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  • mike342mike342 Member Posts: 15
    I'm considering purchasing a 740i to replace my A6. I would appreciate any feed back from my northern friends on how the 740 performs in the snow ?
  • raybearraybear Member Posts: 1,795
    I sold BMW's for 5 years. With both traction and stability control this car's a dream in most foul-weather conditions. Deep snow starts to present a problem, as do starts on steep hills.

    Overall, a great car in all conditions.
  • rmorin2rmorin2 Member Posts: 110
    I heard a rumor that BMW is offering some special pricing on new 7 series cars. Can anyone confirm this? Thanks.
  • vin7vin7 Member Posts: 2
    I was at the local dealer yesterday. BMW is offering special incentives to the dealers to move the 740i because of the body change due in 2002. $10,000. off the 740 with the sport package.
  • mike342mike342 Member Posts: 15
    I'm in the process of purchasing a 2001 740i. Dealer quoted me a price of $56,860 on a new 740i with cold weather & convenience packages and heated steering wheel. Two dealers have told me BMW aggressively lowered 740 prices effective 5/1/01.
  • mike342mike342 Member Posts: 15
    I would be appreciate any feedback from current 740 (on sport seat )owners relative to seat comfort. Currently drive Audi A6. I'm 6'1" and experience lower back problems due to poor lumbar support and short lower seat cushion.
  • garyvagaryva Member Posts: 3
    Mike342-I also have been looking at a 740i sport what area an dealers are you talking to. I have been told the new 7 production starts in Dec with delivery in Jan-Feb.
  • mike342mike342 Member Posts: 15

    I've been talking to dealers in Chicago and Indianpolis. I've heard the first 2002s will be delivered in the spring. The dealer that told me this was also very interested in selling me a 2001.
  • rmorin2rmorin2 Member Posts: 110
    Can someone summarize the major changes in the current 7 series cars? The 2000 and 2001 models have a slightly different look than previous years but I understand they are mechanically very similar. I am hoping to buy a nice CPO 7 series soon and am trying to decide on a particular year model. Any information on problems would also be appreciated. I am going to stay away from the 750 due to increased cost of maintenance and questionable reliability. Would like to find a 740iL with the sport package. Thanks.
  • garyvagaryva Member Posts: 3
    Mike: What type of discounts were they talking about on the 01's. Dealers here want a $500 deposit on the 02's, they say pricing should stay the same or slightly higher.
  • mike342mike342 Member Posts: 15
    I was quoted $56,860 on a new in stock 740i with the following options: cold weather, convenience package, heated steering wheel. The car lists for $65,560. I purchased my 740i on Thursday.
  • nstroghilasnstroghilas Member Posts: 3
    Local BMW dealer here in Phoenix has ad in Sunday newspaper " Up to 10K off MSRP on new 740I & 740ILs" on any in stock vehicles.
    The new 2002 745 model is to be unveiled at the Frankfurt auto show in guess on US delivery would be late 2001/early 2002.
  • dmitripdmitrip Member Posts: 3
    I just bought a 2001 740i. I love it, but I'm having a weird little problem with the computer. Some settings, specifically display collor and radio+obc, do not get retained. They stay while the car is turned on, but if you turn it off and let it sit for a couple of minutes it reverts back to the ugly brown color. I'm wondering if anyone experienced the same problem.
  • dmitripdmitrip Member Posts: 3
    Talked to the service department and they are telling me that this is the way it should be. That doesn't seem to make sense to me. I think if I like a certain color I should be able to pick it once and not have to do it every time I turn on the car. Does anybody know if I'm just sadly mistaken?
  • bhansalibhansali Member Posts: 2
    Just thought I would pass this on: got $11K off MSRP on a 740i with sports package, convenience package and cold weather package at Claridge's BMW in Fremont, CA

    With respect to the computer problems reported on display color and Radio+OBC, try setting the day/night function to yes at the same time.

    Finally, I love everything about the car so far...:-)
  • rmorin2rmorin2 Member Posts: 110
    I am interested in hearing from owners of these model years as I am trying to decide on a replacement for my 97 328IC. Used to have a 5 series but am leaning going for a 7 series next time. Will probably go for an off lease CPO. Thanks.
  • tsquire1tsquire1 Member Posts: 3
    A little help, please. I purchased a '93 740i last week with 134,000 miles on it. It did have an engine replacement at 84,000 miles. While driving 55 mph on the freeway during rush hour, the engine stopped, all dash lights came on, and the message "TRAN CONTROL MODULE" came on. I coasted off the road and read the owner's manual, which stated I should be able to continue to drive the car in 4th gear, or restart the car and it would drive in 3rd gear. I restarted the car, it drove for about 100 feet, then the engine quit again. After that, it wouldn't start.

    The BMW dealer can't even look at it for a week. What do you think? Just a control module, or will I need a new tranny? I've heard that there is a problem in hot climates with a small plastic piece in the tranny that comes apart and allows the tranny to engage both the reverse gear and a forward gear at the same time, resulting in a badly damaged tranny. Another BMW guy said that it's probably just moisture in the control unit (I did have the engine cleaned 4 days before this problem).

    And for your amusement, I'll provide the following: The car body is in near-perfect condition. I bought it on Friday, had it professionally detailed inside and out, then a high-speed polish, on Sunday. I drove it to work for the first time on Monday and got caught in a thunderstorm with hail, resulting in several dents on the roof and hood. Then the transmission problem on Thursday. Then the tow truck that came to pick up the car pulled in front of me, backed up, put the truck in park, and then the truck lurched backwards and the big steel bar crushed the hood. Maybe God doesn't want me to have a BMW...
  • rtgclurtgclu Member Posts: 7
    Can anyone confirm that the dealer incentive cash for 01 740 i and il ends June 30? Spoke to dealer in Laurel MD he indicates end of incentives is june 30. My Volvo is off lease in 60 days and loved the 01 740 sport. The 11k off msrp is awefully compelling. any thoughts or suggests greatly appreciated. also considering finding used 01 740 sport, of which Ive seen a few, but private parties are asking the same $58k that dealers are asking for new 01, what to do?
  • bhansalibhansali Member Posts: 2
    rtgclu: The $7500 factory to dealer incentive for the 7 series ends on July 2.
  • rtgclurtgclu Member Posts: 7
    Thanks for getting back to my post so quickly. Guess Ill have to make some disposition of my Volvo prior to lease termination. Anyone out there with experience in this regard? Any suggestions greatly appreciated.
  • lenscaplenscap Member Posts: 854
    I'm just curious, what on earth would possess you to buy an 8-year old car with 134,000 miles not known for its long-term reliability? Didn't the engine replacement at only 84,000 miles tell you something? Why did you want that car so badly?
  • jamesfletcher2jamesfletcher2 Member Posts: 127
    For new BMW 7 series there is $10K dealer cash plus approximately $6.5K in margin between MSRP and dealer invoice. This does not include any margin for specific options. Go to the 'New Car' pricing part of the Edmunds and price out a 7 series with options for a target price.

    Remember to work from the amount over dealer invoice not off of MSRP. However since these posts have been quoting off-MSRP, in my opinion, you should be able to get $15K off MSRP on the current model if you show them that you will walk to another dealer to get the right deal. Actually, walking out of the dealership is a very good method. They are going to have to discount the current models significantly.
  • ludacrisludacris Member Posts: 185

    click on the link to see pix

    i love the new design, finally BMW breaks away from their evolutionary redesigns ; )

  • teoteo Member Posts: 2,508
    But something looks very akward about it the front end or the trunk??

    Different I must admit.
  • bimmer4mebimmer4me Member Posts: 266
    The rear looks like the small Saturn sedan, and from the profile, the rear deck looks like the Dodge Cirrus, yuck! What's with the droopy turn signals over the headlamps...looks tired. Lastly, the dash is a ghastly looking thing, what a dissapointment...I'm for something new, but it looks really weird. I'm sure it drives like a dream though.
  • ludacrisludacris Member Posts: 185
    yeah the rear deck/trunk area doesnt seem to "flow" with the rest of the design and seems out of place. but overall i like it :)
  • is4b2rdis4b2rd Member Posts: 66
    Take a look at the offical BMW AG site at

    The technology on this car trumps the S-Class by leaps and bounds. I hated the car when I first started seeing spy pics, but have grown to admire it. I think it will look much better, more impressive when seen in person. I think it will be more akin to the old W140, which is what BMW designed it to, not the W220. That is why they were shocked to see the sleek W220. But I do believe the interior materials on this car will also trump the W220. "This is not your dads BMW" might be an appropriate term. :-)

    Frankly, I think the new BMW continues the typical German Teutonic styling. Mercedes has chosen to soften it's edges more, more like a Japanese auto.

    Just my humble opinion, please no rants and raves.

  • vbnmvbnm Member Posts: 21
    i actually really like the new design. i think the car looks more athletic than the current 7, and it certainly has a more chiseled, teutonic stance than the s-class. when the current 7 debuted, one which marked a safer, more evolutionary styling direction from the much-lauded previous generation, i was quite displeased with the result, at first, but then it grew on me. not so for this new design, i really like it right off the bat. but the interior is a mixed bag. i like the steering wheel, with those tranny controls (at least i hope they are!) at the 10 & 2 positions of the wheel, but what's with the dual pods/binnacles? one for the guages and one for the nav. display? i should preface this rant with the fact that, from an aesthetic standpoint (and why else do we scrutinize interiors?), i've posted in other forums that i think navigation systems spell disaster for interiors, so you can imagine what i think of the s-class' layout. one of the nicest interiors of any car has got to be that of the Bentley arnage. not because i'd pay a $200k premium for a better cigarette lighter, but because they have kept nav's out of their standard interior (of course, the same can be said for a kia sephia, but i digress) but of greater concern to me is iDrive. firstly, what is it, exactly? secondly, if it is supposed to control everything on one button/stalk, will this just be an ergonomic nightmare? i'm getting very nervous for BMW. i hope they used focus groups for this one...
  • mrman_3k1mrman_3k1 Member Posts: 52
    I am planning on getting the new 760i, I had put my deposit on the waiting list a few months back, and now I am actually able to see what I am getting. Just for informations sake, I have the 2001 MB S600 which is a wonderful car and is very nicely made. Anyway, back to the BMW, the exterior looks great, it is robust yet smooth and the interior is very modern and the iDrive looks magnificent. For me, my whole house is automated, so I love the idea that everything is controlled through a screen. I am sure it will be fairly easy to learn and the looks are just great. The only thing I really hope they incorporate are the active ventilated seats that have fans built in, that really is nice on warm days. Anyway, if anybody has any more information, please post it.
  • ludacrisludacris Member Posts: 185
    isnt the idrive supposed to use a knob that can be nudged into 8 different directions to select different programs/tasks/etc. im not really clear on the whole idrive thing...

    vbnm: the second "pod" is for the idrive screen...and if im right, Bentleys/Rolls Royces have nav systems too, but it pops out of the top of the dashboard, so its hidden when not in use.
  • ludacrisludacris Member Posts: 185
    mrman 3k1: if u do get the 760i be sure to take pix and post them ; )
  • arcoatesarcoates Member Posts: 221
    For sure, about the photos. I think the new car looks great. Classic BMW styling, that is fresh at the same time. This iDrive is the bomb. Is that not the bst idea? Your hand is more comfortable at your side, down on the console. Put a joystick there, and let your eyes do the travelling to the large display screen. It is going to be one hell of a car~ A.R.
  • moimememoimeme Member Posts: 28
    Please don't flame me, but have you seen the Nav system on the Audi's? It sits in the center of the dash, between the tach and speedometer and guides you by voice. The "control" is a smaller version of the BMW's rotator on the 7-series...again, you can do stuff without taking your eyes off the road.

    One of the reasons why I bought my A6 4.2 is that the NAV works so well with everything else. The stereo volume lowers so that the NAV voice gets "mixed" in, as does the integrated cell phone when you have a call or are yakking away hands-free.

    I don't like the rear of the 7-series, but I plan to take a look at buying one once the first-year problems have been resolved. I love the idea of no shifter-column...truly innovative. I LOVE controlling the stereo, phone and (when in Tiptronic auto-manual mode) shifting from my steering wheel. It makes other cars feel primitive. I bet the new 7-series will be an addictive car, and a BLAST to show off to your friends.

    But that rear end! Ay-chihuaua!
  • mbaudibest1mbaudibest1 Member Posts: 25
    i believe what idrive allows you to do is to keep your hand on the joystick control, u will instinctively get used to the main positions, such as the direction to move the joystick for ventilation, nav, audio, etc. without looking at the joystick. your eyes then can be focused on the hight mounted screen and most importantly the road. clever. btw i think the car is much better in these new photos then the previous iterations. the sides of the trunk do look a tad fussy, but overall it's a very good looking car in the BMW idiom.
    it's interesting that the interior photos show a car with royal blue/vanilla colors -- very audi A6!!
    does anybody have any idea what is hidden in the lower consol, below the little dials? it looks like 2 drawers or something. is this possibly where the phone is stored? or a CD changer?
  • vbnmvbnm Member Posts: 21
    actually, i haven't seen the nav screen in teh audi, but i'm sure it works well. last week, however, i had the pleasure of riding in a 2001 S8, which has the nav system integrated rather inconspicuously within the guage cluster. it seems to work quite well. diverging from BMW for a second, i might also add that just riding in the S8 was a real eye-opener as to how quick and nimble a full-size luxo-sedan can be. has anyone here driven both a 7-sport and an S8? how do they compare?
  • vbnmvbnm Member Posts: 21
    actually, i haven't seen the nav screen in the audi, but i'm sure it works well. last week, however, i had the pleasure of riding in a 2001 S8, which has the nav system integrated rather inconspicuously within the guage cluster. it seems to work quite well. diverging from BMW for a second, i might also add that just riding in the S8 was a real eye-opener as to how quick and nimble a full-size luxo-sedan can be. has anyone here driven both a 7-sport and an S8? how do they compare?
  • vbnmvbnm Member Posts: 21
    sorry for the double post!
  • rexconde1rexconde1 Member Posts: 278
    Do you 7-Series guys have a small cutout on the center front lower windshield? I thought that I saw it once at a dealership.

    I believe that it was supposed to be made for a Radar det. or a EZpass.

  • arcoatesarcoates Member Posts: 221
    Well, at the site that ludacris posted, you can take a really close look at the interior. It looks like there is a CD slot, and climate controls on the dash still. So, does that mean you can control the climate from the joystick and the dash, or is the climate separate? It looks weird to have a BMW not have the gear selector on the console. On a BMW, it's always been a manual shifter or automatic selector there, from the beginning. Weird~ A.R.
  • merc1merc1 Member Posts: 6,081
    This new 7 is really going to test/push the envelop of what can be on a luxury car. I just know some aren't going to like this I-drive. I mean BMW has gone from 90+ buttons to about 13 (from what I can see in the pic). It's going to be too complicated for some, I just know it. What a gamble BMW has taken, I guess it was time to break away from the norm huh?

  • is4b2rdis4b2rd Member Posts: 66
    I can't believe my good fortune. I was called by a research company to evaluate 3 automobiles. I had an inkling that it might be the new BMW. :-)

    The three cars were Lexus LS430, MB S430 and the BMW 745i.

    I have to say right off, the car looks much better in person than it does in photos. Though the trunklid still looks just a bit awkward, it definitely looks better in person.

    I will try to recall all the details that I can.

    The headlamps are bi-xenon and have the "halo" effect like the 2001 5-series. VERY cool.

    The 745i bases at 71,650. Which is significantly more than the current 7-series. That includes the usual stuff, including an "active" type suspension. The car they had there was FULLY loaded. Had auto door closers, the trunk was auto open and close and was a sight to behold. I DEFINITELY would want that. It is just amazing to watch.

    The best way I can describe the interior is that it is like sitting in a living room full of Italian furniture. With this interior, BMW has definitely taken a high-tech path to luxury. It definitely has a luxurious feel, but if you think of Italian furniture, sleek, VERY modern, you will know what I am talking about. I think BLACK will be the best color for this interior.

    Also, the standard wood has a matte finish. I would definitely upgrade to the shiny stuff. The matte is ok, but doesn't look as rich as shiny wood.

    The seats are fantastic! Think of sitting in a catchers mitt, all snug and cozy. That's exactly the way it felt. The seats are just awesome, and the controls for them, which are on the side of the center console are unique. There is a rotary control and you turn it either way after selecting the portion of the seat control that you want to change. Very unique, and very effective. Of course it had the heating and cooling seats.

    ANOTHER COOL feature is the rear window shades. THEY ARE ELECTRIC!! There are controls on either rear door that control the rear quarter window shade of the rear door shade. They can also be controlled from the front seat. The center console is HUGE! VERY wide, but again, very elegant in a high-tech way. When you open up the two center "armrests", it is cavernous inside. A definite improvement over my 740's armrest storage, which is non-existent. :-)

    The i-Drive is FANTASTIC! It is the most amazing thing I've ever tried. Also, the center hood, which I complained about in the past as looking stupid. Well, guess what, in person it looks REALLY good. It blends in surprisingly well, and doesn't look like an add-on, which is the way it looks in the pics to me.

    The rear seat passengers have a drop down mirror, like the Mercedes, except that there is only 1 and it is in the center. The other feeling that strikes me about the interior, is it is very much like a cockpit, especially with the brushed chrome overhead console.

    The rear seat legroom has NOT improved on this i model. I thought maybe it would be, but with the frontseat set comfortably for a six footer, the knee room is still about the same, maybe just a tiny bit more than the current 740i.

    The rear seats were also VERY comfortable, but again, it is like sitting in really comfortable leather furniture. You sit IN to the seat, not on them. It would DEFINITELY be my choice for a long-distance drive.

    This car so out-classes the Mercedes S-Class, it is unbelievable, and I was a Mercedes faithful for years.
  • vbnmvbnm Member Posts: 21
    thanks for all your insight! i'm now very excited about this car. how were you selected by this research company? did you work for the company, or were you simply a current 7-series owner?
  • is4b2rdis4b2rd Member Posts: 66
    I have done surveys for this research company before, and they knew I was a 7-series owner. But when I showed up, it was a different company that held the "survey".

    Oh, one other thing I forgot. The material they use on the headliner and posts is really strange. I think it will be much more durable than the material on the current 7, but it is like a nylon material, feels like womens hosiery to touch. :-)
  • juresjures Member Posts: 42
    i am very close to making a decision on a new 740il w/sport package, i live in philadelphia and use this car as a daily driver, i expect to put winter tires on all 4 corners, will this do the trick? or am i making a mistake??? thanks for any feedback roger
  • joe_jensenjoe_jensen Member Posts: 27
    I live in Phoenix and it's really hot here. I have a 2001 740iL and the owners manual talks about a rear air conditioning unit. This is not the rear vent that is standard on all 740s, this is a seperate AC unit. Anyone know anything about this? Is it a Euro option? Any way to add it?...joe
  • crow72crow72 Member Posts: 9
    I am thinking that the coming new model could afford some of us the chance to get into a current year 7 series at an 'bargain' price.

    When will the time will be right to get a great deal on a 2001? I recall reading above that a factory to dealer rebate expired in late June or early July but it seems to me the deals for the 2001's have to get even sweeter as the 2002s roll in. Thoughts?
  • raybearraybear Member Posts: 1,795
    Last month was the time to get one. The deals got a little more sour. BMW doesn't work like other manufacturers. Check it out anyway, many of the dealers will have claimed their cars sold to cash in on the incentive.
  • nszabonszabo Member Posts: 19
    Do you guys recommend a 740 il or 740 i? Which do you recommend? have 3 kids.
  • joe_jensenjoe_jensen Member Posts: 27
    We have three girls and we bought the 740iL. The 740 handling is more crisp and it definitly feels much different from the iL. The iL feels just as quick, but not as nimble. I would have bought the 740i, but my wife insisted on the iL. I decided it was best to make her happy...joe
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