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2013 and earlier-Honda Accord Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • adamhoadamho Posts: 32
    I would say that is a pretty good deal but I think you can beat it. I'm looking for the same exact model and I'm waiting to find out what this promotion is on the 18th. Whatever it is its got to be better than what they are offering now + it will be closer to month end. Hold tight to get a better deal..
  • sdguy123sdguy123 Posts: 5
    I checked out Their price was 22186 + title and other fess = 24xxx. Tax in San Diego is around 7.75%.

    I am curious how you are getting little over $22000. Could you give me break up? I may try to negotiate even more and see.....Did you talk to the internet sales guy for this price or just walked in and negotiated?

    Thanks for help!
  • xldivaxldiva Posts: 3
    what is a good price for a honda accord ex-l 4 cylinder i have an offer of 22,500 otd is that a good price? i reside in sc. i am also considering a toyota camry or avalon what do you think. help!
  • bristolbristol Posts: 5
    I purchased a new 2005 EX-L Accord coupe three weeks ago - circumstances have changed and now I need a sedan instead. My car has 1,000 miles on it. How can I trade for a sedan with the least financial hit? Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks!
  • pgy76pgy76 Posts: 5
    Thanks akkijain. Good luck with your new ride.
  • kjmcardlekjmcardle Posts: 1
    I've been quoted $23,800 (including destination) from dealers in the NYC area? Is this a good price? Any feedback will be much appreciated.
  • Location might be the issue then b/c when I type in my zip code on CarsDirect I get $20,053 (auto trans, no other options). Now this price is sticker only and doesnt include, destination, tax, title, doc, etc. But, at the end I still come up with a little lover $22k (when I factor in the fees).

    You're right to assume that I talked to the internet sales ppl. I wanted to compare the carsdirect price with the dealers, and they're not too off. The dealer is a bit higher but still in the mid to upper $22K range. But from my experience, I realize you have to do both, chat with them via email, then head into the dealership to let them know your serious. Using the internet is good to have dealers fight for the best deal, but then in the end, you still have to go into the dealership to secure whatever quote they toss you online. Hope this helps. Good luck! I hope you get the coupe at a good price. I'm hoping for the same here in the windy city.
  • camrypopcamrypop Posts: 43

    I sent you an email.
  • jcee1jcee1 Posts: 5
    I am in Charlotte NC. Got the 4 cly EX 4 door Accord w/leather and XM Radio, Auto Trans.. 21,456 E-mail me and I can tell you where to go if your close to Charlotte NC
  • xldivaxldiva Posts: 3
    You can e-mail me with the info [email protected] thanks.
  • rajd1974rajd1974 Posts: 31
    Just a word of caution.. Internet reps of dealerships are playing games of sending revised seemingly reduced quotes that are nearly $500 less to fool you into thinking they are reducing the price. In reality, they are just not including destination charge. FYi before you invest in the time and effort to fly down to the dealership and realize your folly.
  • jwatts1jwatts1 Posts: 4
    Wanted some thoughts from anyone about a deal for a Honda Accord EX with 5k miles on it for $19,500 (in N. NJ). Does this sound decent? Everything I've seen online makes it sound like an ok deal. Your thoughts?
  • orthopodorthopod Posts: 1
    I am looking to buy the Accord 4 cyl, EX-L with Nav in maryland. I am having a tough time with the internet dealers not getting back to me and don't want to get screwed. Any advice on a good dealer in the area, I live near baltimore. Also anyone recently purchase the car and have any advice on what a good price is?

    Thank you
  • jimexjimex Posts: 46
    It sounds like just an OK deal. FYI - I purchased a new 05 EX, PZEV, auto, no leather in April for $20,000 - so you could probably get a new 05 leftover for a little less than that (depending on availability). Or you can wait for the 06 and see what price you can get that for....but if you want this particular car I would work on lowering this $19.5 price a bit.
  • jwatts1jwatts1 Posts: 4
    Thanks jimex. I agree, it seems like an ok deal - I have seen deals for a lot more, but not many in this color for cheaper (graphite pearl). I am not sure of your location - maybe that makes a difference. I am in the NY/NJ metro area - which is expensive.
  • jluedejluede Posts: 34
    Cars direct is listing brand new NJ EX's (AT, no leather) for $20,300 including dest. I'd consider a new one or try and get a better price on the used one. I'm in Texas and got a new EX for $19900 +TTL at the end of April.
  • jjnowjjnow Posts: 1
    I’m planning to buy EX V6 as soon as possible. I’ve just learned from Honda website about the July 18th clearance. Is it worth the trouble to wait until 18th? This is going to be my first Honda and I do not have a lot of experience with a new car price negotiation. Thanks
  • citychiccitychic Posts: 4
    I just purchased my Accord EX-V6 w/out nav, for 24,700. My experience was not pleasant and I'll post the exact numbers later, my main concern is the extended warranty that I purchased for 1300. I didn't want it in the first place but somehow I ended up agreeing to it after sitting in finance forever (I should have left) Anywho... my friend told me that I can cancel my extended warranty and get my money back, does anybody know if this is correct?
  • jluedejluede Posts: 34
    Should be able to without a problem. Check the paperwork on the warranty somewhere it will have the cancellation clause. If it's a honda care I think you have 60 days to cancel and recieve a full refund. After that there may be a processing fee and possible deduction for miles driven. Regardless, the details and instructions for cancelling will be included in the warranty contract that you signed.
  • jpgolf55jpgolf55 Posts: 34
    I bought the car at South Shore Honda in Valley Stream, NY ( its not far from JFK Int'l airport) Hope this helps, but to be honest, you'll probably have to wait till the end of the month to get this deal from many dealers. You should also check with some of the dealers in northern N.J. who claim to match the carsdirect price. Good luck.
  • adamhoadamho Posts: 32
    I'm looking for the same thing except opting for the non navi one. I have bought the EX-L V6 with Nav from them for 26k including freight to give you an idea of where you should be at. I'm currently working out the numbers. I will let you know. The dealership is Jim Coleman Honda in Clarksville Md. Everyone in the whole dealership is nice and there is very little pressure at all. I felt like I got a good deal on the first one and will get a better deal on the next one.
  • I have a 2003 Accord EX 4 cy and I bought a 2005 Pontiac G6 about two months ago. I love the G6, it is much better than the Accord and you should check it out. Better price, better ride, better handling, quieter cabin and more power. I have driven the Accord for 37,000 miles and had several problems. The G6, not one problem. The Accord is a nice car but the G6 is a better car all around.
  • richards38richards38 Posts: 606
    And what's your title at GM, Mr. Shill?

    You haven't driven the G6 enough to know how well it'll hold up. Are you sure it'll be so great after 37,000 miles?

    You're comparing a Pontiac V6 with an Accord 4 cylinder which isn't as fast nor should anyone expect it to be.

    In the event your post is honest, I hope you enjoy your new Pontiac G6 which is probably one of GM's best cars........Richard
  • ctalkctalk Posts: 646
    The Accord V6 is way more powerful then the G6, and i find it is more refined. The G6 is an excellent vehicle but i think it lacks on the power. If its going to compete with makers like Honda, Toyota, Nissan and Hyundai it should have more power.
  • adamhoadamho Posts: 32
    PFFFT... my last rental car was a G-6 with 1k miles on it. It was ok for about the first day then I got tired of it fast. Only thing I liked about it was the xm radio. It's a decent car at best. Doesn't come close to the Honda accord that's for sure.
  • rajd1974rajd1974 Posts: 31
    it amazes me that you fell for the pirch- despite being cautioned about it. Care to tell us how the sales guy managed to do this? He obviously is very very good.. and pocketed a cool $300 for his effort on the extended warranty alone. These extended warranties are not worth the paper they are printed upon. If you look at the fine print or make a claim they make you go through all hoops asking for more and more information till you give up. This is their intention. Those that prevail may ultimately get paid but their point is to reduce overall payments to the entire insurance pool by making it difficult. Have you read the fine print?
  • jacksdadjacksdad Posts: 9
    I'm looking at a 05 Accord Coupe with V6, Navi, 6spd manual in New England. The MSRP is $29,315, dealer is offering to sell at 26,615. Also, the car has 1500+ miles on it, they didn't really know who drove it so many miles!?

    I think from looking at the other posts, the selling price should be closer to 24,500.

    Any thoughts on whether the selling price is reasonable?

  • jluedejluede Posts: 34
    I agree, I'd be careful about proclaiming the superiority of the Pontiac so quickly. I owned a '99 V6 Grand Am for about 5 years. That car was nothing but problems....constantly warping rotors, multiple replacements of all the belt driven accessories - alternator, waterpump, power steering pump, etc., a bad manifold gasket that allowed coolant to mix with the engine oil, and the list goes on. And all these problems were common among GA owners...It wasn't just a :lemon:. Because of this I will never again buy or recommend a Pontiac vehicle.

    I've heard good things about the G6 and I hope for your sake that pontiac has gotten its act together. Although a quick comparison of recalls/TSBs for both vehicles isn't very reassuring. Granted a number of the Pontiacs TSBs are purely instructional, But it still seems that Honda is a step or two above Pontiac in build quality.

    2005 Accord - 1 Recall, 1 TSB
    2005 G6 - 2 Recalls, 20+ TSBs
  • mldj98mldj98 Posts: 378

    They don't know who drove it for all of those miles? What did the car fairy just show up and deposit this car on their lot? What kind of b.s. is that? How can they not know what the deal is with this car? Is it used? If it has been titled then it is used and that automatically drops the price at least $1800-$2000 bucks. Trust me, if you wanted to trade a used 2005 car with that many miles on it they would tell you the same thing, period! If it's titled, it's used!!!
    Now, if it is not used then I would go straight to the General Manager and ask him that same question on where this car has been and for 1500 miles of it?
    Better yet, buy a brand new one...with no miles...and you can get it for well below invoice....$26,615 for this car is much!!!!! Hell, you can get a EX V6 Sedan Automatic trans for around 23,500 to 24,000 without even trying hard...add another $2K or so for the Nav and your at 25,500 to 26,000 for a brand new one...
    I would think long and hard about buying this one...I would say thanks but no thanks and try again somewhere else or at least on another car. But if you choices are limited for dealerships then you may have a problem...
    What I would do is send internet quotes out to dealerships in a 2 1/2 hour drive (approx 200-250 miles) around your location and you will be surprised how much money you can save just by going on a little road trip...this of course is just my opinion...
    good smart!
  • I took a LX 4cl (manual) sedan out for a test drive last night - liked it a lot! The price is $18,300 out the door (5% maryland tax, no crap "appearance" package), and they're doing me alright by my trade-in. I want to buy, BUT...

    The saleman showed me an email he got that said the special 1.9% (and 2.9/3.9) financing options that were supposed to end on Sept. 6 in fact ended today, July 6th. The email also said to look for new deals starting today, but I emailed the internet rep and she said there were no new financing options. Anyone know what the deal is with this? Maybe they can backdoor me into the good financing...
  • mqqb1mqqb1 Posts: 29
    Where in New England are you looking to buy? I have gotten great prices via the Internet from Bernardi Honda in Natick, MA. I'd be more than happy to give you some contact info if you're interested. Email me if so.

    For example, for an '05 Accord EX V^ 4-door sedan (w/out NAV) I recently got a quote of $23,100 (incl destination of $515). That is about $1500 below invoice.

    Also, if the car you are considering has 1500 miles on it, it is USED and the price you are being quoted is too high in my opinion.

    Not sure what trim/specs you are looking at but the '05 2-door EX V6 coupe with NAV invoices (incl dest) at $26,560. If you subtract $1500 from invoice (as I've recently been quoted by dealer for another trim of the EX) you get about $25,000 before TTL.

  • aaronfaaronf Posts: 3
    Please let me know where on honda website did you read anything about a July 18th clearance? I'm looking to buy an accord and would wait if I saw this for myself. Thank you for the info. Aaron
  • jluedejluede Posts: 34
    Go to the site and keep clicking refresh. The ad will eventually show up in the small box on the bottom left. It's the animated guy they call Mr. Opportunity.
  • aaronfaaronf Posts: 3
    Yep! I found it for myself. Happy to find it, sad that I need to wait. Thanks for the info. Aaron
  • hondagal1hondagal1 Posts: 1
    I'm in Boston area looking to buy a new car. I'm very scared of the car dealers, because I think that they'll definitely screw me over on the trade in. I have a 2000 Honda Accord Special edition, 72000 miles, has a palm sized scratch on the left rear bumper and my windshield has a crack from a pebble. O/W great condition, no accidents, no repairs. any advice about how much I could get for trade in?

    Thanks in advance.

  • mldj98mldj98 Posts: 378

    mosey on over to the "Car Shopper Forum" inside this website and click on "Real World Trade In Values". Look right above where you would input your post and there is an example of how to post your info about the car you want to trade in...
    i.e. make, model, trim line, etc...once you have filled out all the info about your call just post it and wait for the magic man Terry to give you the straight scope on what to expect for your's amazing...he is usually right on the money...although I hear his golf game is suspect... :o)
  • lojefflojeff Posts: 29

    It is off the website too. Kinda BS if you ask me. They clearly had it posted until September 6th.
  • dealneederdealneeder Posts: 19
    My guess is that the deals were pulled in preparation for the July 18th Honda Clearance deals -- I test drove the Accord EX V6 today and, in talking with the salesman, he (along with another salesman I've been dealing with over the internet) indicated that the Clearance deals would likely focus on financing specials. If frank_rizzo can wait a couple weeks, it will be beneficial. Otherwise, go to capital one auto finance and prequalify there (or a similar site). See what the dealer offers for a finance deal and then counter with that outside offer.
  • briant73briant73 Posts: 8
    This offer taken away and the lackluster responses by out of town dealers to my requests for quotes and information, is not what I expected from Honda. The only thing I can think of is Honda is changing everything because of GM, Ford, Chrysler all offering their "employee" pricing and maybe Honda has something to counter that. Any ideas? I tried called honda customer support and did not get far, tried honda financing and was told their office was closed.
  • kmakma Posts: 7
    sdguy - I am looking for exactly the same car in San Diego, and have been quoted OTD prices in the high $23's. Which dealer are you going through?
  • lojefflojeff Posts: 29
    It is one thing when a dealer tells you a price is only good today. Most of the time he is lying but that is the risk you take if you walk out of the dealership. It is a totally different situation when the honda corp website clearly states the financing deals are good thru Sept and then suddenly pulls it.

    I was deciding between the Camry SE and the Accord LX.....Well this is dealing from the bottom of the deck in my book. Looks like Camry gets the nod for good sportsmanship.
  • dwynnedwynne Posts: 4,018
    I think the deals just ran out on Tuesday, nothing "evil" about it. has the new deals up now, still the same cheap lease deal on the Accords and Civics (for sure on the Accord LX). Still the sweet lease deal on the S2000. Only the Element shows a discounted finance deal.

    The salesguy I talked to - who is a straight shooter - did not know yet what the clearance "event" would be, but he though it would be unlikely for the dealer money to change mid-month. So I assume that discounted finance terms (in addition to the already cheap lease deals) will be all the "event" will bring. It could also be a limited term deal (1.9% for 36 months) or a decent term (1.9% or 2.9% for 60 months).

    Someone paying cashing or doing a lease, I don't see the need to wait - get a car now while the selection is best :-) If financing, then wait and see IF they do a promo rate for the "Event". For cash/lease folks - If they come out a with a killer rate then wouldn't it be HARDER to make the best deal with all the folks "Flooding" the dealership to take advantage of the cheap rate? If they have them lined up to buy, not much incentive to discount the car as much?

  • chakychaky Posts: 9
    Has anyone got a good price for accord LX in bay area, specifically north bay. I am willing to travel upto 100 miles to get a good deal.please post here
  • jacksdadjacksdad Posts: 9
    Thanks Mike, thanks mldj98:

    Apparently the sales manager drove it those miles. The car is untitled, with 1500 miles on it. But it does sound like the 05 Accord Coupe V6 EX-L w/ Navi & 6spd should be around $25,000 new, less with 1500 miles on it.

    Would the pricing matter between the 6spd and the auto? There don't seem to many 6spd's out there.

  • mldj98mldj98 Posts: 378

    Auto transmission will cost you an extra $800-$1000 dollars....but again, if I was you I would get a new would be my guess that those 1500 miles were driven kind of hard...if you know what I mean...
    It's like having a rental car for a week...people tend to push heavy on the gas pedal and hard on the brakes...not to mention...who cares about dinks and dents...
    good luck...let us know what happens!!
  • briant73briant73 Posts: 8
    Dwynne - My gripe is the Honda website clearly stated just a few days ago that the low financing rates to buy a new Accord would run until September. There was no disclaimer that I remember about Honda pulling those rates early, especially two months early. I have been in negotiations with a dealer and the one thing I liked was the 3.9% rate Honda was offering and that has been the one constant in the deal. I believed I had time to find the best deal (two months) and could around and still get the low financing rate since Honda said it would be there. I bet Honda legally is in their rights but to me this is dissapointing. I've known dealers to pull this but not a car company. Again maybe Honda is actually coming out with a better promotion to replace it but so far no news. I sent the dealer an e-mail, he's been high on his pricing (25+ for an ex v-6) but I haven't counter offered yet. Seems a lot of people are getting the ex v-6 in the 23-24 range.
  • sdguy123sdguy123 Posts: 5
    kma - I asked the intenet sales manager of different dealerships.Norm Reeves Honda is giving me for 23180.00 Pacific Honda in San Diego is $23100.00. Hardin Honda in Anaheim is selling form $23500.00 I asked for $22800 OTD. They are not willing to match it. Forget that, they are not even willing to negotiate.

    Where are you looking to buy a car?

  • sdguy123sdguy123 Posts: 5
    Hi all,

    I am looking for a new honda accord 4 cyl/4 door EXL. I am getting a price of 23100 OTD from a couple of dealers here. What do you guys think? Is that a good deal?

    Also does anybody know if prices have gone down in the past due to clearance sale? I am hearing mixed responses so I am not sure if I should wait till the clearance starts or buy right away. Do you know if anybody has gotten a better deal thru clearance sale?

    Please share your experiences/opinons.

    thank you.

  • mldj98mldj98 Posts: 378
    it's hard to tell if that is a good price because taxes and fees vary from state to state...what is the price of the car itself? Post that number and I am sure you will get a good response...might also help to say where you are located? what state?
    That way people can direct you to certain dealerships where they got a good deal!
  • sdguy123sdguy123 Posts: 5

    I am getting a new Honda Accord EXL 4 cyl for $21,300. Taxes in San Diego county is 7.75%. so in San Diego california, Tax + Fees = $ 1,800. OTD price is $23100.

    Is $21300 a good number for the accord?

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