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Jeep Grand Cherokee Maintenance and Repair



  • shanoshano Posts: 4
    Living in Australia just brought a 96 jeep limited for wife private sale. Over heating within ten minutes of starting. Flushed radiator serveral times renewed coolant replaced thermostat and radiator top.Top radiator hose very hot to touch bottom hose cold.heater blowing room temperatur any advice would be appreicated as costs for parts and service very expensive compared to states?

  • shanoshano Posts: 4
    just join the forum living in australia did you find the problem to your overheating? As i HAVE JUST BROUGHT A 96 JEEP which is doing the same overheating in ten minutes top rad hose hot cap not heater just blowning warm air
  • xscoutxscout Posts: 141
    If your top hose and radiator cap are hot and the bottom hose is cold you are not getting any circulation of the coolant. First I would try running it without the thermostat to see if that makes a difference. Sometimes a new thermostat can be bad. While doing this check the lower hose while the Jeep is running to be sure the lower hose has not collapsed from the suction of the water pump. If the hose seems OK and the Jeep still over heats, it is likely that your water pump is bad. Good luck!
  • shanoshano Posts: 4
    thermostat is working fine and bottom hose has not collaped.When flushing system water flowed through all pipes fine.Back flushed radiator as well water flowing there okay. Silly question before i even look where is the water pump located?the top hose while very hot the rad cap is okay to touch and there is pressure in the system can still touch the water in side the radiator but not the top hose thats the differance inheat. thanks for the tips
  • dreeddreed Posts: 1
    My '95 Grand Cherokee has been at the dealer for a week trying to solve the same problem. it is intermitent so it may happen once every 10 times behind the wheel. the Dealer says they can't find a cause, but the vehicle is safe to drive ( the beeping is driving me crazy!).

  • My 93 Jeep Gr Ch 4.0l has similar problem & symptoms.
    Engine cranks, but will not start.
    However particularily accute when engine is warm, will not start.
    Good spark.
    I have noticed when in the no start failure mode the Red "Check Engine" is extinguished at first and subseqent ignition key cycles.
    When operation is normal & Jeep starts the Red "Check Engine" light is illuminated at first key cycle and I can hear the fuel pump energized & running; then Check Eng light goes out and engine continues to run normally.
    I wonder if there a failure code stored in the ECM due to initial lack of Ch Eng light?

    I've also installed a fuel pressure gage on the fuel rail during normal operation & failure mode. Sure enough, when the engine dies or does not start fuel pressure is low ~0-10psi. Normal running psi ~38-44.

    Seems like Fuel Pump is OK. Either power or ground @ fuel pump is lost, or a sensor /computer signal that enables the computer & fuel pump to energize is lost.

    I'll replace the Crank Sensor and report results.
    Appreciate your feed back.
  • cstucstu Posts: 3
    My son slamed the drivers side of our Jeep GC Lim and we had the same problem with the window. The final cost was around $365. The problem was not the elec moter, which was fine, it was the wire that pulled the window up and down. a "very" small piece of plastic broke off and the entire thing had to be replaced...

    Now.. I went to turn on my air and the blower just quick....It appears that I have some elec problems because my wife said this morning that she seen the lights flash on and off by themselves... I have no idea what this could be
  • cstucstu Posts: 3
    My 2001 Jeep Grand Cherokee's blower just quit... I got in the car and turned on the air and the blower started up and then stopped. My wife also informed me that this morning as she was getting ready for work that she looked outside and the lights were blinking on and off. The air is cold and I can hear it trying to click in, the blower,.

    Are there any suggestions, besides taking it to the dealer....

  • page2page2 Posts: 2
    I too have a 2005 Jeep GCL which I purchased in February 05. Since that day, It has left me many times. I drive it to work and it is fine. I come out of work and the vehicle is totally dead - only dash lights reading"Transmission temperature too high" It has been sitting for 9 hours. Then all the letters that tell you what gear you are in have squares around them and the check engine lights comes on. After several hours, sometimes it will start up but it is still confused as to which gear it is in. I started to back up and it threw itself into park/neutral gear. Thought I had hit something behind me. Looking at the shifter, it was in reverse but you could rev the engin and you sure weren't in reverse. After I finally got it to go into drive, the wouldn't come out of first gear. This is the 3rd time it has done it and the computer/modules/etc. have been replaced and it left me again last night. My Jeep dealer WILL NOT give a loaner either and the bad part for me is that the only rental car agency in town closes at 5:30. So...when this junker decides not to run, I can't even get a rental car. I was stuck last evening for almost 3 hours trying to get a ride home which is 30 miles north of where I work. I was told they don't know what else to do with this thing. I too have AC issues. Mine is fine when it is on speed 1 but if you bump it up (I live in Florida and it has been an extremely hot summer), 2,3&4 sound like a huge wind tunnel and it sounds like it is whistling dixie. I have complained and I keep getting they can't duplicate the problem. I keep telling them not to run the thing on the low speed but I am at the point that I am sick of the struggle. Don't let anyone tell you its the dealership as I have called others in the area and no one gives out a rental. I am in the process of Lemon Lawing this junker. Wish me luck!
  • xscoutxscout Posts: 141
    Water flow is from top to bottom of the radiator so I would expect the top hose to get hot even without circulation. The water pump is bolted to the front of the engine about half way down. The lower hose is connected to it and the drive belt goes around a pullet on the front of it (where the fan is attached). It sounds like you have cleared all other possible causes.
  • francogfrancog Posts: 2
    Our JGC is a Laredo, so it isn't just Limiteds. I've talked to a number of mechanics and they all agree. The entire transmission has been compromised and should have been replaced, but all we got was a torque converter from another Jeep sitting on the lot (we'd still not have our vehicle if we were waiting on the back ordered part). Now we're driving our brand new car not sure if it's right. It still makes strange noises and doesn't always seem to shift smoothly.

    Sure wish we'd gone with a Ford or GM vehicle, especially since now that we've had the problem we've begun to hear all about Chrysler's quality control issues.
  • My dad has an 2003 jeep cherokee with no manual. The part time has came on and don't understand what this mean. Please give me information on this and the affects of driving.

    Thank you
  • My 2000 GC has done the identical thing. First it was about 2 months ago one night. Ironically, the next morning it was fine, but I took it to the mechanic (not Jeep dealer) and they ran every electrical test they could and could find nothing wrong. Ran ok until this morning, and then, the same problem as you've described. :lemon:
    I had a new battery installed only about 9 months ago. Judging the the emails describing this similar problem, and no single clear solution, I intend to sell this turkey as soon as I can get it running again. I bought it new and it's been the most troublesome, unreliable car I've ever owned.
  • mtelseymtelsey Posts: 10
    i have a 2005 laredo also. mine is in the shop, they replaced the torque converter, but did not fix the issue. the mechanics did not just return the vehicle back to me, they will not bandaid the situation and pass it back to me. they are doing everything chrysler will allow them to do, next being rebuilding the transmission. if less than 70% is damaged, they have to rebuild, if more they can put a new one in. if you are still having issues, i would take it right back. and if they don't want to do anything (i don't see why any wouldn't, since they are guaranteed payment from chrysler cuz of warranty) i would take it to a different dealer until someone wants to do the right thing. i am very impressed w/ my dealership, they provided me w/ a rental car for a second time, i have not had to pay anything. they also have given me 2 free full tanks of gas for my trouble.
  • cstucstu Posts: 3
    As I was trying to figure out he problem to keep from paying a dealing to rip me off, I found the answer to my AC/Heater blower problem. I ck'd all of the fuses and everything was good... I decided to look under the dash at the fan it's self and just started moving and disconnecting and reconnecting the various plugs to the blower and all of a sudden it started working. Now, understand that I am not to literate when it comes to these problems., there is a small black box mounted beside the blower there are about three wires coming out of it. The box is probably a 3X4 inch box. As I played with the connection I realized that this was the problem. What I say that happen is that my 10 y/o daughter, who rides on that side probably pulled the wiring with her foot and stretch the wiring. It's a problem, but I am sure that I can fix it or replace it. I think about how much it would have cost me to take my Jeep into the dealer or a repair shop for this minor problem...There is a God!
  • How do you remove the old antenna mast in a power antenna in a 93 Jeep Grand Cherokee?
  • hbaradhbarad Posts: 9
    Thanks for your reply, You were right, it was the resistor. The dealer acted like this was the first one to go bad in Jeep history, although three people I work with also had the same problem. Nothing like quality engineering & design.
  • hbaradhbarad Posts: 9
    I had the same problem with my 2001 JGC, just last week, and it was the blower motor resistor. From other posts, it seems this has been a fairly common problem with Jeeps for the last 10 years or so. It's been 90+ degrees where I live, so I just paid the $400 to get it fixed. I don't know if this is a DIY project for most people, but I needed it fixed right away.
  • golf32golf32 Posts: 1
  • jgc96jgc96 Posts: 4
    Does anyone know what a map sensor is? The diagnostic test that was preformed came back map sensor voltage is to high. Any ideas please let me know. :confuse:
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    MAP = Manifold Absolute Pressure

    The sensor measures intake pressure and the computer uses the data to adjust fuel and timing.

    tidester, host
  • jgc96jgc96 Posts: 4
    If my car gave me a msg saying map voltage to high, what needs to be done to fix it. My car is trying to stall on my while driving, and it hesitates a lot. Any suggestions, before i take to the mechanic?

  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    If the voltage is too high then the manifold pressure is too high. The simplest thing to check is whether your vacuum hose has any bends or kinks in it. If it's okay then I would take it in for professional advice.

    tidester, host
  • Okay heres the deal. I have a 98 JGC Laredo. On start up a few days ago, the gauges were fine, then as i was driving down the road, all of the gauges on the dash went dead (ALL: speedometer, tachometer, rpms, fuel, oil pressure, temp, voltage), as did my power window controls, and the overhead gauges (outside temp, fuel mileage, etc) started giving false readings. I kept driving in hopes that it was just a quick short. Since then, this has occurred repeatedly and im now looking for answers. I've been told that there are ground-wires for the electrical system that can become loose, but i dont know where they are located. Has this ever happened to anyone, or does anyone have any suggestions on a fix? Anything would be greatly appreciated! Thanks alot!
  • Just had my cooling fan replaced and now the oil pressure gauge is maxed out at 80 (constantly). Any ideas what would cause this?

  • Hey, I too have just purchased a 2005 Jeep Grand Cheokee Limited V8 in the beginning of May 2005. On my first trip out of town, about 5 hours away, the Jeep shifted into 1 st gear and that is where it stayed!!! *(Towed Away) Needless to say... the computer is OK????? (So they say) They have replaced the Valve body in the transmission without any luck and on 8-8-05 with just 3000 miles replaced the transmission. Only 6 hours after picking it up it dropped into 1 st gear permanently and was towed away again.
    Help... anybody else out there!!!!
    My dealer also is not too interested in customer satisfaction, and being that the Jeep is out of town, They seem to feel that it is sombody elses problem...
    But they had no problem taking my Money!!!!
    My Service manager here in Cleveland eluded to the fact that possibly the Cincinatti service is not as good (Would that be inferior?) I explained that if that is the case then *"Why the hell don't you flat bed it here?"
    This is not looking good and I'm already looking into the Lemon Law
    I've been a Jeep owner since '92 and this is a "SHAME"
  • What were the cars symptoms from the a/c fluid in the transmission? Was it not shifting? The dealer who has my car (4 hrs from home) is stumped; he can't figure out what is wrong. The Jeep has 3000 miles on it and already has had a NEW transmission. My probelm was the tranny gets stuck in 1st gear and the only way out of 1st is a new transmission - and that only lasts about 6 hours.

    ...let's see, I get to drive it for a few hours / the dealer gets to fix it for 2 or 3 weeks / I get to drive it a few hours / the dealer gets to fix it for 2 or 3 weeks...

    soon they will have had posession of the car longer than I have since the purchase date in May.
    lmk what the manifestations of a/c fluid in the tranny is.
  • I have a 93 Grand Cherokee Laredo and the transmision seems to be slipping, or at times not responding at all. I know that i'm using the right fluid and its only giving me problems in one gear so I don't think its the filter. Can anyone tell me what they think.
  • After reading several posts about oil pressure readings, it sounds like my sending unit is bad (or was broken). Where can I find this on a 99 model? My Haynes manual has no mention of the sending unit.

  • mijomomijomo Posts: 3
    I was told by two sources (one being Cottman Transmission) that I need to replace the output speed sensor in my 6-clinder, 4.0L, Grand Cherokee Laredo. I looked at the part in an autoparts store and it looks somewhat simple. Does anyone know how to change this part? Is it difficult to do and do I have to get into the transmission to change it? Any help/advice on how I might do it myself would be greatly appreciated.
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