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Buick Rainier, Chevy TrailBlazer, GMC Envoy



  • richardc4richardc4 Posts: 33
    I could have written a lot more but you no doubt wouldn't have printed it because to say it was X rated would be an understatement. I'm not just angry about what's being done I'm just plain madder than hell! And if you like, you can print this.

  • dindakdindak Posts: 6,632
    richardc4 : While it's hard having your new truck impounded, would you rather risk an accident/ injury by continuing to drive it?? While your dealership should have provided more information to you, I fail to understand the purpose of your rant. Were you not given a replacement vehicle?

    Fact of the matter is, GM is looking out for your safety. If you don't understand that then there is nothing I more can say.
  • rjvicarsrjvicars Posts: 12
    GM ultimately did right by me regarding my 2002 Envoy, although I did have to apply some pressure.

    I had my Envoy for less than two weeks before it was impounded for the safety defect. I loved it!!!

    I had the SLT with towing. I have recently driven the new Explorer and a new Durango. The Envoy clearly outclasses these vehicles in virtually all categories. Where it does fall critically short is exterior and interior fit and finish. The door panel gaps were large and uneven, all the way around. My other cars are German, which I know is an unfair comparison, but the fit and finish on these several year old cars is perfect. The steel used on the front fenders is frighteningly thin. Wrap your knuckles on it and you will see what I mean. DO NOT lean on them, they are that weakly supported. Maybe this will be improved over time.

    I will be watching to see how the "improved design" for the control arm is incorporated. I will also wait a year to look at Envoy's again. Though I am more inclined to put in my order for any Acura MDX or the like. GM, more than most automakers, in my experience, needs to wring the bugs out for a year when a new model is introduced.

    Again, GM ultimately satisfied me as a customer...albeit, some pressure was necessary.
  • jbossertjbossert Posts: 38
    Debbin67 - GM instructed all dealers to make arrangements for you to get a "comparable" vehicle. You shouldn't have to rant and rave, but I did and got a 2001 Tahoe. You should raise the roof!!!!
  • califjohncalifjohn Posts: 101
    Does anyone know if heated seats are available on the high end option packages with the Trailblazer, Envoy, or Bravado? What about navigation systems?
  • jhtjht Posts: 24
    I don't know about the other two, but my Bravada came with heated seats. It's usually available when you get leather as an option, so assuming you got the TrailBlazer or Envoy with leather, you should also be able to get heated seats.

    None of them include navigation systems, though. The ones with OnStar all have GPS systems built in - if you were so motivated you could probably hack the antenna into connecting to a Garmin StreetPilot or something comparable, then hardwire the Garmin to the car's electrical system. I do that for the radar detector any time I buy a car.

    Of course, I haven't had my Bravada in-hand long enough to do that to mine yet...
  • question for anyone on the 2002 tb
    do the rear passenger windows go all the way down?
    does the sunroof close when you shut off the ignition?
    How many watts and speakers does the preium sound system have?
    thx anyone
  • akajoeakajoe Posts: 69
    Debbin67, after much complaining to GM about non-cooperation by my dealer, I got them to approve a Jeep Grand Cherokee through Enterprise. GM actually lists Enterprise as a rental agency that most dealers work with, though the one I went to claimed the did not work with Enterprise. I found that some other branches of that dealer (notably the Ford dealer) worked directly with Enterprise for their loaners. When I told GM customer service, they leaned on the dealer and got it all approved. The Jeep was brand new, with less than 50 miles on it - clean as a whistle. Not some 2 year old filthy car they wanted to give me originally.
  • rpageaurpageau Posts: 94
    It's a shame some dealers are treating people so badly (at least based on some of the stories I have been reading here). At my dealership they sent me straight to the showroom, and asked me what I wanted to drive. When I told them I wanted the candy apple red Corvette on the showroom floor, the truck mgr. almost had a heart attack. They politely told me that was the only car off limits, so I had to settle for a 2001 Tahoe with 4 miles on it. It now has twice as many miles on it as my Trailblazer had when it was confiscated.

    p.s. They were arranging rentals for people who bought their vehicles elsewhere.
  • ducatist4ducatist4 Posts: 28
    It is sad to hear the stories of poor treatment. We got a rental from National enterprise, and choose a minivan initally. It was okay, but when I told our dealer we didn't like it all that much, they gave us a fully loaded silhouette with 4 miles on it. Can't wait to get the Bravada back.
  • jeff237jeff237 Posts: 38
    Mr C, a man of your years should understand that not all goes smooth with new designs. You should have waited till next year. Be cool like the "Fonz"

    At least GM is taking the precautions needed whether or not they are watching their rears or ours. Mine was picked up on April 5th, one week after I bought it. I am asking that they make my first car payment and add running boards. They gave me a Saab 9-5SE as a sub. I have a Envoy SLT with sunroof and rear air suspension. Hoping to get the car back next week. I look forward to many years of enjoyment with my Envoy. A few weeks to fix a major safety concern is OK in my book.
  • alanialani Posts: 39
    I am sorry this happened to you, as I stated before, most of the positive experience with a purchase has to do with the dealer! - I think I am lucky, my dealer did everything, GM called me total of 5 times.
    Now, I got Jimmy 2001 with 16000 ml on it, GM was willing to locate a car of my choice but the dealer got me one 1st. Also, GM told me in writing and on the phone that I should get a "comparable" replacement.
    My dealer is keeping my car INDOORS!; I did a spot check over the week end and it was sitting inside the shop.

    UPDATE: just got off the phone with GM, I should get the car before the end of the month - I think they do not want to commit to a specific date.

    I asked about the monthly payment, I was told that is why I was given a "rental" I did not like the answer but I'll keep the fight for latter. Also, I asked about GM buying the car back -I have no intention to, just testing the water- I was told that they handle it on a case by case basis. Something tells me that if we fight hard enough we might:
    1- have them buy it back
    2- get a new one that is built right (I want that)
    3- get compensated in any form for the pain and shock.

    What ever the case is, I will not take my car back just like that.

  • rpageaurpageau Posts: 94
    Alan...See my post #532. There is a link to an article that references GM and dealer buybacks, if that is what you really want.
  • rpageaurpageau Posts: 94
    I hope no one has to resort to their state's lemon laws when this is over, but I urge everyone to review the laws for their state. The dealer should have given you a brochure at time of delivery. There are things the consumer must do to maintain their rights, and I don't think any of us had our vehicles long enough to know how it will hold up after this current crisis is over.

    I would guess that lemon laws are cookie-cutter laws pretty much copied from state to state. In Florida you are required to notify (registered mail) the manufacturer when your vehicle has been out of service for a cumulative 15 days regardless of defect. The hammer comes down hard (buyback, replacement, etc.) after the vehicle has been out of service for a cumulative 30 days. Don't make a mistake and lose credit for what is happening right now! I suppose a good lawyer could overcome this technicality, but why have to pay one.

    If it applies in your state, the 15 days are up this Friday.
  • richardc4richardc4 Posts: 33
    Dindak if you think GM is looking out for any one but GM you must believe in the tooth fairy. My "rant" is that according to my recall notice the right or left lower control arm bracket on CERTAIN vehicles could under CERTAIN circumstances POSSIBLY fracture and separate from the frame. From what I understand, the bracket is welded to the frame. It's done in a jig Before the car is assembled. I really don't care to have some line mechanic who fancies himself a welder cutting and welding on any part of the frame of any vehicle I own. Particularly on the front end. It will be a Joe McGee lash up at best and could very well be more dangerous than what we might now possibly have. It also appears that the cars are not being inspected to find if they actually have a problem. They're simply going to hash something up and if you like that sort of thing good for you. It's MY car I'm concerned about. It doesn't belong to the dealership or GM. I am not being given any information and in spite of what some may think, I am an interested bystander.
  • alanialani Posts: 39
    I looked at my brochure (from the dealer), under NJ law, 3 attempts within 18000 mile or 24 month or the vehicle is out of operation for 20 or more calendar days.
    I will call NJ dept of public safety first thing in the morning.

    However, that is not what I want, if the fix is simple, then fine. However, if it is extensive as most of you implying, then I need a replacement vehicle.

  • debbin67debbin67 Posts: 35
    Hi,its me again, after a long day at my dealership. They know nothing more than the rest of us, "the part is being manufactured, we should have it early next week!" No kidding! I never ranted and raved about my rental, but I did inquire today at the dealership and they couldn't believe that I was driving a Focus! Well, back to Enterprise I went and was given a brand new Mitsubishi Montero Sport (very cute!) Ranting and raving gets you nowhere, so I will sit and wait. I do agree with those of you who want the dealer to buy back these vehicles though. Don't get me wrong, I TOTALLY love my Envoy and would definitely get another one, however, I would rather order a new one and take delivery of one built without this malfunction. Its not the same once it has been taken apart. I will fight this once there are some DEFINITE answers, not just speculation.
  • dindakdindak Posts: 6,632
    Well I guess you know better than the engineers then. There was a truck that did in fact have a failure which is why GM pulled the trucks off the road. Yes they certainly don't want people hurt for their own reasons also, but at least they did it before people were hurt. You have a replacement vehicle so I'm not sure why you would drive something that has the potential to hurt you. Perhaps you don't put the same value on life that most people do.
  • jeff237jeff237 Posts: 38
    richardc4, aka richie cummingham, post #547 was for you. Take a chill pill!!!
  • I posted a couple of days ago how I had bought a new Bravada that was supposed to be fixed. The dealer was going to deliver it today (tuesday). Well after reading all the other posts on this site I called them up on Monday to verify that it was really fixed. Guess what, it had not been fixed! They offered me another vehicle to drive but I was not interested. After venting my disappointment the dealer said that he would just tear up the contract and I would be off the hook. He said that he would call me when it was fixed if I was still interested. Needless to say but I am still ticked.
  • jeff237jeff237 Posts: 38
    jhockaday, Sounds like a typical sales ploy. I would not purchase this SUV from this dealer. Good Luck!
  • jbossertjbossert Posts: 38
    I called the 866-226-6622 number. The rep. assured me that GM has not bought back ANY vehicles. She insisted that any and all buybacks were done at the dealer level. QUESTION: Is there anyone out there that has had their vehicle bought back by GM directly??

    The rep. also added that GM is planning on compensating us, but will not decide on the compensation until they see how long the fix takes. She mentioned that there is talk of extending the warranty. I explained that I already purchased one. We'll see what happens.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    GM speeds up recall campaign. Replacement parts for SUV suspension flaw due soon.

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  • blake777blake777 Posts: 6
    I asked the dealer about buying back my vehicle, and getting a full refund. There answer was that they could buy it back, BUT not for what I paid for it..........real nice! They said a full buy back was totally in the hands of GM......and, that their hands were tied.

    Also, when the wrecker came to my work to tow my Envoy into the dealer, he commented on the quality of the frame. He said it looked poorly built.......that the welding was not good. I mentioned this to my dealer, but they didn't make much comment about it.

    This is very frustrating.....especially for a vehicle that cost this much. I just wish GM would step up to the plate in this matter, and provide some kind of compensation.
  • russellfrussellf Posts: 1
    Has anyone heard anything lately on the recall? I have researched the Louisiana Lemon Law. It calls for 4 repair attempts or 30 calendar days out of service. I have already spoken with a lawyer and he is ready to move if needed. Is there any interest in a class action suit for all of us 2002 GM SUV owners?
  • timxlbtimxlb Posts: 2
    I was told yesterday by GM Recall Team that both the brackets (left & right) and the lower control arms (also, left & right) will be replaced. The brackets were shipping this week and the control arms will be shipping next week. They could not tell me exactly what is involved in replacing these parts.
  • allenrallenr Posts: 83
    What we need to find out if the bracket is welded-on or bolted-on. If it's bolted on then the fix is easy. However to cut off a welded part and weld on the new one requires a lot of experance to do it right and make it strong. One could very easly compromise the frame at the weld if there not carefull.

  • guy21guy21 Posts: 129
    This is only a guess, but from what has been posted here recently, I'll predict the following: GM is issuing a bracket of some sort to allow owners to safely drive the vehicles without risk of the a-arms falling off. The vehicles will then be given back to their owners. This has be done quickly as there will be a herd of valid lemon law suits if these cars go 30 days out of service. Then, when the redesigned a-arm is ready, a second recall will be done for final replacement. Again, this is only a guess. I can remember back to the 70's when the fix for defective engine mounts was a steel cable bolting the engine to the frame so it couldn't go through the hood.
  • jbossertjbossert Posts: 38
    allenr: I couldn't agree more. If the bracket(s) need to be cut off and re-welded I will relentlessy pursue a refund, even if it means litigation. I do not trust Joe Chevy Mechanic to correctly weld anything to my vehicle, let alone a front-end suspension bracket!!
  • blake777blake777 Posts: 6
    I just heard from my dealer.....they said they were to get the part by end of week, and that my Envoy should be ready sometime next week. I do have concerns about whether this part is having to be welded on. I need to call the dealership back to find out more info. on this........that is, if they are honest with me about it.
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