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Buick Regal



  • ronny_55ronny_55 Posts: 7
    I gave $18,660 for wifes 02 LS with the LS Premium Package (upgraded radio, Floor mats, trunk net etc etc) at Landers Olds Buick GMC in Benton Arkansas about 7 mo ago.
  • lotech1lotech1 Posts: 112
    Filter is on the passenger side... looks like the wheels turned either way would allow easy access.
  • lotech1lotech1 Posts: 112
    You practically have to raise the dead to get a new car salesman to notice you in their showroom. They been in business too many years is my guess, and I won't go there for service unless they change their attitude. Charlie Sattler Olds in Springfield was real good to me.

    Giuffre is not pronounced "Goof-re" but it might be fitting from my experience.
  • verdi942verdi942 Posts: 304
    Does anyone have a line on what changes [if any] GM/Buick will be making to their current offerings [$2002; $750 lease loyalty; $500 Abboud discount] in May? My dealer is trying to get me into an '02 LS by Tuesday in the worst way by warning of higher prices afterwards. Thanks!
  • BushwackBushwack Posts: 258
    I don't think they'll get any better as time goes on. What GM is offering now is what they would typical offer during Sept - December for previous model years.

    Prices won't go up much if at all. But the incentives are too good to pass on if you're a buyer.
  • verdi942verdi942 Posts: 304
    Thanks, Bushwack; I'm with you on this. I see where Honda and Saab are offering cheap leases that are about the same as GM's incentives. So, it's off to my dealer this week for a new LS. Unfortunately, the giveaways of three years ago are gone for now.
  • elmoblatch1elmoblatch1 Posts: 134
    The salesman is pushing you to meet his monthly quota ( you probably knew that already ). I have not heard of any changes to the rebates. I just purchased a 2002 Regal LS. My first suggestion to you is try to sit in the back seat when the driver's seat is back.

    NO LEG ROOM !!!!

    If that is not important to you, then go for it.
  • elmoblatch1elmoblatch1 Posts: 134
    What is wrong with the FR680 tires on the Regal ?

    I just bought a 2002 Ls & want to know what you think is wrong with the tires ?
  • lamronh49lamronh49 Posts: 86
    Elmo, they are 70 series tires and they are made for easy livin'. If you aren't inclined to corner hard they should do fine. Better 65- or 60 series tires will tighten things up considerably in the turns. The Yokohamas made a 10+ mph difference on my #1 exit ramp, from being ready to slide off at 40 mph to taking it at 50+ mph. With the FR680s it would heel over and squeal badly; with the Avids it digs in and just goes around the corner. I consider higher-performance tires a safety factor even if you don't hot dog it. Once you get used to them you will not want to go back to 70 series. Driveon...
  • verdi942verdi942 Posts: 304
    Just drove home an '02 LS Abboud to replace my '99 LS. The Touring pkg makes a BIG difference in ride and cornering. All I wanted was the Touring and the Monsoon tunes; it was CHEAPER to get the Abboud pkg and pay extra for the speakers. And yes, I helped them meet their end-of-month quota with almost 30% off. The Regal is even more the gold standard for American family sedans. Can't beat it!
  • yurakmyurakm Posts: 1,345

    By the way, why are you replacing the 99 LS? Not old yet...
  • verdi942verdi942 Posts: 304
    Because it was actually cheaper to go to the new car. And, the '99 was due for a tuneup, new brakes, etc. It was, however a zero-defect, trouble-free [never even a flat!] ride for 40K mi.
  • yurakmyurakm Posts: 1,345

    GM lowered rebates today. Yesterday it was $2502 (in CT), currently and till September 30 will be $2000. Still a very good deal, especially for summer.
  • elmoblatch1elmoblatch1 Posts: 134

    I used my GM card to make the down payment on the 2002 Regal LS I just bought. This added to the total of GM dollars that were available for use to buy the car. All I did was call to find out when my monthly statement closed, how long a purchase would take to post & how much available credit was available to use. The dealer was willing to take the down payment & deliver the car 10 days later. The GM Card folks said it was OK & it worked.
  • verdi942verdi942 Posts: 304
    I, too, used $2K GM money; that was the limit allowed on a Regal [my dealer said GM was complaining about all those people with 5 and 6 thousand dollars in their card accounts]. Did you have another Regal before this one?
  • elmoblatch1elmoblatch1 Posts: 134
    This was my first Regal, 3rd Buick. Owned 2 Century's before this car. I am growing to like the car, despite the severe lack of rear leg room....still cannot get over how Buick blew this one....the car could have easily done without 3-4" of trunk room to make the back seat comfortable.

    I don't see how 4 adults could fit in the car at the same time, unless they are all under 5'6"
  • verdi942verdi942 Posts: 304
    Like a lot of cars, rear legroom in the Regal depends a lot on where the front seats are. The trunk is big, but the overall length of the car [about a foot more than a Camry] is where that seems to be coming from.
  • wkb4447wkb4447 Posts: 14
    Got a great deal on a '98 LS with 17K on it in August of last year. Took it for its first long trip three weeks ago. Wow! Smooth as glass on the interstates, great handling on mountain roads, and on one tank, got 30.2 mpg! OK, so the injection-molded plastic interior is a bit tacky - who cares? Accord and Camry owners should really check this car out before they buy. The 3800-2 engine is great (don't get the super-charged model). And, to think I almost bought a new Civic ($17,500 out the door) instead of this Regal ($13,000 from a motivated seller)! No contest.
  • pinettedpinetted Posts: 104
    The large trunk is one of the main reasons I bought the Regal, and of coarse the SC. I have two small kids and the large trunk is a necesity. My kids are both under 4 so rear seat room was not a majer consideration. I am also only 5'10" and rarely have any adults in the back seat.
  • tonyf2tonyf2 Posts: 24
    I own 2 Buick Regals, a 2001 and a 1998. I'm having a problem with the '98. The headlights occasionally not coming on when I start the car at night. This started out when they would click off momentarily then come on. They have also turned off when I was driving and would have to manually switch them on.
    When the headlights don't come on the dimmer light switch on the rear view mirror and the heater/ac blower switch does not work also. When the headlights do work normally the dimmer light and heater/ac blower switch work normal.
    Any ideas what can be wrong. It sure baffles me.

    The car has 42'000 mi. and out of warranty. I would welcome any suggestions. Thanks.
  • lotech1lotech1 Posts: 112
    Elmo... I get 22-23mpg (01 LS) in town and less (20 - 21) when tempted at stop lights. Sure surprised some wannabe racers even without SC motor :-) If your car is new I imagine mpg will increase after you put a few miles on it.

    pinnetted... like you said and I'll see what changes as I start feeling small feet in my back :-)
  • jackjtjackjt Posts: 178
    I am 6'2" and my GS has great front seat room. If we need to use the back set, I can pull my seat up quite a bit. It still alows me to drive comfortably and affords acceptable rear seat room. For the price, it's a great car..
  • lotech1lotech1 Posts: 112
    Out of 1763 messages, yours says it best :-)
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,025
    As we all know, the purchase price isn't all that's involved in the true cost of a vehicle. Check out the article and new tool at

    True Cost to Own (TCO): Revealing the Hidden Costs of Car Ownership


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  • lotech1lotech1 Posts: 112
    That first year depreciation (01 LS bought 3/02) was the deal clincher for me. Being a Financial Analyst by profession, those TCO figures look realistic to me, but I'll check them some more.
  • lotech1lotech1 Posts: 112
    I want to find a description of the option codes listed on my vehicle indentification plate. Is there a internet resource for this? Not all of them are listed here at Edmunds. I'm specifically looking for option code 1SC. 1SB includes the Driver Information Center that my LS does not have.
  • lotech1lotech1 Posts: 112
    True Cost to Own (highest to lowest):

    Crown Vic $13,104
    Intrepid $12,369
    Intrigue $11,214
    Regal $10,322
    Accord $ 6,404

    The Accord listed has the 2.3L 4 banger. Apples to Oranges comparison so I'm going to drop the "cramped" Accord from the listing. They always slip the foreign cars into the mix with a ringer.
  • yurakmyurakm Posts: 1,345
    a good first attempt. However, it inflates substantially the 1-st year and total depreciation, using MSRP(?) as the purchase price. More realistic would be to use TMV minus rebates.

    Using 2002 Regal GS as example:

    MSRP - $28,095
    purchase price as in TCO - $28,157
    TMV - $25965
    current rebates - $2000 (was $2502 before 04/30)

    This means that depreciation was inflated by about $4200 in the TCO estimation. Even $6200 for GM card holders.

    On the other hand, TCO assumes zero property tax, even after asking for zip code. In our town the property taxes are almost 35 miles (3.5%) of assessment, with assessment being 70% of somewhat inflated "market" price (Kelly Blue Book or NADA?). This is almost $1000 for the first year.
  • verdi942verdi942 Posts: 304
    Exactly - My OOP {Out Of Pocket] cost should be reduced by about $4600 just for starters. My insurance, finance cost are also about $700 less. I guess as a tool to compare the RELATIVE rankings of different cars, TCO is useful. But it needs more data on options, etc. to give more accurate absolute values. Edmunds - don't give up! This is a good idea that needs refinement to be truly useful.
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