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Chrysler 300M: Problems & Solutions



  • stpoststpost Posts: 4
    Not off to the right, I should have said to the left!!!
  • Anyone Have any ideal why My wiper's on My 99 300M won't come on? checked all the fuses,all showed good.Still The motor doesnt even make a sound nor does the wiper fluid come out( yes there is fluid in there).Does it sound like a motor/pump or Electronic problem?Something I should check other than the fuses,before I have to take it in? Any help would be helpful,Its gonna Rain!*smile* Thanks
  • njeraldnjerald Posts: 688
    My 2000 service manual says check fuse #5, check PDC (power distribution center) fuse "M", on/off relay, loose-bent-corroded wires/connectors, motor,stripped gears in motor,seized motor bearings, BCM (Body Control Module) bad.


    Nothing complicated, just have to follow the troubleshooting tips.


    PDC fuse is under the hood on the left side in the PDC (which has a rectangular top). It is a 40 amp fuse.


    Manuals help!!!!! Good Luck.
  • bigmike5bigmike5 Posts: 960
    I just had my intermittent wiper control not working correctly so they changed a module in it for a couple of hundred, covered by an extended warranty. I will post the part tomorrow, I have the number at work. Maybe your module has failed. By the way the change for me did not completely solve the problem. It is a little better but not the way it normally was. I'll take it back for the next service and see if anything else would be worth trying. I just figured the rotating control on the turn stalk had worn out after 6+ years, but they didn't try to change that. What do I know?
  • buishbuish Posts: 2
    How do I remove the center dash speaker in my chrysler 300m which is blown? What type of speaker will i be able to replace it with. Will i need any special tool for this job.
  • buishbuish Posts: 2
  • naatz1naatz1 Posts: 188
    Go back around message 140 +/- in July 04, there is a lot of discussion on this such as: Message #137 Re: muttray (center speaker) [funroads #136] by muttray Jul 06, 2004 (11:49 am)

    I have the blown one removed now. It was very easy to do with the help from the good folks on this ... to pry up the left side of the most forward dash cover under the windshield to get access to the speaker. I used a phillips driver in a 1/4 inch ratchet to get the screws out so I wouldn't have ... previous posts on here and get a good source and recommendation for replacements. If anyone has recent speaker recommendations, they would be appreciated!

    (Mine speakers are still fine in my almost 1 yr old 2004 M, but I recalled covering it up after reading those posts last summer and it does make a difference in sound coverage when it goes out, must but the large window glass or something ... I had a late 90s Caravan and don't recall a center speaker but it may have been there and I just never knew what it was).

    Dave in SE MN
  • After going back and checking the fuses,One was noticed missing,I replaced it and Now I can't get the wipers to shut off!(maybe thats why it was missing?)The wipers work and Iam able to turn them down to delayed, But it won't shut off completely.Any ideas? Thanks.
  • njeraldnjerald Posts: 688
    Possible problems

    1. Short in motor wiring

    2. Bad wiper on/off relay

    3. wiper switch

    4. defective BCM


    according to service manual
  • tayl0rdtayl0rd Posts: 1,926
    I've been hit with a problem, guys. My RB1 sort of died on me this morning. It's the strangest thing. I started the car this morning and it worked fine. When I turned the car off and restarted it, the display didn't come on and it was frozen on one radio station. I thought maybe it was just frozen (like Windows). None of the buttons worked. I turned the car off and restarted it and nothing worked. Didn't even play anything.


    I took it out, disconnected the power, reconnected the power, and it seemed to work fine. Turned the power off and back on and it was the same symptoms. I thought maybe the car needed a reboot, so I disconnected the negative battery cable for about 30 minutes. I reconnected the cable tried it and, again, it seemed to work fine. I turned the power off and back on and, you guessed it, exact same symptoms. I'm pretty bummed out right now. I hate the thought of spending another $1500 for another RB1! I've got the other radio, but I'm actually scared to test it for fear that it might turn out that I DO need to buy another RB1!
  • Check Ebay it will be less expensive. Be sure to get a guaranteed unit.
  • njeraldnjerald Posts: 688
    Check power to the radio by meter or hooking up the old radio. That will quickly isolate the problem.
  • The following interior electricals do not work on my 2000 300M: interior lights, power mirrors, CD player and changer, radio, clock. In addition the remote door locking and unlocking does not work and the factory installed alarm system cannot be activated remotely or by key in either front door. Finally, the climate control system is funky, resetting to a default setting each time the car is started, but not accurately responding to manual settings. These problems began following a short of the system caused by an attempted break-in through my front passenger side door, which broke off the wire attached to the door locking mechanism. The wire dangled and swayed within the door for awhile, causing the system to short out intermittently for days, before it finally shorted out for good, blowing a large fuse. The dealer replaced the fuse, but did not find the cause. When a car fire nearly started from melting wires in the interior compartment, another mechanic traced the burned wires, found the initial problem, replaced all parts and fuses. Everything seemed fine at first, but after a few days, the system began to intermittently fail and within two weeks was completely nonfunctional. Do you think the Body control Module was damaged, or does it need to be re-booted? How are these BCM's re-booted anyway?

    Thanks, for any input you have. DH
  • tayl0rdtayl0rd Posts: 1,926
    Well, I tried the old one and it seems to work flawlessly. I'm screwed! I think I need a new RB1. :-( Weird thing is, so far it seems that if I turn the radio off before turning the car off and turn it on after I start the car, it works fine. I sure don't want to have remember to do that from now on.


    I guess I'm paying the price of getting a refurbished unit at a reduced price. I bought it from Lee Auto over the internet. They didn't disclose that it was a refurbished unit, but it was $200 less than the Mopar MSRP. Had to be a reason, but I was so excited at the price, I didn't care.(Now it looks like I'm going to end up paying a total of $2990 [$1395 for this one + $1595 for a new one] when I should've just spent the $1595 to begin with!!) When I first installed it, the first few days when it booted up, it would display the Jeep logo followed briefly by the Chrysler logo. After a few days, it began to display the Chrysler logo exclusively.


    Is there a way to reset the RB1, other than disconnecting the power? How long should the power be disconnected?


    I'm totally bummed. That dang RB1 has become invaluable to us! Not to mention all the addresses and some of our favorite destinations saved in it...


    Oh, woe is me! Sure hope one of you guys has some good ideas!
  • bigmike5bigmike5 Posts: 960
    What the heck is an RB1? Please educate the ignorant.
  • tayl0rdtayl0rd Posts: 1,926
    What??? You, of all people, should know what that is! (or am I thinking of 300michael with all the stereo and appearance mods?) The RB1 is the Chrysler navigation unit.
  • tayl0rdtayl0rd Posts: 1,926
    Looks like my extended boot time theory is wrong. Now it won't come on at all. The CD changer will go through its commotion (always has), but the nav unit is dead in the water unless I keep disconnecting the power. I haven't disconnected it since last weekend. Guess it's time to get an Infiniti M45.
  • tloke1tloke1 Posts: 185
    How long ago did you buy the unit?


    What is the Ebay username you bought it from, a private part or business? Seems you should have some recourse if it is a business, especially since it was misrepresented as new.


    Brand new RB1 units can be bought from authorized dealers for around $1300.00. I have seen units on Ebay go for around $650-$800, even new ones from reliable sellers for under $900.00.


    If you do not have any recourse from the seller then sounds like the unit is going to have to go into the shop, I have an address I can dig up for the service center for the RB1 radios if you need it.
  • tayl0rdtayl0rd Posts: 1,926
    Yes, I'd love to have the number.

    I bought it from Lee Auto out of NJ over the 'net. I'd really like to be able to have it fixed, but I just don't see it happening. Electronics rarely come out in "like new" condition when they go in. Just afraid of spending a few hundred dollars for a $20 dollar (or less) fix just for it to die again in six months when I could just ante up and buy a new one again.

    I'll gladly take the names of some reputable seller that will sell me a NEW one at $1300 or less.
  • bigmike5bigmike5 Posts: 960
    Nah, not me. I never knew anything about Nav units except I have heard of the Street Pilot. Maybe you can exchange it through the dealer for another unit for a reduced price on the replacement. I had that offered to me on my CD unit when it was malfunctioning. The dealer said I could get a reduced price by giving them the old unit in exchange. Fortunately, I tried a cleaning disc and it stopped the skipping so I didn't do it.
  • bigmike5bigmike5 Posts: 960
    Here is the promised part number for the wiper switch on the 99M. Module #46022882AH Cost:$225.00 plus $105.00 Labor. My dealer is usually about 25-30% above what you can find OEM parts for if you look hard elsewhere.

    Anyone have a part number for the wiper relay, if there is such a bird. I plan on trying that next as the switch appeared to improve but did not solve the problem I had. [Instead of the time between the sweeps changing based upon rotation of the stalk control, the little rascal sweeps multiple times or not at random even on the long intervals. Might do one sweep as it should on the first detent, but it might do 3 instead. It developed a mind of its own on how many times it will sweep on each delay setting.] If the relay doesn't work I will try to price out a new turn stalk and see what that goes for.
  • I broke the plastic housing of the right side mirror on my 2000 300M. The mirror works fine but looks bad. I haven't been able to find a new after-market mirror with memory or one from a junkyard around Louisville, KY and $200 more or less from a dealer for a new one seems kinda steep.

    The used parts guys have quoted me $100 to $125, if they had one. Still kinda steep, but maybe that's as good as it gets.

    It seems like the shell is the same for 300M's, Intrepids, Concordes and the LHS. Does anyone know if I can take the innards out of my broken shell and put them in a shell from a less expensive (non-memory) mirror?

    Any ideas or sources appreciated.
    Bill Carner

    farmerbill, Corydon, Indiana
  • njeraldnjerald Posts: 688
    Have you heard of EBAY???????????? m=7955785763&category=6763

    You don't need a memory mirror just a motorized one. The memory signal comes from the seat-mirror memory module and controls the motor on the mirror.

    I don't know about changing the mirror itself out.

    You'll just have to watch the EBAY listings.
  • A mirror & housing from a 2003 (for example) has different dimensions than a 2000. I noticed a few scratches on my 2003 mirror when I got it and I wanted to swap mirrors with my 2000 which was going in for lease turn-in. The mirrors were different sizes so I didn't pursue it...

    If you were replacing both the mirror and housing, the size difference may not be noticeable.
  • FYI: 3" dash speaker 'fills out' the front sound stage effect for acoustical purposes. As a demonstration of this principle, listen to your favorite music piece with your eyes closed [certainly not when you are driving]. It will seem like the performance is originating from the front center of the cabin. Disconnect the center speaker and you will be more able to discern the performance to your door speakers [creating a spatial "gap" in the soundstage]. It's like surround sound without the discrete channels. Audiobahn has 3" speakers rated at 60 watts RMS for those who are interested. I do not know if they fit depth wise... I am unfamiliar with construction of 300's dash.
  • Oops. Need to clarify reference for "3 inch dash speaker." The OEM Speaker is actually a 2.5" speaker, I read on one of these enthusiast sites a guy had great success with replacing the 2.5 with a 3 in the dash.
  • valeriecvaleriec Posts: 1
    For the last week we've heard a very loud buzzing sound from the rear door lock when the lock is operated electronically - either through the auto lock function (when you hit 15 mph) or by locking the car with the remote. Does anybody have any idea what might be causing this?
  • tayl0rdtayl0rd Posts: 1,926
    Yes. It's a broken/slipping gear on the lock actuator.
  • bassammebassamme Posts: 1
    I had to change both locks on the driver side (front and rear)about a year ago. They failed within a week from each other. Last week the passenger side rear door lock started buzzing. So off to the dealer this week. A recalls on these locks?
  • my300mmy300m Posts: 6
    Hello Everyone, I'm a new owner of a 2000 300M with 43K miles and I must say I enjoy the car! Now that I've got the car, I'm going to spend a couple of days getting familiar with it. The one thing I did noticed during my first drive at night was that the cruise control lights do not that a standard feature of the car or are they suppose to light up? I would have to believe they light up because it is difficult to find them at night. Anyway, if they do, how do I fix the problem? Appreciate any insight!
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