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2013 and earlier-Honda Accord Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • enchiladaenchilada Posts: 40
    That sounds like a great deal, if it's an automatic transmission.

    I'm looking for the same car. Unbelievably, I had a dealer (internet mgr) quote me invoice this morning....the highest quote I've received by far.
  • chuckf1chuckf1 Posts: 19
    You might want to go to and research the selling prices in the San Diego area. I live in Charlotte, N.C. and two weeks ago purchased what you're looking at for $21,589.00 before taxes, fees, etc.

    Good luck in your car hunting!
  • richards38richards38 Posts: 606
    I don't think you need to travel very far because the auto dealers in Petaluma/Santa Rosa area are known to be among the most competitive in this area.

    I bought my '04 Accord EX-L a couple of miles from where I live in San Francisco at what was a favorable price at the time in August, '03, just after introduction of the '04 model. I probably could have saved a small amount by going up North, but it wasn't worth the aggravation. A Petaluma dealer offered the best price by phone in response to my online search, but I didn't go there to verify it.

    In any case, you should do well in your area; friends of mine have found good deals at those auto rows along 101.

    If you can't find the Accord model you want and you're not in a hurry, consider waiting for the '06 which will probably be introduced in about 5 weeks. It'll be the start of the Accord's 4th year and there won't be any line forming to buy them. There will be discounts from the '06's MSRP and you'll pay very close to invoice on a car that's new, not a model year old just a few weeks after you buy it...........Richard
  • mldj98mldj98 Posts: 378

    If it is an automatic transmission...then by my calculations it is about $1300 below invoice...which is a great deal!! If everything is on the up and up you may want to jump on this one...invoice for this car is $22,651 (KBB)...and your price is $21,300...not bad...(again, assuming its an auto trans)...make sure you verify everything with the dealer so there is no they don't try and do the bait and switch on should be able to set everything up on either the phone or internet before you even step foot on the lot...

    San Dawg...lived there for 8 years!! Beautiful City!! It would be the only placed in Cali I would live in!!
    Which dealership are you working with?
    On a side note...does the local news channel still have that Ted guy as their sports anchor??? That guy is a riot!! :o)
    Good luck...
  • joonjoon Posts: 121
    I'm also in San Diego and your price seems like an excellent price. I purchased an EX 4 cyl AT (no leather) about two months ago and at the time was also considering the EXL 4cyl AT. San Diego dealers were asking about $22,300 (before TTL) for the EXL, so I ended up buying my car in Riverside (Riverside Honda) for about $1,000 less than SD dealers. Seems like prices have come down $1,000 in San Diego. This is an excellent price, but you may also want to check some LA area dealers such as Riverside Honda, Norm Reeves Honda Superstore in Cerritos (different dealer and owner from Norm Reeves in Temecula), Kolbe Honda and Spirit Honda. Perhaps their prices have come down further. As I said when I was shopping for the Accord SD dealers were asking about $1,000 than LA area dealers.

    Good luck.
  • joonjoon Posts: 121
    Correction: The last sentence should read: As I said when I was shopping for the Accord, SD dealers were asking about $1,000 more than LA area dealers.
  • joonjoon Posts: 121
    I agree with Richard. Bay Area prices on the Accord are amongst the most aggressive in the US. If you check past posts going back a month or two, several people (including myself) posted our shopping experiences with Bay Area dealers. Two in particular that I found very attractive price wise were Anderson Honda in Palo Alto and AutoWest in Fremont. In fact a couple of months ago when I bought my Accord, Anderson had a guarantee that they would beat any written offers from local dealers by $100. You may want to check those two out.

    Good luck.
  • dealneederdealneeder Posts: 19
    Just checking in with two quotes I received from Honda dealers in NJ for the Accord Sedan EX v6, no navigation. I saw, as well, that Edmunds is now listing a $1250 marketing support incentive.

    So, from DCH (saw earlier posts) and Open Road, I received quotes of 22103 and 22104, though in each case this did not include destination charge.

    Destination should be 515, taxes should be 1357, reg fees 242, tire fees 7.50, then their doc fees. That puts me at 24225 plus doc fees. I think DCH's, based on their OTD quote of 24325, then have $100 in fee.

    Those prices were the same, which I find interesting. Is this an indication of a true low point (The DCH quote from a few pages back was a few hundred cheaper) or is there room to push?

    Are doc fees negotiable in NJ? When I got my Hyundai, I was charged $199. When I was looking at the Mazda 6, they quoted me $120. A third Honda dealer (Honda of Essex) (not quoted above because they gave me a price $250 above invoice) quoted me $199 - they also quoted me an internet fee which is nuts.


    Let me know if there is anything else to consider.
  • dampfnudeldampfnudel Posts: 131
    If you can't find the Accord model you want and you're not in a hurry, consider waiting for the '06 which will probably be introduced in about 5 weeks. It'll be the start of the Accord's 4th year and there won't be any line forming to buy them. There will be discounts from the '06's MSRP and you'll pay very close to invoice on a car that's new, not a model year old just a few weeks after you buy it...........Richard

    I wonder if there will be discounts on the small number of MY06 EX V6 6MT sedans ?
  • richards38richards38 Posts: 606
    "I wonder if there will be discounts on the small number of MY06 EX V6 6MT sedans ?"

    Of course, not. The few people who do want a 6MT will bid up the price of the limited number available. But the popular Accord models should be in plentiful supply and there will be deals on the '06s at introduction.

    I bought my '04 Accord in August of '03, just after introduction. It's an EX-L sedan which was the first Honda Accord 4 cyl. to have standard curtain airbags and XM radio among other features. The Accord was all new in 2003, so was just starting it's second year of the current, 5 year cycle; I paid about $238 over invoice which was a good price at that time.

    All Accords have become cheaper later in each model year and later in the current cycle that will end after the 2007 year. By mid-model year, say February or March, prices have come down by about $700 or $800, and by year-end, close-out Accords are about $1,500 to $2,000 less than the prices at the start of each model year ...........Richard
  • dwynnedwynne Posts: 4,018
    Edmunds incentives page for the Accord sedan shows $750 in dealer money for the I4 Accords and $1,250 for the V-6 models. They are showing $1,250 for all the coupes - I4 or V-6.

    Edmunds also is showing 1.9% for 36, 2.9% for 48 months, and 3.9% for 60 months.

    While I would not expect the dealer money to be posted on the Honda web page, I would have thought the cheap financing would be. So either Edmunds is wrong, or this is available now. If it is available now, I don't know that I would wait until later in the month when the "clearance event" starts to try to find a car.

  • joonjoon Posts: 121
    Edmunds incentives page for the Accord sedan shows $750 in dealer money for the I4 Accords and $1,250 for the V-6 models. They are showing $1,250 for all the coupes - I4 or V-6.

    I wonder if this dealer money is the same or in lieu of the factory-to-dealer incentive or is this in addition to the FTD.
  • adamhoadamho Posts: 32
    Do you think this is what the July 18th incentives will be?
  • piturrapiturra Posts: 30
    FYI: The following I posted in the beginning of May ...

    2005 Honda Accord EXL 4 cyl. PZEV AT EXL Sedan
    MSRP: $25,265 (w/$515 Destination)
    Dealer's INV.. $22,271 (4cyl. PZEV AT)
    DEST............. $515
    Total......... $22,786.00** + CA tax, DMV, Tire & Doc fee.
    **NOTE: All California 4 cyl. Honda's = PZEV Certified - Invoice costs above from

    Purchased on May 4, 2005 (delivery = 5/6/05) @ Anderson Honda in Palo Alto, CA:
    Price: .........$20,986.00 ($1,800 below INV)
    Tire Fee: ...........$8.75
    Doc. Fee: ..........$45.00
    8.5% tax: .......$1,735.06
    DMV (Est): ........$187.00
    TOTAL: .........$22,961.81 OTD

    Hopefully, you can do better than I did, ... as we get close to the 2006 release!! Otherwise, your OTD is just $138.19 more than what I paid and that's not bad at all today!!!

    FYI: Over 2,400 miles on my EX-L Accord Sedan and loving it throughly!!!
    AVG = 27.7 MPG after 7 tanks of gas (80% City / 20% Highway)
    Loved XM so much, I bought the Delphi SkiFi2 w/Home Kit @ eBay - subscribed for 3-years and sent away, (just received) the FREE Delphi Roady2 w/Car Kit (presently listening to it right now @ work!!!)

    Pic's of my 2005 Honda Accord 4 cyl. AT EXL PZEV Sedan
    My 2005 Honda Accord Review
  • buffalo93buffalo93 Posts: 5
    I bought my V6 EX about a week ago. Since I've been driving it, I have noticed that on the passenger side dash there is a subtle rectagular outline right in the middle of the dashboard. My dash is black, so it may be more visible than other colors. Is this part of the airbag system? Is this normal? Wondering if anyone else has this outline in their vehicle, or can explain what it is.....
  • dwynnedwynne Posts: 4,018
    Get someone (adult) to sit in the front seat on the passenger side and it should go out. I think you are talking about the auto deactivating passenger side air bag. If you had a small child (or no one) in the passenger seat the bag will not deploy. And you get a warning light to tell you this. If an adult is in the seat and the light is on, then you have a problem (and the passenger is in danger).

  • dwynnedwynne Posts: 4,018
    Nope, I would think you get both.

    They have been doing $600-950 or so dealer money that Edmunds NEVER picked up on, and you could stack this with any of the lease or finance deals - so I would expect the same for this.

    Remember that Honda never gives a customer a "rebate" - they just give the dealers money and the buyers cheap financing. So I would not think they would make the dealers choose between the two - since that would mean the dealer has to admit they are getting a discount from Honda on the car.

  • dwynnedwynne Posts: 4,018
    My salesguy seemed to indicate this was it - you could do it now and not wait a couple of weeks.

    I will ask again using this latest numbers and see what he says.

  • jluedejluede Posts: 34
    I'd be surpised if the money listed by edmunds will be in addition to FTD incentives.

    I have no idea if this is a valid line of thought but here is my guess:

    The July 18 clearance event is not going to change prices that much from what they have been. The difference is they are going to start marketing these below invoice prices as opposed to leaving it up to the consumer to do the research to find out about them. So, it probably won't hurt to wait but I'll be surprised if anyone gets much better than the ~$1500 below invoice that we've all seen.
  • dwynnedwynne Posts: 4,018
    I'd be surprised if the money listed by edmunds will be in addition to FTD incentives.

    Why? All year (or at least as long as I have been tracking it) Honda has had dealer money on Accords and Civics. At various times they have had finance offers of varying terms - and have had a sweet lease deal (near 1% effective MF) for several months now. I know with my wife's Accord we SURE DID combine the dealer money with the cheap money - and I would expect you can do the same during the "clearance".

  • nash123nash123 Posts: 82
    Hey desseekingcar,

    Wonder if you are still reading this forum. So how is your new ride? Happy with your car? Any complaints?

    I am waiting for the 18th still. Let's see what'll happen.
  • richards38richards38 Posts: 606
    If you mean that there's what looks like a rectangle etched under the black plastic top of the dashboard above the glove compartment, that's normal.

    The passenger's airbag deploys from under there and the plastic top of the dashboard must break open through that rectangle as the airbag inflates.............Richard
  • dwynnedwynne Posts: 4,018
    You are right, I was in a hurry and totally misread the question :-)

  • briant73briant73 Posts: 8
    So I am working with my local honda dealer and as stated before he wants around 25,300 for a new 05 Ex auto v-6 coupe. I told him I thought his price was high compared to my research and other dealers so he tells me "if you can get something in writing we'll see about doing a different deal". Well after I got over my frustration with that dealers tatics I decided to broaden my search to dealers an hour or more away. Wow! Getting Quotes of mid 23s with dest. Has anyone dealt with Honda of Mentor and Classic Honda in Ohio? How was the experience, did you have a trade how'd they do with their "internet price"?

  • adamhoadamho Posts: 32
    I just got back from my dealer and he is saying they will be sending out fliers to people to take off $500 additional to what the dealers give them. He said thats what Honda told him. Personally I think he is lying because why would Honda tell him anything about this promotion? Has anyone else heard this? I got a price on a Accord Sedan EX-L Automatic for 23,300 OTD. But believe it or not I want that price to be lower. This is the second car I will have bought from this dealer in the last 2 months.
  • xldivaxldiva Posts: 3
    My dealer in sc made me a similiar offer. I told them I would pay 22500 otd, they said 22600. I did not respond they called me back 2 hours later and said they would take the 22500. With the GM promotion hondas are not flying off the shelf as a matter of fact sales are down for honda. You are smart honda is not going to reveal info to him.;)
  • A buddy of mine got an email from a dealer talking about the upcoming promotions and saying he could take $500 off his "internet price" for Accord LX's (and various other amounts for other Hondas). From what someone on here said, Honda doesn't give rebates to the customer, but instead gives the dealers the money and gives people good financing deals. I'm not sure what the 18th deals will be, but I'm not expecting much. Why would they pull the financing deals to just reinstate em? Maybe it will be an even better financing deal?

    I have 2 different out the door quotes of $18,300 for an LX 4cyl sedan with manual transmission. The base price of the car is $17346 or so, add in destination, 5% MD tax, and maybe $200 in other fees. Seems quite good to me - under invoice OTD! And they're giving me a good deal on my trade-in...I'm gonna try another dealer with my trade-in to see what they'll give me...I'm hoping I can wait til the 18th just to see what happens, but if one of em offers me a decent rate then I might jump on it.
  • kmakma Posts: 7

    I talked to a few sales managers on the lots around SD. Honda in National City asked $23,770 OTD, Pacific Honda $24000, Cush Honda a little over $24000. This was for an '05 EX coupe, AT, cloth, 4 cyl. I'm shooting for $22,500 but that's not looking likely right now. Let me know if you get the $22,800. Of course, none of these include the ext. warranty or the spoiler that I plan on adding.

  • biker4biker4 Posts: 746
    Sounds like Honda is just adding $500 to the $750 FTD it had going till now - which would make it $1250 - the same amount posted by someone here earlier. Makes sense.
    This will probably be the end of the MY sale event and will run till all the 05s are gone. There might be one additional incentive on some real slow movers. With GM, DCX and now Ford getting into the "employee program" Honda will have a tough time selling the rest of the Accords.

    If the big three extand the program into the time the 06s come out, Honda may have to discount the new model from the get go.
  • joonjoon Posts: 121

    You should consider LA area dealers if you can't get good prices in SD. I also live in the SD area and bought my 05 EX-4 cyl AT sedan from Riverside Honda for $21,800 OTD this past May. I think you can do better than $22,500 for cloth. There is not much difference in price between the sedan and coupe. In addition to Riverside Honda, Norm Reeves Honda Superstore (in Cerritos, different from Norm Reeves in Temecula) and Spirit Honda were willing to match the $21,800 OTD price.

    Also $24,000 for EX-4cyl AT (cloth) seems pretty high. Are you sure they were not quoting the EXL-4 cyl AT (leather)?

    Good luck.
  • 88man88man Posts: 1
    I got my 05 EX coupe (4) Cyl with cloth in Plearl Blue for $21,700 in New Jersey. It's Auto/Moon Roof 6 disk Mag wheels.
  • nash123nash123 Posts: 82
    Here is what I got from Honda website today:

    Read all about it.

    There's big news with the recent engine announcement for the 2006 Civic.

    Greater horsepower, increased torque and improved fuel economy are just a few of the things you can expect under the hood. But the changes don't end there. The Civic has been redesigned from bumper to bumper, adding tons of new comfort features, engineering upgrades and inspired styling. It is transformation at its best.

    Visit our Web site to view the full press release.

    go to
  • dwynnedwynne Posts: 4,018
    Did I wander into a Civic form by mistake? Or perhaps YOU wandered into an Accord forum by mistake?


    I could post the S2000 lease program carried over for another month, but that might fit better in the S2000 forum....

  • whd23whd23 Posts: 9
    Hi Frank,

    I also am disappointed with Honda for pulling this move. I did some googling and found a cached version of the page. Not all of the deal has been pulled off their site. Click this link and print it out. 7C%3D%7C%22%22%26ProcessName%7C%3D%7C%22%22%26PreApproval%7C%3D%7C%22%22%26Option%7C%3D%7C- %22OptSiteOrigin%3D%3Dhondacars%22%26ProductDivisionCode%7C%3D%7C%22A%22%26Special%2EID%7C- %3D%7C%22208%22%26type%7C%3D%7C%22featuredlease%22

    You may be able to negotiate with the dealer based on this info. I'm seriously considering contacting my states attorney general if Honda Financial won't honor the deal they published.

  • enchiladaenchilada Posts: 40
    I'm sorry for the same content again, but I would like to hear from those who have purchased Accord EXL automatics in the DFW area in JULY. Some dealers have raised quotes substantially since late June. I understand that incentives have changed, but it seems like an awful lot. Some more than others. I would appreciate any prices paid for this model in the Dallas area. I'll buy only if I can get the model for less than 23K out the door (including 6.25% tax, license, all fees, everything)....that's all I'm willing to pay for this make/model. If I can't get that then I'll wait a little while or pay a few more bucks and go with another make. I'm not going to dicker over a few bucks but these quotes are coming back many hundreds higher than what I'm seeing on this board from other geos. What can I buy this car for?
  • nash123nash123 Posts: 82
    I know that I am in the Accord forum, I just wanted to let people know that there are changes to the Honda website. I am sure that you will see something like this for the Accord really soon.
  • dwynnedwynne Posts: 4,018
    Taking this to the dealer would be a waste of time. If AHFS does not offer this rate, then the dealer can't give it to you. I suppose they could over-charge you a lot for the car and buy down the rate to 1.9% for you? Besides, what would make your piece of paper "official"? Why not edit it to show a rate of 0.9% or 0.0% and print it out and try to make them honor that?

    There a plenty of disclaimers in the listing to let them out of any offer they make. They could simply tell you that you do not qualify - maybe you now need a FICO of 999 and net income of $1mill a year? All dealers could no longer be "participating" - that lets them off too. This sure seems like a rinky dink thing to bother the "states attorney general" over, let them alone to fight real crime :-)

    They will have other deals - and probably before long.

    The Edmunds incentives page now has pulled all Honda numbers except for the Element deal. The Honda current offers pages now comes up blank for me. I assume they are in the process of re-doing the offers. Edmunds page DID show 1.9/2.9/3.9 for 36/48/60 just the other day. I really think those rates will be available later in the month - maybe for the "clearance event".

    Folks kept trying to see if "the next month's deal" would be better than "this month's deal" when they may have been better off to just go ahead and get the car they wanted (at the rate they wanted) and not worry about saving another $200 on the deal.

    If they don't offer the deal you want, then you are free to buy something else - that is the American way.

  • dwynnedwynne Posts: 4,018
    I don't know, that may just be an unrealistic number. You can't just arbitrarily decide "this the price" - sometimes the numbers don't add up.

    The EX-L I4 has an MSRP of $25,115 including destination. The invoice is $22,691. The holdback (3% of MSRP) is $753.45 .

    If you assume the dealer is getting a $750 incentive from Honda, then $22,691 - $750 - $753.45 = $21,187.55 . The dealer would make $0 on this deal - nothing, nada, zilch - and that is just not going to happen. Then add in your tax ($1,324.22) and you get $22,511.77. I don't know what other fees there are in DFW for a new car - inventory tax, tags, title, etc. Say that is another $200. That gets you to $22,711.77. So to meet your magic, round number the dealer has to make a "profit" of $288.23. I guess you want them to clean up the car, fill it with gas, get the title and tags for you, etc?

    If I were in the sales department and you hit me with such an unrealistic number I would just ignore you (if we assume $750 IS the dealer money for YOUR area). It sure seems like in some parts of the country the incentive MUST be larger - since folks post deals that don't add up. If no one is posting such deals in YOUR area it could be that your number is just impossible. You can either make the best deal you can locally, travel to a dealer who WILL/CAN match your number, or just get something else.

    Nothing wrong with trying to get the best deal, but you have to try to do it in a realistic manner :-)

  • whd23whd23 Posts: 9
    Taking this to the dealer would be a waste of time. If AHFS does not offer this rate, then the dealer can't give it to you.

    Not according to the young lady I spoke with at AHFS this afternoon.

    Besides, what would make your piece of paper "official"? Why not edit it to show a rate of 0.9% or 0.0% and print it out and try to make them honor that?

    Because that would be lying.

    This sure seems like a rinky dink thing to bother the "states attorney general" over, let them alone to fight real crime

    You're unclear as to the functions performed by the Attorney General's office. Consumer protection is part of their job, and not "rinky dink" Heck, if Honda can do this, why not any store. Would you complain if your groceries rang up at 2 times what they were label on the shelf for, or would you just suck it up? Honda's web site said that they were offering the deal through 9/6/05, and they should honor their advertising.

    Folks kept trying to see if "the next month's deal" would be better than "this month's deal" when they may have been better off to just go ahead and get the car they wanted (at the rate they wanted) and not worry about saving another $200 on the deal.

    Not at all relevant. The deal was advertised at valid through the 6th of September. If I, as a consumer, time my purchase to meet Honda's advertising and they pull the rug out from under me, who's fault is that?

  • enchiladaenchilada Posts: 40

    I appreciate your comments, but am looking for input from DFW buyers. No offense, but whether or not you would "just ignore" a given price has no relevance in this context.

  • nash123nash123 Posts: 82
    I googled for and looked at the cached page. I could read the text but the picture of the Accord is not there anymore.

    Did anyone save the picture file? If so I I'd be interested to see it.

  • adamhoadamho Posts: 32
    I agree with you. The best price I have found so far is 22,700 otd. While that is not bad I'm holding out for 22kOTD. I will wait until after July18th to see what they have to offer and if it is not significant I will wait until the end of the month if it's still not good enough or if they don't have the car I want I will go with a new 06 model.

    In order for me to buy a model that will be considered last years model in 5 weeks it better be waaaaay under invoice. Because as soon as the 06's come out my car will be worth a lot less instantly.
  • enchiladaenchilada Posts: 40
    Your assessment is right on re: '05 models soon to take a hit. Sounds like you're getting fairly aggressive OTD quotes right now (relative to mine), and your month-end point is well-taken. Are you in DFW?

    A car is not an investment and IMO it is smart to mitigate the inevitable reduction in value that occurs. Only chance to do that is when you hand over the cash at purchase.
  • adamhoadamho Posts: 32
    No, I'm in Maryland. I'm going to hold tight until I get the best price possible. I feel like I haven't gotten that price yet.
  • ryno3ryno3 Posts: 3
    I want to buy a Honda Accord Ex with Navigation. I went to the dealer and talked to the finance manager. He was only willing to go 400 dollars below invoice. He said that he was loosing money on this car for selling it to me and that no one sells them for 2000 dollars below invoice. I really want to get this car but don't know what to do. I am new to the car buying market and could use some advice. I also asked him about the Nationwide Clearance and he said it was nothing big. He said that interest rates went up and they will not go back down because the economy is getting better. Help. Do I look elsewhere? Do I make a counter offer? Do I just wait till August? Thanks in Advance.
  • Here's what I would like to know--can you just not afford to pay the price the dealer is asking, or do you think you're entitled to a lower one? The dealer offered you $400 BELOW invoice and you're whining? Yes, yes, I'm sure I'm going to get a neverending stream of responses telling me about dealer holdback and factory to dealer incentives, but the fact is, at that price the dealership will be making less than 2% profit. Why do you believe that you should be able to buy the car for the same price as the dealership? You don't demand that Wal-mart sell you a TV at whoesale cost. You don't jump on the internet to find out if there's 5 cents of "wiggle room" in a can of peas at the grocery store. The simple truth is that you're either a selfish communist that doesn't believe that people should be paid for the hard work they do, or you simply can't afford the car and are desperate to live beyond your means. Perhaps some self-esteem building exercises are in order. Maybe, if the vehicle is outside of your budget, you should scrap the nav system and buy a map.
  • ajax2ajax2 Posts: 6
    Hi ,

    After a lot of haggling on the price of a Accord '05 LX, we settled for a price of 19,500 OTD. This is the first car I am buying and I didn't realize that I could still be tricked in the next step talking to the financing guy. And that is exactly what happened. when I went to the financing guy at the same dealer, he tricked me trying to convince me that the only way he could get me a lower APR (4% instead of earlier 7%) is adding on accesories such as service warranty....

    When I told him my company credit union can get me a better rate, he says he can't accept credit union checks since they had a bad experience before!

    Finally, after a lot of haggling again(painful!!), he took of the extra options and stuck to the lower APR.

    How would you guys recommend one to approach the financing issue? Do you negotiate the price of the car and financing at the same time or not talk about financing at all?

    I think I was in a spot because the dealer managed to keep the financing issue at bay all the way until the end.

    --First time buyer
  • enchiladaenchilada Posts: 40
    The line about the dealership being unable to accept a credit union check is absolutely absurd. If you haven't sealed the deal, I'd run fast - because the finance manager's move was utterly dishonest and unethical. It probably wouldn't do any good, as these things happen daily in the auto dealer industry - but I'd draft a formal complaint with your state's department of consumer affairs. Good luck.
  • The easiest way to keep from getting snowed in the F&I office is by simply reading your paperwork before you sign it. It is against the law to condition a financing approval on the purchase of additional products (i.e. warranties, credit ins., etc.) The few unscrupulous Finance Managers that tell you differently are banking on the fact that you: 1. don't already know this and 2: are too lazy to read the paperwork they put in front of you. The reason I say this is because every extended warranty, every credit insurance policy, every maintnence agreement etc. all tell you right there on the contract that the coverage is optional and cannot be tied in any way to the approval of your loan. If an F&I guy tries to con you into believing otherwise, and you point his lie out in black and white, you'll laugh to see how fast he backpedals as he contemplates his future in a cell with a guy named Bubba who loves white collar criminals
  • adamhoadamho Posts: 32
    Did your mom drop you when you were little? I mean come on you are calling this guy a communist for wanting a good price? You must be a It is known that these cars are selling well below invoice right now because they are trying to move them before the newer better Honda accords come out. If these salesman don't like their jobs or can't make enough money they need to change jobs.

    The majority of these salesman who "work hard" wouldn't mind ripping you off the first chance they get. I have bought several cars and been to tons of dealerships. They have tried to rip me off a million times. I don't care about them. I want them to make money but it's not like they are my best friend or family or something. Bottom line is it's my pocket or theirs. I usually prefer mine.
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