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2013 and earlier-Honda Accord Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • blufz1blufz1 Posts: 2,045
    Shake it off. If it's the worst mistake you ever make you'll be doing well. I don't buy the warranty. I mean, it's a Honda. Cancel the warranty and consider not having a warranty. You've got 3/36 anyway. Or wait 5k before buying and assess if you have a good, tight car or not. Just my .02.
  • godeacsgodeacs Posts: 481
    You say at Gunn Honda? I've been at their site (and the dealer) and don't remember prices that low, esp with "1 simple price"! Can you be more specific? Thanks....
  • gibbyatxgibbyatx Posts: 1
    Looking to buy a new accord in central texas (live in Austin, but will travel to San Antonio if needed). Was quoted 21,900 before TT&L in Austin tonight for EX model. Hoping to buy LX or EX at or below invoice. Anyone advice?
  • I got a great quote in NoVa but we live in Florida. Will Honda dealers down here meet or beat that price? How would I go about asking them to do this? thank you!
  • kiawahkiawah Posts: 3,666
    Go in to the dealer and make an offer to buy the vehicle for that great price you have. See if they'll take it.

    The DC area tends to me more competitive (and hence lower prices) than FL, but try it. Worst they can do is say no, and counter with a different price.

    You then get to decide whether it is worth the difference to buy it in Florida, versus buy it in Va and drive it down.
  • alamocityalamocity Posts: 680
    They were running some great deals over the Memorial day weekend, not sure whether they are still in effect. Email me if you need further information.
  • dwynnedwynne Posts: 4,018
    Not if they learn where the quote is from - too far away.

    Still, the idea is if one dealer could sell for that price then any could - except incentives can be regional. The dealer in VA could be getting more dealer money than your local dealers, so they could not match the price.

    The other problem is that unless you "know" the dealer in VA to be on the level, you could do the travelling to get the good price and learn that they did not include destination and dealer fees in the quote (or something like that) and once in the door you can't get it as cheap as you though. They figure after you have flown or driven in, you are not likely to leave without the car - even if the price is a good bit higher than you thought. Not all dealers are like this, many give you a nice price and stick to it when you arrive - but there are some who play games, even with distant customers.

  • I finally found one that would kind of meet it- he met it but added in the additional 4% extra FL sales tax (sales tax is only 3% in VA). I thought this was pretty fair, but now I have that quote and now am boucing it off many dealers around this area... trying to get the 07 Sedan EX-L V6 automatic in Desert Mist color for under 25K out the door in the Tampa area. Does this sound reasonable?

    Out the door means NO extra charges added on at the end, right?
  • faji_tamafaji_tama Posts: 5
    The best offer I've been given so far for a 2007 Special Edition Accord Sedan w/ AT (no accessories) is from Riverside Metro Auto Group (I'm in Cali):

    Internet Price + dest fee: $18,529
    Total (tax, doc fee, license): $20,337.93

    Gudy Honda and Metro Honda in Montclair have both said they'll match this price, but can't do any better. What do you guys think?
  • Getting closer to the goal, any Florida people on? Do you think 25,500 OTD is a good deal for the v6 sedan Ex-L?
    I argued 3 dealers to that point today, but the one closest to me thought it was 3500 too low. He showed us the invoice and said his dealers would lose their shirt on that deal. We were like, oh well, we will drive an hour away and get the deal there, your loss.
  • sreedevi4sreedevi4 Posts: 12
    The folks at the dealership told me that Gap insurance was mandatory on leases but not for ppl who buy their cars. So, the AHFC financing contract does not have gap by default.
  • jalilijalili Posts: 16
    Just picked up a 2007 Accord SE 4Cyl, AT (4AT). No accessories, no extended warranty. Floormats included.

    $18,300 including destination charge
    + tax + title + $55 doc fee.

    Bought in the Bay Area.
  • thegraduatethegraduate Posts: 9,731
    I think you mean 5AT! :)

    That is a GREAT deal, buddy. That price is close to what I've seen for LXs, not SEs, so you did great!
  • blufz1blufz1 Posts: 2,045
    Good buy,man.
  • faithleaffaithleaf Posts: 2
    very good price! I'm in bay area too and want to buy Accord recently
    Can you please let me know which dealership you went? :)
  • jalilijalili Posts: 16
    leave me your email (its private on your profile) and I'll give you the contact info for the dealer + salesman.

    Although I will say Autowest in Fremont agreed to sell it to me for the the same price (actually a bit cheaper - 18250). I would go today though as it is the last day of the month. You probably won't be so lucky tomorrow.
  • Bought the new Ex-L Sedan V6 Automatic today... Desert Mist
    Hassle free from Ocala Honda!
    22,900 Selling price
    plus Florida Tax (6% and $50)
    OTD for 25,250!!
    He beat my lowest price by $250 bucks! Great experience. Worth the drive up from Tampa, no one else would come close to that price here in Florida!
  • rujorujo Posts: 137
    Congrats - excellent deal!

    Just to avoid possible "price confusion" or unrealistic expectations in other markets . . . I'm seeing approx. $900 difference between your selling price plus tax and your OTD price. Can you break this down so folks can judge whether your dealer's very low selling price was bolstered by higher than average dealer fees, dealer-installed options, etc?

    Thanks! And regardless of my question above - $25,250 OTD is a great price. Shows what aggressive and diligent comparative shopping/negotiation can achieve!
  • Hey there-
    22,919 Price of vehicle
    598 Doc Fee (very high- should have negotiated this a little down, but we were really haggling over the OTD price the whole time)
    6.50 State Tire and battery fee (had no idea what this was)
    23523.58 Taxable amount (I think)
    1411.42 State sales tax
    50.00 County Sales tax (1% of the first 5K in my county)
    225.00 New Tag, Title, etc.
    40.00 Elect File (don't know what this was either, but didn't really care)
    25,250 OTD. That was the price we negotiated agressively for two days. I really tried to get 25K even but no one would touch that, most dealers told us good luck and told us to come back if that didnt work out.
    We got ripped on the $600 fee but we felt everything else was fair. Thanks for all of your help here. We were really happy! The car is just beautiful and DH loves the V6 and 244 hP. We did not trade in at all, keeping 2 92 Acura Legends- mine has 230K on it, still going strong, but need a little more reliable daily driver. (Hoses are all going bad.)

    THanks again!

    ETA: We got mud flaps and the cargo cover and a few other nice features (wheel locks, door guards etc.). He would have given us the one with the spoiler, pinstripes and a whole bunch more dealer features and at the center of the showroom for 25,500 (original price) but I really didn't need or want the spoiler.
  • thegraduatethegraduate Posts: 9,731
    $23,517 + TTL for a an EX V6 Accord is still quite good.

    He could say the car is $21,000 with a $2,500 doc fee, it'd still be the same. :)

    You didn't do badly at all, so don't worry.
  • mcdumcdu Posts: 1
    I paid $25,699 + tax & fee in Riverside CA. $400 more than the one I found later in internet. Here is the dealer who asked for $25,288 + T/F
    Tony Woodard
    Internet Sales
    (707) 359-1719 Office
    Toll Free (877) 258-8516
  • rujorujo Posts: 137
    At $2000 under invoice (even after adding most of the big doc fee to the selling price) - I don't think he's doing any worrying!
  • Thanks!! So happy we did well, and we can finally relax. Never bought a NEW car before, so this was up there with closing on a house; stressful experiences that are so wonderful when they are all over! :)
  • "I don't think he's doing any worrying!"

    LOL! ... 29 year old gal here! :)

    Love my new accord. Good luck to you all in negotiating! :)
  • thegraduatethegraduate Posts: 9,731
    Well, it appears your seemingly heart-wrenching experience paid off big-time. Congratulations, seriously! Hope to see you around some more of the threads! :)
  • faithleaffaithleaf Posts: 2
    my email:

    If i miss the deal this time, i will wait for 7/4 weekend, hope there will be new promotion that time. :blush:

    Thanks a lot
  • tytxtytx Posts: 2
    I drove a new Accord home this afternoon for $23,174.02 OTD, which I think is a good deal.
    When I started searching two weeks ago, I browsed every post since early April in this Forum and learnt a lot from everybody. I felt that I have obligation of sharing my buying experience with you guys.
    I picked fifteen dealers around great Houston area from Honda’s web site and made requests for a quote for an EX-L I4 AT sedan without any option.
    Eleven of them responded. Their offering price (include $595 destination fee and options, if any) ranges from $21,791 to $24,779 with a median of $22,291.
    Tax rate here is 6.25%.
    For those who gives detailed fee schedules, Title ($33), Inspection ($21.75), Document ($50), Deputy ($5) are the same. Others (License, VIT, Bridge, etc.) are various. But, the total of fees ranges from $225.30 to $244.02, which makes not much difference in the OTD.
    The OTD, in turn, ranges from $23,389.25 to $26,567.93 with a median of $23,928.21.
    From these quotes, I thought I could strike a deal of a few hundred dollars lower than $23,400 easily. But I was wrong.
    The dealers who offer an OTD below $23,400 would not bargain; and, those who offer around $23,700 reduced their OTD only to around $23,400.
    The break through came in a form of “Memorial Day Special”. The dealer advertised "$2000 below invoice price":

    Special Offer 21,291.
    Option (fabric sealant) 299.
    Total Price 21,590.

    Sale Tax (6.25%) 1,349.38
    License 60.80
    Title 33.
    Inspection 21.75
    Doc 50.
    Deputy 5.
    Inventory 52.59
    Bridge 11.50

    OTD 23,174.02

    It might not be really $2000 off, but the offer is good to me. I paid cash no tread in.
  • jerryshenjerryshen Posts: 1
    thank you for the price sharing. just bought my 2007 accord vp yesterday for the same price. definitely can be lower, they dont even try to sell me the extended warrenty. but i feel good and it is a good car to me.
  • angelnangeln Posts: 1
    I also feel the obligation to share my experience with the forum since it provided most of the information I used to close this deal.

    I drove home my EX-L I4 AT last night. This is the second time I shop for an Accord via the Internet (we have been a Honda family for almost 5 years, but we are now officially an Accord family). All negotiations were made by email. We agreed on the price and the dealer (Honda Mall of GA) met their promise.

    Here is what I came out with:
    $21706 including destination charge, sunroof visor, mud guards, wheel locks, spoiler and cargo tray.

    They got me on the doc fee (a very steep $499), but most quotes I received were about the same amount.

    I got $2,000 for my 97 Civic which brought the OTD down to $21439.

    Here is a summary
    21706 price including options and dest charge
    -2000 Trade-in
    +499 processing and document fee
    +1212 tax
    +21 License
  • Out of curiosity, I browsed through the incentives part of Edmunds and discovered that Honda has some generous incentives on the Accord. I have two questions: Which of the Cash to Dealer incentives is applicable ($750 vs. $1200) and secondly, can this be combined with the $750 Cash to Customer incentive?

    If these incentives are able to be combined, I may have to reconsider trying to buy a CR-V.

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