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Chrysler 300M: Problems & Solutions



  • t2greent2green Posts: 1
    I have a 2000 M,purchased new, at 2 months over the warranty period I noticed a thin crack on the right side of the dash board. The dealer refused to repair it under warranty because I was not as he put it a loyal customer. I took it to another dealer and paid $175.00 to have it repaired. after a few months the crack appeared again, the dealer had it repaired again and now the crack is back.Has anyone had the same problem and had it resolved to their satisfaction .
  • bigmike5bigmike5 Posts: 960
    What you describe with the dashboard was reported by several other 300M owners over the past 4 years. Go to the main board area and do a search using "dashboard" and you should turn up some stuff. My 99 M is just approaching 6 years old and knock on wood I have not had this problem. I do use a conditioner on the dash twice a year minimum, have a dash cover on it and use the window sunblock screens so maybe that has helped its longevity. Check the Club site too, and there may be a TSB listed there if the problem was widespread enough. The dealer's approach seems pretty Draconian and non-customer friendly.
  • p100p100 Posts: 1,116
    There are other vehicles that drip oil after each oil change. For example, my 95 Nissan V6 pickup has the oil filter mounted on the right lower side of the engine block. When the filter is removed and replaced, the oil flows onto exhaust header and starter and drips for about two days afterwards, so I use a large galvanized drip pan under the truck for two days after each oil change. It is slightly annoying, but so what?
  • penny2penny2 Posts: 1
    Today, my gas light flashed and my gas gauge went from 3/4 down to empty and back up again. It reoccurred where there was a chime, flash and gas gauge moved a few times on the way home from work. Any ideas on what the problem is or has anyone else experienced anything similar.
  • 78887888 Posts: 12
    I have to turn my key at least twice to start my '99, sometimes it can take up to 8 tries. but she always starts and drives wonderfully. i have taken her to the dealer twice; they cannot detect the problem because she starts every time when there. after her last visit to the dealer, she has been starting in no more than two tries and i notice my seat is also adjusting which it was not doing regularly. my airbag light came on one day but eventually went out. Has anyone experienced/resolved his problem.
  • I have noticed a shimmy in the left front when driving on some right hand curves. As the tires are new, I fear the tie rod/s are needing replacement. I will post after visiting the dealer (with my Geico extended warranty in hand).

  • lapasadalapasada Posts: 26
    My 99 300M (Automatic Climate Control System) was not cooling properly. Brought it in for service and was told it was low on coolent. System charged to specs and worked properly for a few minutes and then went from cold to hot. Tried rebooting computer without success. Any suggestions to resolve this problem would be appreciated.
  • j3studioj3studio Posts: 27
    [cross-posted from 300M general]


    Thanks for all the help over the years. These forum (that means you folks!) got us through the first couple interesting months with our 1999 (slate, PHP) and was extraordinarily kind, understanding, and (above all) useful over the years.

    We traded in our 300M yesterday, at a little over 86 thousand (hard) miles. Niggling things were starting to happen - the air conditioning compressor was starting to fail for the second time, as was the driver's power window motor. The driver's door was also starting to stick again. We also wanted to have all wheel drive before another winter hits.

    In spite of the issues, I believe the 300M aged well, especially considering we had the first year of production. The most important components continue to function as intended - the engine still enjoys full throttle acceleration.


    I think the 300M remains one of the finest looking sedans out there. I am one of those who believe that there was a chance to go real wheel drive and go hemi while keeping the same general look. If that had happened, we would have given the 300C serious consideration.

    Thanks again!
  • funroadsfunroads Posts: 49
    Muttray, I too have a blown center speaker and am wondering if you had success replacing yours? If yes I'd be eager to hear any tidbits you learned.
  • muttraymuttray Posts: 5
    I have the blown one removed now. It was very easy to do with the help from the good folks on this board. I popped out the left window pillar cover and used a 2" putty knife to pry up the left side of the most forward dash cover under the windshield to get access to the speaker. I used a phillips driver in a 1/4 inch ratchet to get the screws out so I wouldn't have to totally remove the cover. Just being chicken since I don't want to screw up my interior. The only thing that I screwed up was that I didn't notice that the speaker had a plug connection that I could just unplug, I cut the wires by the speaker when I removed it and then saw the plug. The plastic trim pieces went back in easily.

    I need to get a replacement speaker. I personally do not like the sound of the system with that speaker out of the loop. One bad side effect of taking that one out (for me) was that now I noticed the right side "sail" speaker doesn't work properly. I need to research the previous posts on here and get a good source and recommendation for replacements. If anyone has recent speaker recommendations, they would be appreciated!
  • funroadsfunroads Posts: 49
    Muttray - Thanks for the speaker removal info - I'm going to give it a go.
  • tayl0rdtayl0rd Posts: 1,926
    Just take the speaker to one/some of your local stereo installer shops (not Best Buy, Circuit City, etc.) and ask for some recommendations. Just tell them what you want out of your speakers' performance and they can lead you in the right direction. Just try to avoid being roped into their upsale tactics.

    Good luck!
  • funroadsfunroads Posts: 49
    Muttray, I've spoken to several stereo shops and they have all said the best thing to do is stick with the factory replacement center dash speaker. My dealer quoted $57 +tax. Did you have success finding an aftermarket replacement?
  • muttraymuttray Posts: 5
    I have been busy at work and fun stuff like that, so I have not had time to check into this any further. That doesn't sound like too bad of a price.
  • lapasadalapasada Posts: 26
    Having difficulties with my Automatic Control Unit. When outside temperatures are below 100 degrees the unit works fine, once the outside temperatures goes over 100 degrees, I am unable to get the temperature down sufficiently to cool automobile. How do I reboot the Body Control Module and the Climate Control Module?
  • tayl0rdtayl0rd Posts: 1,926
    Sounds like you need to refill your A/C coolant. What year is your M?
  • Hi guys this is my first time in this site I was told that I needed an evaporator. Has anyone else had this problem. It seems that the a/c repair shops around here are running as soon as I give the year make and model of my 2000 300m. If anyone has any advise or know anything about this part please let me know. My front 2 speakers have blown also but this is not important until I find a solution to the evaporator problem.
  • lapasadalapasada Posts: 26
    Tramainersr, I drive a 99M. Last year I had my unit checked when car would not cool off. Was told I was low on refrigerant. Unit was re charged and problem continued. Went to an Auto Air Specialist and was told that the unit was overcharged. Unit evacuated and re charged. Problem persisted. Garage re booted computer and problem was solved. Two garages told me that the evaporator needed to be changed. NOT SO.
    This year, problem of car not cooling off came up again and I made the mistake of taken my car to a mechanic that really didn't know how to handle the problem. After spending $640.00 on various experienments he conducted (so he says), my car was returned. I have air conditioning, but it does not work the way it is suppose to. When the outside temperature is above 100 degrees, I'm unable to cool my car off in an efficient manner. I've got a warranty from this garage but what good is it if they don't know how to resolve the problem. My suggestion is go to a 300M dealer, and hopefully they will properly diagnose the problem, charge you an arm and a leg and hopefully you'll have air conditioning. Good luck.
  • Thank You! I think I will get a second opinion from the dealer but they do charge an arm and a leg but I guess changing a part that doesn't need to be changed would cost me even more. Thanks for the response.
  • magn45magn45 Posts: 3
    I have a 2000 300m and had the same dash speaker blown, I found a replacement speaker on, it's was alot cheaper than what the dealer wanted and seems to sound just fine.
  • plantplant Posts: 1
    I had the same problem happen to me several times. The dealer replaced the Control Power Modular(SP ?) 3 times. The 3rd time worked> No problems since.
  • htm974htm974 Posts: 2
    I have a 2001 300M with 54000 miles and have the same problem plus the dealership says the dryer needs to be replaced as well. They told me it will cost about $1400 but I'm about to get another qoute elsewhere, I hope you have better luck.
  • tayl0rdtayl0rd Posts: 1,926
    I get plumes of black smoke when I floor the accelerator. Is it carbon deposits or poor/weak spark? I've checked the plugs and they're fine. If it's carbon deposits, is there a kit or something I can buy to clean the intake (same the the dealer will do) myself on the cheap?
  • Our 300M we got used - it's a 2000 model - so I just bought the weatherstripping instead of fighting it out. It's $38 per door from Pomoco CPD in Virginia Beach (mail order, about $8 shipping). You have to ask for the weatherstripping that attaches to the door.

    I'm told the vendor was fired ... ! later models don't have this problem. We didn't have wind noise, but it made little clicking/rattling noises. Don't need that.
  • Has anyone experience on their 300 or any other car a stripped drain plug? That's the news I got from the dealer when I put mine in for an oil change today. Of course they blame the last people who changed the oil. Anyway, he described a procedure of installing a threaded insert. SOunds simple enough but the damage would be $250. Is a new insert something that I can pick up at a parts store and install myself or have a local guy do?
  • jayriderjayrider Posts: 3,602
    Enter the problem on your favorite search engine. Lots of simple solutions. Can't imagine it would cost anywhere near $250.
  • 78887888 Posts: 12
    i have the same identical problem going on now almost a year. i have taken my car to the mechanic once and the dealer 3 times. the first time, the mechanic changed my starter. so now i have a rebuilt starter. it happened again, so i went to the dealer. each time i take it to the dealer they call and ask me to pick it up because its starts every time for them. i am having the identical experience with my '99. i am always anxious because i don't know whether she is going to start but she always does and she runs beautifully. have you gotten any good advice. matter fact, i came on board today to find an email address for chrysler, because i met a young lady who is experiencing the same problem with her '99. i have 74,000 miles on my car. any one, some one please advise. thanks!
  • bigmike5bigmike5 Posts: 960
    I had a similar starting problem with my 99M about 3 years ago. I changed the starter/ignition relay [part #4671168] which was a $10 part, and the starter/ignition switch [part #5014176AA]$36. I did not know which one was faulty so I changed em both. The relay was easy to replace, but the switch took about 1.5 hours of labor. Total bill was parts $46.70, and labor, shop supplies?? & tax $89 for a total of about $136.29 as I recall. No problems since. Try the relay first, and then if necessary try the switch. good luck.
  • 78887888 Posts: 12
    THANKS bigmike5! I will certainly take your advice and have the shop replace these parts.
  • 78887888 Posts: 12
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