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Chrysler LHS



  • If anyone finds they aree blowing fuses in their LHS, I unfortunately spent a week with a dealership to find MY problem. After being repaired, unsuccessfully, THREE times, (and numerous part replacing all under warranty) it was found that in the wire harness UNDER the steering wheel an ignition wire had covering stripped by movement of the tilt wheel. THERE IS NO TSB out on this as yet. (LHS has under 10,000 miles) I am now very glad I purchased the extended warranty, at a nice discount, at the dealership found at
  • First, I'd like to offer my deepest sympathy to all that have been affected by this Terrible Tragedy. And hope that with the help of God we can start healing and lose the sadness we feel no matter what we are doing.

    Lately, the back of the driver's seat has been irritating me a bit. On every takeoff and stop, it makes a popping noise on the upper part of the back. I can actually replicate the noise by just lifting my back up and then resting it. A popping noise both ways. And I noticed that there's about a 1/2 inch play with the back of the driver's seat. I'm the only driver of the car, very gentle with it and I'm about 185 lbs. No clue why it seems this loose. Anyone else with this problem?
  • valhsvalhs Posts: 63
    Much like the car, this page has died.
  • My 2000 LHS is alive and well!!!!!!
  • At least the three of us are still here!!!
  • I am still enjoying my 99 LHS, and this message board.
  • valhsvalhs Posts: 63
    I love my 2000 LHS, however I'm hesitant to post anything on the LHS page vs. the 300M for fear no one's here. The car continues to please, even more so now with 30K miles. The motor is finally loosening up and with the addition of the K&N filter is truly a joy at every speed. I may be 35 but I drive her like a teenager in an old chevelle. She'll now roast the F1's up to 40 mph until the computer force shifts into second. Unbelievable for a 3,500 lb. FWD car! As I stated on the 300M page she's do for tires yesterday. Looking now at Yoko Avid T4's and Dunlop SP SportA2's.
  • I thought I was driving my 2000 LHS a lot (24k miles), but I was glad to see someone else driving it even more. I must admit it is fun to drive, but with the goodyears getting older, the ride seems to be a little harsher with more noise and less cushion, you almost feel any imperfection on the road. I can't wait to change my tires at 30k, I'm leaning toward the Yokohama Avid T4 (heard a lot of good things about them, and the price is really good). Anyway, I wanted to mention that last month I had my tires balanced at a tire shop (dealer was too busy both times I tried) and the stupid mechanics scratched all four of my chromes while taking off the old lead weights, even though I asked them to be carefull. Realy upset me, because they were flawless for 24k miles that I've been driving it. I guess I should've waited for the dealer, but I'm not sure if they would've done a better job anyway.
  • valhsvalhs Posts: 63
    32K now and counting. The really scary part is I just purchased it this past November. My warranty will be gone in only a year, oh well. I did purchase an extended warranty from 1source'. After researching many companies both online and bricks and mortar, they seemed like the best. Cost just over $1,000, $0 deductible, bumper to bumper coverage.

    Sorry to hear about your rims, I agree with most of the posts here that they are by far the best stock rims I've seen on any car. My 5* struggled with my rims when they mounted the F1's. They're 245/45's and just barely fit the 7" rim. It took two technicians 3 and half hours to mount them. Also gave me a free oil change for not having my car ready when they promised...truly 5*.
  • I'm new here, so I'm not sure if this is the best place to post this message. LHS seemed liked the closest thing to a New Yorker, which I'm not even sure they are making anymore. Here's the story. I'm looking at buying a 1995 New Yorker, very clean, leather seats, cd player, pretty much all the high end options. 30,000 miles, only some minor damage on rear bumper. Seller is asking $4000 which seems like a too good to be true bargain. The catch is the head gasket was blown when the electric fan relay went out and owner kept driving to the mechanic where car completely gave out. Head gasket has been replaced, and supposedly no major damage occurred. It has a 3.5 Liter V-6 engine. I've always been wary of 6 cylinders. My current car is an 89 Cadillac Deville with 165,000 and is still going strong(The engine is not the problem here), so I like a car I can depend on for many, many miles with relatively few problems. (Of course, don't we all!!) Anybody with any experience with this engine or car? All help would be greatly appreciated. I can't afford a mistake. Thanking you all in advance.
  • daffindaffin Posts: 30
    I need to move a washer and dryer approximately 250 miles, and I wanted to get some input from folks with LHS towing experience.

    Is it easy to fix one up with a ball hitch?

    Does towing a trailer with an LHS reduce the already poor rear visibility by an unmanageable amount?

    Am I better off renting a van, instead?
  • hifiguy1 --

    The '95 New Yorker was a mod of the LHS; which I believe, was only made in '94 and '95. It was dropped due to lack of sales. In base mode it came with cloth seating for six and wasn't quite as plush as the LHS.

    I owned a '94 LHS and a more screwed up car I have never owned. In fact, IMHO, the '94 and '95 LHS/New Yorker as a new/used car is a very poor buy. In mine, there were two xmssn replacements, 3 water pumps, and 1 radiator. Numerous rotors and much all round general problems, most of which occurred AFTER my standard warranty ran out.

    I would find a different year car. The '96 and '97 LHS were a much better auto.

    daffin --

    Towing with an LH-bodied auto is not a good idea. First of all, the recommended towing weight is about 1000 lbs. gross or so. That not only includes the load but also the trailer. Secondly, the is NO place to hook on a bumper hitch; it would have to be clamped or welded to the rear axle -- and how would one support the hitch at the bumper?? There is no place except underneath so it would require some kind of custom work, all expensive.

    I would rent a pickup truck. Here in my part of VA (Ashburn), I have rented a Ford 350 for 50 bucks a day to pick up patio furniture in Silver Spring, MD.
  • valhsvalhs Posts: 63
    A new problem reared its ugly head today. As I was walking away from the LHS I hit the lock button on the key fob twice to make sure it took. On the second lock I heard a grinding noise. Went back to the car to inspect and sure enough, when the car is already locked, the locking mechanism trys to move the lock which is already in the down position thus causing the grinding sound. I tried it manually on the door itself and heard the same noise. Got to get to the dealer quick, I'm at 33K.
  • daffindaffin Posts: 30
    We decided to have my Mother-in-Law drive over in her Explorer to pick up the washer and dryer--they were going to her house, anyway.

    btw, I looked into pickup trucks, and I could have rented a Ranger from Budget for $19.99/day on the weekend, with unlimited mileage. If I ever need to do move appliances or furniture like that again, I'll probably do just that!
  • I have a '99 Chrysler LHS which, on very rare occasion, decides to blink all of the instrument panel lights about two times/second. This behavior may last 10 seconds or many minutes and may happen twice in one day or never occur in a month or more. It may be flashing the other interior lights as well, but I can't recall right hasn't happened in more than a month now. It definitely does not affect the exterior lights and is independent of whether the headlights are set for manual or automatic operation. Shutting the car off and restarting (rebooting?) it does not stop the flashing.

    Spoke to the dealer yesterday and got some "Hmmm. We've never heard of that one." However, the gal at the service counter was listening intently and said "Hey, that's exactly what was wrong with my mom's '98 Intrepid. They replaced the instrument panel cluster and lots of other stuff and never did find it. They all think she's crazy. She's gonna be glad at least one other person doesn't think she's crazy. Can't wait to tell her!"

    Anybody got a clue? Thanks.
  • fastdriverfastdriver Posts: 2,273

    Several people in the 300M TH forum here have had the SAME problem. Go there and ask or look through the messages from the past several weeks. It's some kind of module that has to be replaced. There might even be a TSB on this. It's an easy fix that your "award winning 5-STAR" dealer SHOULD have known about, but like most Chrysler dealers, they ALL play DUMB!!

  • joelisjoelis Posts: 315
    Is no news actually good news in this case?

    I needed a nice winter vehicle, so I just picked up a 99 LHS with all the available options and 35k miles on it for $16k. I added $935 for an extended D/C full coverage plan good for an additional 3yr/36k.

    The best part was that I got a 5.9% rate on the loan.
  • ottowrkrottowrkr Posts: 778
    Nice car for a winter vehicle!!. Enjoy those heated seats.
  • joelisjoelis Posts: 315
    Best $16k vehicle I ever bought!

    The best part is that you can't really tell just by looking at it if its brand new or 3 years old.

    I wonder though, how the value of the LHS will decline now that they are going to call it a Concorde Limited or whatever it is going to be...
  • ottowrkrottowrkr Posts: 778
    But who knows , LH cars never really had high resale value anyway.
  • I have a 2000 LHS. It has 40,000 miles. The other day I started the car and heard a loud noise. It was one and a half quarts low on oil. When I started it, it sounded like it was almost out of oil. I have drove the car 4,000 miles without changing the oil but I don't think that a car with only 40,000 mile should be a quart and a half low on oil. I wonder what the problem is.
  • joelisjoelis Posts: 315
    2 common things that could contribute to using oil and still be considered normal: Hard Driving, and/or using Synthetic Oil.

    I use at least a quart of synthetic for every 3000 miles in my Corvette, but that is due to hard driving and the fact that synthetic is designed to work this way.
  • ottowrkrottowrkr Posts: 778
    I have used synthetic oil in my car for the last 8 years and never have I ever been a quart low when it get changed. I change it every 4000-5000 miles.Seems to me your vette burns oil?
  • I just started a new topic in Town Hall and think it should draw lots of interest. The title is:
    "Mechanics: Horror Stories." I bet all of you have had at least one bad run in with a dishonest mechanic. Please post your horror story under my new topic. I hope to see this topic in the top ten list with your help to get it going. Here is the link: easyrider300m "Mechanics: Horror Stories" Oct 28, 2001 1:54am---Ok, Guys--start your postings
  • scotianscotian Posts: 1,064
    I finally installed my custom airbox (which reminds me of a lunar lander) and all of its plumbing, and it works like a charm! While I get the desired deep throaty growl while accelerating, it is no louder than stock otherwise. It also feels more responsive.


    The box:

    Final install:


    Old v. new:

    I have ordered two digital thermometers from JCWhitney so I can compare the temperatures between the inside and the outside of the airbox.

  • joelisjoelis Posts: 315
    This has probably been asked before but, why won't the Infinity stereo system in my 99 LHS play my burned CD-R's? All my other vehicles play them just fine.
  • kjookjoo Posts: 27
    Hey i know back then i mean i heard from a chrysler dealer that the concord limited would be the LHS. After spending a week in NY and driving my mother i must admit it a pretty nice car fro 29000. Personal i like my dads RX300 too......The LHS would be perfect if it wasnt a chrylser.....No affence i drove the TOWN&COUNTRY Limited awd and love it but with my family dwindling down i dont think its right for me....
    KJOO Manchester MA
  • Don't know why you cannot play your burned CD's in your car, I have a 2000 LHS and the Infinity in dash CD changer plays mine with no problem.
  • binubinu Posts: 81
    The infinity stereo on my 1998 concorde lxi also plays 'burnt' CD-R's, without a problem.
  • fastdriverfastdriver Posts: 2,273

    I think I read somewhere that certain BRANDS of CD-R's won't play on certain CD's. Try a different brand and see if that solves your problem.

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