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Chrysler Town and Country EX/LX/LXi/Limited



  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    The Edmunds Maintenance Guide lists recalls and summary TSB info - maybe one of those will trigger something for you to check.

    Note that just because a TSB has been issued, it may not apply to your van and the dealer isn't required to perform TSB work (that depends somewhat on whether you've complained about something). For hints on how to approach the dealer about TSBs, see You, Your Vehicle and the Technical Service Bulletin (TSB).

    Steve, Host
  • After looking over the list you provided I was able to tell my husband "See! I'm not insane! The dash board lights to flicker and the gauges do jump!" :-)

    We looked over the list of TSB the other day we got in the van last night and turned on the heat (rather cold here right now) and the boys started complaining that there was no heat coming from the vents in the middle row... sure enough they were right! This was also listed on the TSB.

    The only thing that I didn't find on the list was a very high pitched sound that has started in the past couple of weeks when you excelerate. It sounds like a tea kettle whistle. It only makes the noise for a second, then goes away. I know about the problem with howling from the luggage racks, but we have never moved them in the 3 years we have had this van, and the noise just started... Very Weird.

    Again, thanks for your help!!
  • badgerfanbadgerfan Posts: 1,565
    Your squealing sound could be coming from your serpentine belt. Maybe it is glazed or the spring tensioner is going bad. When accelerating, the belt can slip if the above conditions are present, usually more noticeable when engine is cold. This is just an educated guess, however.
  • info4uinfo4u Posts: 9
    Thanks for all the input. Now I know that heat shortens battery life is a fact. But I must add that this is the first DC product I've ever owned and the first in 15 new vehicles that had the original battery fail in less than 5 years.
  • info4uinfo4u Posts: 9
    Would you be kind enough to publish the TSB number for your 2001 T&C with the shuttering power steering pump?
  • badgerfan - thanks for the help. Noticed it again last night on the way home from work.. now that you mention it, it does happen when the engine is cold.

    info4u - there is one from steering shudder - #1900602 & one for power steering moan/groan sound #1900102A. The moan/groan sound is just what I told the service people even before I saw the list.
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,042
    A reporter is looking for vehicle owners with a rear entertainment system who have used it for more than just entertaining the kids on a long trip. Has an adult used it frequently on long trips by sitting in the back? Have you taken a break at work by catching part of a movie in your back seat? If your hotel didn't have a DVD player on a family vacation, have you hauled the family out to the car to catch a movie? Please respond via e-mail by April 6 to


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  • sunfox1sunfox1 Posts: 3
    I own a 2002 T&C Limited with the auto temp control and, just today, the blower has stopped regulating speed - it always runs full strength, whether the climate control is on or not (but does shut off with the engine, of course). Temperature control seems to work, the rear system works fine, and damper control also works fine.

    Anyone else have experience with this? So far this is the absolute *first* problem, minor or major, that I've had with the vehicle.
  • Has anyone else had a problem where they hear a "rattling" noise coming from the top of the steering wheel column during moderately hard acceleration? We have a 2004 T&C with 8k miles. It literally sounds like a rattlesnake's rattle...

  • ViperggVipergg Posts: 24
    Could it be this TSB ? There is really very few TSB's for the 2004 T & C . Just bought a brand new 2004 myself , so far so good . We will see this week as it is going on a 2400 mile trip .

    Make : CHRYSLER Model : TOWN AND COUNTRY Year : 2004 Service Bulletin Num : 0200403 Date of Bulletin: OCT 03, 2003 NHTSA Item Number: 10003978 Component: SUSPENSION:FRONT Summary:
  • hansiennahansienna Posts: 2,312
    At first glance BUT the trained observer notices a BIG difference: The 2005 Town & Country has very prominent chrome horizontal lines whereas the Voyager grille horizontal lines are no more prominent than the vertical lines that are non existent in the 2005 Town & Country.
         The Grand Caravan looks similar to earlier Caravan/Grand Caravan but the GC SXT with Stow-N-Go grille does not dip into the bumper as it does on earlier Caravan/Grand Caravan or 2005 Caravans and Grand Caravan SE.
         LWB 2005 Town & Country and Grand Caravan SXT models are made in Canada while the Caravan, GC SE, and SWB Town & Country (Voyager) are made in Fenton, Missouri.
         DC minivans are still the most attractive minivans closely followed by the Odyssey. Quest and Eurovans are the ugliest with others falling in between. The Sienna and Odyssey will probably have the best long term reliability and resale value.
  • uga91uga91 Metro AtlantaPosts: 1,065
    You're correct, the 2005 T&C does have the little chrome strips and the flat place for the plate and slightly different shaped headlights; but, in my humble opinion, at quick glance, the front of a 2005 T&C looks practically identical to the front end of a 2003 Voyager. Only people schooled in the styling cues of the 2005 T&C will tell them apart without having to study them first. I love it!
  • hansiennahansienna Posts: 2,312
    Seems weird that Chrysler dropped the name Voyager. Won't this create confusion for some customers? (Just as Chevy did when they had 2 sizes of Blazer and then changed the larger one's name to Tahoe).
         Is your town still a military town? If so, do you see many military families with minivans? What is the most popular minivan in your area?
  • uga91uga91 Metro AtlantaPosts: 1,065
    Chrysler still has the SWB van, they just call it Town and Country. The LWB models get extra designations. I think they did it to get the "value" name of Voyager away from their "premium" brand of mini vans. You'll notice that the Dodge vans start much lower and work theri way up to about where the T&C line starts and the T&C line goes up from there (in base prices, of course). I think this is a wise decision. I never thought it made sense to have Grand Caravan models costing the same as--or more than--the "upscale" T&C models.

    Columbus is a large military town. Fort Benning is the second largest Army base we have, so yes, there is a large military presence. I would not say that Columbus is a mini van town, though. The "macho" soldiers seem to prefer SUVs. If I had to guess, I'd say the Dodge line is the most popular in Columbus, followed by the Chrysler models and the Chevy Venture. Considering that the DC vans are the best selling vans in the country and that Columbus is the home of Bill Heard Chevrolet (the largest volume Chevy dealer in the US), this does not surprise me at all.
  • samnoesamnoe Posts: 731
    While I personally like the old ('04) grille better than the new one, I understand that at some point there must be a change. But I really don't like they put the Chrysler badge at the top of the grille, as the old Voyagers.

    The '02-'04 Toyota Camry has had a lot of criticism for putting the Toyota badge on top of the grille, and the 2005 Camry will address it and move it more to the center.
  • jazzyroojazzyroo Posts: 4
    I am having a bizarre problem with the DVD system in our 2003 T&C (we have had the car for 9 months, it has 14K miles on it right now). It is intermittent, thus very hard for me to get the Dealership to figure out. When we insert DVD's into the system, occasionally we will lose volume control for the system. If you try to turn the volume control on the dash, it will turn down to mute, but will not go up, although the DVD continues to play as normal on the screen. I have ended up having to switch back to the radio, turn the volume up excessively loud 33+ and then go back to the DVD just to get the volume at a "hearable" level and once this is done, then you can control the volume of the DVD system again. It is really annoying and the service guys at the dealership look at me like I am crazy!!!

    Also, if anyone knows how to get the brakes to stop squealing, the dealership says it is "brake dust" or normal because they don't use asbestos in the brakes so metal on metal, but they squeal really loud and it is frustrating.
  • tomtomtomtomtomtom Posts: 491
    I think the DVD player's audio output to the main control got messed up or have a bad connection. As for the brakes, I had the same problem with my 01 T&C ltd. Midas told me that the brake dust was the cause of the squeak and the only way to correct it is to install a new pair of pads (not from Mopar). If your pads are at 30%, I would go ahead and change them. If not, just roll up the windows everytime you are at the lights and ignore the stare by the driver next to you.
  • jazzyroojazzyroo Posts: 4
    Thank you, I will pass on the word to the Chrysler dealer, hopefully they will fix this weird problem with the DVD sound... I will take the van to the brakes people next week - I would rather pay to get them fixed than deal with the stares.. that is just me.. LOL :) Thanks for the help..
  • i've just noticed this thread and think it might relate to a problem i'm having with my `01 t&c. are you guys talking about a sound coming from the engine area? i've got what can be described as a whine or moan/groan that i think is belt or something. it happens from time to time either when i'm stopped at a light, or moving at a slow rate of speed. my dealer hasn't been able to figure it out.

    thanks for any help.
  • I've got a 2001 T&C Limited and it has an A/C condensation leaking into the front passenger compartment. This occurs whenever we drive for more than 1 hour with the A/C on. It doesn't leak when it rains (unless the A/C is on for more than 1 hour).

    I've taken it to the dealer several times:

    1st time the drain hose was cleaned out, this did nothing.
    2nd time the drain hose was replaced with a longer hose according to the TSB on this vehicle. This fix was done late in the summer. This seemed to help for a while, but the next summer, the leaking had returned.
    3rd time the dealer spent 2-3 days trying to get the vehicle to leak--they let the vehicle idle with the A/C on high. This did not cause the leak to appear. My theory is that the leak only occurs when the vehicle is in motion and the water is draining back against the body of the vehicle and not just dropping straight to the ground. The dealer wasn't interested in my theories and thought I was wasting his tech's time trying to find a leak. He even suggested that the water was the result of one of my kids spilling a glass of water!

    Post 566 from this discussion may be the answer to what is happening here, does anyone know if the faulty units that grh7 referred to in post 556 were used in the manufacture of the 2001 T&C? Anyone else have any other advise on what to look for/do next?
  • info4uinfo4u Posts: 9
    Boy do I have a problem using this site. Anyway to briankriley and pigfanatic I have now rejected my whine sound as coming from the trans. I'm sure it is the power steering pump now. Always get the whine after coming off the highway at 65mph. Also get a shudder from the front when turning at low speed. Don't hear the sound until almost at a stand still. Can never get into the dealer while its happening so standard reasonable reply is "don't know without hearing it". Have 56,400 miles on it and have read that dealer will not honor service bulletins after waurantee expires. Since pigfanatic provided me with service bulletin no's. for both steering whine/moan,groan and shutter I intend to go back to dealer with the numbers and see if they will do a fix.
  • amitnisamitnis Posts: 1
    I am looking to buy a pre-owned town and country (2001-2003). Any recommendations? Anything I should be aware of? I heard about some mechanical problems the T&C suffered from. Any feedback about that?

  • uga91uga91 Metro AtlantaPosts: 1,065
    I would try to find a low miles 2001 myself. I had a 2001 Voyager that I traded on a 2003 Voyager LX (the SWB version of the Chrysler van). I found several things that were "missing" from my 2003. The 2001 had "defrosters" on the windshield wipers to melt ice away from the wipers that the 2003 does not have. The 2001 also had more interior lights and more air vents. There is nothing "big" that is missing; but, there just seem to be a few cost cutting measures taken on my 2003. I will say, though, that my 2003 seems to shift more smoothly than my 2001 did. Not that the 2001 was bad, it wasn't--I never had any issues with my 2001. Good luck!
  • duke87nukeduke87nuke Posts: 12
    I just had my 2nd battery go out - both in under 18 months! They were in a 2001 LXi with the tow package, so they're the slightly bigger MOPAR 600 amp batteries with a 60 month warranty. Both times it happened with no warning - we got back in the car and it wouldn't start at all and the battery would not take a charge. The 1st time I could barely jump it and nursed it to the dealer who swapped me a new one under warranty. This time, it wouldn't a jump at all & it was Sunday, so I had to go get a new one at Sears and put it in myself. Luckily I was around both times. I do not expect a new van to be stranding my wife & 3 kids.

    I live in Atlanta so heat is the main thing that could impact battery life. Both batteries devloped some sort of internal fault and would not take any charging current. Is this a common problem with MOPAR batteries or does it have to do with the T&C's electrical system? Anybody ever had Chryeler reimburse them under the 60 month pro-rated battery warranty for purchasing a non-MOPAR battery when it left them standed?
  • jtheronjtheron Posts: 24
    Our 2004 T&C also had a bad battery with under 1000 miles. We jumped the van 3 times and then took it in, thought we left the lights on or the kids watched the DVD or something, after the 3rd time we knew it wasn't us and got upset and took it in, dealer rep said it happens alot and that we must have done something wrong, said the battery checked out OK and they charged it, told us to drive the van more often. We left feeling that this dealers new cars regularly don't start and that the dealer thinks that is a good thing, we felt we shouldn't be so stupid and should turn off the lights and drive it more often, and we should be grateful that the brand new van doesn't start all the time cause it saves us money on gas.
    We took the van home and the next time we used it, one or two days later, the van would not start at the grocery store, we got it to the dealer and talked to another rep and this time the battery did not check out and they replaced it. Don't settle for a rep that knows nothing and doesn't want to help and blames the customer for whatever happens.
  • masterpaul1masterpaul1 Posts: 421
    We have a 2001 GC with the MOPAR 600 amp battery (We are not the first owners). Just about a month ago, we had the van in for its routine oil change. We live about 50 miles from the dealer which comes out to about an hour of driving on the expressway. The A/C was on the whole time and didn't have any problems what's so ever. When we got to the dealer, they drove the van to the area where the oil change was going to be done. About 45 minutes later they came and told me that we needed a new battery. I asked the rep how could this be when we didn't have any problems or warnings before hand. He said that they are trying to figure it out but the charging system checked out fine. He mentioned that the battery wouldn't even hold a charge. So we bought another MOPAR 600 amp battery with a one year full replacement warranty and prorated after that. We haven't had any problems and have been using the A/C. We also drive for over an hour everyday. I know for a fact that batteries do go bad without warning sometimes, so it is a common thing. I guess my problem with the whole thing was that no warning or problems before it died. Another thing I know is that there are safety features on our van that would prevent battery drainage. Like if we leave the headlights own after the engine is off, the head lights turn off in 5 minutes or something like that. Or if we leave the interior lights on, they turn off after 15 minutes. Most vechicles have features like this which I think is very good. Thank God that we went to the dealer first before we went shopping that day, because we would have been stuck in a parking lot even though I carry jumper cables.
  • marktagsmarktags Posts: 2
    I have a 2002 T&C EX. I guess it was manufactured in late
    2001 as it has an in service date of October 2001.If one was to look at early verisions of the 3.8 liter engine for 2002, it looks to be silver in color with "3.8" etched into block. The later versions of the 3.8 liter for model year 2002 have a black color "3.8" engine block.These are the same engines with 215 horsepower. Does anyone know the reason for the change? Just curious. And does anyone feel a hard shift from 1st into 2nd gear at around 10 miles per hour?
  • masterpaul1masterpaul1 Posts: 421
    We have a 2001 GC EX with the 3.8L engine, to which I believe has the same engine as in your T&C. Our van was manufactured in May 2001 to which the 3.8L on the engine block is silver, I think. (I will confirm). I haven't noticed any hard shifts between 1st and 2nd gear. Can you give more detail as to the problem. What I have noticed is that in 1st and 2nd gear, there is a lot of torque when starting from a stand still. It took me sometime to get use to the high torque and going easy on the gas paddle. Our van takes off fast if were not careful. Sometimes you can hear the wheels screeching when starting off a red light.
  • marktagsmarktags Posts: 2
    I notice the hard shift at 10 miles per hour and when I am not accelerating. It kind of shakes the whole van. The tech said he can't find the problem. Also, why did Chrysler change the engine block color on the 3.8 (silver to black)? Anyone with info please post.
  • duke87nukeduke87nuke Posts: 12
    I agree on the no warning aspect - you’d think there would be some way you could get some advance notice before something dies so completely.

    I was unsuccessful in getting my Chrysler dealer to do anything for my battery failure. Even though it failed in only 19 months of service, the dealer said I was not covered by the battery’s 60 month pro-rated warranty because they had installed it as a replacement under my new vehicle warranty. If I had BOUGHT it from them, they said I’d be covered by the battery warranty. Since I’m over 36k miles, my vehicle warranty is done and I have no coverage. So needless to say, they did nothing for me. The dealer rep said they “don’t make batteries like they used to” and these failures are common in the Georgia heat. I consider 2 breakdowns in less than 3 years for a failed battery to be unacceptable and am very disappointed in Chrysler’s acceptance of any accountability on this. My neighbor’s Odyssey’s are not having this problem in the same driving conditions. I only hope my new $89 Diehard battery does better. I would steer clear of any MOPAR batteries.
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