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2013 and earlier-Honda Accord Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • vtriggityvtriggity Posts: 5
    That's $24,500 OTD
  • dwynnedwynne Posts: 4,018
    Invoice is pretty good for NAV equipped cars, I am told. The same dealer that will quote a good bit under invoice on a non-NAV Accord will quote at invoice or a little over for a NAV Accord. I was told that they do not get as many NAV cars in as they can sell, so they don't let them go as cheap. Must be true, a salesman told me :-)

    You can check the accessory prices here:

    to see how bad or good you did on those. Keep in mind the spoiler requires drilling the trunk lid and the fog installs cutting the front fascia of the car - so while the parts might be cheaper mail order, having to install these yourself is not for the faint of heart. From you list it looks like about $820 + shipping worth of stuff - so not too bad for $1,400 including install and sales tax. You didn't want to drill holes in your new trunk yourself anyway, did you?

    Congrats on the new car!

  • hey dennis thanks for the info on accessory prices...right on!

    What do you think of this deal for a 2005 LX w/auto tranny...

    $18059.00 + 7.75% tax (chicago taxes whew!) + 15.00 county fee + 80.00 plate trans + 55.29 doc fee = 19609.00 OTD

    is this to much, should I be aiming lower....???
  • nash123nash123 Posts: 82
    hey desseekingcar

    The Chicago sales tax hike went into effect today, so it is 9% now instead of the 8.75%.

    I stopped by and test drove an Accord LX Auto 4Dr at Carr's today, it was great. But the salesman said he will not give me a price until I am ready to buy. So I walked out. I asked him about the July 18th deal and he said he knew nothing about it.
  • I can never quite get the tax structure right...and I feel that's where I get problems.

    Got a quote from a Schaumburg dealer (hint, hint) for 18059 incl dest.

    He says there is a county fee of $15.00 + 7.75% tax.

    Do I have to pay the additional tax up to 9% if I buy in the burbs, but register the car in chicago...or is it the personal use tax thingy...

    Taxes confuse the heck out of me.
  • dwynnedwynne Posts: 4,018
    I think $18,000 to $18,200 is the magic price for the LX w/auto. If you are in that range for the car including destination and dealer/doc fees you should have a great deal. Some folks post these wacky prices from some NJ or CA dealers that we can't figure out, but most discount/volume dealers seem to be able to give you the car for this price - and have most of the year. There may be a dealer someplace that will sell you that car for less, but I would not think it would be a LOT less right now.

  • nash123nash123 Posts: 82
    The tax is based on your residence (address) AFAIK. Once you tell him where you live, I bet you he will adjust the tax rate.

    That is why sometimes you hear "Residency rules apply" in the commercial. That is mostly because they do not want somebody living in Kentucky and grab a deal that is intended for buyers in the "Chicagoland Area" (probably meaning Chicago, its suburbs and northern Indiana). I am sure the same rule applies for the tax rate too.
  • They are also writing in a "county fee" of's in cook county...has anyone heard of this fee besides the tax...
  • nash123nash123 Posts: 82
    Yes, I am 99% sure it is mandatory.
  • thank you for your kind and timely info...
  • nash123nash123 Posts: 82
    By the way, some dealers also add in a doc fee. Did he say how much that was (usually around $50)?

    dwynne: When you said "I think $18,000 to $18,200 is the magic price for the LX w/auto. If you are in that range for the car including destination and dealer/doc fees you should have a great deal.", you meant everyhting except the tax should total $18,000 to $18,200, is that right?
  • Here are the fees on the deal offered...

    $55.39 doc
    515.00 dest fee
    15.00 county fee
    80.00 title/plate transfer

    total of $150.39, adding that to base of 18059.00=18,209.00 before tax.

    I more on the 18200 end, maybe they can come down a wee bit?
  • tantos76tantos76 Posts: 1
    Just bought a 2005 Graphite Pearl EX Cloth Auto PZEV at Hardin Honda
    in Anaheim, CA. From my experience, Hardin was easily the most pressure free
    dealership. Bought the car for $21,800 OTD plus an additional 7yr/100K/0 Deductible warranty for $885.

    So total was $22,685.
  • dmbst68dmbst68 Posts: 50
    Thanks for the feedback Dwynne. I agree on the accesories. I'm not "mechancially inclined" so I'm forced to have the dealership install everything for me. Besides, their installers do this all the time and have done it multiple times...they could probably put a few items on in their sleep. Yeah, heck no did I "want to drill holes in [my] new trunk [myself]!!"

    I really like the car so far. I'm 27 yrs old & leaving a leased Acura RSX (which I leased when I was 23). The RSX was nice, but a harsh ride at times & the insurance was much higher. Why an Accord sedan? Well, an overall great vehicle, 2 rear doors are nice for passenger entry, a great deal on it, plus a few definite steps up, in my opinion, in terms of comfort & luxury from what I was driving. I don't really care about the "Acura" prestige and I won't miss the "snootyness" of the Acura dealer & the unnecessary high insurance. Besides, I'm out of the phase where I needed a little 2 door coupe.

    PS: I thought it was funny that several people were replying to my original message but their replies had nothing to do w/ my purchase...they were chatting w/ you!! :)
  • dwynnedwynne Posts: 4,018
    you meant everything except the tax should total $18,000 to $18,200, is that right?

    Some dealers (shady) will give online, e-mail, or phone quotes that do not include the destination charge (which everyone has to pay). Where the dealer or "doc" fees are not regulated, they can range from $0 to $400 or more and shady dealers will not give those out on quotes unless you ask for them.

    So when you compare price quotes you ask for the price for the car including destination and any dealer or "doc" fees. It is assumed that all the other fees are legit and would be the same no matter which dealer in your area you purchase from. Also with the price w/dest and doc you can compare VS dealers from any part of the country with similar numbers - knowing that your additional charges will be the same no matter where you get the car.

    So if I post that I know of a dealer that will sell you the car for $18,200 then you could go to that dealer and get the car for that price, plus whatever the local (to you) fees and taxes are. Same for your dealer, if he will sell to you for $18,000 including the dealer fees then someone could go to that dealer and give them a check and drive off with the same model car - then pay their local fees and taxes when they get home.

  • There's a dealer near L.A. called Rock Honda that works a lot of Internet dealings. I've checked them out, and they're not bad. The address is You might want to check them out. Just FYI.
  • Hey's the latest in my hunt for red october...ooops meet silver accord...LX auto

    Carrs Honda originally quoted 19,034.00...after I said thanks, but no thanks, the price magically changed to 18,300. I told him he was still higher and he asked what I was looking for...I said 18000 incld des/doc fee and he said he didn't think he could do it. So I said thanks. hmmm...called me back 10 seconds later leaving a message saying "we can do 18000".

    Schaumburg Honda..I really like their internet guy and I think he may be the winner. He upfront disclosed the manf to dealer incentive without blinking an eye, upfront told me he would not negoiate his holdback (we'll see) and quoted me $18059.00 incld dest but not doc. I called him back to press the doc fee (which is important because living in chicago I'm going to get slammed with the 9% tax either way) I want to save every penny I can to offset some of this riduclous tax.
    I'm going in to see him first, as I kinda got a good feel from him. I will let you know.

    P.S. Buying outside of Chicago at a lesser tax rate and then paying the personal use tax that the city sends after. I figure less tax to add to total bill upfront, means less on F& I right to think this way. I will be happy to pay the difference in tax in cash back to the city, rather then add it to the total price of the car and into F&I.
  • Addendum.....just bought it!

    Castle Honda Morton Grove ....Honda Accord LX 4-door Auto/Graphite

    $17767.00 includ dest + 15.00 county fee+143.00 plates+55.39 doc+ 1599.03 (9% chicago tax)=19579 OTD!

    Our taxes blow here in Chicago!
  • amitra123amitra123 Posts: 9
    I purchased an accord LX V4 AT from Rosenthal honda for 18000 out of the door( About 1750 below invoice. I went through their internet sales group. They quoted me 18375 on road, but bargained down to 18000 in no time. It seems that honda dealers in northern VA are very desperate to sell cars. The internet sales guy's name is Jacob Lee and a very nice guy.
  • lojefflojeff Posts: 29
    Do you mind sharing the dealership? I'm in NJ looking for the Accord LX with MT. The best internet quote I have received is about 17750 (including Dest).
  • honda_man2honda_man2 Posts: 19
    What I've found is that dealers are selling the 2005 Accord I4 LX Auto sedan for between 17,900 and 18,200 (includes destination and document fees). The NJ Honda guy selling on Ebay is pricing without destination (I've called). His price is 18,100 plus tax (where the car will be regisered) and title. What is the price you received before taxes and other fees? The 18,000 out the door I assume includes taxes and other fees. If that is true then that is a very good deal. I'm in North Carolina and the taxes here are only 3% for new car purchases. The best quote I've received so far is $18,200 plus taxes and title fees (18,800 out the door).
  • howard6howard6 Posts: 2
    Can you tell me what manufacturor to dealer incentive you're talking about?
  • hey desseekingcar:

    wondering if you financed or leased?

    im looking to buy an accord ex coupe soon also. been researching like a madman and am counting down to july 18 for the clearance sale (just graduated from school, broke, need to save as much as possible on first car purchase).
  • nash123nash123 Posts: 82
    Hey desfoundcar

    Holy crap that was quick! I was watching Live 8 the whole day (aol), I should've checked the forum for your updates...

    Great job, I am glad that it worked out for you, I guess you did not get the silver that you wanted but oh well, it is close. Did you go to the dealer and just sat down and started bargaining, or did you take a test drive over there too?
    I kinda wanna wait until the 18th, but at the same time getting impatient too... I know that there are a lot of people here who are waiting for the 18th like me...

    Hmm, the tax gets charged upfront, it does not matter where you buy the car. We're screwed any way you look at it.. If the new car tax in North Carolina is 3%, that would make a difference of $1080 (In Chicago tax is 9%).... I would even fly out there and drive the car back and would still save money. Too bad I cannot register it there...
  • jluedejluede Posts: 34
    Exact same car I bought in Houston at the end of May. Very close to the same price too. Not a PZEV in Texas though. And I passed on the ext warranty for now. You'll love the car.
  • biker4biker4 Posts: 746
    I keep getting e-mails from Fairfax Honda for $1500 under invoice for Accords. In NoVA one should not have trouble getting an Accord for at least $1500 under invoice - and probably more after the 18th. The overall best deal might go to the MD side of DC dealers as it seems their doc fee in general is lower than VA dealers - this only applies when you're trying to ring out the last $100-200.
  • don_bdon_b Posts: 7
    For those who've already bought their accords and are knowledgeable regarding some of the details I'm now coming across...

    1) The shape of these new generation of car keys being relatively unusual, where can I get spares made (copies of the valet key)? Can it be done at the usual places (Ace Hardware, etc)?

    2) Break-in period: I was told by the manager who reviewed the car features with me during purchase that it's enough just to vary the speed so the parts don't get used to moving at one certain speed. Aside from unnecessarily hard starts and stops, he said there wasn't an RPM range to stay within. He also said the first oil change can be done according to its normal schedule (5,000 miles). Hasn't it been the consensus out there that the first oil change should be done at 1,000 miles to remove the engine debris & metal filings that build up during the break-in period? Or has automotive manufacturing technology improved so vastly as to render that unnecessary nowadays? I'd like to hear how the other new buyers have been going about this process.

    3) For dark colored cars (black/graphite), is it a good idea to have the exterior waxed from the get-go? the sun's pretty scorching where i live.

    4) Has anyone ever had those custom car seat covers made by CoverKing? If you've had experience with these, what is your opinion of the leatherette material? Difficulty of installation? Worth the price? The leatherette covers run $165 per row for the 05 Accords. Besides these covers from CoverKing, I don't believe there are any other really good alternatives -- I think CoverKing ones are the only custom-fitted covers on the market, and 05 accords have the side airbags that deploy from the seat, so you'd have to cut some holes in non-custom-fit covers to use them safely. And lastly...

    4) Are there any other post-purchase details others have come across besides the above ones?

    Much thx in advance to anyone who replies. By the way, the incentives for July must be much higher than what was available in June. On, the price for LX's suddenly dropped by $750 for the zip code where i live once July rolled around. hope those who haven't bought yet will get good deals.
  • amitra123amitra123 Posts: 9
    This is true that I got 18000 out of the door. From Rosenthal honda in Tyson's corner in Tysons corner in Northern Virginia. The price was 16550 + 515 + 3.17% tax + 300. It came with the door edge guard, pinstripe, floor mats, and 2 yr oil change free. If you need more info, shoot me an email at "amitra123--at--", and I would be glad to help you.

    What I did, I was open minded with camry and accord, and I could go with any one of them. I was probing the dealerships for last 6 months, and wanted to get a good price + financing. The best place to go would be to, and ask for dealer quote. Dealers know that you will receive multiple quotes, and they trys to get you a good deal. Always go through the internet sales agen as their comission is based on "a" car sold(I believe $300 fixed per car), not by the % of the profit. On 30th June at 5 PM, they offerd me 18200 , I stuck to my guns at 1800 and they agreed.

    I had bad experience with Toyota dealers. They believe that camry is a better car, and arrogant in behavior. THeir attitude is "If you do not buy someone else will by", and not interested in discounting. The lowest price I could get on camry was 19000 out of the door for 2005 LE/5AT(with side airbag). HOnda has a better resale value, so why go with tiyota paying 1000 more for the same thing.

    I can introduce to the sales agent I used, if you need it. PLease let me know if I can be of any help.
  • I financed at 2.9% for 48 months. The F&I guy told me that Honda is very serious about FICO scores when determining if you are a "well qualified" buyer or not.

    There "well qualified" buyer FICO is 700 or higher. However, don't think that you can't get it if you are close. We were at 677 and got 2.9%, but there was a circumstance that happend and I think it helped us.

    We were there at the END of the day and the F&I guy had a family of four in there and we were watching them through the window. At one point the F&I guy picked up the paper he was working on, rolled it into a ball and chucked it over his shoulder, followed by alot of head shaking, hand in his head type of looks. They were in there for over an hour, so we had to wait. When we got in there, he was exhausted and very flustered, so I just used my job as a nurse to talk to him...making sure he was ok and agreeing that people are tough sometimes and that you do the best you can....I brought him down from a rage to laughing and having a good time in 20 minutes...he actually thanked me. I got my 2.9% financing, he didn't even try to sell me on anything. The only thing he said to me is "do you want anything back end on this car". I said No, he said ok and papers signed, keys in hand, out the door in 20 minutes. He was also leaving to go home. Again I think that helped.

    I had a good experience at the dealership...Castle Honda for many reasons. (all of which I won't print here). I feel I got a fair deal and am happy. Could the prices be better at the end of the month...sure there's always that chance, but I felt what I got was fair...and really, that's all I wanted.
  • dwynnedwynne Posts: 4,018
    1) All the Honda keys are "immobilizer" keys and used to be a get from the dealer item. I am guessing now that other folks can make keys for the cars - but the safest way to go is the dealer.

    2) The manual says no hard stops and no full throttle for the first xxx miles. It does not say anything about varying speeds - but I follow that. The manual DOES state to not change the oil until the recommended time - no early changes. This leads folks to speculate there is some "break in oil" in the motor. I talked to the service manager at my dealership about this (for my wife's Accord and my friend's new CR-V) and he said just wait until it is time. The book says 10k normally or 5k if "extreme duty" - he said nothing wrong with a stop-and-go drive car being changed at the "extreme" interval of 5k. So we are waiting until close to 5k to change it the first time.

    3) Wash and wax right away - no matter where you live. By the time the car gets to you the paint is "cured" more than enough and the sooner you wax it the better.

    4) Why do you need seat covers? I found the material used by Honda to by typically long lasting and comfortable. With sensors and bags in the seats I would not bother.

    Enjoy your new car!

  • dampfnudeldampfnudel Posts: 131
    I read on another board that the MY06 Accord is in production (or will be very soon). I wonder if we'll get an announcement from Honda this week. :confuse:
  • don_bdon_b Posts: 7
    Your reply for this post and others that I've read are always well-informed, so thanks, Dennis.

    I'll take your points for the first two questions, so they're solved. For question 3, have you had any experience with the express wax service you can get from a car wash place such as simoniz? I'd welcome your thoughts on the best & most practical (that's important for me) way of getting your car waxed (recommendations on time intervals between waxes also).

    As for question 4, I just want covers for mostly cosmetic reasons. CoverKing makes customized two-tone leatherette covers that I'm interested in. And their covers are fully functional with all the sensors and airbags for the accord.

    In any case, I'm just trying to research how to best protect the exterior of my car, since it's nighthawk black. Thanks again, Dennis.
  • camrypopcamrypop Posts: 43
    Hey Dennis!!

    Thanks for all the help and very informative replies.

    I got back from atl the other day...u won't believe the price: $15,331 including all fees(even the $3 GA lemon law fee) before tax and title. Again, this was for a new 05 Honda DX VP. I know, I lucked out. I bought it throught the internet dept of Curry Honda in atl(the salesperson was fantabulous!!). But, almost got screwed by Team Honda in ATL. I'll post more below.
  • camrypopcamrypop Posts: 43
    Got it thru the internet dept(would never deal w/ anybody but the internet salesguys). The price included all fees(destination, processing, GA lemon law) and was before tax and title. It had 5 miles and was manufactured in June 05. I bought it on june 30th. Satin Silver was the exterior color.

    Again this car was purchased from Curry Honda. Can't say enough good things abt the sales guy. Wish the moderators would let me give out his name. Let me just say he was of Korean descent and has been with Curry Honda for 6 yrs. I am still amazed by his straightforwardness and lack of duplicity. Most every other dealer salesperson I went through was shady as hell(I shopped abt 10 dealers in the nashville and ATL area).

    Now, there is one dealer in ATL that I will never do biz w/. The dealer is Team Honda in Lithia Springs. The saint of a salesperson quoted me a good price by way of email. I made sure to ask him if it included ALL fees except for state mandated TTL. He gave me a resounding yes. I asked him to fax over the buyers order along w/ Vin# and miles. I even gave him my credit card # to put a hold on the car. The following day after not hearing from him, I called Team Honda and was told that the salesperson was not working that day. Funny but it was the last day the deal was available. Asked to speak to someone else and got the internet manager. This dude was shadier than the salesperson. When I was telling him the price I received, I could hear the hesitation in his voice. He told me he would call me back later that day. When the fool called back, he was happy to inform me that the salesperson had made a mistake and omitted the $499 doc/processing fee. I told him that the email explicitly stated that the quote included all fees. He said, yeah, it was a mistake. The worst thing is this same manager emailed me abt making our appt to come in. he knew i was coming in from out of state. Pretty sure they where counting on me buying at the inflated price so that i wouldn't have wasted coming in the 1st place. [non-permissible content removed] thieves.

    This is why I was so glad to have found Curry. Hennessey seemed honest too but lowest was $15,700 area. Gwennet(?) told me that they where in the 15900 area and couldn't come down. At least they where honest and choice not to play games like Team Honda in Lithia Springs.

    Included in the price of my Accord was mudguards and a security etching service. I didn't want these items but for the price I got, what the hell, there was no room to go lower.

    Again, great service from the internet salesguy at Curry Honda. Trust me, I am very hard on salesppl. He was he best!
  • camrypopcamrypop Posts: 43
    sorry abt the spelling/grammar mistake above..damn the current state of public education.

    anyway, if anybody is thinking abt the DX VP vs LX, the main diff is that the DX VP does not have power door locks(though it does have power windows, no cruise control, no power mirrors, only 2 speaker(but they sound great), and no keyless entry. Was thinking abt getting aft mkt leather but no way--the std fabic it comes w/ is so plush!

    Also, i noticed that there are speakers in the back but they r just not connected. Wondering how easy this would be to do? Maybe find some car audiophile buddys to hook me up?

    Also the control knobs for power locks and mirrors r replaced by plastic coverings. I wonder if this is just turned off and can easily be turned on? any honda techs out there?

    and wht abt cruise control? is this something tht can be done? don't want to mess w/ any major components---it's not tht impt! I f i can do the above for a cple 100, i just might, but i am a stingy [non-permissible content removed].

    very happy w/ the accord dx vp!
  • camrypopcamrypop Posts: 43
    like another poster stated, carsdirect is showing cheaper prices in some areas(such as nashville) so FTD may have risen(though the ATL price is the same and the LA price has risen by $200). This is probably a great time to buy if u r in one of those areas. Wonder what aug and sept will bring? What happened vis a vis pricing of the 04's when the 05 came out?
  • flyblueflyblue Posts: 2

    I am very interested in your deal. I also live in ATL. Would you mind share more information about the dealer?
    You can reply here or just email me at:[email protected]

    Thank you
  • dwynnedwynne Posts: 4,018
    If you don't rub it on and buff it off then it is not really "wax". You can do it yourself, it is not that hard or find a car detailer to do it. This guy and his trailer comes to our office and will wash and vac a car for $30 or so and think he gets $75-80 to wash, vac, and wax. He does a better job than I do and uses an orbital buffer. I think for most parts of the country about 2x a year is good enough, but I have been known to go longer myself :-) If the surface still beads water and any dirt washes off easily then you can probably go longer w/o another wax. You may can find a detailer that will give you a good price if you just drop your car off. There is one like this over where I eat lunch - they do a brisk business in detailing cars for dealers in the area, but will also wash/wax for the general public as well.

    Leatherette sounds like vinyl which does not sound as comfy as either fabric or real leather. You might try a Google on it and see if some has tried it on some car and how they liked it.

  • akkijainakkijain Posts: 17
    I feel like I have got the best deal (23954 OTD) so far in NJ and I have brought my car yesterday , Accord V6 EX is excellent car and I am very happy to get it on this price.
    I got 2400$ under invoice though saturday was very busy day So I had to wait for almost 4 hrs to get this car but deal was already made on phone so negotiation , no hassel etc
    My break drown are
    21758 ( $2400 under invoice)
    23954 ( OTD)
  • a_pa_p Posts: 4
    Hi akkijain,

    I am looking to purchase an Accord in NJ and would be really grateful if you could give me more details about your purchase. Would it be possible for me to email you offline?

  • lojefflojeff Posts: 29
    I am in NJ too. I however am looking for an LX with MT. Which dealership did you get yours from?
  • canada2canada2 Posts: 1
    This is an uninformed inquiry, but any help would be appreciated. I just found the Accord Coupe and an interested to know if this below invoice pricing is happening in Canada? Is this pricing because of the 06 Accord coming out soon or is there some other reason for this pricing? Is there major changes to the 06 Accord? If I could get the 6speed Coupe under invoice in Canada they could sign me up now.

    Thanks for any insight.
  • pgy76pgy76 Posts: 5
    Hey akkijain,
    Thats a smoking deal that you got. I'm looking for either the accord ex v6 or ex 4cyl w/leather. what dealership did you go to in NJ?

    Does anyone know any good dealerships in NYC that are worthwhile? I've only seen some good number come out of NJ but not so good out of NYC. Leads would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  • buldagbuldag Posts: 2
    I live in VA, but bought the Accord V-6, EX-L with Navi (GRAPHITE PEARL) from a dealer in MD (Laurel). Even though we negotiated everything over the email and confirmed everything, the dealer and "his boss" tried to bargain everything from scratch. A typical auto-sales technique. Very frustrating experience. But eventually I came out with the vehicle for $1700 under invoice (paid: $24830 + TT). While the price was good. I recommend that you stay away from this dealership (and the salesperson called "Larry")
  • akkijainakkijain Posts: 17
    I was n't ready to buy a car on saturday but due to this speacial deal from DCH Academy Honda , I bought it. I feel this is the best deal which I will not get even in Sept and then I made up my mind to buy same day. Just a note- This deal was valid till 4th of July only soiIf they still have lots of cars in their inventory then they may give you same deal otherwise wait for month end event. They were not offering any deals on other cars excpet Accord V6 EX, if they were I would have taken Accord hybrid.

    Good Luck guys!
  • a_pa_p Posts: 4
    Thanks akkijain. I am at this point leaning towards '05 EX, 2.4 l, 4 dr, auto, leather interiors with navigation system. The first internet quote I received (through the dealers automated system) is 22,786. I haven't made any counter offer contact with the dealership yet. I suspect this does not include destination charges. Anyone has an idea what kind of a price I should be trying to negotiate to for the model I am planning to purchase?

  • markinphxmarkinphx Posts: 37
    Nice deal...

    I paid out $17,300 for my LXmt, with a couple add-ons: gravel guard, trunk tray and locks.

    I am waiting though to see if someone eventually takes one away for less than $17k.
  • briant73briant73 Posts: 8
    I been reading this board where a lot of people are getting EX v-6 (w/o nav) in the 23-24k range. I went to the dealer and then of course he has it priced in the lows 25k range. I have not given a counter offer but I made it clear to this guy I was not interested in buying for an inflated price which I feel his offer is. I have asked some dealers in the surrounding areas for quotes but I feel a lot of cars dealers don't get back to internet requests. So what do you all think a good counter offer would be?
  • sdguy123sdguy123 Posts: 5
    Hi all,

    I am getting a deal of 23184.00 OTD for AT 4 cyl EX (no navi) in San Diego. Is that a good deal? what do you guys think?

    Also, I am wondering if I should wait till july 18. Do you think there is a possibility of getting a better deal than this?

  • hey sdguy123,

    Have you checked out and compared their no haggle low price? I'm in Chicago where the sales tax is 9%, and my out the door is a little over $22,000 (with dest, doc, tax, title, etc). Dunno what SD taxes are like.

    I'm waiting to July 18th and am gonna compare. I think you can get a better deal when the offical Clearance Sale kicks into gear and if you buy through Internet Sales manager.
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