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Ford Taurus/Mercury Sable Wagons



  • Mercury to drop Sable next spring!
    Mercury will discontinue its long-suffering Sable sedan after the 2005 model year. Production of the Sable at Ford Motor Co.'s Atlanta assembly plant is expected to end in April.

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  • Just found Sable Wagon LS everything except Sunroof & Tract. Control. Great shape Only 41k miles, rides really nice, carfax was blemish free but did not indicate recall info....question is how do I find out if all or any of the recalls for that model have been addrsssed before I take delivery? Will be picking up the car late in the week of 12/13/04. Also I was considering auto-start(A-S)install, and tinting rear windows anyone have one installed/tinting ? Is A-S working ok? Some car models don't respond well with them....interfers with door locks, fuel inj. etc. I live NY Adirondacks lots of snow /cold weather like to start before hitting that cold leather...any info on how the wagon handles the snow? Please advise and appreciate any feedback thanks
  • We are looking at replacing our 1998 Windstar with a 2004 Taurus wagon due to some transmition problems with the windstar and also the low gas mileage that it gets. What kind of mileage are people getting with their 04 wagons? Any advice on if this would be a wise move? I drive about 75 - 100 miles/day about 2/3 city and 1/3 highway.

  • We are looking at replacing our 1998 Windstar with a 2004 Taurus wagon due to some transmition problems with the windstar and also the low gas mileage that it gets. What kind of mileage are people getting with their 04 wagons? Any advice on if this would be a wise move? I drive about 75 - 100 miles/day about 2/3 city and 1/3 highway.

  • jasmith52jasmith52 Posts: 457
    Well I have a Mercury Sable Sedan (not a wagen) that's very similar to the Taurus. The car comes with the 3.0 SOHC Vulcan engine. I would think the milage is similar on the wagen.

    I drive about 90 miles round trip every day to work - mostly freeway averaging 80 miles per hour or so. I get around 27 miles per gallon with that drive. In the summer when I run the air conditioner the milage drops about 1 mile per gallon.

    - Hope that helps
  • badgerfanbadgerfan Posts: 1,565
    With my 2000 Taurus Sedan with the Duratec, I can get 28-30 MPG in strictly freeway driving on relatively level highways running continuous at about 70 MPH. In my daily commute, which is city driving, but not particularly congested, I average about 19-22, and I do not try to maximize efficiency all that much.

    The wagon version might be a little less efficient do to a bit more weight.
  • andyman73andyman73 Posts: 368
    We have an 04 Sable wagon LS premium, w/ 3.0 Duratec. The wife drives it, works 2 days a week. Mostly town/rural driving. She's averaging 24mpg overall. This car currently has 4100 miles on it, tires inflated to 40psi. Wife isn't a fuel miser, but isn't a racer either. Don't know highway mileage, since car hasnt' been down that road yet. Power is rather nice, with @50 more hp than the Vulcan engine. I doubt the mileage is comperable between the 2 motors.
  • iannniannn Posts: 1
    Well, I just picked up a 1996 Taurus GL with the 3.0L Vulcan V6 engine from Kansas, and I drove it back here to Philadelphia, then to Boston and back. The engine and transmission run great. I noticed on the drive back from Kansas that the left speaker would cut out from time to time, and then on the way back from Boston, both speakers were cutting out. I thought it was a loose wire, so I just dealt with it, but when I pulled into my local Pep Boys a couple of days ago, the power steering cut out as I was pulling into a parking spot. I almost hit another car. Long story short, the power steering, power windows, and speakers (but not the reciever) all seem to cut out when the car is in gear (the throttle and brakes are acting a bit funny, too), but not when the car is in neutral or park. I've checked thoroughly, and those are the only things that don't work right. Anyone ever experience this?
  • unit731unit731 Posts: 1
    Anyone had problems with power windows on Sable/Taurus 2000-2005?
  • wkohlerwkohler Posts: 74
    It would help if you'd be a little more specific. Some have problems with a "groaning" sound once the window is raised all the way. There is a TSB out on this. I believe there is a different type of lubricant used to help eliminate the noise.
  • nekreighnekreigh Posts: 2
    I want to install a CD changer in my 2000 Sable wagon with the third row seating. It has the Mach stereo system but the changer was not installed. Can you tell me where yours mounts? Maybe a picture?
  • rustic1rustic1 Posts: 4
    Nick, in my 02 sable there are 2 places the CD changer can be mounted: in the console between the front seats (if you have the '5 seat' option) or in the far back in that little compartment on the passenger side of the car (opposite the spare tire). We had them put it in the back so we could use the console for storage. The factory model is supposed to come with a special clip to hold the changer in place, we had ours installed as a dealer option when we bought the car new and they just used double sided sticky foam tape to hold the changer in place.
  • nekreighnekreigh Posts: 2
    Thanks for your help. Was yours prewired?
  • Hey gang! New to the board but looking for advice. My 1990 volvo 740 wagon just died for good. I just needed something to last me for the next couple of months, so I went went to the local car auction and came home tonight with '92 Sable wagon with 148k miles for only $750. Seemed like a good deal at the time, (the engine is strong and smooth, brakes feel good) but on the twenty minute drive home, the steering started to pulse when turning at speed, and the automatic transmission seemed to have trouble settling in. Does this sound searious to you guys?

    I will check all the fluid levels tomorrow, and I'm hoping that filling the PS fluid and the the trany fluid will help. I will keep you posted.

    Any other advice? I sure hope my gamble on this car works out! It looks like a beauty, hope it's not actually a beast!

  • rustic1rustic1 Posts: 4
    No problem! I don't know if it was prewired but I assume it was, the dealer did it when we bought new so I don't know for sure. I understand it is pretty easy to do it yourself, my brother wants to install an aftermarket changer on his 01 Taurus sedan (that is a trunk mount) and if it involved running wires all the way back to the trunk fron the dash I doubt he would do it.

    We actually had some problems with the cd changer we had it replaced 2x (all under wtty). It's been working fine for a while now tho. I hope it doesn't poop out again as it might be out of wtty by now.
  • My sisters car broke and we went to an auction and got her a 92 Sable Wagon everything works great (after the battery and 2 tires) and after we got it realized there isn't a key for the hatch threes no manual and not buttons of pulls that I can find is there any others way other then the key to get it open??
  • lucian95lucian95 Posts: 11
    I have an opportunity to purchase a 2002 Taurus wagon with 82000 Miles. I believe it has a V6 3.0L 155 HP engine. I will offer the seller $3000. It sounds low, but I'm sure that dealer was probably offering $2000 or less (I checked Galves wholesale book). However, the concern that I have is about all the horror stories that I read about Taurus's poor mechanical quality. I plan to have my local mechanic check the car thoroughly. If it comes out clean, I may consider buying the car. Any word of advice from experienced long term owners of 2002 models.

    Thanks very much for any word of wisdom,
  • jasmith52jasmith52 Posts: 457
    A couple of comments:

    1) Taurus reliability - In spite of common perception you'll find the reliability of the Taurus to be about average for all cars out there. There were some big problems with the head gasket in previous generations of the Taurus causing some people to label the car a lemon. This car just may be the bargain of the year as the resale values are not too high.

    2) Don't count on buying a used car at $1000 over wholesale price. Your dealer may have to put money into reconditioning the car and may expect a bigger profit.
  • badgerfanbadgerfan Posts: 1,565
    I might add that the head gasket issues were only on the old larger V-6, 3.8 Liter if I recall, not the 3.0 Vulcan or 3.0 Dohc Duratech. Both the 3.0 V-6's I believe have been fairly bullet proof.

    Also, the transmissions have gotten much better in recent years as well.
  • lucian95lucian95 Posts: 11
    Thank you very much for your reply (and to the previous sender #331). This was helpful. The car is being sold privately and not through a dealer. I expect that the owners never bothered with the trade-in, given the low value of these cars in the eyes of dealers. I read a lot about transmission problems, so I might be willing to accept potential repairs ($2500 for a new transmission) provided I get the car for a good price.

    Thanks again,
  • efo1724efo1724 Posts: 2
    I have owned several Taurus / Sable Wagons and sedans since 96. I hate when I see these vehicles take hard critisism for quality as overall my experience with them has been very positive. My wife currently has a 2000 Taurus Wagon with the 24v duratech, leather, mach audio-cd changer etc. I bought the car with 6k on it for 13.5k 4 years ago, it now has 82k and outside of front pads (still has a brake shudder, chronic issue with these vehicles), and a set of tires has been excellent. What other vehicle can you buy for the money as loaded that is comfortable, performs well for what it is, seats 8 (in a pinch), can easily accomodate the lumber trip to Lowes and averages 24-28 MPG. She is currently interested in an 05 Freestyle and the Taurus is still worth about 5K. In my opinion, not bad depreciation for the service it has provided, I only hope the freestyle is as dependable.
  • mambo44mambo44 Posts: 1
    My beloved 2000 Taurus wagon was totalled out in a crash on April 19, 05 and I am looking to replace it with another one. I had this car since 2002, bought it as a red carpet lease return with low miles and balance of factory warranty on it. My only major repairs were a windshield wiper motor and a brake shift lock switch that were covered by warranty (lucky for me). Other than that, only regular maintenance as anticipated. I too have found the actual station wagon market VERY LIMITED. Several Ford dealers say 2005 is the last year of production for the Taurus and just finding a wagon has been a challenge, as there were not many made--all going to ballyhoo the new Freestyle which is not what I am looking for. I have found an 04 with about 15K on it and my only qualm is the digital odometer/message center...I would prefer the rolling mechanical style, as any electronic repair makes me edgy. However, with any luck, I will probably buy this as a replacement as I feel the Taurus meets criteria of needs--hauling 3 teens and cargo, roof rack for special needs, etc. Average gas mileage for me was about 20mpg in the city, not too bad for a car of this size and weight. However, my payout from the insurance company was a little less than I'd hoped, but hey, it's a Ford. Bodily injuries to me personally..not too bad. I was rear ended by an early 90's Dodge and slammed into the rear of a work truck with a big metal bumper. Air bags deployed and I suffered chest bruising and a hairline fracture in the sternum. I was sore for a few days, but mostly angry that my car was not repairable. However, from the impact of the hit, all things considered, I would not want to be without air bags and hope that the newer model will not deploy with quite as much felt like Roger Clemons (insert favorite MLB pitcher's name here) had hurled a fast one into my chest. However, I will most likely buy another one, but finding it has been the biggest challenge so far. Good luck, wagon seekers.
  • lukejjlukejj Posts: 1
    I have a 93 Ford Taurus wagon, 3.0. After starting engine, and leaving it out of gear, the engine starts to hunt for a stable idle. It will go from approx 1000 rpm down to 550 rpm at around 3-4 second intervals, and continue at a constant pace. Continually up and down. Did a intake manifold cleaning, helped a little for a short time, but its hunting again. It seems it does better in humid weather, and also when the coolant fan is running. Its got 120k on it, but in good condition from the fact of the eratic engine control. Does anyone have a clue what would be doing that? Any sensor in particular? Maybe something in the vaccume system. Any help, or pointed in the right direction would be gratifing.

  • burton1burton1 Posts: 3
    Other than these problems,am happy with my '93, V6 3.8 Sable. Bought it used in '94 with about 26,000 miles. Has 108,385 miles now. Put on the last 8000 in the last 4 years. It's been my second car and generally use it now for small and very small trips. Until this year it had always started great. Then, 4 different times on cold starts it cranked and cranked (good battery) and wouldn't start. The first 3 times it then started up OK after about a half hour wait. (After the second time, had a tune-up: plugs, wires, distributor, etc. Didn't seem to matter.) This last time it didn't start over 2 days of sporadic trying. A friend suggested pouring some gasoline into air cleaner after removing air filter. It worked great, but am leery. Want a dependable start every time without that. What's the problem and fix?
    Secondly, I get about 17 or 18 miles to the gallon. I don't remember, but I think I used to get more. Any suggestions? Thanks,

  • lmlimolmlimo Posts: 1
    Yes iannn, we are having the identical problem with our 1996 Taurus GL. Initially, the car is fine, but after about 10 minutes, the car shows all the same symptoms, except that the wipers also quit. However, the external lights all appear to work ok so theoretically the car is drivable, sans power steering, radio, power windows, and wipers. A friend of mine thinks it may be the ignition switch (, but I'm not so sure. At $22.99, I may install a new one to see if that fixes the problem. Any info regarding the solution to this problem would be greatly appreciated, as the problem must lie in one replaceable component. Thanks in advance for any replies.
  • jemjrjemjr Posts: 1
    My car overheated and the thermostat was changed. now that the thermostat is changed i am not getting any heat from the climate control system. the coolant is at the required level and the temperature guage is about 3/4 ways up the guage. Any suggestions on what the problem may be or how to correct it?
  • norsknorsk Posts: 1
    We have a 2001 Taurus SE wagon with 60,000 miles.
    The brakes pulsates pretty bad when braking form the higher speeds.
    Has anyone else found this problem?
    Sid :confuse:
  • badgerfanbadgerfan Posts: 1,565
    You've got warped brake rotors. At this mileage, if you haven't had a brake job at all, you probably need one, and the rotors at the least need to be machined or if they are in really bad shape, replaced.
  • lusedlused Posts: 1
    I have the identical problems with my 97 Taurus wagon. Did replacing the ignition switch remedy the problem?

  • kellyhkckellyhkc Posts: 1
    My 97 Taurus did the same thing. A few days ago I noticed the audio stopping after about 10 miles, yesterday after about the same distance my power steering, power windows and audio went out. Didnt try the wipers... Posting a solution would be a big help!!

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