control light, hardly anyone who has a GTI GLX says that they have one -- check over at

    Some people have said that this was a running change; i.e., that VW eliminated the cruise control light after finalizing the manual. But I don't know anything definitive.

    Personally, I don't like cruise control lights. I've usually found them distracting at night -- typically they don't dim the same way as the rest of the dash lights.

    '00 GTI GLX
  • swong4swong4 Posts: 10
    I called VWoA the other day and they confirmed that late VW models have had the cc light inactivated. I guess this includes my '00 GTI VR6. I was just about to send it to my dealer to check that light, but decided not to after talking to VW. Apparently the change was done but the manual wasn't updated to reflect this.

    '00 GTI VR6
  • rgoetzrgoetz Posts: 13
    I thought my new Golf's cruise light was broken too. Glad to hear otherwise.
    (BTW, I have a TDI--it's outstanding, both in terms of performance & economy.)
  • I am posting this everywhere were someone may see it and care.

    there is a huge backorder on replacements

    My girlfriend's tape player just stopped working recently (she puts in a tape it says side A, then it switches to side B and then it says TAPE ERROR and pops the tape out). I took her car to VW to check this out and they said they have to change the radio and it might take a while because they have them on backorder. I asked if I could have the info on the radio to see if someone else has one in stock and he gave it to me. After checking with 3 or 4 dealers, one of them finally told me this is a known problem and there is a backorder for the entire US that may take weeks. I called VW service and they could offer no help or estimate as to how long it will take. Also, the dealerships don't seem to be very open about this problem.
  • kevinckevinc Posts: 51
    The reality is - this is indeed a "running change" during the 2000 model year. Early cars don't have it (despite it saying so in the manual already), later builds do have it - I've seen one work in fact.

    Running changes like this are common. Some other recent ones in the VW world were glove boxes in mid-'96 on the Golf/GTI/Jetta, a steering wheel change that same year, the addition of a CD changer cable to all cars in the middle of '97, a switch from the older "G11" coolant to "G12" (the pink stuff) in the middle of '97, etc. etc.

  • I am considering buying a 4-door Golf GLS once it becomes available with the 1.8 liter turbo engine. The VW website shows sport springs as an accessory for non-GTI golfs. Does anyone have any experience with them? I am considering them over aftermarket suspension kits so as not to void my warranty.

  • kevinckevinc Posts: 51
    The VW OEM springs are made by Eibach, then just marked up. Why do you fear warranty reprisal??
    The only way they can deny warranty coverage is if they can PROVE that the aftermarket part(s) caused the problem. Using Eibach, H&R, Neuspeed, or whatever springs isn't going to cause problems.. nor are they going to fail themselves. Save yourself the bucks and avoid the dealer stuff. And for heaven's sake, don't let a dealer install them, whichever ones you go with. You'll pay through the nose and very possibly get shoddy work. Find a local independent VW shop and get hooked up for the long run. Good luck.
  • I've had my '99 golf GLS for about 7 months now, and I totally love it. Except for the radio! The reception is just horrible...both AM & FM. I would think that with the cool whip antenna on the roof, it would have great reception...but maybe it's just for decoration! So I have two questions: 1) Has anyone had the same problem with radio reception with their '99? 2) Has anyone had the in-dash CD player installed that's available on the VW website? The price seems a little steep, but if it's a decent unit, I might spring for it. I don't like changers, so that's not an option. Let me know...
  • indigoboy,

    Check with your dealer about the poor reception. I've read about poor connections where the antenna screws on. I think there is a fix for it.

    I've got the in-dash CD player in my 99 GLS. It's fine. No fancy bells or whistles but it does the job and looks right in the dash as opposed to another brand. I'm not a fan of changers either. If you get the CD player, you might consider having the position of radio and CD swapped depending on your preference. I thought the radio was too low for me so I had them put it where the CD slot is and then put the CD player where the radio is.
  • kevinckevinc Posts: 51
    There is definitely a TSB out on this problem.
    Check it out here:

    You will need Adobe Acrobat to read the TSB. Note that ALL recent TSBs on all VW and Audi models are available here (

    I have the in-dash CD player, works flawlessly, integrates with the existing head unit and changer if you have one, lighting matches, etc. If you are receiving "Driver" magazine from VW (and all new car purchasers automatically should be) there is a coupon in the back of the latest issue for 20% off any part/accessory at the dealer you bought your car from - at $240 list, that's a healthy $48 off the price, or $192 - not bad..

  • Thanks for the link to that PDF file...I asked my dealer about it last time I was in, but he hadn't heard anything about it. Hopefully this bulletin will help get things solved. (BTW, anybody out there who gets "Driver" magazine want to cut out that coupon and send it my way? -- I guess I wasn't signed up for a subscription when I bought my '99 Golf. I could use the 48 bucks off that In-Dash CD player....) Email me at the address in my profile if you can help me out...

  • I'm on the verge of finding one of those rare GLX VR6's when I hear a rumor of turbonium coming to the GTI in the spring. $$$ not an issue. Performance and relieability are my top priority. Do I wait????? Or do I buy?????
  • kevinckevinc Posts: 51
    Indigo - the coupon is printed with "your" dealer's name on it (the selling dealer of your car" and is only good there. Otherwise I'd send you mine (it's for Commonwealth VW/Audi in Santa Ana, CA if you're anywhere near there).

    cmc - the rumors are no longer rumors, the 1.8T is definitely coming to the GTI GLS, VW has confirmed this (for more info, read about at at The 1.8T will get stomped by a VR6 - in stock form. But the 1.8T is easily chipped to ~200 hp and beyond, allegedly with great reliability as the motor is very overbuilt.
    Perhaps you should go drive a NB 1.8T to get the feel of the motor (and the chassis - it's the same platform as the Golf/Jetta, and Audi TT for that matter too). This may help you make a decision.
    Good luck!

  • Speaking of the upcoming availability of the 1.8T engine in Golfs and Jettas, has anyone heard anything about the chances it will available in the 4-door Golf GLS?

    I'd love to buy a Golf, but we need a four-door, and the Golf is much more attractive than the Jetta. If I hadn't heard that the 1.8T was coming, we probably would be buying a 4-dr GLS right about now. As it stands, I'm waiting for the spring and a chance for a 1.8T 4 door.

    Anyone have any guesses/hear any rumors?

  • wukwukwukwuk Posts: 17
    I spoke with a sales person about a week ago, and asked that very question. She said she had been to a VW training meeting just recently, and they were told that the 1.8T would show up on the GLS 4 door in about 2 years. I won't be waiting that long!
  • Just thought I would pass on my comments for those thinking about the Golf GL. When going to purchase I found most dealers to be unresponsive. It seemed like they did not care if I purchased from them or not. Supply and demand I suppose as no dealer had more than 4 on the lot at any given time.

    For me time was running out as I wanted to get a golf before production shifted to Brazil. Unfortantly (for me) the colour I wanted was silver and according to dealers I spoke with is restricted to 20% of stock becase painting them taken longer.

    I ended up paying 22,000(about 14,900 US). Canadian after freight, pdi and 14% tax. This is for a base model golf with no extras but I saw a number sell for MSRP.

    I have really been impressed with this vehicle. Things I did not notice during test drives:

    + lights on doors when open so people are less likely to take door off when open in traffic
    + rear passenger lighting, handy when someone is navigating back there
    +originally I did not like the VW reverse however after a week am liking it better. Often you are going from R to 1st so it is quite handy.
    -glove box is very small (read useless)Don't let large door fool you
    +base stereo is great, as loud and clear as I would like
    -window wiper placement seems flawed to me (please comment on this, is it only my car?) The leading edge of the driver side wiper seems to overflow and leave a trail of water mid window after a wipe.
    -radio reception not as good as expected. Anyone else find this?
  • Hello,

    My wife and I test drove a Golf GLS this weekend and really enjoyed it. We are hoping to
    be able to buy one in the next few weeks.
    I have a few questions that came up after
    we leave.

    1) Is the 2/24k warranty really any different
    than the initial bumper-to-bumper warranty
    you get on any new car? We were told by
    certain people trying to sell us the car
    that "Basically, you don't have to open
    your hood for 2 years." Are the 3/36k or
    4/48k warranties offered by other manufacturers
    the basically the same?

    2) The electronic key is pretty interesting.
    But, what do you do if you loose a key? It
    is not like you can go down to True Value
    hardware and have a copy made?


  • The 2/24 part of the warranty includes basic routine maintenace: oil changes, tire rotations etc. The 10/100 covers the drive train. The rust through l2 years(not sure of miles). It would be nice to have 3 or 5 year but as long as the drive train is covered it's still pretty good.
    The Keys: Yeah they aren't easy to copy and if lost or broken could be pricey. I've heard ~$100 but haven't had to replace mine. You get 2 plus a valet key that doesn't have to remote lock feature.
    If you're concerned about warranty you could shop around the net for a good price on an extended and try to get your VW dealer to match it.
    I've had my '00 Golf GLS for 3 months now & love it.
  • I am looking at getting a Golf GLS with Auto. Can any owners comment? Does the auto make the car too slow? Im not racing this car, I have another for that, Just daily driver. On the freeway does it rev too high and make it noisy? Would you want to drive it straight for 2-3 hours???Thanks for any input.

  • What is this I read about Golf production switching to Brazil? I am seriously considering buying a Golf, but only if they come from Wolfsburg. I'll have to consider a Honda or Mazda if I can't get a Golf from Wolfsburg.

    Can somebody enlighten this newcomer as to what is up with this?

  • andrew75,

    I've got a 99 Golf GLS auto. Whether or not the car is too slow is somewhat up to each driver's opinion but I think it is okay. It could use a few more horsepower but I've gotten used to it. I use it for a 3 mile commute to work each day on city streets and it's fine. The engine is typically noisy for a VW but again, you get used to it. It does rev high and I wish there was an overdrive. That would help the city gas mileage too. I only get around 19 in the city since it does not shift into 4th until you reach 40 mph. An overdrive would help gas mileage immensely. I've also driven it for 3.5 hours straight and it was great. The cruise control helps although mine just broke - it shuts off whenever I turn on the left turn signal changing lanes. Am taking it in to the dealer for repair next week. Overall, I highly recommend the car but you have to get used to its quirks.
  • yep. The Jetta and Bug in Mexico and Golf in Brazil. I don't know why someone won't buy a car just because it isn't made in Germany. But if you want you can always get a M.Benz
  • nedzelnedzel Posts: 787
    Personally, i think the Golf GLS is way, way too slow, even with a 5 speed. 0-60 with the 5 speed is > 10 seconds. With an auto, I think it would be completely unbearable.

    I bought a GTI GLX, which is quite quick, but perhaps overkill for most people (and not available with an auto as weatherdan is looking for).

    Weatherdan, if I were you, I'd consider one of the following options:

    1) GTI GLX (if you can deal with 2 doors and a 5 speed)

    2) TDI -- the turbodiesels 0-60 is probably no faster than the 2.0, but the turbodiesel has MUCH better midrange torque and is quite responsive in the midrange. The extra torque should be a good match for an auto transmission.

    3) wait until spring when the 1.8Turbo engine is available.

    The 2.0 is a dog, IMNSHO.

    '00 GTI GLX
  • Nedzel:
    I thought the GLS was not THAT bad I drive a Miata as a daily driver and the GLS was not a whole lot faster. I’m looking for comfortable transportation. When you have a GLX to compare to it you are talking way more power. I have a M roadster for weekend fun, so imagine how I feel on Monday morning getting into a 138hp Miata from a 240hp beast. But its the comfort and convenience of the Golf that I like allot. The build quality is excellent too. The car has so much character. I love the Miata but it beats me up while going over bumps and it is black so it gets dirty in 2 days. NEVER A BLACK CAR AGAIN!
    Hope to have my Golf this weekend!
  • nedzelnedzel Posts: 787

    Your Miata is much closer in performance to the GLX than the GLS. From Edmunds:

    Mazda Miata, 140 hp, 119 ft-lb, 2332 lbs, 0-60 7.9 seconds, 16.7 lbs/hp

    VW Golf GTI GLS, 115 hp, 122 ft-lb, 2762 lbs, 0-60 10.4 seconds, 24 lbs/hp

    Sorry, but my opinion stands. The GLS is slow as molasses.

    '00 GTI GLX
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