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High Performance Luxury Sedans



  • kp11kp11 Posts: 22
    i am just wondering how many of you would consider the 740i sport over the m5 or e55, you get much more luxury witht the 7 series, and you also have the handling and speed, maybe not quite as much, basically would you sacrifice a little performance for a little more luxury
  • merc1merc1 Posts: 6,081
    The 740i Sport does not compare with either, because it can run with the them. Handling wise it is probably very close though. Of course the 7 is roomier and more comfortable. If you don't mind giving up some straight-line performance the 7 Sport is something to consider.

  • The 740 sport doesn't come close to the acceleration of the M5 and E55. Remember we are not just talking 0-60 numbers, although those are signifigantly better as well. Handling is also not on par. The 7 series is most definitely roomier and larger just as the S class is. I think owners of the M5 and E55 want something that is sportier than the 740i sport and maybe a bit smaller?
  • kp11kp11 Posts: 22
    does anyone know when its coming out, if it comes out with the new bmw 7 series in a few years... i'll seriously consider it, even though i love the new beamer
  • merc1merc1 Posts: 6,081
    There is no "M7" being planned for the current 7 Series. Where did you hear that?

  • kp11kp11 Posts: 22
    the new m7 will not be planned for the current 7 series, but will be on the future 7 series... they don't just have m7s.... they have an m10, which they only have on paper, haven't heard much about it... actually i have a picture of the m10 downloaded on my computer, well i konw they will make the m7 in the near future, maybe sometime between 2003-2006... i'm guessing thats when the new m7 will be out
  • If and when it comes out. I guess its been delayed again. Supposedly, BMW's board hasn't approved the new 7 series. Its too big and follows the old S class theme.
    Personally after seeing some spy photos, I think that the board is right about not approving it.
  • I took a ride in an m5 yesterday(my brother in laws) and I tell you I have not felt acceleration like that off of a runway. An unbelievably beautiful car(Imola red)with outstanding performance(head snapping/stomach in throat responsiveness). Hard to believe it can be beaten.
  • I really don't think the M5 is a beautiful car. I don't like the BMW designs beside the 3 & 5 series sedans. The other vehicle designs are dated (just taking their old models and smoothing out the edges). Many people may argue but the fact is that the they just aren't as cutting edge as many other makers out there such as Audi and Mercedes.
  • The E39 M5 is hand down the best preforming sedan in the world at this point. Motor Trend's been able to pull 4.7second 0-60's out of it (compare that to the E55AMG and your not even in the same league). Not to mention that it handles unbelievably well for a vehicle of it's size.

    Also the fact that it is so discrete is really nice. I kept the little spolier thingy, but got mine without the M5 logo. I wish they would have allowed me to remove the m5 emblems from the side panels, but I've ordered 5 series rubber strips that 'should' fit in place of the original ones.

    The folks at dinan are already working on the rechip and several european's (I'm in the US) have already reworked the chips making this already aggressive beast completely untameable!

    Interesting news from dingolfing:
    A little bird told me that the next "supercar" from BMW will ALSO be based on the 5 series frame but will incorporate a V12 (like in the 850). This should be very nice, but is several years off. It's unlikely you'll see an M7 ever since the 7 series is just to big to be nimble enough to handle the performance needed to be given it's "M".
  • Well if it's true, it's cause MB is going to put a V12 into the E55 AMG in 2003 supposedly, so it makes sense for BMW too do the same with the M5. As for the time, I have seen the E55 all over the place from 5.1 to 4.8 sec on 0-60mph and this all from a automatic. One thing I was disappointed in is the lateral g's, I thought BMW would surely be a lot better than the E55 and it's only better by .01 g, I think .89 compared to .88 if memory serves me right. Enjoy your M5 but don't think the E55 is out of your league cause it's not. Drive safely and happy thanxgiving.
  • I think that the MB e55 is better than the m5 or
    the jag xjr. The e55 is as fast as the m5 in 0-60
    and top speed. Both cars weigh about the same. The
    e55 has an automatic and is still as fast as the
    6-speed manual m5. Imagine how fast the e55 would
    be if it had a manual transmission! I have read in motor trend that the
    0-100-0 times are exactly the same for the e55 and the m5. The only thing the m5 has over the e55 is maybe its roadholding, but only by a small margin at about .01 g's. The e55 is nicer, more comfortable, and bigger and hey, it's a Mercedes one of the best cars in the world. Just because the m5 comes with a 6-speed manual does not make it the best sport sedan in the world. The e55 is better than the m5 in most ways. Even if it comes with only in a 5-speed automatic. The e55 is the best sport sedan in the world.
  • rea98drea98d Posts: 982
    Tell me I got all those numbers and letters right. I'd give almost anything to get those cars some normal names. Anyway, I'd tkae the jag first, Mainly because I love the styling, and I'll never be doing 150 anyway :-) The Benz would be my second choice, and the BMW third. Of course, I could fill my car wish list with Jags and Benzes, but my all time dream car would have to be the new S-Type. And whattaya know, they're nearly half the cost :-)
  • vbnmvbnm Posts: 21
    by normal names, rea98d, do you mean non- alpha-numeric ones, like the oldsmobile toronado trofeo, buick skylark, or daihatsu charade? ;-p
  • kp11kp11 Posts: 22
    the jag is just so unreliable though, and in terms of specs and luxury, the jag is beaten easily by the other two
  • kp11kp11 Posts: 22
    the jag s-type is overpriced.... and an ls400, 540i, e430, audi a6 4.2, and gs400 are all better than it, well i do like the curves of the s-type but THATS IT... its even got a plastic grill......... ok, ok, anway back to the topic for me...
  • Have to concur regarding the Jag. I went to test drive one and they gave me a brand new one to drive. IT immediately had a problem and we took it back and took out another one. THe second one have a serious belt noise that was not normal. At that point I just said take me back and left. Talking about the supercharged Jag.
  • loujoloujo Posts: 12
    All these "M5 better than E55" and vise versa, has anyone actually driven both cars or are you just expressing your opinions after reading some car magazines? Even if M5 can reach 0-60 in 4.8 seconds on paper, how many people can actually do that with the manual tranny (even for M5 owners)? How could anyone say MB is more comfortable than M5 if he/she has not sit in either? As a matter of fact, CAR magazine from UK said that E55 has a much harsher ride than M5. So, until M5 comes out next year...
  • e34e34 Posts: 1
    Very few people indeed have driven either the E39M5 or the E55,(more so the M5) The general rule of thumb is that BMW is more sport oriented and the MB is more luxury,but since this is talking about a BMW M car vs. a MB AMG you must really see them and try both of them out to be sure! I personally drive a 91 E34M5 and there are few cars that even today can compete with it's performance.(yes even your beloved GS400 and BMW540isport owners out there!)nice cars as they may be. BTW kp11 where did you happen to get the opportunity to drive an E39M5? Finally if I had to choose either one today with no opportunity to test drive them I would have to go with the E39M5 but this choice would purely be on my past experience(my E34M5) IMHO BMW's create a feel for the road that I have not had with anyother performance or luxury car I have owned or driven.(owned Porsche,father owned MB)driven vette ZR1,Mustang,Q45,SC400.
  • kp11kp11 Posts: 22
    well i have never driven one, but i have rode in both as passengers... dunno what that tells u, but what i was saying is that the e55 was more comfortable than the m5 and the seats were more supple, in acceleration they are both the same and in roadholding they are both nearly the same, so i guess it all depends on what u want, the "M" suspension is going to be better than the "AMG", but the e55 is more comfortable... so i guess it depends on which u want... u can't go wrong with either that's what i'll tell u... i just wish the e55 had a manual, then it could be faster than the m5!
  • Im in the market for a BMW M5. I am a car collector with around 35 cars. I have looked into the M5 and the E55. From what I have driven the M5 destroys the E55 (even though I still have a strong love for the car). Other than AC Schnitzer is there any other companies that I can send my M5 to for some tweaking up? I have a BMW 328i AC Conversion and I simply love it. I know AMG does work for MB. Also does BMW make a special model of the M5 in Drakar Yellow or is it an aftermarket paint job that must be done? If you have any other suggestion please post them! Thanks
  • They do a lot of work with aftermarket BMW mods. Don't know about paint jobs, though.
  • In what aspects does the M5 destroy the E55? Nothing against the M5 but the numbers that have been shown between the 2 cars is almost identical. Personally I think the difference is you either want a 6 speed or an Auto. The M5 has the handling catagory but in testing the numbers don't really show it.
    You most likely can get the Yellow if you special order the M5.
    Besides ACS and Dinan there are quite a few companies that modify BMW. Go get a European Car Magazine and look them up.
  • Maybe I am missing something but Edmonds states that the Bimmer has a 2600 gas tax and the benz doesnt... How could that be when they are similar in performance, price and power,,, ??? the taxing authority is at it again...
  • merc1merc1 Posts: 6,081
    The E55 has a 1K gas-guzzler tax. The Benz's engine is not as powerful, but it's cleaner burning.

  • When I looked at the prices on Edmonds, I didnt see any gas tax for the E55. Thats a heck of a lot of difference between the 2 for an engine that is a little less efficient. That alone would probably steer me to the E55,,, cause the cars are basically equal.

    Driving my 1995 Porsche 911 non turbo,, a BMW M3 gave me a heck of a run on the beltway at night,, he passed me at 130 mph,,, I was impressed... Can you imagine what the E55 or M5 are capable of especially if both best the performance of the M3?

    I just may trade my Porsche in for one of these 2 rockets.
  • loujoloujo Posts: 12
    E34, I am very interested in buying a '93 M5. My bank account would not allow me to purchase the new one. How's the maintenance cost of your car? I've read some negative comments about it, but the car is just too good to resist. I am currently considering either this M5 or a '95 540. There is also a '93 MB 500E for sale, but it costs 6 grand more than the M5. Not sure if it is worth it.
  • loujo
    I have a '92 500E if you're interested send me an e-mail
  • merc1merc1 Posts: 6,081
    You wouldn't be sorry with either.

  • I am in the mkt for one now,, does anyone know a dealer that is willing to negotiate on one,, like for $500 over cost? or is that going to be impossible in the first yr of production. I may have to get auto week and check the dealers around the country to see who is dealing. In Northern Va,, I am sure that there are no bargains on the M5, maybe somewhere in the Carolina's or the Dakota's... Any suggestions anyone out there in america???
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