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Toyota Land Cruiser



  • rbdejrbdej Posts: 2
    has anyone replaced their headlights with hid lamps? what mfr/brand/model to get? i have an 01 tlc. recently, we used my parent's '00 rx300 to drive from la to vancouver; less gas expense. i noticed that the lc headlights are dim compared to the rx. thanks
  • joeeblow1joeeblow1 Posts: 238
    '90 FJ62 will get between 10 and 15MPG depending on its condition and how you drive. The fj6x was the beginning of the "modern" Cruiser in that it was the first USA TLC to get power windows, door locks, auto tranny, and fuel injection. '90 is the best of the fj62 as it's the last year it was made. It also has 3 point seat belts in the rear seats, which is a nice feature. These modern features mean that the rig can be more painful to maintain as you have to look after window motors, etc., but they are reliable rigs.

    There's nothing really in particular to watch for on these rigs. No inherent flaws like the EFI relay on the early 80 series. Just look over the basics and budget some money for maintenance and part replacement.

    Some folks say the fj62 is the last of the real Cruisers :). I disagree.
  • I have been researching as best as possible the purchase of a used LC. I currently have a 99 series 2 LandRover Disco...of which I'm a little concerned about the long haul (reliability, etc.). I have heard that the LC (80 model range) is a comparable vehicle for off road excursions, but is all the more reliable. I have been looking for a 95-97 year model with the center diff lock option. Was hoping I could get some good advice on things I should look for, or if this is the right direction to go...
    I truly appreciate any time taken to provide a response...
  • joeeblow1joeeblow1 Posts: 238
    Randy, The center diff lock is not an option per se, unless you decide to mount the center diff lock switch on the dash as many have done. The center diff is locked automatically in low range, or with the switch it can be locked/unlocked in high or low range.

    You can also consider the '93/'94 model years, but they have some differences with '95-'97 80 series rigs. Most rigs in the USA have leather and ABS. If no ABS, then rear drum brakes/SF rear end. With ABS you get 4 wheel disc brakes and a full floating rearend. The major offroad option is the differential lockers. I would find a rig with these. '97 has available auto climate control is that appeals to you.

    Join the 80 series mailing list, but be prepared for some ribbing as a Disco driver :).

  • ecc1ecc1 Posts: 11
    Which years had the manual locking front and rear differential?
  • joeeblow1joeeblow1 Posts: 238
    For the 80 series, '93 to '97 had optional locking differentials.
  • joyeeblow1...
    Thanks for the info. I think I follow you. Having the ability to manually lock and unlock the diffs (I'm assuming front, center and rear) allows the driver to take the system out of defaulted locked diff mode even in low range? This I'm guessing is done under strick protocol based on certain circumstances. I'm currious, how do the newer LR Discos compare to the LC 80's build...i.e. axle size, frame size and thickness, overall strength and size of parts used...
    Once again, thanks for the time and help.
  • I am about to purchase a 1998 TLC for a great price, it is the top of the line. It is also the cheapest 1 that I've seen. I wanted to hear from owners if you have any problems with these vehicles. Also, it has 47K miles on it currently. How many miles do you think this vehicle can go realistically? Are repairs costly? 1 thing I don't like about the car is there is no A/C controls for the 3rd row, like in the '99 models. Please help, I have to decide by Friday. You can email me at
  • joeeblow1joeeblow1 Posts: 238
    You've got the center diff lock option down correctly. Normal mode is fulltime 4wd in high range (1:1 in t-case). Low range is 2.488:1, and you can lock the center diff in high or low, so you can have the viscous coupling working in low range or locked in high, etc.

    I've not gone through a Disco, especially a late model variety. Rovers are not known for stout transmission or axles, but perhaps that was recently changed. Toyota axles rarely break. Birfields (cv joints in front axle) were a weak spot in older rigs when running 35" tires and a locker up front, but the 80 series birfields are much larger.
  • fiery1fiery1 Posts: 31
    The main difference, color choices not withstanding, between the 2001 and 2002 LCs is that all 2002 will get NAV system. Much like the "BG" (3rd rear seat/rear air) package is an "option" but every single Landcruiser has it, same will go for the NAV system in the 2002. All '02 cars will have it in the USA. There are mahogany 2001 cars out there still. Definitely.
  • philg87philg87 Posts: 74
    I'm looking to but one can you tell me where I can fine one?I know the last time they built mahogany LC was April and they built 5.
  • johnc1johnc1 Posts: 3
    TLC Utah - is there a reference # assigned to the TSB for the rear brakes. When I asked my dealers service rep about it, he said he didn't know. I'd like to get back to him with an actual tsb # to get their response.

    On another related note - does anybody out there have the problem of rusting rear wheel covers. The alloy rims on the 99 LC don't obscure the rusty wheel covers. Is this typical?
  • fiery1fiery1 Posts: 31
    There are mahogany cars available in the USA. I promise.
  • I'm looking into getting a '98 TLC, I wanted to know if 2 features were offered on the '98 model
    1. outside temperature display
    2. auto-dimming electrochromic rearview mirror
    with compass

    If not offered on the '98 can these be added?
  • lc2000lc2000 Posts: 33
    No, the auto dimming mirror and outside temp display were not offered in the '98. And yes, the mirror (which includes a compass) can be added. The Jentex auto dimming mirror can be ordered from your dealer's parts department. Price is right at $250.00 plus another $100.00 to install. As for the outside temp display, you might be able to find a Jentex mirror that has both the temp and the compass.
  • mark156mark156 Posts: 2,006
    Hey Guys, just a question... Can you get a Landcruiser that has the bottom half painted all the way around. Most of the LC's I see have a different color front/rear bumper compared to the rest of the body. It looks a little awkward to me. Then I saw a LC that was completely painted on the bottom below the side molding. Is it an option? Thanks, Mark
    2010 Land Rover LR4, 2013 Honda CR-V, 2009 Bentley GTC, 1990 MB 500SL, 2001 MB S500, 2007 Lincoln TC, 1964 RR Silver Cloud III, 1995 MB E320 Cab., 2015 Prevost Liberty Coach
  • nota4renota4re Posts: 54
    ALL 1998 TLC's have the outside temperature display but it is down near the AC controls and not on the rear view mirror. Hope this helps.
  • fiery1fiery1 Posts: 31
    There are "packages" offered by many aftermarket companies who do this sort of thing for dealerships and folks who like to play around with their cars a little to make them look different. It's been done also for Camrys, Avalons, and other models for years. :>
  • 92dawg92dawg Posts: 1
    I'm looking at this model year and am new to the world of TLC. It seems like the only ones I find are either high miles with no verifiable maintenance history or ultra low miles with big price tags. I'm looking at a 97 with 37K miles, all services done at Toyota, but dealer wants $29,900 and won't move much on price. Is this what I can expect accross the board? I've also looked at a 97 with 62K in pretty good shape for $25,900. Can't verify that 30K mile service was done, and of course it it time for 60K service which is no cheapy.

    I guess the $94 question is, could I expect a 97 to still be running great after 3 to 4 years when I get any loan paid off? What are the things that typically fail on these trucks?

    Thanks in advance for replies.
  • Yesterday I got my wife a 1998 TLC with 47K miles. Fully loaded, without rear air. I wanted to find out from other owners what is the best way to care for this vehicle? From reading these boards I get the impression that it's not much more than scheduled oil changes and routine things such as breaks, tires, etc.

    What's the best oil to use for each oil change?
    What's the best fuel to run, we have used 87 octane in our other 2 suv's?
    We live in West Covina, CA anybody know of a good mechanic in this area or within 25 miles of here that you use and trust?
    Anybody know of a place where I can get a Borla Cat-back exhaust installed inexpensively?
    Is the Borla worth the cost or is just a nice shiny exhaust?
    If you can answer all or any of these questions please do. Only driven the beast 1 day and felt like I was riding in the "lap of luxury". It was reading these boards which convinced me on buying the Landcruiser.
    Thanks for your help!
  • tlc_utahtlc_utah Posts: 28
    I think the dealer is asking a little too much
    for a '97 TLC ( $30K ). If you spend $31-32K you can get a 98 TLC with around 40K miles. I would rather go for a 98 TLC than a 97 TLC if I were spending that kind of money.
  • hi everyone,

    i have been reading your very helpful message board for sometime now; however, this is only the first time i will fully participate. anyway, i am a proud owner of a 1997 TLC. just today, i was cruising up the 'Grapevine' on I-5 (road conditions: 5% or more uphill grade, near 100degree temp) at 70mph, with A/C on low when suddenly i noticed the temperature gauge go all the way up to the 'red' portion. this prompted me to immediately pull over to the side and let the vehicle cool down for 30 mins. after the rest period, i proceeded (with A/C turned off) the rest of the way with no problems.

    in retrospect, about a month ago i brought the vehicle to a mechanic for a major tune-up which included a coolant flush/replacement. what i noticed in today's incident after looking under the hood is that the color of the radiator coolant is reddish. this struck me as odd as i am familiar with the 'greenish' and 'orangy' variety, but the not 'reddish'. i can not remember what color the radiator coolant was in my vehicle before i brought it in to the mechanic. is this 'reddish' type of coolant in your vehicles? could this coolant be what's causing the temp to go all the way to the red? i don't think i was taxing the engine that much as the vehicle had only 2 passengers and 2 suitcases. i have never had this type of temp trouble before having the coolant replaced. your input is greatly appreciated!

  • joeeblow1joeeblow1 Posts: 238
    That depends. If it's stock toyota coolant, the color is red. If it's green coolant with red transmission fluid mixed in, it will be brown :).

    Was the vehicle actually overheating?
  • thanks for the reply joeeblow1. no, the vehicle did not actually overheat although the coolant reservoir level had gone up pretty high (for whatever that's worth). any chance it could be a faulty thermostat?
  • joeeblow1joeeblow1 Posts: 238
    My point was that perhaps it didn't really overheat. Maybe the sensor or gauge is faulty. Anyway, the cooling system components are the motor, radiator, water pump, thermostat, and fan clutch.

    Thermostat is easy to check to see if it's working by putting it on the stove and see if it opens in boiling water. Check to see if the water pump shaft is wobbly. Check for a clogged radiator by looking for cool spots on the rad or no pressure in the return hose. Check the hoses, too.
  • hicairahicaira Posts: 276
    I can only answer one of you questions: re the Borla.

    I love mine. More than a shiny exhaust tip it is a sweet sounding beauty that actually makes the V8 sound like a V8 - a very refined one at that. Not so much louder, but deeper. As for power, it helps only at the highest RPM's (like for passing). If you like to spend time in the 4000+ side of the tach, you will be happy with the Borla.

    As for the install, I did it myself. Took about an hour and did not need to jack the car. I'm not a mechanic and only needed a basic set of socket and open end wrenches. If you prefer, any muffler shop could install it easily and will probably charge you for 1 hour labor.

  • I agree with HiC. The Borla really makes the V8 purr and the rear end looks so much more complete with the stainless steel exhaust tip.
  • sammytxsammytx Posts: 2
    Is it possible to replace the straight six in the fj80 (earlier model) with a chevy short block v8 or something similar?

    Has anyone done it?
  • joeeblow1joeeblow1 Posts: 238
    Yes. It's been done.
  • On the cat-back is $629.00. Is that a good price to pay? Does that include everything needed to install? Thanks for your help!
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