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Nissan Maxima



  • how much are they asking for?? personally, i dont like the grill on the pre-97's.
  • max96max96 Posts: 2
    My 96 GLE was due for the 60K service. Just before I took it in, I went out to start it and it cranked normally, coughed, then continued to crank but would not start. During repeated attempts to start the car over the next few days, it would crank (it sounded like it was cranking with no compression), but would not start. It was cranking very quickly - the battery was fine. Arranged to have it towed in to the dealership.

    The tow truck driver put his jump start box on the battery for extra boost, cranked it again (with his foot on the throttle. Couldn't see how much), and it started, with a cloud of smoke coming out the exhaust (as if it was flooded). This was several days after the first attempt.

    Drove to the dealership and had the 60K service performed, and explained the above problem. The service advisors first explanation was that Maximas need 12.9V or more, or a similar problem can occur. My charging system and battery checked out fine.

    In the end, I was told that the car was mechanically fine, and I must have tried to start it incorrectly.

    Any insight as to what the problem was (is)? I live in CA, so it's not freezing temp or anything like that. My concern is that it could happen again. And it's over 60K, so it's out of warranty.

    Thanks for any help.
  • The service tech was blowin' smoke up yer [non-permissible content removed].
    The problem was probably what's been known to be "normal" in all Maximas since the 95 VQ model. And that is...if you start the car for a very short time, like to move it into the garage, and the car had been sitting for a while, it will do that. All you have to do is fully depress the excellerator while cranking, and it will start. It will also blow out white-ish smoke due to being flooded...this too is normal, and has always been a trait of the VQ engine.

  • sgrd0qsgrd0q Posts: 398
    I have a Maxima 2001 GLE, and I have never experienced the above problem. It has been quite cold here in NY lately, and I have repeatedly just moved the car while cold so that my girlfriend can get out of the driveway. Could it be that they fixed the problem? My car always starts without a problem. Or just to be on the safe side do I have to run the engine for a few minutes? Thanks.
  • wittbwittb Posts: 13
    On my 99 max had the same problem, and I read the book, and found that the computer chip in the key was offset by some interferance, and I put the key in the door, turned it, and it started right up. Before I did that it would just crank, crank, and crank and would not start. Maybe this is some help.
  • max96max96 Posts: 2
    Joe, thanks for the help.

    jdubois, I bought my 96 GLE with 7500 miles on it in 96. The only service I've needed to perform is regularly scheduled maintenance. It gets good mileage, wind noise is still fairly low, and and the interior still looks great. It now has slightly more than 60K miles. Nissan reliability is very good. The only thing that I'm noticing is that the shocks seem to have gone soft. But with 60K on the clock, I guess it's about time.

    We also bought a 99 SE new. It has had no problems either.
  • Sgr.....What's recommended is that you let the car run for about 60 seconds before shutting it off again...and you're right...I've not experienced the problem with my 2000 SE either, maybe they did find the problem.

    Witt.....I think you have an even larger problem....your car starts when you turn the key in the door ! LOL..Sorry...couldn't resist. Yes, that's also been a problem that very few customers have experienced but, it's different than the one described above. With the problem you state, steping on and holding the excellerator down while cranking won't help. But thanks for bringing it up...someone else may have experienced the same problem and had no idea what it was.

  • whackowhacko Posts: 96
    Hi everybody! I just want to know if anyone out there knows when Nissan is going to change the body-style of the current Maxima. I was going to buy one after the 99 body-style, but when the 2000 came out with that hideous rear-end design, I decided that I better wait for the next generation Max. I just hope they do a much better job when Nissan goes back to the drawing board.
  • I just received a quote from a dealer on a SE with,Boise,Floor Mats,Microfilter,Splash Gaurds, C&C, and Leather for 26,351+tax+license. Invoice is 26,638.

    Is this a good deal? Or can I do better? Carsdirect is quoting 25,776 but that is over the internet and I don't feel comfortable using the net for a car purchase.
  • frank, you are beginning to sound like whacko, except he does a much better job at humor, lol...

    Short trips are always hard on the engine, you can find about it in every manual. And shutting off an engine that has not been warmed up is harder yet. I am wondering if that's what you wanted to know, though...
  • Frank,

    I would not know the answer to this question! You will have to ask Joe, how he comes up with this TECHNICAL information. I don't work for Nissan and I can only tell you from my past experiences. I do work on my cars but when it gets really technical, I am smart enough to know when it is out of my league. Cause I sure in the heck don't know it all, and have not problem saying it.


    I have read (and yes, this is what Motortrend says, and they could be wrong)that in 2003 model that the Max will be much bigger. Also, as the car gets bigger they are going to put a bigger engine in it like the 3.5 liter. I guess Nissan is going to bump the Altima up to the current size of the Max now and give it the Max's engine. Again this is what you can check out if you go to Motortrend and check out the "future cars section" I believe it is on page 2. As far as the back end of the car....well I don't know. When I was at the Chicago auto show and asked the Nissan people, I could have gotten a better answer from a BOX OF ROCKS!
  • Did anyone else experience this problem? I have just balanced my tires, and at speeds of 70mph I feel a slight side to side shaking. It does not happen all the time, but sometimes. sometimes I do not feel anything but the road. I was wondering whether it could be a tire or the axel or steering wheel. The dealership they did look at the front end, could it be a alignment?? email me with direct solutions to
  • The information you're asking about can be found in 2 separate TSB's.
    The first is TSB# 96-103 (Oct 96) "Intermit. hard start"
    And TSB# 95090 (Sep 95) "Hard Cranking"...Both TSB's will explain the 60 sec. warm up procedure, and why it is suggested.

  • I have a '98 Maxima and love it dearly. I'm sick with the flu so I decided to see how much my car is worth. I found this message board through Edmunds and decided to read ALL 1237 messages, yes I said all 1237 messages! Glad to see Edmunds allows us to post these messages so everyone knows what's going on with your car.

    What was so suprising was the soap opera that has been happening between joenissan and everyone else. At times it made me laugh and other times mad. It seems everyone has an opinion and its not always nice. I'm glad there is some monitoring, but its to bad L8_Apex can't just delete that person right off the system....something to think about. Surely Edmunds has control over this content and besides you had to agree to their terms before you could post anything.

    Well on with my problem. My 1998 Maxima is dark green, loaded and has 45,000 miles on it. The hood on the car will not stay up. I have to use a board to hold it up. Has others had this problem. Is it covered under the warranty? I've not been to the dealer yet but since I was here I thought I'd ask. Has other year cars had this problem?

    I also had a problem where in the morning I would crank the car up and it wouldn't start. But after a few tries and pumping the gas it cranked up. This only happen in the morning. Evenn after sitting for 9 hours at work, it would crank right up. Only in the morning would this happen. (Its kept in a garage too) The dealer replaced the fuel filter and adjusted the throttle. At times I did run the fuel tank down so the light would come on telling you to get gas, but this has not happen any more. (post #'s 1228,1230,1233)

    I also have the problem with a noise coming from the fan when its in a low speed. Thanks joenissan for the TSB (NTB99017A) so I can get that fixed.

    To sum up, thanks for everyone's insight in the world of the Maxima and how things can go wrong, but most importantly, how to get them fixed!!

  • I've seen quite a few of the same hood problems but, mostly on the 95 and 96 models. Not because they're any different in design but, because they're a bit older. You need to have the two hood struts replaced and with 45k on the car, you probably will have to pay for them yourself. Hopefully you've had the problem since before the warranty was up, and can insist they cover it (It does work sometimes). If not, they're about $80 EACH!, and not at all fun to get the old ones off. Once the old ones come off, the new ones just snap right on. This will cure the hood problem...Good Luck. And please excuse the so-called drama in you may have noticed, I don't even respond's become too far below me to bother.

  • Scroll back and read the posts regarding the hard start problem. They pertain to pre 2k Maximas. It's possible the "problem" has been rectified in the newer models as previously stated. The reason I say it's possibly been rectified is due to the lack of any TSB for the same problem in the 2k-01 Maximas. What you asked for is what I gave you, and those TSB's will explain the 60 sec. warm-up procedure as requested.
    It simply stands to reason that anyone who may find their newer maximas doing the same thing, should follow this procedure. An earlier post did, I believe, mention this happening to a 2k or 01 Maxima, in which the tow-truck driver did what's recommended in the pre 2k TSB's, and the car started.

  • mhammy84mhammy84 Posts: 167
    First 1997 Infiniti I30 makes a low squeak noise that I can feel in the seats when I start the car COLD every morning (when its 30 degrees and lower). I read some posts on the Maxima Problems board and found that someone posted something that may be the same as my problem...but his description wasnt clear. The squeak (which is quite loud) lasts for a second RIGHT after the car starts. What is this!!!

    Also, I have the tan leather interior in my car, and there's a whole bunch of black spots and stains all over the seats and on the vinyl side armrests etc. What is a GOOD, QUICK and EASY cleaner to remove this without causing long-term harm to these surfaces?? Any suggestions? Thanks!
  • The squeak sounds like a loose belt, and after a few seconds it grabs and the squeak goes away...try having the belt tension checked.
    Good ole' saddle soap is safe and has always worked quite well. It's even good for getting that heavy use gunk off the leather steering wheel rim.

  • mhammy84mhammy84 Posts: 167
    thanks for the reply...i originally thought of the loose belt problem, but the dealer already checked twice and said all tension was okay. They THINK it could be related to a possible hairline fracture I already have in my exhaust manifold, for which they ordered the parts for. Could this be likely, or can I suggest something different? I wouldnt argue that possibility.

    Also, can you suggest any BRANDS of stuff I could use to clean off the nasty marks from the car interior surfaces? Thanks!
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