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Dodge Intrepid



  • marsha7marsha7 Posts: 3,703
    Welcome Intrepid gets about 22 mpg overall with A/C on, 24.5-26 mpg in the winter (no A/C, obviously), and 28-29 mpg straight hwy running, 65-80 mph...I have commented extensively in one of the columns about real oil vs. synthetic...I am a fan of real oil until there isn't any left...but the folks who use synthetic swear by it...I use real 5W-30...check out the "OIL" topic and read the comments, some spirited conversation both pro and con...

  • neuronbobneuronbob Posts: 43
    My high mileage is because I drive a lot in my current job. In addition, I have driven the car to Colorado (2600 mile roundtrip) and will again in a few weeks. It sounds like you drive your car pretty hard (far) as well, Jason. I'm not planning to keep the car until it falls apart, so I'm not too worried about losing resale value due to high mileage.

    As far as the tire rotation schedule: My habit is not to--at least with the OEM tires, unless they are good ones. Because the Eagle GAs turned out to be terrible, I knew early in the ownership of my Intrepid that I was going to be buying a new set. On the other hand, our Dodge Stratus came with Michelin XW4s--an excellent tire providing good wet/snow traction. I replaced two of them because of road damage at 42000 with Roadhandler Sports (also Michelin). The remaining XW4s were replaced just last week after a total of 72000 miles. The tread wasn't even that bad on them. In part it was semiregular rotation (every 20K miles or so), but tire quality had more to do with it.

    My mileage without air conditioning, as of the last tank of gas, was 22.4 with a mix of highway/city driving. It's usually 28 or so with mostly highway miles.

    As for oil, I use real 5W/30 (though the oil jockeys at the quick lube places have a strange fixation of 10W/30...). I haven't seen a good reason to switch to the more expensive synthetic oils yet.
  • marsha7marsha7 Posts: 3,703
    I knew I forgot something in my response...tire rotation...die to mostly highway use, I change oil every 4000 miles (except the first oil change at 1000 miles), 1K, 4K, 8K, 12K, etc...I rotate tires every other oil change...8K, 16K, 24K, wearing well (Eagle GA) at 32K, but will probably need replacement at 36K or 40K...not sure what to buy, not want to spend high $$$ for world's best tires on a lease car, but do not want to buy junk, to be turned in at 60K...maybe I could pick up some Firestone ATVs "hardly used" from the Explorers????? :):):):)
  • ottowrkrottowrkr Posts: 778
    Has anybody ordered a Dodge Motorsport Intrepid ? Did you know you can get it in Flame Red, and it looks great in this color.
  • Jason5Jason5 Posts: 440
    New York, New York... Hey gang.. Get this.. Went into NYC on Saturday with family to do some shopping. Due to some neuronal deficit I had completely forgotten about the NY Auto Show. Well--bus driver ended up announcing it to the entire group and off I went. The Dodge and Chrysler Displays were impressive--saw the Viper, the 2002 Ram, the Crossfire, the Willy's and the new Liberty. If only I had the spare change for a new Ram come Fall... I'd be happy with "only" the 4.7 liter.....
  • I am currently looking for a new car. I have made three possible choices, the intrepid, diamante, and the maxima. I have driven all three and all have there good points. All three have powerful engines, capable suspensions, and smooth rides, but are they reliable? I have never bought a Dodge, Mitsubishi, or Nissan and I'm not sure how they hold up after 3 or 4 years? It seems like all have bad points and all have good points, and as I've read about all these cars some people love them and some hate them. This is very confusing when you're about to buy a car. Also, do all hold there value well? I don't want a car that loses half its value in a few years. Bottom line I want a powerful, agile, reliable, and safe sports sedan, by the way I haven't been able to find any safety reports on the Diamante? Does anyone know how safe it is? The others are pretty safe I hear. Please can someone tell me their thoughts or expirences on any of these cars? Any info will be helpful.
  • andre1969andre1969 Posts: 23,040
    If you want the best resale value, I'd say go with the Maxima. I don't know how well they hold up, quality-wise, though. A car that has high "perceived" value and quality can still end up being a mechanical nightmare. The only difference is when you unload it, you'll get better resale value than a "perceived poor" car that has been good to you.

    As for the Intrepid, its strong points are interior room, trunk room, and price. I hear bad things about quality, but my 2000 has 43,500 miles on it, with no major problems. New tires/tranny service at 30K, new power lock actuator (under warranty) at 35K, new front brake pads at 39K, and that's about it.

    I have checked out the current-generation Diamante. It's a nice looking car, but to me just doesn't appear to be that well-built. It's also not nearly as roomy as the Intrepid. From what I've seen at our local Carmax no-haggle Mitsubishi dealership, it looks like the Diamante comes in the base model for about $21-22K, and the up-level, loaded model for about $26K. The Diamante has been a sales loser for Mistubishi for years, although this year sales have been up. I think it would usually sell about 600-1000 units a month. compare this to around 8,000-13,000 a month for the Intrepid. That's probably why there isn't much data on it, simply because there aren't that many out there. The main thing I didn't like about it was that the sheet metal seemed kinda thin, too much plastic that looked like you could take apart by hand, and the frameless door windows. The frameless windows look cool, and give the car kind of a "fake hardtop" look, but I can't imagine them sealing out the weather as well as conventional doors. Although I did have a 1979 Newport with frameless windows, that was still watertight in 1998, with 248K miles on it!

    I hate to say it, but if you buy an Intrepid or Mistubishi, plan on losing about 1/2 of the value within the first two years. So plan to keep it awhile! I planned on driving my Intrepid until it dropped, (or was at least paid off) so resale isn't quite as important to me...I mainly needed room, and the 0.9 financing was what cinched it for me.

  • Thanks for the info. This helps me alot. I guess I'll go for either the maxima or intrepid, wherever I get the best deal. I hear both nissan and dodge are giving good deals like cash back and low financing. The Diamante is out. It doesn't seem like the right car for me. Thanks again for the information.
  • andre1969andre1969 Posts: 23,040
    just don't come after me if you end up buying an Intrepid or a Maxima, and it turns out to be a lemon ;-)

    I once recommended a Honda Civic to some friends, back in 1994. One of my other friends, a "Mopar or nocar" type of guy, got on me about it, saying that a Neon,which had just come out, or a Sundance should have been just fine...or at least a Cavalier.

    Well, they bought the Civic, and I believe it ended up being the worst car they've ever owned!

    As for my "Mopar or nocar" friend...he drives a 1995 Toyota Corolla now...go figure ;-)

    Another thing I probably should have mentioned, is that I'm fairly tall (6'3") and was raised on big cars, so to me, a Maxima or a Diamante just won't cut it...they're compact at best in my mind.

    Anyway, good luck with whatever you choose!

  • neuronbobneuronbob Posts: 43
    andre: I thought I was the heavy driver in the group (25K miles on my 2000 Intrepid in 18 months)! You must do some serious driving....or live in Stockton, CA and commute to San Francisco daily!

    homer: I agree with andre. The Maxima has better resale value. However, an Intrepid, if well-cared for, will last quite some time. I've had only one problem with my Intrepid--a tranny failure when the car was new, at 600 miles. This was probably a factory-related problem. However, I received such good service from my dealer (which basically forced a new tranny out of Chrysler, no easy feat) that I stuck with the car. I have had *no* other problems despite heavy use and I am extremely happy with it. Just so you know, the 2000 Intrepid reportedly has one of the lowest defect numbers among similar American cars--I think someone else in this group quoted this--so keep this in mind. Despite my experience, I have found my Intrepid to be reliable and comfortable. I only wish I could've bought an Intrepid R/T...
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    Hi folks,

    Now that we have moved to our new platform, we no longer have the requirement to stop and restart discussions after the numbers of posts exceed a certain limit. To keep from confusing our newer members down the road, we are going through the discussion list bit by bit and dropping the "part" numbers associated with some of our extended discussions.

    Since this will be the permanent home for discussion of the Intrepid, I have removed the "4" from the title of this discussion and altered the name of the archived version to distinguish it from this one.

    Please continue....

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  • andre1969andre1969 Posts: 23,040
    Actually, I put about 350 miles a week on my car delivering pizzas, up until November of last year. So, out of the first, maybe 32-33K miles or so, at least 18,000 was delivering pizzas! So, I guess that's another testament to the durability of the car. Probably also part of the reason that I went through the tires so fast!

    I was hoping that quitting that job would mean fewer miles on the car, but now I'm just over 44,000 miles, and it'll be 18 months on May 6. So I'm still doing about 2400-2500 miles a month. I guess that's part of the problem with having more free time...I end up driving for fun instead of work (and there's no mileage write off for goofing around mileage like there is for work-related mileage)

    So, I guess at the rate I'm going, I'll hit 100,000 miles in about 3 1/2 years.

    Oh yeah, two new problems to report...
    1) rubber seal on rear door opening coming loose
    2) right-side remote mirror not responding...but at least it stopped in the right place for me!


    PS: Kinda wish I'd bought an R/T, too!
  • Jason5Jason5 Posts: 440
    Homer--As an owner of both an Intrepid and a Diamante', I feel modestly qualified to reply. My wife has had her 1992 (second on the dealers lot in November 1991) for over 9 years. While it's been a relatively solid car, I have felt nickeled and dimed to death. The dash was replaced three times, tranny failed at 1000 miles due to a factory defect, and Mitsubishi's scheduled maintenance requirements must be second only to Lexus and Mercedes if you follow them. For me the car is too small, however, the current generation Diamante' is roomier but it is my wife's car.
    She dislikes my Intrepid and has looked at the Maxima, 300M and 2001 Diamante'. At this point she's leaning toward the Diamante'. The good news is that current incentives ($2000/1.9%) make it relatively inexpensive. The bad news is, that an Intrepid can be better equipped and had more cheaply--and you end up with more space and better handling characteristics. Plus considerably cheaper scheduled maintenance. In all fairness the Diamante' has slightly better ride characteristics and is a bit more quiet. Just a few thoughts..
    My wife didn't like the Maxima's appearance relative to it's cost. She MUST have leather, CD and sunroof--at which point the Maxima is up in 300M territory..
    In terms of reliability, I have no complaints regarding my 2000 ES. My mother's 1994 and an Aunt's 1993 (supposed the WORST years) have proven remarkably competent. Best Wishes...
  • Wow! I have a lot of different viewpoints!
    I guess either one of the 3 will do now from what I hear!
    Although I am partial to the Maxima for its powerful 3.0 V6 and
    sport handling! The Intrepid will probably hold up after taking
    good care of it. and the Diamante even though falling somewhat
    short of the other two seems like a decent buy. I've talked
    to a different dealers which hold these cars and the rebates
    seem best on the intrepid. The diamante had good incentives.
    I like all three to tell you truth and its downright hard trying
    to choose one! But I'll make a choice soon after I read up a little
    more on these cars and get some prices. Thanks for all your help!
  • dhughes3dhughes3 Posts: 56
    I'm alittle late getting in this discussion, but if you are still collecting opinions on tire wear---35K is a little on the low side, so maybe you are cowboying it a bit. I got 70K on my original Goodyear GA's. I am a conservative driver, and probably I should have quit at 60K, as I finally made the decision to get new ones because I slid through a stop sign on wet pavement. Even at 70K, the tires appeared to have fair tread depth and were nowhere near the wear markers. It's amazing how much traction you lose when they get worn past 50-75%!
  • I purchased a used Dodge Intrepid 3 years ago. I had nothing but problems with the transmission. I've taken it to several repair shops and no one can seem to pin-point the problem. It runs fine in the fall and winter months. Last year the transmission would lock up within 30 minutes of driving if I used the air conditioner. If I didn't run the air conditioner it would run fine. Today it locked up without the air conditioner running. First time it's ever done that. Has anyone out there had a similar problem? What did you do to correct it? Is a new transmission the only solution?
  • elmoleafelmoleaf Posts: 3
    The car is a 1995 ES. A/C problems surfaced at 431 miles past the 70,000/7-year extended coverage that Dodge gave for evaporator coil problems on 93,94,and 95 models (though 93s and 94s apparently were given higher mileage limits). A/C first leaked & was refilled in 1999, but dealership couldn't find any leak. Car was in storage in heated garage for 1.5 years (we foolishly thought we could find someone who would buy it). Now back on the road, a/c recharged again, but still no leak found. And now, it only blows hot air.
    So far, I can't get Chrysler Customer Service to commit to any sort of coverage if we find that the problem is indeed the evaporator coil.
    Has anyone ever had any success with Chrysler in getting coverage for a borderline warranty case? The mechanical problems with the car are a shame, since we otherwise enjoy the car.
  • elmoleafelmoleaf Posts: 3
    Have had some trans. probs. w/ our 95 ES. When car is first driven in the morning, at the first stop sign, the car hesistates and lurches before it shifts into first. I'm not sure what you mean by "locks up". The only thing similar we've had is after the battery was disconnected for awhile, the transmission behaved very strangely when car was driven again. Apparently it takes a week or two of driving for the computer to recalibrate itself after battery reconnected. The most common prob. during this time was car often couldn't get out of third gear, so had to avoid highways, or stop and restart the car. You might take a look at the NHSTA web site for other reports of trans. probs.
  • That's exactly it! It won't come out of third gear! I was about 30 minutes from home last night when it locked! I ran it home that way with the 3-way flashers on. I got it up to about 50 miles per hour but the RPM's were running about 4. Lucky I didn't blow the engine. I've sent an E:mail to Pat Goss who does Motorweek asking for suggestions. I've had the darm thing in the repair shop a number of times to try and correct the problem. Short of replacing the transmission no one really knows what to do. I just paid the thing off! I don't know if I want to put that kind of money in it. Oh yeah, about the air conditioner. That's been worked on too!
    Had a leak. Put it through the dye test and re-charged. This thing is costing a mint! Last vehicle was a Dodge Caravan. Air conditioning problems with that along with the head warping. Last Dodge/Chrysler vehicle I buy!!
  • andre1969andre1969 Posts: 23,040
    Thanks for the info on your tires. Actually, mine were pretty well shot and had to be replaced at 30K miles. Did yours have the 300 treadwear rating? I'm wondering if maybe they make the Eagle GA's with different ratings, and maybe mine were just the bare minimum.

    At the time, I was doing a lot of stop-and-go driving, with some jackrabbit starts. I used to deliver pizzas, which isn't exactly easy on a car! I just hit 44,000 miles last week, which is 14,000 miles on the new tires. They haven't even begun to show the slightest bit of wear. I ended up getting General tires. I forget which style, but they're a bit firmer than the GA's, so you feel a bit more harshness inside the car. They've got a 560 treadwear rating though.

    Come to think of it, I slid through a stop sign, too! I think I only had about 9-10K miles on the car when I did it, though!

  • jsylvesterjsylvester Posts: 572
    Check out and go to their transmission section. It has a lot of tips and troubleshooting on the transmission, as well as some cheap fix ideas.

    The trannies are very sensitive to the type of fluid used. Make sure your mechanic is aware of this, or it may never run correctly.

  • abbanatabbanat Posts: 57
    If you're doing 50 mph at 4000 rpm, that sounds more like the 2nd gear "limp home" mode than 3rd gear. I regularly tow my popup in 3rd gear (I have a 1996 ES 3.5 liter)and it shows about 3000 rpm at 60 mph. BTW, I had my transmission rebuilt at 65k miles and am at 78k without any further problems. Also installed a very large auxiliary transmission cooler to (hopefully) preserve the transmission life, even though we don't plan on keeping it longer than another year.
  • Jason5Jason5 Posts: 440
    I read with some amazement the comments of dhughes3 regarding his OEM tires. I certainly do not "baby" my tires but I also avoid sustained smokey burnouts. I will be lucky to get 30,000 out of my GA's even with regular rotating. I don't think that I'll rotate again-simply let my rear to front swap suffice.
    A REQUEST--Does anyone have any experience with the new Eagle Aquatred 3 tires?
  • mitchshinmitchshin Posts: 4
    Has anyone installed a K&N filter on the 3.2? Is there a noticeable difference or would you recommend it? Thanks for any input. Also, any good online sites to purchase K&N?
  • abbanatabbanat Posts: 57
    "I don't think that I'll rotate again-simply let my rear to front swap suffice."

    Has anyone noticed when rotating their tires, that they get a "radial pull," or whatever it's called.

    I went to Wal-Mart to have my tires rotated and then my car started pulling very strongly to the right (or left, I can't remember). When I went to my local tire shop, they said that the tires should only be swapped front to back and not across.
  • snowmansnowman Posts: 540
    That is right. Some idiot technicians do that cross rotation. And it messes up everything. However good tire tech can easly remedy the problem. I got mine corrected once. Chances are very high that your car will have problems if you go to chain stores. Try to get individual owner/mechanic type stores. Good luck
  • abbanatabbanat Posts: 57
    I know, I almost paid for a wheel alignment to correct it. Imagine what would happen the NEXT time I rotated my tires if I had gotten a wheel alignment? Thankfully, my local tire store (it is a chain but I can't remember the name) was honest and fixed the problem without any charge.
  • Jason5Jason5 Posts: 440
    Greetings... FIRST ITEM... I was giving my 2000 Intrepid ES her spring cleaning recently when I noticed something troublesome. It appeared as though the weatherstripping/sealing around the rear door well had "shrunk"--for lack of a better word. This is NOT the black rubber gasket attached only to the top of the door well. There is a gasket that surrounds the entire door well--it is grey (or interior color) facing the car's interior and a black gasket facing outward. I noticed it while seated inside the car and looking at the upper corner of the door frame--saw a bit of daylight through the top. Don't know if I'm explaining this well--but suffice to say it's a potential problem. Anyone else understand or experience this? Pushing it up into place merely caused it to pull away elsewhere--literally seems like it shrank and inch or two and no longer seal sufficiently.
    Has anyone else had problems with their 1998-2000 door mounted Infinity speakers? Either the plastic trim creaking or the speakers themselves vibrating or distorting? I occasionally hear a distortion in my speaker (without undue bass or high volume)and the plastic surrounds occasionally squeak. I notice that they were changed to a solid unit for 2001--at least on the 300M.
    Still holding out for someone who has experience with the Aquatred 3..
    LAST but not least--an observation. I've suddenly started getting better gas mileage at close to 19,000. Perhaps I shouldn't have used synthetic motor oil from 1000 miles on--maybe it keep the engine from truly "breaking in" until know. Took at trip on Friday and got almost 2 mpg more than on similar trips. Also find that my city mileage--never good but never bad at 17 or so is now over 18.. Oh well...the mystery of life adds excitment!
  • alexv1nalexv1n Posts: 248
    A friend of mine asked me to post his question for him. He's considering buying a 1998-2001 Intrepid and was wondering if there's anything to know about before he takes the plunge? I mean, any major problems that are likely to appear. I have read about the powerglass motor in doors, but you might know of something else (engine, transmission, electrical, ...)? Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.

    Another friend of mine actually owns 98 Intrepid and he complains of some ABS problems/failures also some front suspension trouble. Anyone heard anything on those?

    Thanks in advane.

    P.S. I tried to read the posts here but there are so many posts related to earlier models so I'm stuck filtering all the info...
  • snowmansnowman Posts: 540
    compared with chevy impala topic. i wanted to get some info about the car, then realized there are more than 3000 posting. Of course changed my mind.
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