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Toyota FJ Cruiser



  • I am not what Toyota had in mind for this vehicle (age 50) but my 96 Avalon has 145,000 miles and I always liked the old landcruisers. My cars are always a mess because I enjoy surfcasting and hiking. Maybe its a mid life crises but I would love to be in the FJ. When I first saw a picture in 2003 I got excited but I did not think they would build it. The ride would have to be somewhat comfortable on the highway for me- not like an Avalon but tolerable. So we will see. Still have to talk my wife into it.
  • Overall Length: 177.6

    Overall Width: 74.6

    Overall Height: 70.9

    Wheelbase: 105.9

    Ground Clearance: 9.6


    Those stats alone are why this SUV is better than every single SUV out there, which are either too long, too narrow, or both.


    And even the ones that come close can't match Toyota quality/price.


    As far as the design, it even looks good in that ridiculous blue, imagine it in black or silver.


    I've waited a long time for an SUV that can match the VehiCross in terms of style, dimensions, and yes TWO DOORS, and Toyota has finally done it and better.
  • bpraxisbpraxis Posts: 292
    As a 46 year old male some would think that I would not be the target market for the FJ. In my opinion this vehicle will possibly have a broader appeal then Toyota is expecting somewhat like the Element.


      The FJ has spectacularly unique individual styling with fun funky details everywhere. A design tour-de-force in my opinion. I have seen pics of the interior and the dash has a mechanical appearance matching the color of the exterior of the truck.


      The FJ is going to be a smash hit and I hope that I will be able to negotiate a decent discount in the first year.


      It is amazing to me how much fun styling you can buy today for a very modest price. Witness the Mini, The PT Cruiser, the Element, The Scion line, The VW Bug etc and now the FJ Cruiser, Wow. At one time you really had to spend a lot of money to make a design statement. Capitalism is wonderful. And a neighbor of mine just brought home a new Mercedes CLS, Wow.


      I have owned a Lotus Esprit Turbo, various Corvettes, Dodge Stealth, 57 T bird, Nissan 280 Z, Masseratti Merek, Toyota Celica, Lexus SC and now the Infiniti FX35.


      One other car that looks to be a home run for 2006 is the new Saturn Sky. Cant wait to see that in person also.
  • Since it's not the stud (in design) the last FJ was, and it seems the effort that coulda went to a new Supra was used to make a SIXTH 'Yota SUV (can Scion get one, maybe?), AND it seems to be attracting an aged demographic, I have to give it the Raspberry.




  • The kicker: The Celica is going to be cut! The only sports car Toyota is working on is that exotic Lexus that sat on the turntable. That car will cost the buyer six figures!


    What about all the young bucks and old bucks who just want a convertible sports car, stick shift, and an engine with some torque instead of whining rpms!


  • Once every 20 years or so, GM does something right.


       So 'Yota has Echo (Vitz), Corolla (Matrix is not a car to me), Solara, Camry, and Avalon.


       So 5 cars, 6 SUV


       I guess they're trying to reflect the market!


       I still want a car for MEN!


       Saturn Sky looks good. New Civic Si. Dodge is for men only.


  • nippononlynippononly SF Bay AreaPosts: 12,669
    so just exactly what is the Matrix, if not a car? LOL


    Oh yeah, and you forgot the Prius.


    And I think of it more in terms of cars and trucks. For Yota, the count is five trucks, 7 cars, and two wannabe middle-of-the-roaders, the RAV and Highlander, which really can't do anything trucky but do sit tall and look the part, with the consequent loss of fuel economy that entails.


    Now we can add one to the trucks count, the FJ. 2006, here we come. I will almost definitely be picking one of these suckers up. But having picked up a first-year Toyota recently (my can-of-loose-bolts '03 Matrix), I will not soon be making the mistake of buying in the first year again. So perhaps my own driveway will not contain an FJ until calendar 2007...


    PS After MR2 and Celica go, the next two on the possible mid-future chopping block are Echo and Land Cruiser, so one of each, car and truck. Just in case you wanted to, say, accuse Toyota of being heavily truck-biased...


    2013 Civic SI, 2009 Outback Sport 5-spd (stick)

  • Too tall, boxy, and useful to be cars. Why it's sales are counted with Corolla makes NO SENSE! They may share a platform and engine, but come on, who they kiddin'!


      Yeah, the new Cruiser I guess replaces the Real Cruiser, by 2007 I'd say.


      I test drove the Vibe GT. Was a LOT of fun!


      Steering wheel seemed welded into the dash, though. Driving became awkward. But roomy!


      How can I forget Prius?


      I left out Tundra and Tacoma. They definitely aren't cars.


      Toyota has become cars are for girls, trucks are for guys. I'm nmot vibin' with them right now.


      I'm selling my Civic and looking at the 93 MR2.


      But 132k? Guy wants $6k. It's in great shape, but not that much.


      I want a Cooper, made by 'Yota!


  • Hmm.... i don't really have a problem with 'Yota having a bunch of trucks. I mean, look at Chevy.... or Ford.... well anyway. I hope that Toyota axes the Land Cruiser or makes it a more powerful trim of Sequoia or something. I hope that they make that Supra replacement thingamajig, because cutting the Supra is like cutting an arm off. Then they need to make the Highlander a little more refined, and more clearly a crossover. Then they need to move 4 Runner down in price to compete with the Trailblazer and Explorer. Also, making it a little bigger. Then they could position the FJ in between the Higlander and RAV4 in terms of price. Also, they should add a more powerful 4 cylinder to the RAV4 or make a V-6 option.


    As for cars.... Bring back Supra :) Prius rocks. A little more power wouldn't hurt. Camry needs new styling. I guess when you're pumping out 400000 of any car a year it would look boring anyway. Bigger engine in Matrix. More power in Tundra.


    I'm done
  • sik99sik99 Posts: 23


    Did you not see this?


    "Contrary to rumors, Toyota's Supra replacement will in no way, shape or form, bear any resemblance to the Giugiaro-designed Volta concept which appeared in Geneva last March. Toyota does, however, plan on delivering a high-performance sports car along the lines of the departed Supra some time between the end of 2006 and 2007. This two-door, front-engine, rear-wheel-drive sport coupe might be built on an all-new platform, although it's expected that Lexus will not build its own variation. Toyota's luxury subsidiary will instead build its own supercar based on the LF-A concept shown at this year's Detroit auto show. The car will probably be priced from around $30,000 and some sort of prototype could very likely debut at the 2005 Tokyo Motor Show"



    Now you can quit whining about your supra. I currently own a 98 4'runner. With the exception of the cupholders, and lack of power(the v-6 is laggy) it is one of the best "trucks" out there. I tell ya what though...I wouldn't trade it for one the new 4'runners. Too mommy-fied for my taste.


    For all you comparing a nissan product to a toyota product, you should be ashamed. Don't get me wrong I like nissan styling. Their reliability though leaves something to be desired.


    This FJ looks to be a great truck for toyota. Something that can compete with jeep for off-road capability AND still have the piece of mind with toyota reliability.


  • And if they do bring it back, it's too late by then.


       The Sports car market cycle(outside of 'Vette) has only 3-4 years to it, then it's burnt out, then dormant for 4-5 years. 'Yota has clearly missed this cycle.


       They WILL build that Lexus supercar!


       But they won't "dumb it down" enough to make the Supra live again, in any relevant form.


       And it would hurt the Lexus. You can't sell a $100k car, then sell a knock-off with strong performance for $30K. Rich folks ain't havin' it!


       Stop talking about Supra! It depresses me!


       FJ is uglier than the original, and IT MISSED this SUV cycle (Hummer cycle) too!


       All the freaks will buy it for a couple of years, than it's a Celica.


  • "FJ is uglier than the original, and IT MISSED this SUV cycle (Hummer cycle) too!"


    That comments make me wonder just what you are filled with, fill.


    If you havent learned the SUV is not a "cycle" by now, check the numbers.


    In fact, the only downside to an SUV is the bulk, which, guess what, Toyota solves with the perfectly proportioned and styled FJ.
  • A. The Super Off-Roader is a "Cycle"


       This is not a 4Runner, that can take potholes smoothly, and rock the rocks. This is a dedicated off-road machine. You are playing to a very narrow market. AND only 2-doors! Limits it's versatility.


       B. The Element and XTerra didn't fly far.


       The Element is high teens! The Xterra sells 60-70k? With 4 doors? This truck is $22-23k all over the place. Over $25k with options!


       C. The market is heading DEEP into crossover SUV.


       Why NOW release a super off-roader? Timing?


       Look up the Toyota RSC from the 2002 Show Circuit. THAT is where the market is headed in 5-7 years.


      Release THAT off-roader, today!! I'm all over it!


      I'll buy two of those!!


      And I guess you haven't seem a hooked-up old-school FJ. Watch MTV's "Pimp My Ride", where they do one up in YELLOW (!), and it looks hard as hell!


      It looks like Wrangler's Big Brother, just out of the Slammer, on more 'Roids than Giambi!


      Remake THAT FJ!


      Toyota can do better.


      Make a Supra


      Make an RSC.


      Remake the FJ PROPERLY.


      Thank You.


  • nippononlynippononly SF Bay AreaPosts: 12,669
    you've got me grinning here! OK, lessee...


    " B. The Element and XTerra didn't fly far."


    Both outsold their respective companies' sales projections, right out of the gate. The XTerra continued to do so through most of its first gen model cycle, and Honda had to shift production to build more Elements to meet demand.


    But forget Element, it is a car, FJ is a truck. XTerra is the only comparable vehicle out there.


    "This truck is $22-23k all over the place. Over $25k with options!"


    As will be the FJ, I am sure. And your point is? Perhaps the only other small truck-based SUV you could compare besides the XTerra is the Jeep Liberty, which also costs around this much with the V-6 and 4WD, and that is a V-6 that is seriously down on power compared to the FJ's 4.0


    "Why NOW release a super off-roader? Timing?"


    NO, because Toyota no longer has one (unless you have $50K to spend on an LC, and REALLY like leather). And it has always been a truck company with some genuine offroad cred. To maintain that, it needs a vehicle like FJ right now.


    Oh yeah, and

    "A. The Super Off-Roader is a "Cycle"


       This is not a 4Runner, that can take potholes smoothly, and rock the rocks. This is a dedicated off-road machine. You are playing to a very narrow market. AND only 2-doors! Limits it's versatility."


    I am not sure where you got the idea that the Super Off Roader, whatever that is, is a cycle. There are as many people today, if not more, as there were 40 years ago that like to go offroad in their trucks. It was never a big portion of the market, but it is a small, strong foundation on which to base a truck like FJ. Add to that a bunch of people who will want one for the snow and only need a smaller vehicle, and a few who just think it looks cool or want an SUV but can't afford a midsize one, and bingo! 50K sales per year easy. IIRC, Toyota is only hoping for 40K in the first year.


    And this has all the mechanicals of the Tacoma, so where's the downside for Toyota? It can be brought to market cheaply for them, and as a result can be a niche model rather than one that has to draw down major sales to recoup costs.

    2013 Civic SI, 2009 Outback Sport 5-spd (stick)

  • "XTerra is the only comparable vehicle out there."


    Well there is also the Kia Sorento.


    So the only question is why WOULDNT Toyota (or anyone else) put out a vehicle with only two direct competitors?


    Especially when it overtakes both of them in terms of design and quality so much so that in effect it has NO direct competition?


    Thanks to the FJ, you wont have to settle or compromise with any of the LAME current crop of SUVs or crossovers out there.
  • nippononlynippononly SF Bay AreaPosts: 12,669
    yeah, I hadn't thought of the Sorento. That one is still frame-based for a while longer, but isn't really in the same category in my mind because it has nothing in the way of offroad-oriented equipment. I don't think it has a two-speed transfer case? It runs on passenger radials. It is designed as a people mover; in fact it has been criticized for its weight because it has been compared to unibody people-movers as its intended competition.


    XTerra is solid competition for FJ, Liberty is less so, and to me that seems to be about it, unless you want to toss in Wrangler, which I wouldn't.

    2013 Civic SI, 2009 Outback Sport 5-spd (stick)

  • serranotserranot Posts: 113
    "Toyota can do better.


      Make a Supra"


    Talk about being out of cycle. Two-door sports cars are way out.



  • Actually the Sorentos are supposed to be pretty good off-road, they do have low-range.


    I don't think the FJ would have poor on-road characteristics as doc fill suggests. 4runners ride well, and this is the same frame (alot shorter overall length but not much shorter wheelbase).
  •    #100! WooHoo! Another successful forum from me!




       Who cares about projections!


       What are 'Yota's Projections on the FJ?


       My point is the market here is very small.


       This also includes Wrangler. That is THE competition! Two-door, six cylinders, heritage, off-road (Primary use). Or the old Vehicross.


       Element is close but still a secondary competitor because of price and power differences.


       Liberty, Sorento and Xterra are 4-doors, so they are in a different class.


       Xterra sales are VERY MODEST, for a 4-door SUV with V6 power in an SUV market, with virtually NO competition! Liberty is it.


       Sorento doesn't sell. Element same.


       And, Nippon, Toyota hasn't had a major off-roader in this class for how many years? I think over the past 10-15 years, they've been doing alright, no?


       My point is instead of making an UGLY MISREPRESENTATION of an off-road legend, why not start a new class, car crossovers, with an RSC-type vehicle.


       Start turning cars into potential off-roaders (or at least great snow buggies!)!


       Instead of following a dying breed, why not just start a new one?


       Rav4? Prius? RX? They did pretty well, no?


       Start something. New. Hot! Now.


       Thank You.


  • nippononlynippononly SF Bay AreaPosts: 12,669
    let's not go and get too worked up here! :-)


    Wrangler - I tossed it in, but it is an offroad beast with a removable roof. Try driving a Wrangler on a highway trip of more than, say, 3 hours. You will long for death. There are pretty much no vehicles left on the market as punishing as that.


    Most of the SUVs nowadays are car-based models ("crossovers") or truck-based models tuned for pavement ride and extended to seat seven. In other words, they are all street-oriented, and/or oversized. With most of them, it has reached the point where their offroad ability s seriously compromised.


    FJ is neither street-oriented nor oversized. But unlike Wrangler, it is not so awful on the street that you could not take a highway drive up to the mountains and go skiing. It just skews the balance the other way from everything out there today.


    The 2-door vs 4-door distinction is not a meaningful one. Up until 2002 Toyota had a very decent stock offroad vehicle in the 4Runner. XTerra is very much an FJ competitor. Liberty is too, if you believe the hype about a frame INSIDE the unibody. Me, I think you can't have your cake and eat it too, but I have not seen anyone do anything hard-core with a Liberty yet, so I dunno for sure. It has good stats apart from that.


    "Who cares about projections!"


    Projections matter because they indicate the volume a manufacturer needs to sell to make a decent profit on a particular model. I think Toyota is projecting 40K for FJ in its first year out.


    I know that in a bigger-is-better market like the U.S. it is very hard to get your brain around the notion that some people prefer smaller vehicles, and vehicles that are capable in different ways, but not everyone has three kids, two dogs, and a ton of useless crap that they want to tote everywhere. And some people actually need a vehicle that IS rugged, rather than just looking the part. I mean, c'mon doc, think outside the box!

    2013 Civic SI, 2009 Outback Sport 5-spd (stick)

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