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Chrysler 300M: Problems & Solutions

willngaylewillngayle Posts: 19
edited March 2014 in Chrysler
Aare there any recalls or tsb's for 2000 300M's?
I have some creeking in the right rear "C" pillar and some squeeking & creeking on the entire right side doore front & rear. Anyone have any info?


  • Karen_SKaren_S Posts: 5,095
    There are a couple of TSBs about the suspension on the 2000 300M, which may or may not be the problem. Go to the NHTSA web site and enter 2000 Chrysler 300M on the TSB form for further details.

    Hope this helps!

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  • The NHTSA site is good. has a site as well.

    I'm having to address Wind Noise TSB 23-07-00 and loose weatherstripping on the door jams 23-20-00. I already had to point out the Front strut Caps Issue to my service Manager. You should have seen his slack-jawed expression. "How'd you find that out?" was his question. What a moron.
  • Anyone else have problems after a rain with a small amount of water collecting under the carpet, right where the passenger floor mat rests against the Tranny well? About even with the stick when in Park?

    I'm trying to work this one out. I'm at 40,000 miles and out of warranty.
  • sfitzpatrick, can you tell me about the TBS on the front strut caps. I recently bought a 99 300M and noticed that part of the cap is missing on on of the struts.
  • kylitokylito Posts: 17
    Do you know where I can get this TSB online my 300 has the same problem.
  • Hello everyone,
    It has been a year and a half since I have been back to Edmunds. Thanks to all the information I got from Edmunds I went out and bought a 2000 M in September,1999. The car has over 18,000 miles on it and not one problem. The window motors keep working and no rattles or bad tires. Is Ruskie still around? I will have to get used to the NEW LOOK on this forum!
  • arcanumarcanum Posts: 2
    Has anyone else been experiencing chipped paint on the hood beyond what would be considered normal? The reason that I am asking is because my 1999 300M (charcoal) is chipping paint way beyond what I would consider normal. I am not driving this vehicle on gravel roads nor on roads with lots of loose material on them that could cause impact damage.

    Also I know of 2 other 1999 300M's with lots of paint chips on the hood.

    I have done my own TOUCH UP to the specks and have since added a hood bra... Lo and behold there are new chips UNDER the bra on the hood. Is there a TSB or some sort of recall on the hoods for substandard paint application?

  • phases78phases78 Posts: 471
    you still under warrentee or what? id show it to a 5* and see what they say. is it just the hood?
  • arcanumarcanum Posts: 2
    Yes the car is still under warranty and we have taken it back to the dealer and they are telling us it is ROCKS and other DEBRIS but I don't agree at this point. Heck I would figger that the nearest 5* is at least 60 miles from here so that will be a trek for me... Like I mentioned in my previous post there are CHIPS appearing under the HOOD BRA after it has been installed... So I doubt that this is an IMPACT issue...

  • phases78phases78 Posts: 471
    well you have one of two choices as far as i know. you can either travel to the 5*, or write/call/email daimler directly. alot of things dont get done until u bring it to the attention of the big guys...
  • geeshellgeeshell Posts: 3
    Anyone having problems with dash board cracking down the seam line for the passenger side air bag? I have a '99 with just about 50,000 miles, no warranty and my 5* is not. Started as a small tear (from the sun I guess) now its moved down the left side of the air bag. I have searched for a recall and tsb and cant find anything. Thanks for any help!!!!!!!!
  • Has anyone had any problems with the 2001 300M paint chipping more then normal? The car only has 3000 miles on it, leased, do we have any rights to take it back and get some work done with regards to the paint, at the dealers expense?
  • phases78phases78 Posts: 471
    that depends, where is the paint chipping at?
  • bamabellbamabell Posts: 5
    I have a 1999 300M; the first crack appeared on the right side of the passenger's air bag on the dash around 50,000 miles. The Customer service 1-800 number said it was the sun!!(NOT). This past April2001 the second crack appeared on the left side. I went to the dealership and they said that there wasn't a recall and the warranty had expired. The customer support was no help.
  • gsemeradgsemerad Posts: 2
    Anyone having problems with steering wheel vibration.. I think the cause may be goodyear ls tires Appreciate any comment
  • HI all 300M owners. I have a 2001. Recently I went to start it up and got severe engine knocking. Dlr has it,5* too and says.. "nuttin" wrong.. of course. Says there is some new coding coming from D/C re the tranny not figuring what gear it wants from slow down to start.
    If anyone has any news about these items, I would certainly appreciate hearing about it.
    Thanks! ps, still don't have the car back,, its been 10 days.
  • beach15beach15 Posts: 1,305
    We have had a 2000 300M since October, and both of these issues are present. At first we both heard the loud tapping noise from the lifters at start-up. I asked about it on these boards and many others have experianced it but the dealers contiunue to say it's normal so no fix. Then, at about the same time if not before, we began to notice how screwy the transmission is. It had always had a goofy slip/bump quirk to it when slowng down to an almost stop and then going again. Then it began to grow worse and was slipping more and more but then would go away every once in a while. Didn't take it to the dealer for this either as it seemed to be yet another almost common issue with these cars. Finally, about a month ago, my wife started telling me about a strange knock in the engine when it was started. I too have heard it now, and it kind of sounds like an old beat-up Mercedes or VW diesel start-up clatter knock.

    Some of these things were starting to worry us so the car is going to be at the 5* all day for it's fourth visit on Monday. We have many more problems/issues than just the above three, but we'll have to see what the dealer can do about these first.
  • jgoodsonjgoodson Posts: 30
    I think everyone has experienced the tranny hesitation. I took my in for a check and they did a software upgrade that addresses this problem. It seems better now but I still notice it somewhat.
  • kmenonkmenon Posts: 2
    Hi all 300Mer's I have a 2000 300M haven't had any problems with it till recently it stalled on me and after that I started having pickup problems and also if you stop at a traffic light or put car in park the car would start shaking, well I got my car in the dealership they kept it for 3 days and reported no errors said they have put inject or cleaner well the car is running better but the shaking has gone from bat to worse, is there anyone having the same problem please help
  • I have a 1999 300m with 34,000 miles on in great shape paid 18,300 . love the car have it now about 3 months . DOES ANYONE HAVE THE FOLLOWING PROBLEM?????
    When i put on the R W D for the back window ,i can't receive any radio stations or their is alot of static ?????
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