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Mazda Protege5



  • SporinSporin Posts: 1,066
    I paid straight MSRP for mine on the first of Sept. and took the 4.9% finacing for 60 months. I'vee been doubling my payments though so it should be all mine in 3 years. :-) They were really scares up here when I was shopping, especially in 5-speeds with no options. I still feel it's worth every penny of MSRP.

    Some dealers in larger areas are digging deeper now though. Edmund's TSV is $16,333 so I'd think anything around there is a "fair deal."
  • silver_bulletsilver_bullet Posts: 1,339
    I'm looking at a white 5-speed car with floor mats as the only option (I dislike sunroofs, and don't really want ABS), and including the 750.00 cash back incentive we are at $15,539, which is 3% over actual invoice. I'm still thinking...
  • If you want a good deal from a dealer, negotiate the price of the car without taking into consideration any rebates. The rebates come from the manufacturer and do not effect the dealer's invoice. Many dealers will use the rebates to show how close to invoice you are getting a car, this is just smoke and mirrors and then they walk away with a huge profit! Negotiate down from MSRP and then add the rebate. Consumer Reports has stated that the average profit a dealer needs to make is $500 over invoice (obviously on some vehicles this is impossible). Also do not forget about dealer hold backs which is about $342 on the Protege5. I was able to get my Blue Protege5 for $16,200 (MSRP $17,900), all processing fees waived with $500 College Rebate, 3.9% fin. for 5 years. Options were alarm, sunroof, mats, wheel locks and cargo net. I had to play two dealerships off each other but it was worth it...
  • silver_bulletsilver_bullet Posts: 1,339
    I started with actual invoice ($15815.00) and added 3% to get to $16289.00, THEN we deducted the $750.00 which gets me to $15539.00. This deal makes them $474.00 plus their holdback of 2%. I think it is a fair deal, but I'll probably push for a bit more :)
  • tinytorytinytory Posts: 6
    Hey folks, I just wanted to take a minute to thank everyone for their contributions to this board. I decided on the P5 months ago, but circumstances ($$) dictate that I have a few more weeks to go yet.

    As depressing as it is to have to wait for what I think is a fantastic car, coming here and sharing in everyone's enthusiasm for their own P5s has definitely helped tide me over. Plus, I think it's a safe bet that when I do go to make the deal, I'll know at least twice as much about the car as any salesman.

    I look forward to joining you all on the road soon!
  • protege_fanprotege_fan Posts: 2,405
    Not sure where in Canada you are, but right now all the lots here in Calgary have tons of P5's sitting in their lots. You should be able to get a good deal...also, Mazda Canada just started that Spring Breaktrhough Event thing...Looks like decent financing rates...but no 0.0% like in the States :(
  • tinytorytinytory Posts: 6
    I'm in Winnipeg. There's a fair number on the lots here too, although I haven't stepped mfoot in a dealership in about two months.

    A co-worker recently picked up a silver P5 with a/c and automatic for $22,000 including everything but taxes. That sounded decent, although I would substitute the sunroof for the automatic. Does that sound like a reasonable price to any Canadians on the board?
  • protege_fanprotege_fan Posts: 2,405
    Sounds about what my friend paid for her P5 a few months back. She got the sunroof too though, but I think she paid slightly more.
  • bjewettbjewett Posts: 62
    Some have said as much, now it was Mazda's turn.
    I asked about a mazdaspeed P5, and Mazda said...

    "Thank you for contacting Mazda North American Operations. I appreciate the opportunity to respond to you.

    You've inquired about the availability of a Mazda Protege5 turbo version. Unfortunately, Mazda has no plans on producing a Protege5 turbo version at this [time]."

    Some here said as much. We can debate whether they would say yes even if planning the car, as that might hold people off from buying what is on the market (or in the pipeline). But given emphasis on the Mazda6 and RX8 (note you have to dig to find mazdaspeed as, it doesn't sound like a P5 turbo is in the works. Too bad - more sales they could have had.

    Some have said there was a debate at Mazda regarding whether to go forward with a mazdaspeed p5. I've seen no details about this.

    We need an engine upgrade option rather than special edition cars. Anyone hear if Racing Beat has made more progress with muffler or other performance-related parts for the P5? Nothing new on their website.
  • maltbmaltb Posts: 3,572
    They just released the MS3 info. Don't expect info that they haven't published to come out of their customer assistance center.
  • anz36anz36 Posts: 2
    I took a look at the rims and they're just standard no-name 5 1/2 JJ x 14 inch steel rims. Hope this helps.
  • little9little9 Posts: 30
    For those who looked at the Pro5 and the Elantra GT, what led you to buy the Pro5? Reliability history, shape of the cargo area, what?
  • boopoppaboopoppa Posts: 48
    got my car from Don Allen.
    went to Carnegie Mellon U.
    currently at WVU School of Med
  • mnkyboymnkyboy Posts: 108
    Well, first things first. Mazda is a better company, IMO. Next, if you like style, the P5 wins hands down (damn the elantra is fugly!) If you just want a car to get from point A to B, then the Elantra GT might be your pic since it has a long warranty. Hyundai hasnt been around long enough for me to trust them yet...
  • dwryterdwryter Posts: 87
    Greetings, fellow P5 owners. I've got a couple questions I hope you don't mind answering, ones I hope haven't been answered dozens of times here already. I don't see a FAQ.

    1. Tire recommended pressure is 32psi. The dealer had about 36psi in them at purchase. What is the optimal pressure for good handling without making them go bald even more quickly than their owner?

    2. How long did your first set of tires last, with what did you replace them, and are you happy with the new ones?

    3. Will removing the horizontal roof rack rails decrease that infernal wind noise when the moonroof is flipped up? (I sure hope so.)

    Thanks in advance for your words of wisdom.

    - Dwryter
  • mnkyboymnkyboy Posts: 108
    1. Tire recommended pressure is 32psi. The dealer had about 36psi in them at purchase. What is the optimal pressure for good handling without making them go bald even more quickly than their owner?

    Well, I have 32psi in my tires, since this is the average pressure on most compact cars. Too much pressure or too little pressure is bad for your tires...

    2. How long did your first set of tires last, with what did you replace them, and are you happy with the new ones??

    Well, I only have about 2500 miles on my P5, so I have awhile before I have to replace them.

    3. Will removing the horizontal roof rack rails decrease that infernal wind noise when the moonroof is flipped up? (I sure hope so.)?

    Yes, removing the roof rack will decrease the noise, even elminate it most of the time. I recommend you buy a moonroof deflector. They are about $40 bucks. You can buy it online at I have no whistle with the roof rack off and the deflector on.

    As for your question about FAQs, has a great FAQ for the P5.
  • sunbyrnesunbyrne Posts: 210
    I briefly looked at the Elantra. The vinyleather is awful, and I didn't like the handling nearly as much as the P5, and fit and finish didn't exactly wow me.
  • estoesto Posts: 136
    I see the Dunlops can take up to 51 psi (!?!). Has anyone had them above 32 psi (attempting to get better gas mileage)? Any comments? Thanks.

  • krotinekrotine Posts: 93
    Dealership: Don Allen (jeff pepper / al white)
    College: Univ of Pitt - Johnstown
    Job: estimator at Limbach Company
  • douglamdouglam Posts: 67
    I'm running at 36 PSI. Runs great! Definitely improved handling a little. Not sure about the gas mileage though because I drive my P5 like I stole it. (after since I had 5K miles on it and the engine has loosened up a bit). yep, revv to redline whenver I get on the highway on ramp :)

    But probably need to slow down a bit because of increasing gas prices :(

    Anyway, i've been running 36 PSI for like 3 mths now and no signifcant noticable increase in tire wear. As you said, the max pressure is 51 PSI, so I don't see it'll be a big problem as long as you keep it under 40PSI. (to account for the increase in pressure when the tire heats up)
  • pciskowskipciskowski Posts: 155
    I've had really good luck with I got the cargo tray within one week. It is great! I definitely recommend getting one. Their prices are slightly less than
  • birdman_1birdman_1 Posts: 14
    I just caught a spot on the P5 on Car and Driver's TV show on TNN.

    Naturally, it got GLOWING reviews. They did sorta make it seem like it is only available in yellow (a good lookin color, though).
  • mudflatmudflat Posts: 47
    The optimum tire pressures for a given car are selected by the car's manufacturer. It's generally what has been determined to give the best compromise between ride and handling. You can play with the pressures to suit yourself, but be forwarned that if you run the tires too hard or too soft you'll affect their longevity, as well as create other problems.

    If you want to improve gas mileage at the expense of most everything else, put on the skinniest tires you can find, overinflate them, and change driving habits. Is this worth what gets sacrificed in the process?
  • tinytorytinytory Posts: 6
    I was wondering if anyone knew how extended warranties are priced. Is there a dealer markup on these as well, or does the money go straight to Mazda?

    I was thinking about possibly asking the dealer to throw in an extra year or two of coverage as a bonus. However, I don't know what sort of wiggle room dealers have on warranty prices
  • estoesto Posts: 136
    I too am finally now a P5 owner; bought a "Saturday ad special" yesterday. It's a red 5-speed with moonroof and polished alloys. My calculations show me I got a price that's "internet invoice" (i.e. no regional ad fees) minus the $750 rebate. I'm very happy with it (so are the wife and kids - an important consideration :-) ). This is my third Mazda, all of them on the same basic "compact" platform: I started out with a GLC Sport (in Canada) back in the early 80s, then a 323 sedan that's 15 years old and still running strong, and now the new P5. I hope the P5 will be as trouble-free and reliable as my GLC and 323. I spent a lot of time looking at various 4 door hatches/wagons, including the Elantra GT, Focus ZX5, Impreza TS, Suzuki Aerio, and Golf TDI. It was hard deciding between them, they all have some very good points. I finally said screw it, I know Mazdas, and got the P5 (the good price didn't hurt either). I'll keep you posted on how things go.

  • SporinSporin Posts: 1,066
    Finally got my steel rims and snow tires off. Sprayed them good with PB Blaster the night before, then drove gently up and down my driveway a few times with loosened lug nuts to break them free.

    The Arctic Alpins were nothing short of AWESOME this winter, but they sure were noisy. Glad to be back to my quiet, summer rubber and sexy alloys.
  • meinradmeinrad Posts: 820
    I really liked the GT and especially the price. The kicker for me was at 6'2 I could not sit in the backseat of the GT without hitting my head on the roof. I don't have that problem in the P5. Even though I usually drive, I was looking for a car that could haul my friends comfortably and the P5 fits the bill.
  • mdaffronmdaffron Posts: 4,421
    OK everybody -- it's official. The third installment of the infamous Mid-Atlantic Protege Picnic will be held on Saturday, May 18 at a beautiful, new state park in the mountains of northern Virginia. For more information, go to:

    Last October we had more than a dozen Proteges of all generations and about 20 people. Let's go for 20 Proteges and even more people this time! Food, fun and fellowship at MAPP III -- mark your calendars and let me know (on the Yahoo group) if you plan to attend!


    Moderator, mazdaprotege group on Yahoo! Groups

  • douglamdouglam Posts: 67
    Anyone know how the car manufactures determine the optimal tire pressure? I'm asking because the car manufactures don't make the tires, so how can they say that we should keep the tires at a certain PSI? I'm sure the optimum pressure is also determined by the tire itself.

    For example, the recommended pressure for our P5s is 32 PSI. But if i were to do a plus sizing on my wheels (get larger wheels, lower profile tires, maybe wider too). Should I still use 32 PSI?
  • protege_fanprotege_fan Posts: 2,405
    Just guessing here, but I think it has to do with the vehicles weight, suspension set-up, etc. and that determines the "recommended" tire pressure. Tires themselves can handle a range of pressures.
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