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Mitsubishi Montero Sport



  • dmetzgerdmetzger Posts: 160
    On your poor gas mileage, I suggest that you take it to your dealer and have them check it out. My 2000 Limited 4x4 at present is averaging around 17+ MPG. The worst so far to date is 14.5 and the best, 21. And, has had only one minor rattle proble that was fixed. Been a great vehicle so far and the fuel economy seems to be getting better.
  • vickiesvickies Posts: 1
    I just purchased my Montero Sport ES last night and already am in love with it. The ride is just great and for the price, I couldn't turn it down. The cab is really roomy and so many compartments for various "things". I highly recommend this car for anyone wanting a good SUV with a lot of options for the money. I got a great price!!
  • Hi all,
    We are looking at a (new) 99 Sport Ltd sitting on a dealer lot with about 5k miles. Kelley says 29,750 retail, and Edmunds says 23,760 market.... the dealer has a 33K sticker, asking 38K including "advertising".
    What is a fair price, and why are Kelley and Edmunds so far apart?
    Mary Ann
  • alexpalexp Posts: 70
    Advertizing fee is 2%. Offer dealer $29000 out the door and see what happen.
  • crazyro1crazyro1 Posts: 1
    I have just purchased a 2000 Montero Sport LS. The dealer told me that I have to use Mitsubishi Oil filters, whether I change the oil myself (which I intend on doing) or whether I get it done somewhere. Is that a must? Has anyone had any problems with using a "generic" oil filter? Thanks.
  • bigeasyalbigeasyal Posts: 29
    According to the technicians at the dealership, Mitsubishi oil filters have a check valve in the filter that do not allow all the oil to run back down into the oil pan when the engine is off. This allows the engine to keep oil in the crankcase when cold starting the engine, thus reducing engine wear. If you use off brand filters they may not offer this protection and in a few years your mitsubishi engine will be burning oil out the exhaust.
  • For what it's worth:

    I have had my 2000 Sport XLS 2 wheel drive since 10/99. I have 11,100 miles on it and am averaging 19.5 miles per gallon.

    No problems at all thus far.
  • smockinsmockin Posts: 1
    How often I need to have the oil change? According to the sales person and also from the owner manual, oil change can be done in every 7.5k. Is that right? Besides, I am also looking for some after market accessories, such as side steps, molding, and also alarm systems. Any recommendation?
  • ejoseejose Posts: 1
    The 4Runners have optional superchargers for their SR5 Highlander models. Does anyone know if we have one for MS LS 4x4 3.0 V6 available that is factory recommended. This will definitely provide much needed extra power for this baby.
  • smoomaw2smoomaw2 Posts: 4
    A couple of questions that I was hoping for some help with. Are the $1500 rebate and the 0.9% financing on the Montero Sport mutually exclusive? It sounds from past posts that they are and I think that that is usual practice but I can't find a definitive answer online anywhere. Also, when I price out the car on one of the online dealers, say, is the price given before the rebate. For example, if carsdirect prices an MS LS with no options at $24,476, does that mean that when I buy the car, I will still get a thousand back? I am assuming that does given that it is a factory to customer incentive. I appreciate all the discussion info.
  • bigeasyalbigeasyal Posts: 29
    Dear Smoomaw2:

    Please give an email address for anyone to send responses to you directly!! Yes, the rebate and low financing are exclusive. If you qualify you get to choose from the low interest rate or the rebate, if you do not qualify for the financing you only get the rebate. Interest rates on current programs is 1.9% not 0.9% and rebates are as much as $2,000 now. Please write to me and I can give you some detailed information on how to get the best price. Carsdirect is not the cheapest way to go. You can do better on your own. For instance I can get you an LS 2wheel drive with the security system and preferred package for roughly $23,175 or $3,150 off the MSRP. This includes the current rebate and all that would be added is tax, title, and license. No other hidden fees or charges such as protection plans, undercoating, flooring fees, etc.

    To help, I need to know what state you live in, what is the combined state and local sales tax rate % applicable to your area, and what model you are looking for (ES, LS, XLS, Limited, 2 or 4 wheel drive)?

  • bigeasyalbigeasyal Posts: 29
    You sent a request to
    However, your return email address is showing undeliverable. I can save you big money. A dealer here in Louisiana will sell for $200 over invoice then you have the choice of either applying the $1,500 to $1,750 rebate to further lower that price, or you can take the 0.9% financing, your choice. But I need a way to contact you. Please email me with a daytime fax number and I will fax you the details.
  • camel555camel555 Posts: 2
    i bought MS LTD 4wd three weeks back. it is really very good. i had a long drive during this long weekend into smoky mountains and drove in two weeks around 2500 miles. it is great.

    i want to know the overdrive switch which they mention in the specs in this site. where is this switch located in the vehicle.

  • shay4shay4 Posts: 1
  • dmetzgerdmetzger Posts: 160
    There is no overdrive switch on the 2000 Montero Sport. It is a 4-speed selector, 1,2,3,OD. If you do want overdrive, move the transmission shifter to 3. This takes it out of overdrive.
  • nato1nato1 Posts: 102
    Usually a rule of thumb is 3000 miles for oil changes. (cheap insurance). Some will let the oil change go to 4k miles if there is a lot of highway miles on the oil.
    The point about the oil filters. Hmmm. Last I knew all oil filters had a 'check valve' in them. Just look at the bottom of the filter and you'll see a rubber flap that covers holes (these are the inlet to the filter). If curiousity is still eating you, go buy a dealer filter, one from the parts store (fram, wix, purolator, etc) and the cheapest filter you can get from wal-mart. Take a hack saw/can opener and begin the operation. You'll most likely find the differences in the filter element and in the gauge (thickness) of the outer jacket. If you find a check valve, HORRAY! If you don't, take the filter back to the service manager and ask him/her where it is. Let us know.
  • tascam4utascam4u Posts: 1
    hi folks,

    I Just purchased a 2000 Montero Sport Ls 2WD for 21,680 out the door price. I get free oil changes for the 1st year and for the life of the SUV, they are $9.99. I got it for 0% down and 2.9% financing. Is this a good deal? I did however, leave off the running boards and the roof rack. I never place anything on top of my SUV, so I said why pay the extra charge. I also figured could get the running boards and install them at an after market shop for much less than what the dealer wants for them. The dealership was turning over the Mitsubishi line over to another dealership and it wanted to sell as many as possible that day. Did I make out or what??
  • camel555camel555 Posts: 2

    i want to know does anyone had similar problem in ms ltd 4wd. i have driven only 2600 miles sofar after i bought it last month, last two days i am getting an noise like sound of air trying to penetrate from the front side passenger door near the joint of the door at the speed 50 miles and above if u drive less than 50 miles it stops!

  • dmetzgerdmetzger Posts: 160
    Mine doesn't. Has 9,000 miles. Have dealer check it out.
  • I live in Baton Rouge and am planning on buying a Montero. Would you please e-mail me and let me know what dealership it is that is selling for $200 over invoice. I would greatly appreciate it. I would have e-mailed you but there wasn't an e-mail address.

    Mine is (are you ready for this?? :) =

    Thank you soooooo much!
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