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Chrysler Town and Country EX/LX/LXi/Limited



  • drew_drew_ Posts: 3,382
    Up to 90% of the power can be transferred to the rear wheels, I believe. Basically the more slippage there is at one end, the more power gets transfered to the other end via the centre viscous coupling limited slip differential.

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  • 2001 AWD LXi with 6800 miles goes in for an oil change. On the way home it shudders at idle and has no power. The computer back at the dealership says the #2 cylinder is misfiring and it needs a new fuel injector ( plugs and wires are ok). Any similar problems out there?
  • david872david872 Posts: 11
    Pigfanatic - I posted a while back about the exact same thing. Dealer was no help. Was told I could bring it in but they doubted they would find anything. If something was wrong they said it would get worse. (Don't you love those kind of answers!) Fortunately it has not happened again -only once on a four hour trip. Have taken another 4 hour trip with no problems. I've decided to wait it out.
  • memawmemaw Posts: 1
    I have an 2001 T&C LX with 6000+miles and like it very much. Can anyone tell me if windvisors for 2001 are available yet. Will the 2000 visors fit?
  • kcf41kcf41 Posts: 8
    I would like to purchase a van that could last (without major mech. issues) @ 8 -10 years. Is a T&C built and proven to last this long?

  • carleton1carleton1 Posts: 560
    I do NOT know about T&C, but my sister got a 1986 Caravan SE with 4 cyl engine when it was one year old and kept it for about 10 years. It had 170,000 trouble free miles when she sold it and it is still running well for 3rd owner.
    Many of our neighbors drive DC minivans ranging from a 2000 GC LE to some that are the short, original version Caravan or Voyager. NOT one has had any major problems.
    HOWEVER, as with any vehicle, there is a chance of getting a lemon. Our experience has been about 50% of the ones we bought NEW have been virtually perfect and the other 50% had varying degrees of irritations. NOT one of the 19 vehicles we have owned has ever stranded us.
  • 4aodge4aodge Posts: 288
    Thats a very interesting question you ask, kcf41. We have had two DC minivans over the last three years and the combined mileadge of the two vans is about 100k miles. We did not have any trouble with our 98 Grand Caravan SE (70k miles) and we can say the same for our new 00 Town & Country LX (almost 30k miles).

    If you asked me about the 2001 model DC minivans, I would say I doubt most would last that long without any major mechanical issues, simply because they are the first model year vans from Chrysler after the redesign. However, I think the updated 2002 models should be even more reliable than the 2001 models. It seems every year we see fewer and fewer problems with DC minivans.

    For example, if you compare the problems people had with their 1996 model DC vans to the problems people are now having with their 2001 model vans, you would see a big difference. There would most likely be a much lower rate of transmission and electrical failures in the new vans. However, you might keep in mind that electronic gadgets (power sliding doors, rear hatch) are liable to fail in ANY minivan you choose to buy, including the Honda. In short, I would trust a 2002 model DC minivan to last quite some time.

    Good luck with your choice. Chrysler has an awsome minivan lineup and all of their models offer alot of great features that will really spoil you (grochery gag hooks on rear seat, adjustable cup holders, tri-zone auto a/c, powered rear liftgate, power center console, Infinity sound system, ect). In my opinion, they are worth every penny.

  • It is time to take action against Daimler Chrysler! Today the headlines have proclaimed the Chrysler Minivans as the "Most Dangerous Vehicle on the Road".

    I am parking my van in front of my office at a busy intersection in Florida with a 4ft. x 8ft. sign that reads 5 Star Death Trap brought to you courtesy of Daimler Chrysler! It will stay there until the vechile is recalled and repaired, I urge everyone and anyone else that can to do the same.

    Chryslers lack of response to this issue is unbelievable and will come back to haunt them. They should do what they will eventually do under embaressment anyway and recall these vehicles. Based on the way they have handled this situation, I will never buy another Daimler Chrysler product, it is criminal!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz....
  • scannerscanner Posts: 295
  • pozdolpozdol Posts: 3
    Took several highway trips (65+ mph) of over 250 mi recently in 2001 T & C which now has 7500 miles. Manually calculated mileage was about 22 mpg. The trip computer shows much lower numbers. I had never reset the mpg selection on the console. I have heard that this should be done regularly because it is calculating based on last reset. If you have never reset it, like me, and had 90% city driving of less than 10 mile trips, which I do, that must be weighting the average way down. As for wind roof rack noise, I looked in the owners manual and it said to position cross bars each in second position...front 2nd pos from front and rear 2nd pos. from rear. This seemed to greatly reduce the noise. They had been in the first positions (front far forward and rear far backward). And as mentioned in the MY2001 Voyager/caravan posting of July 20, the other noise I have, and which many have reported is the electric engine cooling fan noise which is a low vibrating rumble which I hope they fixed for 2002. Some were reporting T&C came with front splash guards...mine did not (purchased in Dec 2000). A late addition? I went to dealer body shop and gave him the part number from the web site for T&C splash guards (black). Dont look bad, since much of the trim is already black around doors (I have silver paint).
  • Chrysler has shown their loyal customers what they think of them!

    We will correct the problem on future vehicles because we know it will hurt sales. However, we will not correct the problem on the vehicles we have already produced because we care more about profits than the safety of our customers!

    To those of you who bought the vans after the repairs, I say what else is Chrysler trying to cover-up? The faulty door locks that allow you to be ejected from the vans in a crash. The seat belts that do not hold in a crash! What else do they know?

    To future buyers, how will Chrysler treat you on safety issues that may arise in the future. They have proven to you that once they have your money, you are on your own.

    A large percentage of buyers for this vehicle consult the internet for information. If you own a Chrysler Van and are un-happy with the way Chrysler is dealing with this "Death Trap Issue", Post it here and let them know that they will live with the wrath until something is done. They have shown that money counts so show them they are correct. Tell all your friends who like your van about how Chrysler is treating you and your family.

    Let it be known that you are not as stupid and defensless as they thing you are!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • denhydenhy Posts: 1
    My 2000 caravan makes a noise at 50 mph. The dealership has changed the tires and replaced the drive shaft, in an effort to stop the "growling " noise. The van now has 38,000 miles on it , and they suddenly want the Factory Rep to look at it...Has anyone had this problem? Several people have told me the transmission could be the problem. The van will not make the noise when it is in neutral at the same RPM`s. Any info would be appreciated..Thank you
  • Thanks Pozdol! I only have two complaints with my Town & Country, the roof rack wind noise (which I don't hear in my uncle's 2000 Grand Caravan) and the fact that the audio system doesn't have as many toys as my 2000 Lincoln Town car. I'm gonna try repositioning the roof racks right now!
  • pepe11pepe11 Posts: 41
    The "danger" is far overblown for an occurrence that happened once in more than 50 crash tests. But...has anyone been able to confirm that vans manufactured after 7/3 will have the problem corrected? Has DC confirmed that specific date? My dealer has two vans with manufacture dates of 7/4 and 7/5 and I would much prefer either of those if its true the problem has been fixed. I'm thinking more about the resale hassle and/or the hassle of bringing it in for the ultimate recall (I assume it).
  • hayneldanhayneldan Posts: 657
    Please re read the IIHS tests and check all the photos before you go into your "Chicken little the sky is falling" song. The van was crashed 52 times (50 by DC and twice by IIHS) before the leaking was found on the 52nd test. Yes I agree that a possible leak in the center of the fuel tank after a 40 mile per hour collision could possibly cause a fire, but how many accident scenes have you seen where there was no fuel spilled? My son was involved in an accident with a VW Jetta that blew a stop sign and rammed the front of his car. Minutes after the crash after everyone was out of the cars the Jetta burst into flames and burned up! The verdict, the driver neglected to turn off the ignition and the electric fuel pump kept merrily pumping fuel onto the hot engine. Are all Jettas firetraps? NO! are all 2001 Caravans/T&C's firetraps NO! REREAD the test results!
  • 4aodge4aodge Posts: 288
    I agree with hayneldan that gatogonow is overreacting and that all 2001 DC minivans are not death traps. Any car can leak fuel in a crash if the variables are just right (speed, direction, position, ect). Even the Honda Odyssey has the potential to leak fuel in a crash test as the results of these tests all depend on many different incalculable factors.

    I drive a 2000 Chrysler Town & Country LX and love it. I know two friends who have gotten into accidents in their 96-00 DC minivans, both accidents were minor. Both friends said their vans held up admirably in the crash and they did not suffer from any back/neck injuries.

    gatagonow, when was the last time you heard about a DC minivan exploding after a crash due to a fuel leak? I sure haven't heard any stories about that. Out of all of the 2001 DC minivans that are on the road some are bound to get into serious accidents, some even worse than the simulated crash test. None of these vans has suffered from a fatal or serious or even an uncomon gas leak after the crash.

  • mujackmujack Posts: 2
    Well, after reading all this I decided that I would buy a T&C.

    I am very happy with the van now that I have it.
    It is a 2001 T&C LX. Here's my story...

    Wednesday July 25th
    I went to the Walser Dealership in Burnsville, MN. After dealing with a salesman who didn't know much, I decided to buy a '01 with 6,000 miles on it (a demo).

    There were some light scratches on it that they told me they would buff out.
    They needed to wash it as well as vacuum it out before I picked it up.
    I already hate these guys

    Thursday July 26th
    My wife and I go to pick it up on Thursday night, (we are leaving on vacation Friday morning)
    The lot kid has backed it into something and the bumper is all scratched.
    The wheel cover is dented
    The floor mats are missing
    So, of course they don't mention it to us, until my wife notices it and they do the mad scramble to "figure out" what happened. The Sales Manager comes over and asks how we like the car. We tell him we are not going to but it now, and he gets the salesman out and starts yelling at him in front of us. When I tell him that the car has not been cleaned or buffed, he gets the lot boy out and starts yelling at him as well.
    The sales manager is very concerned that we give him a five star rating or something to that effect. I just laugh.

    Well we get it all written up on what they are going to fix (the front bumper needed to be replace as well - something I didn't notice when I test drove it, but they were not going to mention it until we spotted it.)

    So it's getting late and I tell them we are going to eat and to get the van ready as we are taking it out of town tomorrow. They buy us a $35.00 dinner for our trouble and throw an oil change in as well. (oh boy!!!)

    Tuesday July 31st
    I Take it on vacation (really like the van) and drop it off to be fixed.
    They give me a 1996 MAZDA MPV. (Piece of $hit)I take it back to them, and tell them to give me something else, cause my van isn't ready and we are going out of town again.
    They give us a 2000 Mazda 626 (nice car).
    Friday my wife drives it to work and the check engine light comes on... Call the dealer tell them to bring a new car to her work, Nope she can come down and get a new on.
    I say she is 22 weeks pregnant and will not be driving to the dealership.
    They deliver a 1998 Mazda 626. (ok car, still a steaming pile)

    Tuesday – August 7th
    They want me to pick up the van at 8:00 pm (in the dark??? no way)

    Wednesday – August 8th
    The Plates are on the van
    The mats are in it
    The wheel cover is replaced.
    They still haven't buffed it, and now one of the air vents is broken.

    So they order the vent and buff it out. ( I really hate these guys)

    They are a 5 star dealer and I tell the salesman he better get a screwdriver out and pry about 4 of those stars off the building.

    Saturday – August 11th
    Salesman calls me and tells me the part will be in on Monday.
    He tells me when I bring in the van he will rotate the tires for free.
    The Manager wants to talk to me.
    Manager calls me, he wants to find out what they can do better and where they messed up.
    He offers me a year of free service (4 oil changes) no thanks
    He offers me a free dinner for my trouble, I tell him I just want my van fixed.
    I call the manager about an hour later and tell him, to make it up to me I want the new gas tank thingamabob that I read about on this board....He agrees.

    I take it in this week for the fix.

    I hate these guys.
  • tomtomtomtomtomtom Posts: 491
    How much you paid for this van? God knows what else is wrong with the van since they don't even fix the obvious scratches on the van. After all those trouble you have, I would just tell them to give me a brand new van for the same price as the demo.
  • scoyle1scoyle1 Posts: 14
    I too was and remain very upset by D/C response to the fuel pump flange. If you read the D/C response to the IIHS' highway safety tests very carefully (as any lawyer must), they do not say that none of the 50 vehicles that D/C crashed had fuel leakage or that they did not have cracked fuel planges or fuel tanks. D/C says that they did not notice any fuel leakage. While seemingly minor, this is a big difference legally speaking. D/C did not indicate how many of the fuel planges were cracked and or broken. Similarly, not all of D/C's crash tests would have been frontal/side impact crashes. Many would have been rear end tests, bumper tests, etc.

    IIHS did three tests. Two of the tests were done on the 2001 vehicles. The fuel plange leaked during the second of these two tests. This caused IIHS to look more closely at the first test, where they discovered that the fuel plange was cracked. While it did not leak, the part was cracked. Only in the third test, a 2002 model with the redesigned part, did the fuel plange remain intact. So by my count, we only have all of the information available for two tests. In both of the tests the fuel plange was broken (100% failure rate), and in one of the tests, the fuel leaked (50% failure rate). While I am sure that the rate of failure would be much smaller than this (in fact, it probably is a very isolated event), the 2001 Chrysler/Dodge minivan's have been on the road for less than 1 year. If a vehicle had been involved in a crash that involved gasoline leakage and an injury, we may not have heard of it. Lawyers often get a gag order on cases that are pending, or settle cases early to avoid publicity. There simply is not enough time that has gone past for us to make a fully informed decision of the safety of the 2001 D/C minivans.

    That being said, when it comes to the health of my 22 month old daughter, nothing is worth the risk. Any of you who say that the risk is small, all I have to say is that any unneeded risk is too much. I had bought the 2001 Chrysler Town & Country Lxi. Luckily, I found a dealer who had a 30 day money back/no questions asked policy. I took advantage of that policy. I do think that the D/C vehicles drive better, look better, have nice amenities, etc., but my daughter is my #1 concern. She is alot better than comfortable seats, climate control, etc.

    As for you pessimists who think that I am over-reacting, look more closely into Chrysler's responses into safety concerns. In 1998, after years of fighting a recall of their safety belts on the Cirrus and Stratus, a US District court judge ordered a recall, resulting in 91,000 cars being recalled. When it comes to minivans, D/C's recall performance has also been abysmal. Remember the rear lift gates and the transmissions that shifted into drive without a foot on the brake? Both took years of lawsuits and news stories before they were corrected.

    I thought that the DaimlerBenz folks would "right the ship", but it seems as if it is business as usual at Dodge/Chrysler.

    My daughter and wife will be much safer (both according to IIHS and the NHTSA tests) in a Honda or a Toyota. I know where my money is going. -- For the safety of my family.

    Don't believe me, see the links below. /business/qcirrus5.htm /html/Recall_Chrysler032198.html ce/html/0102.htm ce/cecompoutc.asp rollover/rollover20010620.pdf

    Note: remove spaces in the URLs listed above (1 per entry). Edmunds won't let you post words with more than 100 characters. I had to add a space to fit within this constraint
  • cavillercaviller Posts: 331
    Interesting post. Thanks for the perspective. For safety, also consider the Windstar. The 2002 DC vans and the Mazda MPV are also acceptable choices. You may be interested in some of these links:

  • drew_drew_ Posts: 3,382
    When posting the URLs, simply add a space and a "br" (replace the quotation marks with < and >) after the URL and it should work fine.

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  • hayneldanhayneldan Posts: 657
    My original post was in response to gatogonow who owns a 2001 DC van and has said they are afraid to drive it because of the one gas tank leak after 52 crashes, (50 by DC and 2 by IIHS). If you were to look thru site, I'm sure you will find cars trucks and vans that have fire damage with crash damage. Remember you are carring 13 to 25 gallons of highly flammable fuel in a plastic or metal tank that can be punctured or deformed in a crash. Gatogownow made the problem seem like the roads were strewn with burned out hulks of 2001 DC vans of the 400,000 that were sold. I posted that site as a reality check. Again draw your own conclusions, but check the information closely and buy the van that meets your requirements. You are the one making the payments!
  • hayneldanhayneldan Posts: 657
    After hitting a barrier at 40 MPH ALL those cars and trucks are totalled. I could care less about what was cracked. Again 52 crashes 1 leak!(2 teaspoons a minute)
  • 4aodge4aodge Posts: 288
    Although I would not be concerned about the gas tank in the 2001 DC minivans, I can understand how some parrents might be concerned for their child(s) saftey in a car that has had it's safety questioned. Any car that is hit at a certain speed, direction and angle can develop some sort of leak, including the Toyota and Honda vans. I do not belive that lawyers have been silenced in certain situations involving a crash of a 2001 DC minivan where a SERIOUS fuel leak developed. If it was such a problem why didn't a SERIOUS fuel leak occur in the other DC minivan tested by the IIHS and Chrysler?

    I too belive the DC minivans drive and look better as well as have more helpfull amenities than any of the competition, including the imaculate Honda Odyssey. Im assuming you were enjoying your 2001 Town & Country before you heard the news about the crash test. If the fuel problem is the only thing that is making you not want to drive the van any longer, why don't you try trading or exchanging our current van for a late-model 2001 Town & Country with the modified fuel part? You could also wait a few weeks (possibily even days) to get into a 2002 DC minivan.

    The 2002 Chrysler Town & Country is a safe vehicle and does have the modified fuel part. In addition, it also has the side airbags to achieve the higher crash test rating. The late model 2001Town & Countrys also has safety features that not even the Odyssey has like 4 wheel ABS disc brakes (2001), automatic locking doors above 16mph, and door/hatch obstacle detection system.

    Whatever you do, it's important to feel safe while driving your vehicle. Especially when you have young children. I know I feel safe in my 2000 Town & Country LX and I still would if mine were an early-model 2001 LX :)

  • pepe11pepe11 Posts: 41
    Does anyone know for sure what manufacture date constitutes a "late model" 2001 van??? I had read that vans with manufacture date after 7/3. Can that be verified?

  • hayneldanhayneldan Posts: 657
    On the drivers door there is a white sticker that shows the date of manufacture it is in the lower left hand corner of this sticker. MDH (month, day, hour) The production change to the new type flange was 7/5/01. So if you are worried about this look for a van with MDH 0706xxxxx. Be sure it says 2001
  • pepe11pepe11 Posts: 41
    That is very helpful info. Again, I am not overly concerned with the issue...but if I can easily avoid a hassle, I might as well.

  • On to a different topic for a moment... There were posts a while back about the Airbag warning light coming on. The part finally came into my dealer and is being replaced today. I was told that D/C issued a recall for the clock spring on the Dodge trucks, but they weren't sure if the vans had be issued yet. Needless to say if you have ANY weird stuff going on with the Airbag lights get your dealer to replace the clock spring ASAP. I think a van recall is imminent. I'll let you know how things go today to see if it solves the problem.
  • Chrysler is not deserving of your money! They have said to past owners, we do not care about you we have your money, if you want a safe vehicle buy one of the ones we manufacturered after July 6th.

    What will they tell new owners when the next safety issue comes up, my guess is the same thing they are telling us now "go to H". They are even rude when you call them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Go elsewhere where you might be apprieciated.
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