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High Performance Luxury Sedans



  • Im in the market for a BMW M5. I am a car collector with around 35 cars. I have looked into the M5 and the E55. From what I have driven the M5 destroys the E55 (even though I still have a strong love for the car). Other than AC Schnitzer is there any other companies that I can send my M5 to for some tweaking up? I have a BMW 328i AC Conversion and I simply love it. I know AMG does work for MB. Also does BMW make a special model of the M5 in Drakar Yellow or is it an aftermarket paint job that must be done? If you have any other suggestion please post them! Thanks
  • They do a lot of work with aftermarket BMW mods. Don't know about paint jobs, though.
  • In what aspects does the M5 destroy the E55? Nothing against the M5 but the numbers that have been shown between the 2 cars is almost identical. Personally I think the difference is you either want a 6 speed or an Auto. The M5 has the handling catagory but in testing the numbers don't really show it.
    You most likely can get the Yellow if you special order the M5.
    Besides ACS and Dinan there are quite a few companies that modify BMW. Go get a European Car Magazine and look them up.
  • Maybe I am missing something but Edmonds states that the Bimmer has a 2600 gas tax and the benz doesnt... How could that be when they are similar in performance, price and power,,, ??? the taxing authority is at it again...
  • merc1merc1 Posts: 6,081
    The E55 has a 1K gas-guzzler tax. The Benz's engine is not as powerful, but it's cleaner burning.

  • When I looked at the prices on Edmonds, I didnt see any gas tax for the E55. Thats a heck of a lot of difference between the 2 for an engine that is a little less efficient. That alone would probably steer me to the E55,,, cause the cars are basically equal.

    Driving my 1995 Porsche 911 non turbo,, a BMW M3 gave me a heck of a run on the beltway at night,, he passed me at 130 mph,,, I was impressed... Can you imagine what the E55 or M5 are capable of especially if both best the performance of the M3?

    I just may trade my Porsche in for one of these 2 rockets.
  • loujoloujo Posts: 12
    E34, I am very interested in buying a '93 M5. My bank account would not allow me to purchase the new one. How's the maintenance cost of your car? I've read some negative comments about it, but the car is just too good to resist. I am currently considering either this M5 or a '95 540. There is also a '93 MB 500E for sale, but it costs 6 grand more than the M5. Not sure if it is worth it.
  • loujo
    I have a '92 500E if you're interested send me an e-mail
  • merc1merc1 Posts: 6,081
    You wouldn't be sorry with either.

  • I am in the mkt for one now,, does anyone know a dealer that is willing to negotiate on one,, like for $500 over cost? or is that going to be impossible in the first yr of production. I may have to get auto week and check the dealers around the country to see who is dealing. In Northern Va,, I am sure that there are no bargains on the M5, maybe somewhere in the Carolina's or the Dakota's... Any suggestions anyone out there in america???
  • I hate to be the one to tell you, but you probably can't even get a 2000 M5. My dealer in Denver told me that they had 9 deposits and are getting 6 cars. 3 people will have to wait until 2001 MY or try to find used. Also, as these cars are in very high demand and few are being made, get ready to pay MSRP if you can find one.
  • merc1merc1 Posts: 6,081
    No dice, there will be no deals on any M5's for at least the first 2 model years. Your best bet is to get on a couple of dealer's waiting lists and hope someone else backs out.

  • Has anyone heard a rumor that the transmission fluid on the M5 needs to be replace every 1500 miles???
  • Thanks for the info,, I guess I will have to wait until 2003,, I have a problem paying sticker for a car,, even on the 1995 Porsche I got $5K off sticker, for $55K on a $60K sticker in Jan 95.

    I will keep monitoring the papers, net and Autoweek for any good deals,, I hate to say this,, but I saw a new 2000 Camero SS (320 hp) and it brings out the 70's in me,, it looks good and I would love to test drive it. I bet that would satisfy my M5 urge for a few yrs and at $28K to boot. I know this is a sophisticated BMW forum but,,, does anyone have these desires,, I am 48 and still have a penchant for the old pony cars....
  • But there's nothing wrong with serious horsepower. Granted it's no BMW (but isn't priced like one, either), but you know that.
  • Mike, I know that,, but they are hard to find like the Bimmers,, some dealers dont have any and the ones that do,, wont negotiate,, Horsepower is still a sought after commodity. I guess I will hae to get autoweek and start calling chevy dealers all over the usa to find a reasonable SS Z-28. good luck getting your Landcruiser someday,, Don
  • rea98drea98d Posts: 982
    Hey, I've never driven in any of the vehicles. (Although i did ride in a Jag VDP once or twice).
    Anyway, my decision on which one I like best was made out of pure vanity. I think the Jag's beautiful. I think a couple of years down the road I'll end up getting one of the old series III XJ6's and putting british parts into my monthly budget :-) ANyway, I'd love to have any of the cars we've discussed here.
  • I have a '93 M-5 as well as an '86 M-6. both are great! I will consider serious offers. contact me by e-mail for further info.
  • mmcbride1mmcbride1 Posts: 861
    Why are you selling them?
  • I realize this is a month old, but definitely can tell you the Colorado post is correct. Right now the brokers who handle all the high demand hard to get autos are selling the M5 for 10K to 14K OVER list. This is common on first year limited production cars like Vipers, NSX's, Porshe Turbos, etc. The first to have must pay the price. I put my name on the list at the local BMW dealer nine months ago...My M5 was built last and is awaiting shipment. Due to arrive in February. I am paying MSRP. I tried to get an E55...same deal. Put your name on the list and wait. Drive it for 5000 miles and you can sell for what you paid. There is a very long waiting list. You might see some M5's in Dupont Registry. Pick up a copy of the Registry and see if you can find an E55 or M5...noone's giving their's up! Better luck buying the 2001 M3. That car will outperform the new M5. The test drivers and engineers say the new M3 is the closest thing to driving a street legal touring car. I bought the midsize BMW because I needed to carry a few passengers once in a while. The smaller M3 with over 300 HP will be the rocket and has the handling too. The car will look (looks)superb. Good luck.
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