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Mitsubishi Galant



  • boston14boston14 Posts: 111
    Where did you buy that car Hwahwa? I myself would not buy a used car at all when its has over 100,000 miles unless its from someone you know. That kind of thing is to be expected when the car is that high in mileage. My parents had a 87 Toyota Corolla that only lasted about 98,000 miles before we got rid of it due to engine failures that came and went. Even the Toyota dealer couldnt find or fix the problem. Its happens to the best car makers and that toyota of ours is proof. When just got rid of it for 500. Hang it there.
  • hwahwahwahwa Posts: 25
    i bot it off the street!
    like i said i let my driver license expire and i need a car to practice,it is a catch 22 situation,no car no licence,no license ,no car!it has a new rebuilt transmission and new radiator.
    i did some work such as oil change,tune up,battery and minor parts.
    the engine leaks oil but at first there is no sign of whatever ,now if i drive long enough,it will vibrate loudly at stop light then it may die .
    my mitsubishi dealer offers me 1000 as trade in,i paid 2200 .
    i know from reading this board,the zero program is killing the resale value of mitsubishi cars,so i am not sure if i get a new car,should i buy something else say a honda or a good toyota?
    consumer report said gallant is a good value and my dealer offered floor sample white 6 cylinder 2000 gallant ls for 18.000 cash.
    i would like to hold on to my 92 car a little longer to recoup my investment and just use it for around time errands,buti really like to know what is wrong with it,when it dies at the stop lite,both engine and oil lites lightup,does it mean something.
    i have no problem restarting but i like to know what can cause it to happen?
  • boston14boston14 Posts: 111
    Compared to what the rivials Toyota and Honda charge for their new v6 its nearly impossible to beat. Mine is a 4 cyl and I have never had one complaint about the power when is warmed up and has run a few miles on the drive. The transmission is the best and I have test driven a 97 Acura 3.0 which is one horrific shifting auto, an Altima, Camry and many many others and the best is still the Galant. I have stopped trying to trade in my car for something else as I have realized the grass is not always greener somewhere else. I have test driven 5 different brands of cars priced 14,000 to 20,000 and the Galant has the best road feel of all. The cars were Protege ES, Focus Wagon, Nissan Frontier v6 , Toyota tacoma and Subaru Legacy and Impreza. After carefully thinking not about interior room (thats my only dislike about the Galant) I came to realize this is the best of all of those cars above IMHO and I cant part with it. Grass is greener right here for me.
  • It is interesting to read the several posts defending their Galants reliability. Having been a generally happy Gallant owner myself, and having thoroughly enjoyed my car, I can certainly understand those dedicated to their Galants. What is curious is to read posts from so many owners of relatively new Galants that rave about their cars and speak of them as though they are invincible. Even more disturbing is the near anger vented towards any Galant owner who is brave enough to post his or her dissatisfaction with their car's reliability. Enjoy your Galants, they have much going for them, but don't be so arrogant as to ignore the advice of other owner owners who can attest to areas of the car that are problematic. If you have an automatic transmission, I don't care how good it shifts when new or near new, hedge your bets and change the fluid and filer frequently and take the car out of overdrive in mountainous terrain or when towing anything. Also, properly torque the lug nuts. Even following these suggestions, as your Galant ages, don't be surprised if you still have problems as these are notoriously weak areas of the car. On the other hand the Galant's strengths are extremely reliable engines and excellent design.

    While I understand those so quick to defend the reliability of their Galants against the likes of Toyota or Honda (depreciation of Galants not withstanding), your assertions, obviously based on your own understandable emotional attachments to your cars just don't have a quantative leg to stand on. With regularity I read nearly all of the major car magazines, as well several leading consumer magazines, as well as several forums on the web, and the reliability numbers year after year of these two makes is far above all of the other brands domestic or foreign. To be fair though, even with its problems, the Galant is a far better car than many others on the road and perhaps (sadly) all of the domestic makes. Reliability wise, every publication that rates cars rates the average Gallant just a few notches below the more homely Camry or Accord.

    This post was not meant to anger any of the proud Galant owners. However, as further evedince of Mitsubishi letting their quality slip, I would point you to page 18 of the January issue of Automobile magazine which reads as follows, "In the wake of Mitsubishi's embarrassing recall debacle, the Japanese Transport Ministry has temporarily withdrawn the company's registration certificate - thereby forbidding it to launch any new cars in Japan...". I guess to be fair, if the US had a similar policy, all cars would have to be imported.
  • hwahwahwahwa Posts: 25
    japanese bosses are known to publicly apologise profusely and resign when something goes wrong.
    arent our gallants come outof normal,ill facility or is it just assembled there?
    true,new car owners should be astute in paying attention to what other car owners have to say,especially those who own their cars for a while or bot a used one.
    my dealer offer of a white floor sample 2000 gallant LS is 18.000 cash (before 1000 trade in for my old one)-please note it is a white one and down in houston,white ones get dirty easy.
    also there is a rebate program going on nationwide for all 2000 gallant of 2000 dollars.
    also it is a floor sample so there will be some mileage and test driving abuse.
    i dont know whether it is still available,but since then i have received calls from other dealer(mitsubishi) for 2001 gallant ls for msrp plus 100 with more generous trade in.
    i suspect come next year,all auto makers domestic and foreign will be scrambling to sell their cars.
    this zero program is bad news for resale value.
    my salesman recommend taking up on the zero program and find alternative financing within a year,do not wait when one year is up and face the choice of paying 9% to your dealer or have your local bank tells you it is now a one year old car.
    another suggestion is to accept the zero program,keep the cash in bank to earn interest and come back a year later and pay it off.
    of course all these arrangements will be more than 18,000 .
    i still would like to know what is wrong with my 92 gallant which dies at stop lite
  • hwahwahwahwa Posts: 25
    my 92 gallant has a new rebuilt transmission when i purchased it.
    the seller bot this car at auction and quickly found out prior owner had been driving with the parking stick up!it ruined the transmission,but i have heard from other mitsu owners that the transmission is an achilles heel for mitsubishi.
    i think car quality has gone up in recent years,especially the lower end domestic ones and the cheap foreign ones like hyundai.
    unfortunately there are more car owners who drive more and maintain less, our lifetstyle is so hectic that some of us dont have time to do every thing.
    also there are folks out there who know howto drive and nothing else about the car like oil change,tune up.
  • It is true that new owners like me ( 1 yr old owner)of galants do like to come out and say how we enjoy our car , but that's true .. we are just sharing how good we feel about it ..

    We all know some people do get bad cars that break in few months , but those people also come out here and say DO NOT BUY GALANT ! , why? I don't know .. but we all respect their voice, as we should also have the respect when we say BUY IT !

    I do have said lots of time, If you want proven reliability go for the camry or accord, I recommend those 2 also, since lots of my family have them and are really good !
  • I have to commute 150 miles each day just to go to work. My Galant (model S) got 170,000 miles already. It is actually more reliable than I thought. There are not much big ticket repairs over the last 6 years. I will probably consider to buy a new Galant soon! It's worth the $.
  • I have had two Honda Accords a 1983 and a 1990. I wanted to try something a little different. I rode the Galant several times and even though it was nice except for some wind noise it just didn't win me over. I tried an Altima, comfortable but not as much head room or shoulder room that I was use to. Camry up next, nice room 134 HP but the back seat was smaller than what I was use to. I tried the Accord, solid 150 HP more room than any of them and while I didn't get the gingerbread moonroof and keyless remote that a Galant would have offered at the same price or a keyless remote that the Camry had; I got more room, more horsepower, better resale value and a very solid car for the price. I tried to get something different but for the money it was a no brainer.
  • whackowhacko Posts: 96
    I went out on a blind date the other night who ended up being a really beautiful sweetheart of a lady. The interesting thing was that when we both walked out to go to my car, she instinctively walked over to a parked Mitsubishi Galant (which was not my car but my neighbors). What made it more interesting was that the car I walked up to was my new Nissan Maxima. I mean, this lady thought that I was a really classy guy driving a Galant. So to make a long story short, she refused to go in my Maxima because she didn't like the look of the rear end. Luckily, my neighbor was home and I got to borrow his car. My blind date then told me that if I traded in my Maxima for a new Galant, she would go out with me again. Guess what? I went to the Mitsubishi dealer the next day...
  • Has anybody had a problem with the weird placement of the cupholders in the center console? I am looking at the Galant for my first new car, and although the front cupholder is free and clear, the rear one rests in the inconvenient location right UNDER the armrest. Please let me know if this is just a fluke of a particular model and it's been changed, or if this has been consistent throughout all models. Thanks!
  • boston14boston14 Posts: 111
    with the cupholders, I only can drink so much while driving so its no issue for me. My 2000 Es is getting new 16 inch rims with Dunlop D60 as 225/50/16 tires soon. I just dont seem to like my 15 in factory Eagle LS too much. The total cost with tax and labor is about 875.00 from Sears with everything on Sale price. I would have loved to get Toyo tires but the Nasdaq took that buying spree away so I had to settle for H rated tires. I think the 4 cylinder is fun as hell, I like a little more rev sounds to my drive. I have a v6 Camry while great, is kind of boring in a good way since its so quiet. Too bad, Mitsu didnt offer a 5 speed at all.
  • I am -->||<-- this close to buying a 2001 GTZ this week. Prices I'm looking at are from 21,800 to Edmund's TMV:22,408. What's the best anyone has seen? I have never owned a Mitsubishi before, my friend has an eclipse that he loves but he says that it loses pick-up after a couple of years. Also, i have seen it mentioned in several posts....what exactly is bad about the windshield being slanted? I'm pretty rough on cars, aside from regular oil changes, I haven't had a good maintenance record on my previous cars. I hope to be nicer to my new car, but I probably will slack off once it's not brand new anymore - should I reconsider the Galant and look for something more low-maintenance? Anyone have any advice before I leap? Anything I should be leary of on the GTZ compared to the other Galants?
  • boston14boston14 Posts: 111
    To me a windshield that is slanted cuts into visibility. I have test driven many 2000 cars that have more " upright" windshields and to me I can see more out so I get a more spacious feel to the car. The Atima and Protege are too of the best for visibility and to me the Galant while has a real good seating position and seats have only a fair view out front. The worst offenders are the tarus, sable and the Buick LeSabre. So far my 2000 Es only 1 problem, keyless and power locks went out and fixed under warranty. Besides that not a thing has gone wrong in 10k. Interior room is only drawback to the Galant, I should have got a Volvo for room but I dont think you can get a V70 for 18,000!!
  • For what it's worth, we bought a Galant GS in 1989. My wife drove it until last year when I bought her a 2000 Diamante. I now drive the Galant. It has almost 150K miles on it. The car still looks good and runs very well. In fact, it still goes like a bat outta hell. Our car has a 5 speed, and it still shifts flawlessly. It was our Galant's reliability that convinced us the Diamante would also be a very good car. We have had the D now for just over a year, and we have not been dissapointed.

  • 4u24u2 Posts: 17
    After almost six months, I am still happy with the Galant ES V6. Its acceleration, build quality, handling, steering, and cargo space is great. I love driving the car. I have no complaints with the windshield, I don't know what is causing the fuss.

    I have a question about the trip odometer. How do you actually set it? I am trying to test my fuel mileage.

    People who think that Mitsubishis have suspect quality are really missing a treat. No problems from my fantastic car!

    I am still a happy Galant owner.
  • marcinmarcin Posts: 64
    If you just press the black button once it will switch between trip meter A, B, or odometer. For example, select trip A and hold a button for 2-3 seconds. It will reset itself to zero. Very easy and convenient, I use it all the time.
    My mileage was usually around 28 and now I am barely making 22mpg. But it's all correct. I live in Chicagoland and our cold weather causes it.

    Wake up and drive...
    marcin :)
  • purp3purp3 Posts: 24
    I have a 2000ES 4cyl, Silver Metallic. 15,000 miles on it. Runs great, looks great, rides great! I just think it is an awesome car! No complaints at all. I see that Mitsu is selling 20,000 more Gallants at this time then they did last year. Looks like they are going to sell between 90,000 - 95,000 Gallants this year. Go to for comparisons. Way to go Mitsu and keep making a great automobile like the Gallant really is! I'm very satisfied with my purchase!
  • purp3purp3 Posts: 24
    I was just so excited about putting my message on here that I mis-spelled the name of my car. Can you believe that! It is GALANT not GALLANT. I feel stupid I did that even though I spell checked myself!
  • whackowhacko Posts: 96
    It's okay that you misspelled the name of your car. Afterall, you are only human, full of imperfections like everyone else. The important thing is to accept the realization that it won't be the last misspelled word you will write. However, I want you to know that I forgive you for your unintentional error and that I accept your apology. Have a nice day today...
  • ultratechultratech Posts: 142
    Well, I can see the galant offers a $2000 rebate for their 2000 models .., so GO FOR IT !!!
  • kandtkandt Posts: 1
    I currently own a GTZ, it's a 99 model with 10 disc changer option. They only make 1500 of these each year, so you don't see many at all, in fact in WV I have only seen 2. It drives great and we have never had to service it except for routine stuff. We only have 15,000 miles on it and it has been great-is very comfortable and reliable, and the stereo is unbelievable. There are side airbags and plenty of luggage space. We regrettably are selling ours due to wife not returning to work, but I highly recommend the car.(We have to keep the van for the kids). It seems to get an awful lot of positive comments from passersby.
  • I own a 99' Gallant I-4ES, silver pearl and I absolutely love it! I tinted the rear windows and set it on -Racing wheels. I bought it due to its aggressive styling and fantastic accelleration. I have had it for 1.5 years and I have not had any problems. The car lives up to its safety crash test ratings too. Back in October, a tow truck ran a red light and smashed into me. I Thank God that he blessed Mitsu with talented engineers that designed a car that could withstand a bashing from a tow truck at 40mph. My Gallant saved my life and was repair able!! I can't tell it was in an accident. It is a fantastic car in every category. It still turns heads at the car wash and gas station, even at stop lights.
  • Has anyone had a radiator hose problem with 99' or newer Gallants? I a friend of mine also owns a 99' Gallant and he has had a very slight leak of antifreeze around the radiator hose. (the end that connects to the engine) The dealer says that it is due to the clamps loosing tension. Is this a problem common to Gallant or just unique to his car?
  • hwahwahwahwa Posts: 25
    rebate on 2000 gallant has been going on for months,2001 rebate is 750.
    i am waiting for 2000 reeebate for 2001 car,any one knows when??
  • ultratechultratech Posts: 142
    In carsdirect it says rebate for the 2001 is $1000 ... In 1999 , they started with the $750 , they then had $1500 around april , and $2000 just around december .... So you can expect the same thing for 2001 models , unless they start to sell like hotbread, which i doubt .

    I haven;t heard anyone here on on yahoo's club say anyhting about radiator leak ...
    most common complains are rattles and plastic parts falling apart ..
  • In response to motortrend1, yes, I too have had antifreeze leak around the hose connection at the top of the radiator on my '00 AS 4cyl.. I noticed "the smell' after I got home from work one evening, popped the hood, and there it was, antifreeze leaking around the connection. I just tightened the clamp, and had no problems since.
  • Thanks for all the feedback everyone!
    I bought a black Galant GTZ and I LOVE it!! I have been driving everywhere so I hope it can take a whole lotta miles in its lifetime :) I got the 2001 and took the 1.9 financing... I did a bunch of calculations and it made the most sense. So 1,000 miles in, and so far I am 100% thrilled with my new ride!
  • ern35ern35 Posts: 11
    I have a '95 Galant ES, and had to have the transmission rebuilt with only 53,000 miles. I have been told that this is a problem with the Galant. Has anyone else had any experience/problems with this? Thanks.
  • I own a 1999 ES 4-banger with about 30K miles. For the most part I am very happy with the car. Two minor complaints - Has anyone else noticed the right front edge of the passenger side airbag cover popping up a bit? Most might not even notice it, but it's bugging me a little. Also, I have noticed a tendency at moderate to fairly hard acceleration for the transmission to "hunt" once or twice between 3rd and 4th - not hesitation, but like it is trying to drop into overdrive too quickly. Dealer checked and says no error codes in computer. Anyway, I agree with the vast majority of posts on this board - for the price, there really isn't any competition for Galant.
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