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Saturn Vue Electrical Problems



  • 442dude442dude Posts: 373
    Hi Joni,

    I've heard of this problem - the reduced power feature is telling you that there's a problem with the circuit that connects your gas pedal with the throttle body on the motor. Basically, it goes into reduced power mode as a safety precaution.

    There are 3 components to the syetem - the gas pedal, the throttle body and the throttle position sensor. It works like this: you press the gas pedal, a sensor on the pedal tells the throttle body how much to move the throttle under the hood and the throttle position sensor monitors to see that the gas pedal and throttle body agree. When they don't agree the car goes into reduced power mode as a safety precaution. Chances are one of those 3 components are not working correctly. Usually its the throttle body or the throttle position sensor that need to be replaced. If your dealer hasn't replaced these but instead just reset the computer, the problem will come back just like yours has.

    My suggestion: try another dealer and explain your problem to them - now that you understand basically how it works you're better equipped to talk them into replacing the part that you need - best of luck!! Hope I helped...
  • jonihjonih Posts: 2
    Thanks so much for the info. I really hope this last time it was in the shop is the last. They replaced the sensors and rewired everything cause they said the wires where shorting the gas pedal sensor. This last time in happened they said they had connected the wires with but connectors and they thought that the wiring was not getting enough power through and so they soddered them. So far does this sound like I should be ok now? Do you think I should still be worried? I am so freaked out to put my baby in the car now!!

  • 442dude442dude Posts: 373
    Don't be freaked out...the Vue is one of the safest cars on the road - bought mine after I totalled a 95 Saturn wagon, broadsided by a full size 4x4 truck on the drivers side, walked away without a scratch...

    Anyway...I like the fact that they did 2 things - replaced sensors & replaced's cars are so sensitive to good electrical connections its unbelievable. One bad connection can be a nightmare on a specific system...I think you're gonna be good..
    All the best,
  • I have a 06 Vue 3.5L V6 AWD. The issue that I'm having is with what I believe is second or third gear. At 1400 RPMs the engine sounds like it wants to stall as if I were driving a standard tranny in too high of a gear. Trying to find anyone else with similar symptoms or any advise Thanks
  • Yesterday my battery went died. I got it jumped. Now the radio will not turn on. The clock will not turn on either. i did check the fuses...any things else I can check???
  • I have the same problem. Head lights were left on for 4 hours yesterday. I put a charger on the battery. I got the Vue home but radio is completely dead. I looked in my owner manual and it said the theft deterrent feature can activate after a power loss. You need to enter the 4 digit code with the key in the run position and the radio will reactivate to normal. If you don't know the code (in my case) you will have to take the Vue in to Saturn to have reactivated.

    Just what I found out yesterday.
  • tkmirallestkmiralles Posts: 1
    Our Vue has had several problems:
    1. Daytime running lights- were intermittent, then failed. Dealer first replaced battery terminal, seemed to work for a while, then failed.
    2. After the Day time running lights failed, the dash lights went out.- Dealer replaced a Daytime running light resister ($480.00) seemed to fix the DTRlights, but had the car for a week and said that the dash board harness needed to be replaced ($1600.00) and that there was a wiring problem (you think?). I said no thank you, went to AutoZone and bought some dash lights that stick on the dash glass and plug into the lighter plug (with a switch) $16.00.
    3. I thought we were out of the woods, NO! now the tail lights do not work with the head lights on, but work when the brakes are pushed.

    Can anyone please help with some advice, fix ? etc...
  • jrdpajrdpa Posts: 4
    I just thought I would update the group/thread.

    They did fix all the parts they didn't put back together right, for the most part. They replaced the piece behind the steering wheel (squeaking stopped, steering wheel stiffness was better), replaced the moulding where you step in, got the other gouged places out without replacing anything. Still no clue where the mystery screw came from. Still had the tapping noise in the engine.

    Oh, and once I got it back from that my wiper fluid was leaking again (3rd time). Come to find out that the o-rings are bad on the fluid reservoir because in the '08 they made the reservoir and neck two pieces instead of one and Saturn sent a bulletin to the dealers about this because it would cause leaks when full or almost full, but it would quit when the fluid level was below the o-rings. Sooo they had to replace the reservoir and all that for me. (Rental car #8 or #9)

    I decided I was fed up with all of this and didn't want to have problems again in 9 months or so (winter) in case the freezing wasn't fixed (they literally said "they hope", "they pray", "they think" it was fixed but we wouldn't know until next winter) and I was tired of wondering what is next and would they fix it right or not. Saturn wouldn't take it back after I invoked the lemon law and my lawyer didn't think I'd win in court, so I got a settlement. Saturn tried to low-ball me, I asked for more, and got more, though not what I asked for. My lawyer does this every day and said they don't pay out as much as they used to so that was a good settlement. I basically got almost all of my five payments back. The Saturn salesperson herself literally said, "whats the big deal?" to me when trying to get me to compare mine to the way a brand new one drives and behaves with the a/c and such (sounds like it's going to lift off when you first turn the a/c on). Got another similar comment out of someone else there. I later found out the newer production Vues have a different heater core in them so methinks Saturn may quietly be trying to cover this up so they don't besmirch their newly redesigned Vue.

    I took my Vue around to various dealers to see who would give me the most for an 08 XE V6 with 3,500 miles on it. I ended up trading for an 09 Subaru Forester at the dealer I bought the Vue from because the dealer I bought from (the Subaru part at least) really worked for me and gave me 500 less than my highest offer for the Vue. Basically I got a new vehicle for $60 more a month and the same insurance per month. Everyone else was trying to raise my payments by 100-200+ per month.

    I still hate that I had to do this since I loved it so much before the problems started, but to me it seemed a waste to keep paying for a vehicle I hoped would not have anymore problems. :(

    So far the Forester is getting 22 city and 26 hwy (only been on it once) on average and it has 455 miles on it. I'm thinking it might get better as it is broken in since vehicles typically do. :shades:
  • vuelarryvuelarry Posts: 1
    I am trying to install trailer towing light & plug connection at the rear of '06 Vue. Saturn sells an OEM harness part number 12499844 for $152.04. I do not want to pay that much and hope to purchase less expensive kit from Wal-Mart, like a plain generic 4 prong flat plug. I need to know if anyone has done this and what experience-good and bad you had. I really do not want to cut into the harness and splice IF I do not need to. I have removed the 2 plastic cargo buckets in the rear, left and right and have exposed the harness and plugs that are located under them. The right side has a fuse connected to it. Does this trailer light connection set up need a diode safety. please reply as soon as possible. thanks-Larry
  • bradlecjbradlecj Posts: 2

    I did this myself with my '04 VUE. The harness did not have a fuse attached to it, but I used a plain 4-prong harness from a hardware store for less than $10. I did have to splice the wires, since my VUE did not have a harness connector, but just wire loops to splice into. Overall, the toughest part was routing the wiring around the cargo bucket. There was no easy place to route the wires through without drilling through metal. I wound up routing the wire over the lip where the cargo bucket is installed into and loosely installing the cargo bucket over it. The other thing that I screwed up was that I left the cargo door open while I was installing it and the battery drained.

    Hope this helps a little.
  • vuebluesvueblues Posts: 2
    For the second time (the first time being over the Memorial Day Weekend); my speedometer drops to zero, the a/c turned off (this happened yesterday, I was not happy, East Coast heat wave), the airbag icon came on and the engine power dropped. The only difference between yesterday and the first time is that the engine light did not come on this time. The first time they said it was a leak in a seal around a connector and had received a service bulletin from Saturn headquarters. This time (they are keeping it over night) they think it s a connector; also, the air conditioner is pitiful (even before the heat wave) the air is tepid. I am beginning to think I have a lemon; I bought the car in January of this year; I have read some of the posts re computer sensors but just curious if anyone else is having trouble with an 08 Vue. Thanks in advance.
  • baxter097baxter097 Posts: 3

    I have a 2004 VUE, 5sp manual, 4-Cyl. 2.2 Liter, 2WD . It is the base model so there are no features (power windows, power locks, etc). I have a reoccurring problem where the whole car will power down and I cannot go more than 10mph. There are 2 indicator lights that come on. I have to pull over to the side of the road, turn off the car for a minute, and then restart. I have taken it to the dealership twice already for the problem. First time they replaced the gas pedal assembly to replace the throttle position sensor. The second time they replaced the emission computer. It was only 48 hours between the first and second visit. Now it has happened again not even 2 weeks after the last visit. I am taking it to a dealership so I would expect they have access to the resources to figure this out. Has anyone had a similar problem that has not be solved by the solutions already mentioned? Thank you for your time.

  • 442dude442dude Posts: 373
    From what I've read, its one of 2 issues:

    1 - There are 2 throttle position sensors on the throttle body under the hood, if they don't agree you'll get the issue you describe. I believe the fix is to replace the throttle body...

    2 - I've also read that an issue like this can be caused by bad grounds under the hood. The problem was fixed by cleaning up the grounds...

    Good Luck,
    John :shades:
  • baxter097baxter097 Posts: 3
    Thanks for the info John.

    I took the car to Auto Zone. They will connect the car to the device that reads to troubleshooting codes for free. The dealer charges $80 just for that. The code my car has is P2138.

    Definition: APP Sensor 1 and APP Sensor 2 signal voltage fault.
    Explanation: The ECM has detected the APP sensor signal 1 and 2 do not agree.
    Probable Causes: 1. Poor Electrical Connection.
    2. Failled APP sensor.

    I am going to continue to investigate before taking it back to the dealer. I want to present a good case so that this issues is resolved once and for all.
  • deddlesdeddles Posts: 1
    We own a 2006 VUE -- really nice, automatic and loaded. We've owned saturns for years, so we love the product. We just have this one mysterious quirk with our car. We'll be driving down the freeway and the interior lights start blinking off and on and the door lock automatically start locking and unlocking. I KNOW ... spooky, huh? This goes on for a long period of time until finally the lights stay on. We stop the car, open and close all the doors -- this will stop the nightmare in most cases. But, some times the problem is persistent as heck. Yes, we've taken it to the dealer a few times and they've kept the VUE -- it won't happen when they have it. They think we're NUTS! Has anyone experienced this? Thank you for any feedback.
  • ttjacobsttjacobs Posts: 1
    I also have the VueBlues. I have been to the dealer 10-11 times for various problems (engine light/brake/awd lights etc) replaced 5 parts and now the air conditioner. First (while on vacation in hot flordia) they said it was out of freon now back home in MN they say nothing is wrong with it. It is a poor excuse for an air conditioner if that is the case. Saturn customer service is a joke and our dealer even more of a joke. We think we have a lemon too.....must be alot of them out there. Good Luck!
  • baxter097baxter097 Posts: 3
    So I just got my car back from the dealership on Saturday. Here is their comments on the issue:

    "Tech found codes B0936, B2600, B2602, B2623, B2752, B3717, B3722, and U2105 in the computer. Tech found that the engine harness was rubbed and stretched in several places. The fuse block and the headlamp harness also had several scored spots on them. The tech replaced the Main Engine Harness, Head Lamp Harness, Main Fuse blcok and DRl resistor. "

    Since is the not the first time I've taken it in for the problem, I will only be confident that the issue is taken care of if it does not resurface after a month of driving. If I have any issues, I will be sure to update this thread.

    I am glad they were able to fix it because I do really love this car. I'm a tall guy and it is spacious enough for me. This is not the first Saturn I've owned either. I was happy with my last one too.
  • vuebluesvueblues Posts: 2
    This is Vue Blues; on the second "fix" my car's harness was completely replaced; they had the car about 1 1/2 weeks; picked up the car at 3:30; went home; went out at 5:30, at 6:15 the ac went out, the speedometer dropped to zero, a bunch of indicators went on, engine power decreased an incredible amount. Brought the car back, they had it two weeks, picked it up this past Saturday; they replaced one of the four computers, the ECM - engine control module; took it for a ride of about an hour yesterday and so far so good; this weekend will be the test, I have another long ride ahead of me and to be perfectly honest, I am apprehensive; hope this "fix" works; if not, I will invoke the lemon law because the car has been in three times for the same problem. Good luck with your fix.
  • 442dude442dude Posts: 373
    Don't bother calling a Priest, your Vue isn't possessed.... :)

    And you're not going NUTS either...

    It sounds like your body control module( BCM for short) is going on the fritz...

    It controls everything that you described and lots of other stuff too..

    Generally a dealer only repair, I think its about $ 600-700....if it only happens once in a while I guess you can live with it short term...I've heard that disconnecting the battery for 30 minutes and reconnecting it can temporarily cure the problem but the only real fix is to replace the BCM...

    Good Luck,
    John :shades:
  • I have an 04 Vue and what I was told was that the gas cylinder or something like that needed to be replaced and that it cost 600.00 to replace. Over time I learned that if I don't fill the tank past the first click, (you know how the pump does the clicking when you over fill the tank) the guage works fine and that has been at least year ago if not longer.
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