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Nissan Altima Maintenance and Repair



  • i replaced the head gasket at the dealer 2months ago (which they told me they put new coolant, and oil), so I assume i don't need any oil change, right? But this morning when I check the dipstick, there was no oil, not even one drop of oil on the dipstick!!! I didn't know how long did i drive the car without oil, but i didn't feel or hear anything weird when i drive.. now at goodyear waiting and hopefully i didn't burn the engine.... in the meantime, in these 4/5 years i own this car, i had to replace a leaked hose/watertank, the shift canister, head gasket, motor mounts, upper and lower tube (couple months ago), the strut(?), and more minor things that i couldn't remember... IS THIS NORMAL ON A 2006??? I'm almost up to a point to trade it in.....
  • Hello, I recently found out, that is the attention getter, to let you know your alternator is going bad, i had it checked, and it was, have it check at Advanced auto or autozone for free
  • Hello
    I have a 1995 Nissan Altima, 195000 miles, it has gone from an ave of 22mpg to 48 miles per quarter tank, this started about 2 months ago, last month, i changed the air and fuel filter, plugs and wires, and the engine doesn't miss... no change, I've had the codes shot, ignition on, and running, the only code is a knock sensor, I would appreciate any help

  • Good day,

    Another issue, electrical, 1995 Altima, when i start my car, the marker lights and taillights come on, with my headlights on, if i cut the car off, the stereo, lights, windshield wipers all stay on until i turn the headlights off, could someone tell me which wires to look for

  • I have nissam altima 2008 2.5s with the same problem ... the computer cuts of the gas pedal and does not allow it over 140 km/h when i use the automatic or manual drive and cuts the gas at 130 km/h when i use the cruse drive.
    i tested my car in nissan company with there computer (consult 3) and showed no problem !!!!!!!!

    so ... what is the soution ... do u have one for this problem?!?
  • ndiboyndiboy Posts: 36
    I've a 2002 Altima that's been having hard starting all the time whether in the morning or night.
    It started with chain noise for which the chain adjuster was changed.
    Some felt its the fuel pump and a new one was fixed yet the hard starting has persisted.
    Anyone with similar experience or suggestion/solution?
    This hard starting is killing me! I need serious help.

    Is there any other cars engine that can fit into the 02 Altima say toyota corolla/camry?
  • The most likely cause for this in this engine is a head gasket that is leaking coolant into one or more cylinders while the engine is not running. Conversely, this will also manifest itself as an overheating problem when this condition worsens.

    Also, check system voltage while cranking engine. If it drops below a certain voltage (not sure what value on this one) the computer can do strange things. If voltage is above 10 volts this is probably not a problem. Have the car is checked out by a qualified mechanic, and if EVERYTHING checks good, I mean no computer codes, voltages ok, compression OK, new spark plugs installed, EVERYTHING, install another ecm (engine computer) On these cars, when everything checks perfectly, but the car exhibits unexplainably weird behavior, change the ecm. You can get one on ebay for less than $100.00. You will need to remove the old one from its mounting bracket under the glove box and get the model/serial number from it. Just buy a used one with than number on it. When you install it, the car should run, but probably like crap. You will need to take it to the Nissan dealer and have them reflash the ecm, go through idle relearn, and do any firmware updates necessary. How do you know if the computer you buy is good? You won't, but the probability of the new one having the same failure mode as the old one is slim to none. If it is bad, it will be covered by Ebay's warranty. Good luck. Hug your favorite leprechaun, that's the best help with these problems on these cars.
  • ndiboyndiboy Posts: 36
    Thanks, the head gasket is gone just like you said. I checked the oil later in the evening and discovered this milky fluid in the dip stick as well as in the place where oil is poured into the engine.
    the mechanic has torn down the engine and wants to double the gasket as well as change the metals and rings! hope this works.

    I still need an answer to the question - is there anyother cars engine that can fit into the Altima say toyota corolla or camry? i need to change the engine but I dont need Altima engine anymore!
  • ndiboyndiboy Posts: 36
    I still need an answer to the question - is there anyother cars engine that can fit into the Altima say toyota corolla or camry? i need to change the engine but I dont need Altima engine anymore!

    i like the body design but the engine is so much stressful to maintain. anytime it has a problem it takes months to make a diagnosis.
    Any clue?
  • I had my car in for an oil change 2 weeks ago and the service dept didn't "notice" any problems. I took it in yesterday for a certified inspection so I could purchase an extended warranty. I saw a few guys looking and messing around the left front axle. The service manager called me over and pointed out a small slice in the axle boot, and some fluid sprayed around. He told me it was road hazard damage and not covered under warranty. He also told me that they could not replace just the boot, and quoted me $650 to replace the whole axle shaft. he did say there was no rush , that I could probably drive it another thousand miles or so. Tonite I looked on and I see that Nissan sells the boot separatly. Why would they sell the boot as a separate part number if you can't replace only the boot? Is the service manager scamming me ? Any imput would be greatly appreciated.
  • bsmartbsmart Posts: 8
    Did you ever find out what was going on with your 95.
    I have a 95 and had the same problem many years ago,if you have not found a cure for yours I'll try to explain.
  • MrShift@EdmundsMrShift@Edmunds Posts: 43,647
    edited January 2013
    Well your axle shaft is covered under warranty, so what's their problem? Actually I have an idea what their problem might be.

    You need to talk to Nissan about this.

    the axle boots are replaceable. They cost $35 each. For one side, labor is 2.3 hours. For both sides, 3.9 hours.

    So at $100 an hour, seems like it would cost you about $275 to replace the boot---and I don't know your particular warranty as some automakers do NOT cover axle boots and some do.

    But if they are too lazy to replace the boot and want to sell you an entire axle, then that should be under warranty---the only problem being that Nissan might kick back the warranty claim because they are replacing a perfectly good axle. That's probably why they are denying you warranty--because they know Nissan wont' spring for it.

    So your task is to find out from Nissan itself whether the boot is covered or not--if not, then you'll probably have to pay to have that done.

    i'd certainly carefully examine the other side boot for damage however.
  • jeangreyjeangrey Posts: 1
    I have a 2000 altima doing the same thing...did you find out what it was ?> :cry:
  • will a 95 altima transmission work in a 2000 altima?
  • tonyaj70tonyaj70 Posts: 1
    My daughter had her 2008 Altima towed to the dealer; the dealer told me that he tried to reprogram her computer in her car but could not. So he said that her wiring harness and censors need to be replaced and that is would cost me $2000.00. My question is just happen over night because I was just with her in Florida and her car seemed fine. And two weeks later there telling me to cough up $2000.00. Help please
  • edfrionaedfriona Posts: 2
    Tonya, have the catalytic converter checked. it may be plugged up and need replaceing. Remember that the exhaust manifold and converter are one piece, This is the cheapest I could find for you, they can go up to $1000.00. There are also some engine fire possibillities with this particular vehicle, and there was a 204,000 recall notices sent out. I hope your car is not one of them but keep this in mind and pleez be careful . I hope I have helped you tonite. God be with you. Eddie TAgFEAEoBVDanvuDAWDJ1uWM5KTwE6AB-fe9_wPIAQeqBCZP0LopgKuHNgd3qKgi73gKQtMK8BQffmPB- AbUvWdpnH-k2UMauFsAFBaAGJoAH74dC4BLsmLOXgYTJ8cAB&sig=AOD64_05vGkhfYd5grNmkAmqKHq- m95gpyg&ctype=5&ved=0CDsQvhc&adurl= san/Altima/1AEEM00739/668635/2008%3Futm_campaign%3Dgb_api_br%26year%3D2008%26utm- _medium%3Dcomparisonshopping%26utm_source%3Dgoogle_base%26utm_content%3DEEM This is the cheapest I could find for you, they can go up to $1000.00
  • edfrionaedfriona Posts: 2
    Sounds a lil off, but it could be the catalytic converetr plugged up or the O2 sensors. You can have em checked and then youll know for sure Mmmkay.
  • biancarbiancar Posts: 913
    A friend of mine just bought a 2000 Altima with power locks, but with a key, not remote entry.

    She says there is no keyhole on the passenger side, so she has to unlock the driver's door, then unlock all the other doors by using the switch inside.

    I used to have a 2000 Maxima, and while that was remote entry, I recall that if I used the key, I could turn it once to open the driver's door, and twice to open all the doors.

    I told my friend this, she asked the guy who sold her the car, and he claims the 2000 Altima did not have that feature.

    I think he's blowing smoke. Can anyone tell me one way or the other, is there a way to unlock all doors by using the key, not just the interior switch?
  • kj78kj78 Posts: 1
    Having the same issue myself. Have a 2005 S Altima and was surprised the floorboards on both sides have nearly rusted through and the cost to fix was almost as much as what the car is worth! The dealership quoted me nearly $4,000 US and in the condition its in with 110K it's blue booked around $7,000. However, with this safety issue, I wouldn't want to sell it to anyone either.

    Contacted Nissan USA about the issue and they'd "never heard of such a problem" when there's forums like this one to discuss it, it's hard to believe they've never heard of it.

    This was my first and so far only brand new car. It's been through four jobs, now college, and back and forth to Chicago twice a week for 8 months. Not to mention the yearly vacations.

    Hoping that Nissan owns up and admits there's a problem and decides to fix it since this is a safety issue. You might have a car but if you don't have a floorboard, you haven't got anything. That's all I need is to be driving down the road and fall out cause the floor gave way. Nice way to die......
  • rgt73rgt73 Posts: 1
    I have changed the battery numerous times on both of key fobs and still get the key signal warning on the dashboard. Sometimes have to hold key right to key entry to get it to start. Any help on this. Nissan dealer wants 100.00 to diagnose.
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