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Dodge Intrepid



  • ramronramron Posts: 8
    Have a 94 Concorde 3.3, the same car as your Intrepid, bought in late 93, now with over 135K. So far, no drive train problems after trailering my boat many times and hauling furnishings to our mountain vacation home 10 hours away. I did have the dealer change the transmission fluid at 120K. No problem in running 75 - 80 MPH all day, but without the trailer or boat.

    The original Goodyear GA's did fine, remounted and used the full size spare, and bought 3 new ones to 130,000 miles. Recently bought 2 new Michelin I radial plus. They resemble the GA in appearance, but are speed rated (118MPH), the GA's are rated (112MPH). Additionally, the Michelin's have a wear factor of 620, twice the GA's, and for less money. The Michelins are quitter and make the car handle like it is on rails. You might want to take a look at them.

    regards, ramron
  • andre1969andre1969 Posts: 23,040
    How are you guys doing it?? I think the highest mileage I ever got out of a set of tires was 35K miles!! I'm starting to I THAT abusive on cars? ;-)

  • neuronbobneuronbob Posts: 43
    I thought I was the only aggressive driver in the group, andre! The Intrepid drives like a car half its size, and invites spirited driving. I only wish I could afford the R/T....just bought a house, so that dream goes down the tube! 8(

    I've been doing a little checking, and I've narrowed the list down to a few:

    (OEM) Eagle GA. These had decent snow traction when new, but suck now. Then again, the drive tires have only 3/32 tread left. They tend to whine and squeal on aggressive cornering. Otherwise, they were competent, unexciting tires.

    Pirelli 400P Touring Less expensive, but a good reputation, and decent wet and snow traction according to reports.

    Michelin X-One A little more expensive, but the Michelin Roadhandlers (I replaced the OEMs) on my wife's Stratus have held up well, lasting so far about 40000 miles with minimal wear on the drive wheels. I also like what ramron said about the X-One. This one is winning so here I come!

    I don't know much about Generals, but I'll certainly take a look. My local Sam's Club is literally right around the corner, jsylvester, so this'll be easy.
  • how fast do the Intrepid se go. can it do 120. if so email me or post it. my email is
  • mbhesmbhes Posts: 1
    I have a 96 Intrepid. After 50,000 miles (mostly highway), I replaced the original Goodyear tires with a similar Goodyear performance tire using Sear Auto Center. It was more convenient than buying tires via mail order and having a gas station install/balance them. I have 87,000 miles on the new set with plenty of tread left. I guess it pays to buy good tires. For me it is also a safety issue. HR and above rated tires perform better in rain & snow than some of the others, especially at speed. Good luck.
  • hayneldanhayneldan Posts: 657
    Check out the Goodyear Allegra it has a 75,000 mile treadlife limited warranty.
  • darpin1darpin1 Posts: 49
    An article on this site that might help making some choices:
  • davos2davos2 Posts: 4
    Just listening to NPR interview with editor of Consumer Reports and Jean Jennings of Automobile Magazine on reliability issue just out;

    Most reliable domestic with 11 defects per 100 vehicles is the 2000 'trep!

    Note that's domestic. Don't plan to start any religious wars!

    For the record, my 2000 ES has 16K+ on it with no problems. Big whoo-hoo for Dodge!
  • ottowrkrottowrkr Posts: 778
    just wondering if anyone has ordered an Intrepid with the Motorsports package????
  • jsylvesterjsylvester Posts: 572
    I saw what I believe was one at my Dodge Dealer - Inferno Red, lots of graphics on the outside, a spoiler, leather interior, etc. Not sure if that was a motorsports package, but the package was $1,900, and the list price was close to $30k. Problem is, they are discounting 300M just across the street for less, so the reason to buy the Intrepid over the 300M kind of goes away.
  • enetheneth Posts: 285

    It proves the Chrysler Group can improve its quality.

    Whether the Intrepid (a product of a largely French engineering team inherited from Renault-AMC, built in a plant designed by and built for Renault, in Ontario, Canada, by a now German company) is a domestic product is wide open to question.

    The badge has a domestic history, but that's about it.
  • ottowrkrottowrkr Posts: 778
    The Intrepid , as all the LH cars were designed by American Workers in Detroit. Since AMC/Renault was bought in 1987 and the first LH was not built till 1992 ,should tell you DC had 5 years to develop them. Sure its built by Canadians but its a NORTH AMERICAN car .Thats domestic in my mind
  • sysdudesysdude Posts: 2
    Here's what the sticker from my R/T says:

    "U.S./Canadian parts content: 86%

    Country of origin:

    Engine: United States

    Transmission: United States

    Sounds pretty "American" to me...

  • enetheneth Posts: 285
    The LH cars have from the beginning been very related to the AMC-Renault Premier (what ended up being sold as the Eagle Premier). The engineering staff for the Premier project and the LH project was headed up by Franciois Castaing, who came to AMC with Renault's investment.

    If you look at the engineering of the LH cars, you find a longitudinally mounted engine (the only one in a FWD Chrysler Group product), just like the Premier and other Renault cars. You also find similarities in the suspension design, the cab-forward design, and in other areas as well.

    The LH cars are far more European in their engineering than anything Chrysler has sold under the Chrysler name since the French/British designed Omni and Horizon.

    The cars are North American by assembly, but certainly not by design.
  • marsha7marsha7 Posts: 3,703
    Thanks for the kind words...yes, I am still here, and I have added two new topics to my posting and lurking...Sable and wife's 88 Prelude, 183K miles, 4 wheel steering, 30 mpg vehicle has kinda bitten the dust...needs 4000 worth of repairs to a 2000 vehicle (love that 4 wheel steering, that's why we kept it so long, plus no car payments since 1992)...anyway, I wanted a midsize (whatever that means to the EPA) and wanted to try a Ford, and this was the closest thing the budget would allow to a Lincoln LS (LOL)...first used car I have purchased in years, 2000 Sable LS, Duratec, 26K miles, adjustable pedals (hey all you carmakers, how about thinking out of the box for once and following Ford's lead on short people are in heaven), car gets about 25 mpg so far...what really bothers me is that Honda refused to fix my car under the "new car" warranty...they said that 13 years and 183,000 miles was outside of the new car warranty...:):):)

  • hayneldanhayneldan Posts: 657
    And the source of your information is...........
    1. Opionion 2. Conjecture 3. Flawed logic ?????
  • andre1969andre1969 Posts: 23,040
    I don't know much about the AMC Medallion and Premier/Monaco that were sold here, except they were very roomy for their external dimensions, but unfortunately, very unreliable. It's a shame that they had such quality issues, because I always thought they were neat cars. I have relatives, who I haven't seen in years now, that had very bad luck with cars. Not reliability issues, but they'd always get into accidents and get totaled. They had an early 80's Cordoba that got totaled, then an M-body 5th Ave, which met the same fate. The next car was an Eagle Premier, which broke down too many times and never had a chance to get totaled. Last time I saw these people, they were driving a Toyota Corolla!

    As for the roominess of the Chrysler LH cars, that's nothing new. Chrysler has traditionally built the roomiest cars in their class. For example, compare a 1957 Plymouth to a 1957 Chevy. My '68 Dart is roomier than any other compact from 1968. My old '79 Newport was roomier than an equivalent Ford or GM car (like a Grand Marquis, Bonneville, or LeSabre). I figured the roominess aspect was more Chrysler's heritage than any French influence.

    As for the longitudinal engine, I've always wondered why they did that. Would a longitudinal arrangement help to reduce torque steer? One thing I never liked about FWD cars is their tendency to shoot off to one side when you stomp on the pedal, but the Intrepid's pretty good in that respect.

    As for reliability issues...42K miles so far and only one problem (power lock actuator at 35K). And considering how many times I flick those locks on an average night of delivering pizzas, I guess it's no shock that someting like that would fail!

  • temprontempron Posts: 8
    Picked up my new 2001 Intrepid SE last night. It is black with charcoal interior. I totally love this car!!!! Believe me when I tell you I am picky. Comming out of a BMW 528i lease into this
    without looking back. I think the value of this car is outstanding. I'm astounded by the quality.
    I want to live in the backseat and sleep in the trunk. Dealership experience was first class all the way through at TriState Toyota Dodge in Dudley MA.
  • yodogyodog Posts: 1
    These and the kinda things, Please keep the good things coming. I love to hear about the best car Dodge has ever blessed consumers with, other than the Viper and the Caravan of course, lol.
  • enetheneth Posts: 285
    Nope, not opinion, conjecture or flawed logic. Take a look at the AMC and Premier sections of (a DaimlerChrysler enthusiast site) and you'll see exactly the same documentation.
  • temprontempron Posts: 8
    Day five with the 2001 Black SE. Luv it more each day. The car is perfect so far. It's even good in the snow for crying out loud! Why does the Edmunds new car description say this car is overly noisy? It is quiet to me. I also disagree that the interior materials seem cheap. The base sound system is so much better than the one in the BMW 528i, that thing was a total joke. I am so pleased with the fit and finish of this car. I will keep updating.....
  • mike372mike372 Posts: 354
    Is everyone on vacation?
  • snowmansnowman Posts: 540
    Cong. on your car. I agree that Edmund's has some inaccurate info about some cars. I rented an Int. for a week when I was in FL. It was great and quite. When they say noisy, I don't know what they are comparing with?
    I wrecked my Accord 2 weeks back. I am driving my wifes car but eventually I need one so I am waiting for 0% ;-). I might get maroon color ( or whatever they call it). I am also considering Buick Century or Chevy Impala. I am kinda sick for Honda or Toyota. They are good cars but, they are boring.
  • temprontempron Posts: 8
    I took the 2K rebate instead of the Chrysler finance deal since Chase gave me 6.89% for 60 months. I wish that the Dodge dealer was the my first stop. Car shopped for one full week. Drove a Taurus: Nice but boring, Impala: Boring but nice, Avalon: Big, expensive and boring, LeSabre: Made wierd noise during test drive, bye bye. Saab 9-5: Quite enticing and pricey and a very scary salesman. Subaru LL Bean Outback: Wife has 96 Outback and we love it, this new one is fabulous but just did'nt do it for me. Grand Marquis: Really felt like old technology to me and another scary salesman. Finally, the Intrepid..this was the only car that exicited me, I felt the need to buy it after test drive without reservation. This is the first American brand I've owned since my first brand new car: 1986 Pontiac Fiero SE. Let me tell you something, that car started falling apart the moment I pulled into my driveway. A piece of plastic seat trim snagged on my pants and ripped right off. Every week something went wrong with that car. Headlights would not pop up, speedometer died, electrical problems, then the grand finally: Clutch went at 16K. Maybe that was my fault since I was a rather aggressive driver at 23 years old. Anyway, I vowed never to buy American again. (never say never). Subsequently bought: 1989 Saab 900: Fit the bill fresh with my MBA degree and off to brokerage training on Wall Street (glad not to be in that biz anymore) Next, 1994 Saab 900: One of the first cars off the line for model re-do. Lot's of quality problems, timing belt went at about 5K. Then the Bimmer. All the positive comments you'll ever hear about this car are true. You get your money's worth as a $46,000 car should deliver. Hope my life story (regarding cars) is not as boring as the week of test drive experiences were.
  • Jason5Jason5 Posts: 440
    Hey Gang. It's been a while. Just wanted to bring you up to speed on my 2000 Intrepid ES. On February 13th, an elderly neighbor ran a stop sign and we "met by accident". In what can only be described as "precision driving"--she ran the stop sign and I impacted her Dodge Caravan in the mid section. Yup--we put the "T" in "T-Bone". Luckily neither of us was going more than 30 mph. Thankfully my airbags didn't deploy and neither of us was hurt--the impact clearly looked worse than it felt.
    My Intrepid was just returned to me yesterday. God how I"ve missed her! The 2001 SE rental kept my memories intact--even it was the "little sister with the nice personality" compared to my buxom Steel Blue bomb shell. Can you tell I'm glad to have her back? Turns out that the impact did a fair amount of damage to the front unibody. The front frame rails had to be removed, new ones installed and the unibody realigned. It was strange to see my car, sans front third--engine and transaxle lying nearby, at the shop. Fortunately, she drives and rides well. I was assured by the service manager that I wouldn't need to "quietly trade it" due to drivibility issues. So far no rattles, creaks or other problems. Total bill covered by my stop sign runner was $10,500.00 dollars--without my 6 weeks of rental car fees.
    Total mileage right now is 18,300--still no problems other than my CD player which skipped and was replaced. Front seat track was replaced early on as well because of free play. Still very much enjoying my car. Mileage is still holding steady at high 17's to low 18's in town. The SE with 2.7 was a bit better at 19.5 to 20 intown. But I'll sacrifice that for the low end torque of my 3.2. Hope all is well with you...
  • Jason5Jason5 Posts: 440
    Anybody heard from our old colleague Email? If you're out there watching're missed!
  • Jason5Jason5 Posts: 440
    No, I"m not trying to make up for my absence in one sitting. Question is tires.. My GA's are fading rapidly--expect I'll get about 30,000 or so out of them--which is about what I expected. Has anyone tried, researched or seen the new Goodyear Aquatred 3?
  • andre1969andre1969 Posts: 23,040
    Sorry to hear about your accident. Glad that nobody was hurt though! I rear-ended a Grand Am in the rain with my 2000 about 3 months after I got it, but, luckilly, it was just a tap, and all I got was a slight crease in the bumper fascia.

    As for tires, mine went right at 30,000 miles, and they were pretty bad at that time. The wear on the tread had actually started becoming noticeable at around 12-13,000 miles. I ended up getting some basic General tires from discount tire online. They're a bit harsher than the Goodyear GA's, but I was looking mainly at treadwear rating. The GA's that came with the car were rated at 300, and the ones I got were rated at 560. I went through those first tires in just under one year, and just didn't like the idea of making purchasing new tires a yearly ritual! BTW, I've put about 12,000 miles on the new tires now, and there isn't the slightest hint of wear on them.

  • neuronbobneuronbob Posts: 43
    Jason5...welcome back! Sorry to hear about your accident. It certainly sounds like you missed your 'trep. And with that $10K--thank goodness for insurance.

    Marsha7...sorry, was away for over a week without regular access to the Web. The Sable's a nice car, but didn't have enough personality for me (one reason for the 'trep. I with the Intrepid had its adjustable pedals--I agree with you that everyone should follow Ford's lead. Just so you know, though, my favorite car of all time is the 1990 Honda Prelude with 4-wheel steering. Unfortunately, At the time I most acutely lusted after it, I was just starting medical school at an expensive private school, with only loans to sustain me, so I couldn't afford it. *Sigh* and I could've gotten 183K miles on it so easily myself.

    Now for the conclusion to my tire story. I almost picked the Michelin X One. I ended up at Sears, during a sale, picking the Michelin "Roadhandler T plus", a Michelin product especially made for Sears. It is similarly priced to the X One, is similar to the X One as far as tread pattern (and therefore allowing my youthful, aggressive driving and cornering), and the tread rating is 540, not bad for a tire of this size. 80K Michelin warranty. As soon as I replaced the OEM Eagle GAs, I wondered why I hadn't done it sooner. The GAs are CRAP! The ride was immediately better, in fact better than when the car was new. I could corner without hearing squealing from complaining tires! The wet traction is wonderful. I should be able to report its snow traction shortly because here in Cleveland, we often get our last substantial snow of the season in April. So I'm happy with my choice for now.

    More later...
    25,300 miles and still happy with my 2000 'trep, 18 months and 2 wks old.
  • Jason5Jason5 Posts: 440
    Well gang... Good to be back. Let us share a moment of silence in honor of "email".. His vigilance shall forever serve as an inspiration to Intrepid owners everywhere..
    NeuronBob--should have seen what I was driving through most of my doctoral program. Ah...guess it wasn't that bad. You inspired me to revisit my length of ownership and mileage--I've had my 2000 Steel Blue ES beauty for just shy of 17 months and ran up 18,400 miles. You must REALLY drive... Long commute or many trips?
    Couple curiousities for all to chime in on. First--how's the city and highway mileage? Second--what type of tire rotation schedule (front to back) are you using? Last--I'm NOT noticing any significant gains in gas mileage through my use of full synthetic motor oil; is anyone else? Loving my Zaino wax--but will have to wait until the new paint cures to use it for this season..
    Hope to hear from you...
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