What Would It Take for YOU to buy a diesel car?



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    My guess would be how many folks do they want to dislodge? I’m guessing it will also greatly lower prices!
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    Of course they are heading to OR and WA, they have for 30 years, and now the housing market around here is resembling CA. What's the common denominator?

    For the retirees who bought when working people could afford it:


    Take the winning lottery ticket and run.
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    For sure, some folks have to do it! :D it’s more like an amplified Charlie Daniels YUGE fiddle! The down sides are taxation on profits pass 250k s/500k m.

    Is that another buyback I’m hearing? https://www.yahoo.com/finance/news/daimler-may-next-automaker-embroiled-020400793.html
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    What’s @ common denominator? CA TAXATION’s!

    It’s more than obvious (Captain) ? Say a house now worth $1.7 M to 2M was bought for $40,000, with $560. yearly real estate taxes. @ $2 M sales price those RET’s will now be a minimum of $28,000 PER YEAR! The now “same” house will generate 50 TIMES greater taxations.

    The person/s look back is horrific with up to $408,000, within one year in taxations. BUT (big) still need to buy another house or find a place to live?

    Now all of a sudden a BIG diesel RV and a very small place to live that fine with RV hook ups
    & waste water drain sounds great. I can do my businesses in/from an RV. Indeed, I can go see clients.

    But a better way: rent out house @ the going rate & get that 255% per year cash flow? That % beats any bank offering I know of. 1.5 years of that will pay off that diesel Mercedes Benz Sprinter BT RV. But then, why would one want to? One can now also get a real eastate loan. This will buy both new house, RV .

    Sell & move to OR or WA? AH ?.... options x 10. :DB) To give those states higher taxes? I’ll just hit the RV parks, campgrounds, Walmart’s :DB)
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    The common denominator is Californicators, also known as locusts :) Started moving up here 30-35 years ago when local CA real estate boomed and priced some out, and the flow has been steady. Now locals are priced out here, and we also get offshore crooks and kids from flyover land yearning to live somewhere at least marginally closer to the first world. And of course, almost none of either group want a diesel ;)

    The house is worth 50x more, so the taxes are 50x higher. Just as a Bentley that costs 10x as much as a Camry carries a sales tax burden of 10x as much as the Camry. I truly mourn for the misfortune of those who were able (aka lucky) enough to own such an asset. Maybe the real issue is that costs are 25x higher, while wages are 10x higher.

    We don't get a diesel C nor a Vito (and those numbers are small even for the local market), another tempest in a teapot.
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    I’m glad the lot (your defined: “locusts, offshore crooks & fly over kids lands “) are going to/coming your way !

    I’ve yet to have any offer 2 briefcases (of $1,000 USD bills ) for me to move. If you see those hordes, send just one or 2 serious ones my way. For a clean 2 weeks deal or less close, I’d consider settling for 3 briefcases. :DB)

    I’m thinking it’s more of a Reno, NV (longer term) creation.

    Costs vs wage growth? No advice, but just a hint? Banking on the wrong things can have its consequences.

    When he was alive in 1972, I had the good fortune to visit a retired transplanted CA resident who literally oversaw CA’s rapid (telecom) growth. Of course in Washington, he & his wife were very proud of Washington state apples on their acreage. RIP.

    So do you foresee an diesel MB buy back ?
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    They've been coming here since I was a kid. We learned to live with the Californicators, but now we have that flood along with floods from many other places. Young intelligent people from places with less cultural and/or natural amenities still love to move here, at least for now - housing costs and regressive taxation might undo that in time.

    If you lived in certain Seattle suburbs or neighborhoods, you might have had those briefcases of unmarked bills aimed at you already. Many people here who bought for ~100K in the 80s are sitting on 7 figures now. Of course, they want sorrow for their tax bills. Not gonna happen, I'll give that to those unable to buy. Most areas with apple orchards are outside of the real estate boom, but offer a pleasant climate, and are now becoming popular with retirees.

    I don't know what will happen in Europe - the models so far appear to be lower volume. Maybe just a big recall, if that. I haven't seen anything about NA-spec models being involved with any shenanigans to qualify for a buyback.
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    I’m sure they thought the same about (your) arriving emigrant family/s, unless a multi generational one.

    Yes! No complaints in this neck of the woods ! But here’s a non sound biteable take. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/California_Proposition_13_(1978)

    If planned right, Little to NO taxation will be due if/when passed on!
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    My family has been in the area for several generations - those in my circle who own property mostly either bought while the getting was good, got ample help from mommy and daddy, or live in areas away from the boom (and jobs, so you own a house but little else).

    I don't know if anything like Prop 13 exists in most locales, nor does it relate to diesels :) I know my area has senior exemptions, my grandma qualifies for her house that is worth dozens of times what it cost when they bought it.

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    The intra/inter generational dynamics clears up what/why of may go into ones perspectives.

    One may wonder how this (“sociological”) unrelated stuff converts into anti-diesel sentiments ? Here’s one graphic.

    In 1972 Olympia, WA used to be such a nice town. (24,000 as I recall?) Just keep edging northward? :D

    If I were dah governor, which I am not the National Guard should have been called.

    I may be spitting into a strong wind (NOT), but advantage diesel!

    But then, lithium (ores) can be extracted from oil wells far faster, cheaper, easier & in far greater concentrations than from lithium mining only ! :DB)

    It makes one wonder why they’re making such a big deal out of giving China the franchise for rare earth mining in Afghanistan through battery manufacturing? But, I’d miss beryllium golf clubs. Many years ago I used to have multiple multiple tool boxes of beryllium tools!
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    OAN? Seriously? For real? The comments there say it all, deplorable.

    TESC was called "the hippie college" even when I was a kid. Think of it as the Berkeley of the PNW. National Guard LOL, oh the fading cry of shriveled old authoritarians, they can't be gone soon enough.

    Anti-diesel sentiment is helped greatly by ill-maintained or coal-rolling trucks and commercial rigs. Makers who cheat and are careless enough to get caught also don't help.

    In any commercial battle with the current regime, our most favored trading "partner" will win as it has for years. Current dear leader adores their glorified dictator. If they want the franchise, they will get it. Certain well-connected electronics firms need to make new batteries.
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    Yup, Berkeley Posers for sure! Funny how the “authoritarian next gen” WA governor to Olympia mayor nursed the (your definition) “ deplorables”along.

    Can’t wait till it’s passed to another, ( the next gen) authoritarians/facists. We've already had 8 years of it. How did that work out for you ? :DB) Life has been/is good here! old/ NEW/OLD/NEW authoritarians, no real matter!

    As for diesel it’s still 3 to 5 % PVF! Advantage diesel! Aid the Renaissance !

    Here’s a cool TDI


    But old school M/T ‘TRUMPS’ new gen 10 sp A/T https://www.yahoo.com/finance/news/2018-ford-mustang-gt-long-201700076.html

    I am wanting that seven speed M/T Tremic mated it to the diesel above.
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    Yeah, another Kent State type situation would really heal the wounds. Brilliant plan from the chickenhawk generation, and I didn't see the WA Governor commenting on the completely off-topic video presented as a weird red herring. Yeah, we need brilliant nazilite sources like OAN to lead us the way forward from 8 years of false hope and change to something patterned after Jinping or Putin. I am sure OAN has some fascinating insights on vehicle fuels, too.

    I live in an area of hills and gridlock. Zero desire for a manual, especially in the non-light/sporty cars I usually prefer. But I will enjoy paying less than RUG for diesel, may that last for a long time.

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    Indeed it was the next gens! So if one calls it chicken hearted, there is recognition in your mirror.

    Hills & gridlock, I grew up in & learned in a M/T & A /T . Go diesel, we didn’t have it then,we have them now.
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