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2013 and earlier-Honda Civic Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • ritlinritlin Posts: 36
    cost plus 5% is one thing, but most dealerships will not play with their kick back. This is a little known secret except to people like you who have been in the business and people like me who have kept their ears open, as well as learned a lot by trial and error.
    I agree that timing is very important, but, as we can see, if you don't act quick enough, there can be an increase in price as there was with the civic back in March. I was able to buy a 2006 Dodge Charger(certified used) for less than invoice just because it was the last day in the quarter. So, I understand. Your numbers aren't that far from reasonable, especially when you consider special circumstances, but that is probably what it will take to get that deal.
    I was saying that in your math(including taxes) that car is over $21k! Your figures are around $1500 under MSRP including destination. But, I don't think it is realistic to think a dealer will discount his kick back. It is good to know about the kick back so when the dealer says "I'm losing money on this deal" that we, as consumers. know that he really isn't, even when he turns around his monitor to show you that negative figure!
  • ritlinritlin Posts: 36
    ...and when you consider fuel costs and other price increases, such as interest rates, it is not always the best idea to wait!
  • shufflesshuffles Posts: 50
    jph, I am also in Florida. The local dealer is offering 0% financing and "will beat any offer by $300". I have an offer of $950 below msrp (excluding Navis/hybids/SIs). With $300 less, that would be $1,250 below msrp, or not very much above invoice. My salesman is out of town, but it looks like I am close to a deal. (I was thinking I might have to get an Accord.)

    I have just one question for you or anyone out there. My salesman says that documentation is $400 and includes dealer prep. But he is the kind of guy who sounds vague and claims to not know much about the details (yeah, I really believe that). And he is out of town for a couple more days. I had been thinking dealer prep was something else in addition to documentation. I just want to know what the real deal is, or should be. If we are talking $400 and not $950 ($400 documentation plus $550 dealer prep), I will be jumping on this one. Even with $400 to $500 dealer prep and $218 Florida tag, title and registration, I will likely jump on it.
  • jph3006jph3006 Posts: 49
    You may be right......One additional thing you may want to think about if you seek a purely good deal: you can get excellent (3-4% over cost) deals on Honda Accords in 2006 and probably some cost deals on the 2007s since this car will be redesigned in 2008. When the Accords are redesigned in 2008, it will likely be car of the year, huge demand, et al. Sound familiar? The car business is absolutely predicatable. You can bet the Honda Accord people are watching the 2007 Toyota Camry introduction very closely for their 2008 car intro.

    Ritlin and others following this posting: I posted for the first time somewhere after March 15 when my wife knew what she wanted to drive and told me to buy it.

    I am about out of things to write about at this point in time. I listed many topics with insight about the entire buying process including my specific deal, it will give many who do the research excellent background material about how to pay a fair price for a Civic sedan or coupe (not an Si or Hybrid). I read ALL Honda Civic postings from the beginning from people buying 2006 cars, thanks to all who posted.

    I hope something I wrote helped somebody in the buying process. I wish success to all future purchasers of these fine cars.

  • jph3006jph3006 Posts: 49
    Shuffles: A couple of things here. Honda's $550 destination fee includes dealer preparation which is unwrapping the car and washing it, 1.5 hours max for 1 man. Who pays $400 for 1.5 hours of unskilled work??? Not you I hope. Florida's "documentation fee" is $218 for tag, title, and registration on a car the weight of a Honda civic sedan. Period. It's a dealership's cost of doing business and documentation fees are an attempt to make the deal closing department a profitable one.

    Dealerships usually deal in % not $ off MSRP. Some really old school car men used dollars but most are long gone now from the business. You will get a better deal using % and showing them your % deal above cost. Change the focus from $ off for you to % profit for them, see what I mean? You'll want to work in % UP from invoice, never DOWN from MSRP, especially if dealing in $ off MSRP.

    If you are loyal and wait for a particular salesman to get your deal, he owes you! Tell him that or walk. Your walking away after he's worked with you for the deal is your greatest leverage and few buyers recognize this.

    Heads up: You'll need that deal you are trying to beat by $300 in writing. If you have it in writing, great for you! If not, it's more rhetoric on their part trying to maximize their profits at your expense.

    Good luck, it's a really great car. JPH
  • ritlinritlin Posts: 36
    I agree with the walk thing. In fact, I have said it a couple of times in my past entries as well. Actually, I agree with most all of what you have said in the past couple entries. As I have said, I am a consumer learning by keeping my ears open and trial and error(less on trial and error as I get older).
    As far as the "beat any other deal" remarks? They are mostly B.S. You call it rhetoric, but let's face it, it helps define how most dealers do business-by lying to consumers so they can get them in to the dealership and pressure them in to ripping them off.
    I can tell you know your way around a dealership and I think you may have even stated being a salesperson. From what you have said here, you are probably one of the few honest ones around. So, I am sure there are many who appreciate your advice. I will be looking for you when the 2008 Accords come out. I will not have a laptop fpr a while after this, so, I too, will not be on anymore. I hope this helps someone save some cash.
  • eaw7100eaw7100 Posts: 4
    1) Looking to get a Civic EX with automatic transmission and navigation system for $20,000 including destination charge in NJ. Is that possible?

    2) Also, does anyone have information as to any possible Memorial Day "sales" or 4th of July "sales"? Any rebates coming or deals on financing?

    3) Also, what's the best place to finance? Is any good?
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 63,183
    I'd appreciate it if we could stick to some actual buying experiences for this specific vehicle...

    There are plenty of forums to discuss general opinions on pricing and buying strategies..

    And.. when I write: "I'd appreciate it"... what I really mean is: "Future off-topic posts will be deleted without notice".



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  • isellhondasisellhondas Issaquah WashingtonPosts: 19,552
    You are dreaming.

    First of all, there are hardly any NAVI Civics out there!

    The dealer invoice has NOTHING to do with what the cars sell for! The MARKET dictates that!
  • jph3006jph3006 Posts: 49
    Son: You are indeed a passionate car salesman by virtue of your postings. Many of your postings are helpful as you write from the perspective of the business you understand, car salesman. I owned a dealership and post from my perspective of evaluating deals from a profitability standpoint to my business. My postings are different from yours written from the floor, not necessarily better, so keep this in mind as you read postings written from the 30,000' altitude perspective.

    I wished I had a group of salesman with me as passionate as you.

    Best to you in sales, JPH
  • ritlinritlin Posts: 36
    Ok, this is going to sound a bit goofy, ut I have been looking for a change in careers, and wondered if going into car sales would be a good idea. What is your perspective?
    Oh, and my civic Si rocks. If anyone wants to know specifics, just ask.
  • beernutbeernut Posts: 329
    Do you want to change up or down?
  • shufflesshuffles Posts: 50
    jph, yeah assuming there are no nasty surprises, it is looking like I will be buying this weekend. I will let everyone here know how it turns out. Maybe the deals are because west central Florida is Toyota country. You see maybe one Civic for every five or ten Corollas around here. I can't believe that so many people volunterally submit to Toyota dealers. Remember, Toyota stands for:
    Toyota overcharges you on their accessories.
  • mikefm58mikefm58 Posts: 2,882
    Unless you REALLY enjoy spam, don't post them in internet msg boards. Robots scan these boards and pick them up. Simply make your profile "public" and tell posters your email addy is in your profile.
  • jph3006jph3006 Posts: 49
    To Overcharge You On Their Autos...Same idea, great point. Yes, I will not buy a southeast distributor Toyota because of unapologetic price gouging.

    Yes, would love to read how your deal went. I posted mine on 3/27/06 or so. You might want to have as a basis for your deal. Have fun.
  • shufflesshuffles Posts: 50
    jph, one other thing I really like about the Honda buying experience (besides it being such a great product) is that there are just a few cars in each category. Most other auto companies have seemingly endless options that just confuse and obscure price comparisons. But I really like the Accord LX SE option. If the Civic had something like that Accord SE option, I would surely buy it. As a matter of fact, when I bought my 2003 Accord LX, I more or less ended up with something like an SE - no rear rotors, but 17 inch alloys. Around here everybody says it is the best looking Accord they have seen. Thank you TampaHondaLand!

    jph, you were more than kind to Isellhondas. I would have told him that this forum is for buyers to relate their buying experiences and prices paid. A dealer or Honda salesman would seem to more properly be on some other forum. Buying experience and prices paid seems to me to be plain enough English, even in Lebanese.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 63,183
    "Unless you REALLY enjoy spam, don't post them in internet msg boards. Robots scan these boards and pick them up. Simply make your profile "public" and tell posters your email addy is in your profile."




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  • roger29roger29 Posts: 2
    Purchasing 2006 Civic Coupe EX AT at Clinton Honda, Rt 22. East, Annandale, NJ.

    Unit price: 18,265
    Freight: 550
    Total unit price: 18,815
    Splash Guards: 134
    Total Vehicle Price: 18,949
    NJ sales tax: 1,136.94
    Motor Vehicle tire fee: 7.50
    Title & Registration: 239
    Documentary fee: 167.50
    Grand total: 20,499.94

    I used Edmunds to get a internet quote which I received the same day.

    I pick it up on Saturday.
  • jph3006jph3006 Posts: 49
    Roger: You negotiated a fair deal for all and did not get ripped off, enjoy your new car! JPH
  • rutger3rutger3 Posts: 361
    Sounds like you got a pretty good deal, it appears to be $650 over invoice. The doc fee does seem too high, just extra profit for the dealer, but still a good deal. Did you check out any other dealers in the area. I am also from central N.J. and looking for sedan/auto/lx. How was this dealer to work with? Did you use financing, and if so at what rate? Are they locating the car or is it in stock?
  • gwriegergwrieger Posts: 2
    My EX Sedan (no nav.) is coming in the 1st at latest. I know the saleswoman has a personal goal she wants to meet this month so I am hoping it comes in today or tomorrow. I could not get her to divuldge if the dealership was stretching for their month. Just communicating over the phone, I have her down to $19,210 (or about 600 below MSRP). I know the supply is catching up some with the demand - but I was looking for advice if you think I should go with this, if no budge, or try and press a little more. I was competing it with another dealerhip, but they have started to drop out so I dont want to run the chance of loosing the car as it is exaclty what I want.

    I have not got an official OTD price but I know the dealership and they are reputable so I am 99% confident that it wil be the $19,210 (or whatever we settle on) plus TTL. I made sure they would NOT put any options or accessories on it when it got there.

    Does this look and sound good?

    I have learned a great deal over the last few days. I've owned both a Prelude and Accord - back in the day, but this will be my first Honda purchase in probably 9 or 10 years.

    Thanks for your help and all your advice.
  • gwriegergwrieger Posts: 2
    Not sure if location matters that much, but this car will be purchased in the Houston area. Thanks!
  • roger29roger29 Posts: 2
    No I did not check out any other dealers. I live 10 minutes away from Clinton Honda and I have a 2001 Accord EX sedan that I have serviced there with no complaints. The salesman was fine, no high pressure but firm on his price and would not negotiate on accessories. He just gave me the keys to the car I was interested in and let me test drive it by myself. I got the price quote by email even before I made an appointment to visit the dealership.
  • tofu118tofu118 Posts: 2
    Just got my white 2006 Civic Ex Coupe AT @Hyannis Honda in Mass. Drove 2 hours to get it.

    $18,995 With Destination was my offer. (friend of a friend was sales manager)
    $949.75 MA Tax 5%
    $86.00 Title and Reg
    $130.00 misc fee for vehicle prepping, sticker, registering at dealer etc
    $20160 OTD

    I had a sales manager friend search all over new england for this car WITH navi for about a month, but thats like impossible, cuz all the navi's are in the sedans. I even waited until the middle of the month so i can order one and he still couldnt get one with navi for me. so i settled for the white one without navi, and that took about another 2 weeks for a WHITE EX one. Civics are in demand lately cuz of the gas prices and the so called "Car of the year" bla bla.. so whoever wants one better get it before the price will go up, cuz they are already. hope this helps, cuz the other posts helped me before i got it.
  • $17,831 with Dest.
    $45.00 Doc.
    $1318 CA. tax
    $179 title and Reg.
    $8.75 Tire [whatever that is]
    Total: $19381.75
    Oakland Honda

    Good experience, little BS. I think it was clear I knew what I wanted and what I should be expected to pay for it. I got a quote from a salesman in another town, took that to Oakland and they beat it by a lot. Based on my research here I knew if I really wanted to bang on the table I might get another hundred or so out of them but, it didn't seem worth it. They treated me very well and made me a fair offer, why should I turn around and harass them to save, what, another 3 bucks a month? Nah, life's too short.

    I would suffer another huge traffic jam to work with them again.
  • chejo28chejo28 Posts: 34
    I was reading the posts and I am wondering if anybody can actually verify that the prices for the Civics will actually go up because of its high demand. I also read that Navi system is hard to find in Civic coupes. Is this true? My husband is planning on buying in November to get the '07 Civic Coupe AT with Navi that's why I'm pretty curious on what's going on in the market. I appreciate any replies! Thanks! :shades:
  • casifancasifan Posts: 7
    just got a 4 dr civic lx mt last night.
    $550 destination charge.
    $268.30 reg/doc fee
    Total = 16268.30
    NO TAX ;) b/c my trade in value was more than what this car was worth...
  • Hi, I was going to buy a Civic tonight in Seattle ($17,100 was the best I could do on 2006 LX Sedan AT), and the dealer wanted me to sign a loan application "for verification" and do a "collateral loan" thing because I was going to pay with a personal check. I said - no, I will get a certified or cashier check. They said - fine, but you will still have to sign a load application so we can verify your identity. This doesn't make sense to me. Is that a normal practice?
  • slorenzenslorenzen Posts: 692
    in Oregon. Is this a reasonable deal?
  • jmurman42jmurman42 Posts: 675
    Do they have the Civic in stock in the color that you want?

    If they do, then buy it.
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