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Volvo S70



  • I've had nothing but trouble w/my 98 S70 T5. Dead radio, one of the 4 locks doesn't pop-up w/the keyless remote, the moon roof rattles, the battery died inside 10,000, the Check Engine light just came on at 16,000, a turn signal died, and the dash rattles.

    The power is nice, and the car is comfortable, but for the price, I wouldn't expect so many problems. I definitely don't recommend it!
  • lweisslweiss Posts: 342
    I've had my Volvo S-70 base model, automatic since 6/98 and I've grown to love it. It is a lease, has about 24K miles, and I will admit to the first 6 months of driving it having a bunch of little problems, including the infamous light sockets. Again, a good dealership makes all the difference and mine was great. At this point, the car is very well engineered, very comfortable seats, doesn't rattle at all, handles well (takes a little getting used to if you haven't driven Euripean cars), depreciates slowly, and even though I have the base (non-turbo) engine, has more than enough power for my mainly suburban and sometimes highway driving.

    Downside? Of course there are some: a noisy engine (compared to a Honda or Camry or even GM V-6 anyway), the need for premium fuel (although the service advisor at my dealership says it really isan't necessary on the non-turbo) and when you do need non- warranty service, be prepared to pay big bucks, which is like most European cars.

    I recommend the S-70. Since the model is being phased out, you can probably buy the base model for about $28K with everything, which is a lot of car for the money.
  • Any input re: initial break-in of new engine (new car) - I have heard not to use cruise control, vary the speed, keep below 3000rpm and no hard breaking or acceleration. How many miles should I follow this advice? Any other comments would be appreciated. Thanks
  • What replacement tires do you recommend for a 1998 S70? The car came with MXV4s and they are looking very thin at 45,000 miles. I have quotes from Costco for Michelin XGT H4 and Michelin MXV4+ of $105 and $109 mounted. I had heard that some Michelin's were not good in rainy conditions. I live in the SF Bay area and need an M+S all weather tire.

    Would appreciate some advice.

  • rollierollie Posts: 337
    Regarding post #99:

    In general, I can highly recommend the Michelin Pilot XGT V4s for this car unless it is a T5 then I would go with the Pilot XGT Z4s. When you look up or buy these tires make sure the word 'Pilot' is in the name as there is an older discontinued tire of a similar name that is completely different.

    Good luck.

  • How many miles do I have to be concerned about acceleration and no cruise control - 1000, 2000 miles? I do alot of highway driving and my right foot is getting very tired. :-) Thanks for your input.
  • rollie,

    Thanks for your advice regarding my post #99 on the Michelin tires.
  • Hi everyone. I just took my new 2000 S70 in to the dealer to get a rattle taken care of, and I complained about a couple of other problems I was having. I am having intermittent problems with the automatic transmission (or at least I believe that it is the transmission). When I am slowing to stop or turn a corner the car downshifts very hard and makes a kind of thump sound. I cannot make this problem replicate on any kind of regular basis, although it happened three times in a row when I was driving last week. In any event, the dealer service guy told me that the 2000 S70's have a new transmission in them by Asia Warner -- made in Japan. From what I was told, the 2000 models are the first Volvo's with this transmission. I didn't know that the 2000 S70 had a new transmission (or one made in Japan for that matter). It is apparently the same tranny that is the 2001 V70. He told me that there have been reported problems with the 2000 V70 transmission -- specifically harsh or rough shifting. Does anyone have any information about this?

    Also, I am having a problem with my front passenger seat. Whenever you put your weight against the back, the seat clunks and the backrest moves backwards. The dealer said that it was not supposed to do that, but was not sure that replacement parts would fix the problem (considering the replacement parts were probably the same parts I have in my seat right now). It is a manually adjustable seat. Dealer thought that it might be something with the wheel that adjusts the back rest. Anyone have any problems like this with their cars?

    Any comments would be greatly appreciated.

    Also re: Post #101 -- My dealer told me that the break in period is 1200 miles -- i.e., avoid fast acceleration and breaking and don't use the cruise control.

  • I have a correction -- dealer reported that there have been transmission problems with the 2001 V70's that have the same new transmission as the 2000 S70.
  • I believe that the year 2000 S-70 has a new transmission that is a 5 speed. It is only in the S70 models and not in the 2000's s-70 GLT's or T-5's. I have a 2000 GLT-SE and it has the "old" 4 speed.

    I would ask the dealer if there has been any TSB (technical service bulletins) regarding the software that the new transmission uses. Also you might post your question at

  • The 2000 model 70 series introduced the new 5 speed automatic on the non-turbos, and yes they are having some troubles with them. Most of the ones I saw around our shop were solved with a software download or by replacing the valve body in the trans. Overall I haven't been impressed with this trans yet. Regarding the seat, it sounds like it probably needs new seat tracks and seat transmission. Your dealer may likely give you the run around about it because it is an extremely aggravating job. I know this because I had to do a set on a 98. Hope this helps.

  • Oak and Scott,

    Thanks for the input. I don't have the car back from the dealer yet, and I will be sure to ask about the software download and/or replacement of the valve body.

    I am disheartened to know that it is a new tranny in this model. I did my research (or so I thought), and I was trying to avoid cars that had "new" components, knowing that there are often problems with the new parts. I thought that by buying a car that had been around for a while, I was avoiding that issue. Not so, I guess.

    I will also post my question on

  • I'm looking for a 98/99 S70. All my candidates are certified, can anyone tell me how much adjustment I should put on the Edmunds price.
  • There is so much information in these discussions, but I need a little more, please....

    Tomorrow I am buying a '98 S70 5-speed, 61K, excellent condition....with the exception of no A/C, small oil leak, and (hopefully) surface rust on the tailpipe and muffler. Was supposed to take delivery today, but refused when the dealer didn't have these items fixed.

    I've test driven it at length twice. Great ride, lighting/electrical/tires/new brakes/FM&CD all work fine. What else should I expect/demand/check/scream about before I sign the papers?

    Thank you in advance!
  • I picked up my car from the dealer yesterday. There was a software upgrade for the new transmission (action code 593, I think)! So thanks for the input VovloScott. It will take a few days for the transmission to "readjust" per the dealer, so I will keep you all posted.

    Also, regarding the seats -- the dealer ordered new back rest frames for both front seats. Parts are on special order, and I don't know when they will arrive. Hope that fixes the problems with my seats!

  • anyone know of a good body shop in NJ .. north/central area for volvo repairs?

    re s70 2000 tranny's..mine has been fine so far.. but, does that action code 593 apply to all s70 auto 5 speeds, even if your not experincing problems?

  • Joe, I bought a 98 V70 T-5 two weeks ago, with 60k on it. If you have no a/c on the car you are considering buying, you could be looking at a major expense if you need to replace the a/c evaporator. Check Volvospeed for the magnitude of this job. It could cost a lot to fix ($1000 plus if you take it to a shop to do the work).

    My car had the following problems (none of which I was aware of until after I bought it):

    1. Bad switch on transmission to shift from s/e/w modes;
    2. broken torque shaft mount on top of engine (this is a common problem and easy to overlook);
    3. Turbo oil return line was leaking (also common problem);
    4. Oil leak from drain plug (existing copper washer was not factory aluminum, and probably hasn't been changed in a while);
    5. At 60,000 miles, car needs a major service, which costs around $500.00. You can tell if the 60,000 mile service has been done by looking at the large fuel filter under the car, just in front of the rear axle. The original fuel filter from the factory is covered with protective black undercoating-when they replace the filter for the 60,000 mile service, it won't have any undercoating on it. You'll also need a transmission service at this mileage;
    6. I paid $20,700 for my car. I live in South California. I think I paid right around wholesale book. I 've been shopping for a few months, and these cars don't appear to be widely available at discount prices unless you are buying a base model with no options.

    This is my sixth Volvo. Also owned a 88 760 turbo wagon, 86 240 wagon, 83 240 dl wagon, '78 240GT and a 1965 P1800. Still have the P1800 and the 760 turbo. These are great cars, however, they do have their quirks. I think that I have enough knowledge about the cars, and enough ability to keep them running most of the time without having to spend too much on maintenance and repairs. The new V70 is causing me some anxiety though, with all the new computer diagnositic tools needed to service it, my days of wrenching on my cars may be drawing to a close. Good luck.
  • dpares,

    I don't know if that action code 593 applies to all 2000 volvo s70 automatics. When I called my service manager about it, he laughed at me, and put me through to the mechanic's voicemail. Apparenlty the mechnanic called some service line and they said to install this "action code" (whatever that is; I think is it a software upgrade). In any event, it probably wouldn't hurt to ask your dealer about it. I mostly noticed the problem at slower speeds, the car would jerk hard when it downshifted to a lower gear. Kind of like if you are going to fast in a manual and you downshift and get a swift kick. It also sounded funny when it happened. I've only driven the car twice since I've gotten it back, but have not noticed the problem again (yet...)

    Good luck.

  • Hello....I purchased a 2000 Volvo S70GLT and have a question.....are the power window switches for the rear doors lighted at night? My front switches are lighted but my back ones are not, and I wondered if this is with all S70's or just my car has a problem. Thanks much for responses!!
  • I have a 2000 S70 SE -- I checked last night and my window switches in the rear are not lighted either. Hope this helps!

  • After one year and 6,000 miles, I just had my 2000 s70 base serviced for the first time. Martin Manhattan Volvo charged over $300, with tax. It included tire rotation and balancing, alignment and other things I would not have expected on the first service. The car had been trouble-free. Was I taken?
  • Cparker898, I figured out why your rear window switches aren't lighting up. On the master switch, there is an on/off button which allows the driver to have contol whether the rear passengers can roll the windows up and down. If this switch is off, so are the lights in the rear. If the switch is on, then power is enabled to the switch and it lights up. Just thought I'd pass that along to you.

  • Help I'm looking at purchasing my first Volvo...considering 1998..S70...or S90...never had a Volvo and would like info as the nearest dealer is 75 miles away as a single lady in mid- fifties and travel alone need a reliable car any input would be great shopping this Wednesday...Thanks
  • I am looking at a 98 or 99 T5 (leaning towards a 99 after reading this topic). I've seen some interesting colors (coral, saffron) in the last couple years on various models, and am wondering if anyone is aware of where color information for past model years may be be found.
  • In your earlier posting you mentioned the door panels and evap valves on a '98 Volvo S70. Could you elaborate on the problems with those two items? Also, do you have any thoughts re joemgr's posting Sept. 22 where he refers to "2. broken torque shaft mount on top of engine(this is a common problem and easy to overlook);3. Turbo oil return line was leaking (also common problem);"?
    I have over 85000 k on my '98 S70 T5 and love the car despite its well-chronicled minor deficiencies. (The sockets have been replaced and lamp burnout is greatly reduced.) I plan on keeping the car so would appreciate things to look out for as mileage increases.

  • I posted the Sept. 22 post re: problems with my 98 V70.

    Torque shaft-this is the donut shaped motor mount located toward the rear of the engine, on top of the motor, just to the right of center facing the windshield. The part cost under $13.00 at Volvo, but is a pain to install. I did it myself, using a large washer, bolt and nut, to "draw" the piece into the mounting bracket. The volvo dealers use an underhood portable hydraulic press to install, or remove the bracket and use a fixed press to install the new part. My costs for washers and bolt to install it was under $2.50. You can use an aftermarket engine mount from IPD for around $25.00 to $30.00, won't need to press it into the bracket, but it gives a more rigid mount that factory mount which might increase strain on your drive train.
    2. Leaking turbo oil return line. I followed the directions posted at and repaired this myself. Simple fix, took under 30 minutes, beginning to end, parts cost under $3.00 full retail at volvo dealer.
  • ronydronyd Posts: 1
    Is the 160HP adequate for a V70? I have a chance to buy a 2000 leftover V70 with 160HP. Am I making a misktake?
  • I have a 1999 Base S70--168hp. I find the power more than adequate in most situations (90%). This includes pulling out into traffic on city/county roads, merging onto highways, and highway speeds of 70-80+mph. No, the base model won't win any races from a stoplight, and growls unhappily when I have to put the whip to it, but for me, not required that often. Yes, there are times when I'd like more power, e.g. when I travel to the mountains, and was thinking that next time around I'd like the light turbo. BUT, I get 31-32 mpg at 70+ mph, even when we went up to the mountains this past weekend, and 23+ around town. The new S60 will be available in a few weeks, and if I do trade, it will be for an S60 base model with the value package, not the turbo. There is another reason for looking at a turbo model; a tighter suspension. Although it will ride harder than the base model, it will handle and accelerate from a stop better. BTW, I am also looking at the Mercedes C240; without all the techno-goop, about the same price as the S60. It has a V6 that is about the same hp (around 170), and drives very nicely.
  • dparesdpares Posts: 29
    I have a 2000 S70SE .. real nice car and very adequate as far as power is concerned... only thing is I never have gotten clost to 30 mpg on mine.. my trip computer say an average of 25.4 and doesnt change much .. I do mostly highway driving .. are you getting 30 with an auot or 5 speed?
  • I am getting 31+ with the base automatic (1999). I have 22K miles on the car now, and noticed a steady increase in mileage once above 10K. Normal around town and highway driving yields an average of 24-25, but on a straight shot trip, 31+. An example would be a trip to Charlston/Kiawah (South Carolina) from Charlotte, NC is 3-4 hours, 65+mph (speed limits from 65-70), all highway, no traffic lights. I keep it on cruise control at 70-75, and the car just hums along. Same thing with a trip to Asheville from Charlotte; same straight shot, no lights. I do have the oil and filter changed every 3,000 miles, and use Exxon Premium (93) only. My S70 seems to like this treatment. ONe more thing.
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