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Chrysler Concorde



  • emaleemale Posts: 1,380
    i hear what you are saying. the 3.2l has a max of 225 ft-lbs of torque available at 3800 rpm. however, a very healthy does of that max is available much earlier than 3800 rpm. as for the old 3.5l, i don't know any specific details but i'm pretty sure its torque curve was very similar to that of the 3.2l.
  • mmanson2mmanson2 Posts: 4
    I just posted #298 about my 1998 chrysler concorde the good and the bad.
  • Dear Engineers, Physicists, et al:

    Since I've owned both a '97 Concorde LX and a '98 Concorde LXi, I can tell you from experience that from a dead stop, the 3.5L 24-valve Concorde LX was far and away a more powerful engine than the 3.2L 24-valve LXi. I am neither an engineer, mathematician nor physicist so I won't speculate about the torque, rpms or foot pounds/pounds feet.
    My understanding is that as of 1998, the 3.5L 24-valve engine which was in the '97 Concorde is now on the LHS and the 300M. The Concordes now have the weaker 2.7L and 3.2L engines. My experience with the 3.2L engine has been of a significantly weaker engine from a dead stop; especially if you do not have lengthy on-ramps thereby turning your highway merges into adrenaline-inducing experiences. Performance aside, Chrysler's consistently inconsistent reliability due to inferior parts and poor quality control in their manufacturing process should give prospective buyers pause. In addition to the mechanical problems, Chrysler vehicles have a greater likelihood of having suffered raildust damage to their paint since they are transported via rail. Those paint imperfections may not become apparent to the customer until they've had the car for awhile (especially visible on white and light-colored cars). I only posted the major mechanical problems I experienced with both models.

    While no reasonable person should expect a utopian experience when purchasing a new car, how post-purchase contingencies/problems are handled by a dealership/manufacturer speaks volumes about their regard for the customer, their professionalism, reputation and any interest in repeat business. Based on my experience, I will NEVER buy Chrysler again.

    A former Chrysler victim in Conroe, Texas
  • emaleemale Posts: 1,380
    you must have a poorly performing 3.2l in your 98 lxi. i have a y2k intrepid with the 3.2l. i also used to own a 96 intrepid es with the 3.5l. i have not noticed any difference in performance between these two cars, from take offs to full throttle. except that the 3.2l is much quieter going about its business vs the 3.5l in the 96.

    to compare, the 3.2l has 225 horses and 225 lbs-ft of torque. the 3.5l that was availabe in the intrepid/concorde thru 1997 was rated at 214 horses and 221 lbs-ft of torque. the 3.5l in the 98 and newer 300m and lhs cars has over 250 horses and over 250 lbs-ft of torque. the 3.5l in the 98 and newer lh cars was changed significantly from its 1997 cousin. you can read all about it at if you wish.

    btw, what does "raildust" do to a car's paint? i've never heard of such a thing.
  • thompson9thompson9 Posts: 3
    When the vehicles are transported via rail from the manufacturing plants with inadequate protection, the sparks from the train's wheels shower onto the vehicles. Those hot metal shavings will eventually mar the clearcoat, however, it may not become apparent to the untrained eye for some time. On a white car, they will manifest themselves as tiny specks of rust. If you run your hand across the horizontal surfaces of the car (hood, roof, trunk, you might be able to feel the uneven and/or rough texture of the paint. On occasion, the raildust damage is sufficiently severe that a trail of rust-colored runoff is visible after washing the car. I experienced this with my '97 LX.

    As for the 3.2L v. 3.5L, I may indeed have a poor performing '98 LXi, but soon enough I'll be rid of the Chrysler headache since I'm shopping for its replacement.

    Congratulations to those who have owned Chrysler products without the nightmares some of us have endured.

    Conoe, Texas
  • emaleemale Posts: 1,380
    interesting tidbit on the raildust. i can honestly say i've never experienced that kind of problem having owned 3 lh cars since late 95.
  • starfire2starfire2 Posts: 9
    Boy, after reading these posts maybe I should just stick with my 98 Escort instead trading it in. PLain Jane looks and NO power but 13000 miles and not a single solitary problem. But those Concordes are just SO pretty...
  • 32923292 Posts: 1
    I have a 93 concorde with auto. temp control.
    It suddenly goes haywire and hot air comes out, full force, from the defroster -any idea what the problem could be?
  • emaleemale Posts: 1,380
    fyi....nhtsa site has much more up to date and thorough technical service bulletin info.
  • copperhead1copperhead1 Posts: 157
    Would you like to have another Escort?
    My son is trying to sell his 97 escort 4 door,with all the goodies,and nobody wants it!!!!!!
    Not even those Ford dealers,the car has 32000 miles and runs good,no dents,real nice but no luck.
    No fords for him anymore.
  • jthardyjthardy Posts: 1
    I own a 1998 concord that has almost 35,000 miles on it now and I still love it. I had some problems with an intermittent drivers door window but since that was fixed every thing has been great. I do not see road noise as a problem with this car(especially) compared to several others out there. I will probably buy another chrysler product when the time comes.
  • botoobotoo Posts: 1
    I don't usually respond unless I have negative comments as I think is the case with most on this board. However, I am going to as I have had my Lxi for over two years and LOVE it. Before this I owned three Audi's and purchased the Lxi because it has all the creature comforts of the Audi and more, for $15,000 less price. I have had no problems whatsoever. My car has the 225 HP engine and gets around 30MPG on the highway. The acceleration is great. I can't believe anyone would need more power than this. I haven't had to take it into the dealer for any repairs. It drives and operates flawlessly. The interior and trunk have so much room that I wonder where it comes from when I look at the car from the outside. The car looks just like new in and out and is has had some hard use. Raildust? What is that? Baloney. If I have to have one negative, it is that it is a little more noisy than my Audi, just a little, and the sound system is so great that who cares. I have my fingers crossed that my next car, which will be another Chrysler, will be a good as this. I know this may sound like I am affiliated with Chrysler, but it is not so. I have no affiliation whatsoever.
  • StrategoStratego Posts: 29
    During mid '98 model year production, DC altered the NVH characteristics of the LH sedans. From what I remember, vehicles that were built before this time can be retrofitted with the additions.

    16. 23-52-98 OCT 98 Road Noise
  • binubinu Posts: 81
    My Concorde has been treated with Zaino and I keep
    it quite clean and shiny ....
    But ..I noticed that it is very dusty under the
    Have any of you tried keeping the under-the-hood
    area clean on your cars ..?
    How do you do it ..?
  • jmckiernanjmckiernan Posts: 6
    I bought a fully loaded new 2000 Deep Slate Lxi last november...I have put 3500 miles on her and she really looks and drives like a dream..The road noise is a non factor because the Infinity system is fabulous..The moon roof is absolutely huge...for the money you cant beat the Lxi
  • tzstzs Posts: 17
    We still own our first new car, a 1993 silver Concorde. After reading all these postings, I haven't seen anybody mention any problems with their paint. Ours appears "cloudy"...not unclear, more like shading variations. On sunny days, different parts of the car almost appear like different colors. I haven't seen any TSB's on it. Anybody have any suggestions? Good Luck to you new owners, but we have had our share of problems, too. We're crossing our fingers on the tranny, many of these have been replaced several times over by now. We love the cab-forward design, but switched to Toyota for our recent purchase, we had to use our service contract WAY too many times, then when it's up...
  • fastdriverfastdriver Posts: 2,273

    Try clicking on this link to look for paint problems with Chrysler-

    Hope you find something here to help you.

  • golfnut5golfnut5 Posts: 202
    I recently took a trip with a friend who was driving a 99 or 00 Concorde LXi. I could not believe how much road noise and wind noise that was let in the interior at cruising speeds. It sounded like the only thing separating us from the road was a quarter inch piece of plywood. This car also had a big rattle in the dash and the check engine light was on all the time. The Concorde has great exterior styling, but mechanically appears to be junk. I was considering on buying a Concorde, but after my recent experience, I don't think so.
  • mimi919mimi919 Posts: 85
    In response to your post about road and wind noise....I have a 99 Concorde with almost 30,000 miles and and I also find the road noise to be excessive and because of that in all honesty I would have to say that I doubt very much that I would buy another Concorde, but in my driving experience with my Concorde I have found the car to be mechanically sound and have not expierenced the type of problems that your friend has had with with the check engine light....I think that problem could easily be corrected by the dealer.
    As for the rattle you had mentioned I also have one coming from my shifter console(sounds like 2 styrofoam cups rubbing together and is quite annoying and my dealer has tried many times to eliminate the rattle with no success ...they even changed the console and that did correct the problem for a few weeks and then the rattle came back...but at least the Chrysler dealer did take my complaint serious enough and made several attemps to correct the we all know rattles can be very diffulcult to find and correct in any car.
  • emaleemale Posts: 1,380
    does your shifter have the fish-scale sliders? if so, maybe you could get them to exchange it for the different shift boot that was in installed in later 99s and y2k models. the fish-scales on my 98 intrepid would occasionally rattle, i fixed that by getting a y2k model.

    as for road noise, my y2k is much improved over my 98. still not class leading but definetely tolerable now.
  • emaleemale Posts: 1,380
    boy your friend must not care at all about his car if he's driving it with the check engine light glowing!
  • mimi919mimi919 Posts: 85
    thanks for the suggestion about changing from the fish scale shifter to the boot one which I already have have had done but still have the crackling noise...the strange thing is if I just put a little pressure fron my finger on the shifter console the rattle stops....the dealer has really tried hard to correct this and I realize that minor rattles can be next to impossible to find and correct.
    Thanks for your response...have a great day..
  • sears3sears3 Posts: 12
    I called the dealer and made another appointment
    about the air noise in my 99 Concorde when they changed the seals around the doors last time it made it worst. The man I talked to said that there have been about 8, 99 Concordes brought
    back and come to find out the windows was not closeing as far as it should have. He said there
    may end up being a recall on them because of some
    people haveing the trouble I have had. I am going
    the 6-6-00 to leave it.This is #4 on this problem
    maybe its my lucky no. We just returned from our vacation and put 1,150 miles on my car. I don"t
    think there could be another better riding, driving, or handleing car on the road for the same amount of money. I love my car and have decided to not get a SUV if anything maybe a LXI
    with a moon roof. I now have 8,400 miles on my car.
  • jayess1jayess1 Posts: 7
    Has any one out there experienced a "percolating" type noise from under the hood? Sounds like it may be coming from the compressor. I have experienced it on my 96 concord as well as as on my new '00 LXI.

    I realy have had no other noise problems that are significant. No wind noise at all and a little road noise. Lots better than some Ford products I have had in the past.
  • fritofrito Posts: 70
    I recently found and fixed the source of a fluttering-buzz sound (usually at speeds above 55 and into a headwind) that was near the windshield on my '99 LXi. The plastic cowl that fits along the edge of the hood was loose on the passenger side. My dealers solution was to place some double-sticky sided tape between the hood and cowl. This fix only lasted about 30 min. I looked at it myself and was able to easily fix it by cutting some plastic strips (from a Rubbermaid card box) that could be slipped into the center portion of the clips that hold the cowl to the hood - and voilá - no more noise!

    In general I love my Concorde - no mechanical problems after 14K miles (but I did get the extd. warranty). Once had the problem with the dash lights (at least) going haywire: blinking back and forth rapidly between dim-bright settings. I think this problem is caused by condensation on the A/C duct JUST ABOVE the light switch on the dash. A single drop of water could then short-out the switch causing all kinds of weird behaviour. This one instance occurred on a VERY HUMID summer night with a car full of hot and humid passengers - so lots of moisture available to condense on the cold air ducts. I may try to pull the switch and wrap it with something to prevent the problem from happening again.

    As for road noise, my previous two cars were Subarus and you generally had to raise your voice to be heard. It is so nice that everyone can now speak in a normal voice (even to deaf grandma!) in the LXi. There is occasional noise from some road surfaces - mainly from the tyres. Maybe I'll look into the wheelwell sound-proofing available on the later models to see if the '99 can be upgraded.

    Also recently finished the vehicle with Zaino (Z1, Z2 & Z6). This product is GREAT!! Everything that has been claimed about it other forums here is true or better. The car looks better than it ever has, even brand new - HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!
  • binubinu Posts: 81
    Re :post #323

    This is in reference to the dashlight flicker you mentioned in post #323.
    I have a similar issue with my dash lights and the dealer has not been able to figure out the cause.

    I have mentioned my issue in detail in post nos 229 and 231.
    Another concorde owner has mentioned a similar problem in 298 / 299.

    I am not sure if condensation is the issue.
    In my case ..this happens in all kinds of weather.

    But keep us posted if you find anything ..

    Mimi919 ..

    I also used to hear an occasional rattle from the dashboard when driving on very rough surfaces.
    I noticed that .. (lemme try to explain this ...)after I leave the ashtray in the 'closed' but not 'tightly closed' position .. I do not hear the rattle anymore.
  • 401k401k Posts: 16
    Gee! I opined in message #282 on April 21 that your wind noise problem might just be a window that wasn't closing completely. I'm glad to hear that's what it was. While the problem was most certainly annoying, it is satisfying to know that it will now be corrected.

    Now, not only will you have a beautiful, roomy, well-handling car, but one that is (relatively) quiet as well!

    Happy motoring!

  • svevarsvevar Posts: 160
    OK I've been reading posts concerning the wind and road noise in the Chrysler Concorde... and some people are downright ridiculous about criticizing it! I own a Chrysler 300M, but my mother has a `99 Concorde, and let me tell you, while the wind and road noise is audible, it is not outrageously unacceptable. More prevalent than that of other auto makers? Yes. Reason for not buying the car? Definitely not. Same with my 300M. Additionally, while one might question build quality of the pre `98 Concordes, Chrysler has improved immeasurably with its newest generations, such as the `98 Concorde/Dodge Intrepid and the `99 LHS. The next Sebrings, which will debut this summer (convertible and coupe) and fall (a new Sebring sedan, to replace the Cirrus) as 2001 models are sure to be light years ahead of their predecessors, which, might I add, were not bad at all. That’s why the Sebring is BY FAR the best selling convertible in America. I'm really getting tired of all the Chrysler bashers around here. I wouldn't be at all surprised to find that their claims of nightmarish experiences are grossly exaggerated. Maybe they've had bad past experiences with Chrysler products. Fine. I myself had a `93 Plymouth Sundance. Worst car I've ever owned. But give Chrysler's newest offerings a chance. They're nothing like the models of the 80's and early 90's. They're truly great cars, as their clever ads claim.
  • debbies2debbies2 Posts: 2
    i have a '94 concorde with about 75,000 miles on it. for the past several months, when you start the car, the dash will not light up-i.e.-you can't look at the dash to see if you are in reverse or any info at all. before, if i turned off the car and restarted it, the dash would light up, the airbag light would stay on and the car would drive fine. now, when this happens(it's not everytime-we always turn off the ac and have noticed this problem occurrs when the recirculate button in pushed in}, sometimes i have to restart the car several times. also my son was driving for over 2 hours at 60 mph(interstate) when the antilock brakes suddenly kicked in, the car jerked, the rpms went up to 6-7,000 and the fuel light came on. i am getting desperate! yes, it's been in the shop on and off for over 4 weeks-chrysler cannot figure out what is wrong. they replaced a computer($400) and thought they solved the problem, but WRONG! i have searched a website about repair bulletins, but haven't found this problem. the air bag light does stay on with this problem, sometimes going off on it's own, sometime not. the weather or temperature doesn't seem to make a difference, since we cannot predict when this problem will occur. does anyone have any info?
  • djwakeleedjwakelee Posts: 3
    I too have been plagued my the flickering dash lights. I have always had the dash dimmer setting at maximum brightness on all of the cars I've owned. The notch just below where the interior lights come on. On my 98 LXi, this position is where the flicker occurs. Not always, but some evenings when it is humid.

    To solve the flicker, I turned the switch down just slightly. The dash lights are still at full bright, but the switch is not quite at the full up position. Easy fix.

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