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2013 and earlier-Honda Accord Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 176,221
    Sounds like a good deal... Good luck with the new one..

    Did you get a good deal? Be sure to come back and share!

    Edmunds Moderator

  • mqqb1mqqb1 Posts: 29

    The info you refer to is regularly updated on sites like Edmunds and etc. You can also check in to this forum regularly and see what people are finding out as they buy cars.

    Dealer Holdback
    Is a percentage of the total MSRP that the manufacturer holds and then gives back to the dealer, often at the end of the year or quarter.

    I recently bought a car from Bernardi Honda in Natick, MA over the Internet and found that they gave very competitive quotes and were willing to beat other dealers prices. I originally sent in for a "quote from dealers in your area" via a few of the big car sites like carsdirect. I heard from multiple dealers. Some gave quotes while others asked me to come in. I told them all I only wanted quotes and eventually all did give me a quote.

    Holdback is typically 3% of MSRP for a Honda and it is not hard to find out what it is for a certain car by researching on the Internet.

    The equation I find that works best is

    Dealer Invoice price + destination charge - holdback - any dealer to consumer rebates (have not seen many for the Accord to be honest) - factory to dealer incentive (harder to track down but can be guessed at or found out by monitoring this forum + titles, tax, registration, license and other dealer fees = best out the door price (OTD price) for a car.

    Let me know if you need any more help and definitely follow this forum as it is a very good one.

  • mqqb1mqqb1 Posts: 29
    Oh and I forgot; this is what I got as a quote for a friend from Bernardi Honda at the end of May just as a point of reference for you:

    2005 Honda Accord LX Auto 4door
    $17,370 for car (including destination fee) + 5% sales tax to the state of MA + $284 fee
    ($269 if transferring) that included: plates, registration, title, inspection sticker, doc fees

    That was everything and it was a very good OTD price.

  • akkijainakkijain Posts: 17
    Hello Rishi,
    You got a good deal. Enjoy your new car. Is 23600 includes state tax, I am also looking to buy Honda EX V6 in NJ. I am getting quotes of 24500 OTD ( NJ tax is 6%) so i wanted to compare how are prices in other parts of country?

  • rishipriship Posts: 65
    No my price does not include sales tax. I think you are getting an excellent deal. It sounds like you are paying 23 plus TTL. Even accounting for my free tint, you are 4 to 500 ahead of me. I visited 5 dealers and I don't think anybody would have come below 23,400. I took what I did because nobody else would match his trade value.

    I think you are below actual dealer cost. 24673 invoice - 3% holdback - $750 maximum dealer incentive=23,183. Most dealers here seem pretty confident that they will meet their sales quota. If its the opposite there, they may be willing to take a loss in order to meet their quota. If your unaware teh dealer incentive increases if they meet their quota. So by selling cars at a loss, they meet quota which raises the incentive on all cars sold, so there is a net profit.

    Just make sure that the car hasn't been sitting around for 6 months. There are a few of those here. Sticker should be 27,365 not 27,215. But overall, I think your deal is excellent and I would take it. You are 2115 under Edmunds TMV of 25,115.
  • rishipriship Posts: 65
    I just beat TMV by over 1600. It seems like most posters are well below TMV. I think that edmunds should start using these posts to configure a great bargain number. Most edmunds users probably just look at the TMV and figure they are getting a good deal when they could get much better.
  • mldj98mldj98 Posts: 378

    So you pulled the trigger huh?????
    Glad to hear it...for what you got out of your trade...and the 6300 you paid to upgrade...I would say your 03 EX V6 only cost you about 200 bucks over the 30 months...which is not bad at all!
    Have you seen the pics for the new 06 Accord?
    What do you think? Kind of looks like the Accord coupe with those tail lights right?
    Great Deal!!!!
  • vikoolvikool Posts: 2
    hey guys,
    quick question, i thinking about this 02 coupe ex, v6 for about 10k. car drives really great and its in amazing condition expcet it has 90k miles on it. since my budget is 10k this seems like a good deal ,so should i get it or should i get a 2000 model with around 60k miles for the same price.
  • swordmanswordman Posts: 7
    I bought from Jim Coleman in clarksville (inbetween baltimore and DC).

    Bought my accord: EX-L 4dr 4cyl Auto. $22,664 OTD

    After we negotiated the price. I was offered all these dealer options:
    1) rustproofing
    2) undercoating
    3) some sort of coating on the paint so you will won't ahve to wax for 8 years
    4) some sort of leather seat protection

    -auto start
    -proximity senors

    I was totally unprepared for this as i hadn't done this part of the research. I did all the price research and so I knew what i should be paying and what is a good deal. Now I will admit I would probably have refused all these options normally, but i just lost my 600 dollar Treo 650 cell phone the previous day and i didn't get the 5 dollar per month insurance on it so now i'm stuck with the rest of my 2 year contract and no way to get a discounted price on a new phone (i have to pay full price). So when they pushed hard on the lojack my fiance and I were tempted. When we said no at first and "thought about it" they came back at us and said they would throw in 2 of the 4 options (the numbered ones above) for free. we hemmed and hawed and finally said if they did 3 of the 4 we would do the lojack. they claimed that 1 of the 4 options would cost like 285, 2 of the 4 was 399, 3 of the 4 was like 550 and all four was like 695. i don't remember all the prices but that was the gist.

    Anyway, she agreed so fast my head spun making it seem like we got short end of the stick since she so readily agreed i felt i could have gotten more from her.... so bottom line the lojack cost $695 + tax and made the final car price $23373 out the door.

    Now, did i get "taken". How much is lojack really? she claimed that its normally 1000 dollars to get it. and the discount was being offered only in honda dealerships. I realize that the options numbered 1-4 probably aren't worth nearly what honda is charging but please don't tell me they are completely worthless.

    Please help. This is my first car purchase, and i researched alot about the price but when finally faced with these "options" i was not prepared. If some of you could give me and all the other accord buyers some insight on them I'm sure everyone would appreciate it.
  • don_bdon_b Posts: 7
    Found a link for 06 Accord spy photos:

    Main change are the taillights -- they're LED for 06. Does anyone think the slightly new design will be enough to drive down the asking price for 05's due to people wanting to buy the 06's instead? If so, how much lower do you think? Anyone with fairly informed guesses please reply.

    In addition, has anyone had experience using car transport service for a newly purchased car that was bought far from where you live? Most estimates I've see online for transporting Accords were around $800-$1000. What risks should I be aware of?

    Finally, anyone else seeking to purchase an Accord in the Tucson, Az area? Share your experiene please (how you went about it, where you ended up buying, OTD price paid showing itemization, etc). I know I'm asking for several things here, but advance thanks to anyone who replies.
  • markinphxmarkinphx Posts: 37
    At least here in the Phoenix Market, the TV commercial they are airing for the Valley Honda Dealers, features the Accord in 2006 trim. Even does a close up on the rear lights.

    Although I dont think they are actually advertising it as a 2006, just advertising that there are "good deals" now. Like every dealre does every day of the week.
  • freewillyfreewilly Posts: 8
    Hi akkijain,
    No this price does not include destination fees
    with all the charges and 6 % sales tax its costing 19281.00. Is this correct price for 05 LX Accord ?
    I got this quote from Acedamy Honda, Old Bridge, NJ

  • 0x42454e0x42454e Posts: 14
    I was pricing in the Tucson area. I'm actually moving to Chandler in a few days. I was in AZ a few weeks ago pricing cars in person in PHX, and wasn't too happy with what I was getting. The dealers were really pushing me around. I went to dealers in Tempe, Mesa, and Earnhardt Honda. My girlfriend went to one other whose name I can't remember. Nothing doing, I pretty much got offered $200 under invoice.

    I started pricing cars with internet quotes after that, I had heard CA had much better prices.

    Anyway, for fun, I decided to price some of the further dealers in AZ, like Tucson, and Flagstaff. Up North was a joke, nobody was willing to do anything for me. Right Honda offered some pretty competitive prices (they're in PHX), but they have some terrible reports at I think the Tucson ones I dealt with were Dobbs and Chapman. Dobbs gave some decent deals, but again, read some bad things. They did come straight at me with a good price, no BS, and unlike some dealers, they didn't email me every day to see how I was doing. If you are confident you can handle yourself with the financial stuff, Dobbs may be a decent choice.

    Chapman is interesting. I've been dealing with a guy named Bryan Martz(?). He seems really desperate for my sale, and it sounded like if I emailed/faxed him the price I'm getting, he would do his best to meet it. They offered $23,600 OTD to start. I mentioned I was getting $22,200 OTD in CA, and he immediately lowered the cost to $23,000 OTD (claiming he was only making $71). He also said if I gave him proof of $22,200, he would see what he could do to earn my sale. $23,000 is certainly decent, but if you're looking for a really stunning deal, that ain't it. Also, $23,600 was one of the better initial quotes I got in PHX.

    So my advice would be Chapman if you must buy in Tucson... using the internet department. It will take you some work to talk them down, but they were willing to work for the sale. I recommend doing what I did. Get internet quotes from the Southern California area because it isn't too far, and be prepared to send them your best quote.

    BTW, I'm buying an Accord V6 LX in Riverside CA (thanks to a previous post). I had to go out to LA anyway, so it's on the drive back. I'm paying $1600 under invoice, where the best AZ offer was about $800 under. I probably could have done a little better in SoCal, and much better in NoCal, but I'm already too stressed out by things, so I give in.
  • temj12temj12 Posts: 450
    When I purchased my Accord EX-L Coupe 4cyl MT in April, I had firmed up on a price prior to arriving at the dealership. BTW, you got a good deal in my opinion. Unknown to me because I thought they just came with it, it had the sun visor, mud guards, stripe down the side and, I think, paint protection. The salesman hit with an $800 add-on for these. I told him that this had not been discussed and if this had to be I would just go home with the truck that I was trading in on the Honda. After he discussed this with his sales manager, they gave me the add-ons. Until then, I did not know that part of buying a Honda is the add-ons. The manager admitted to me that they cost him $200 to put on and that it was not a big deal to let them go. He said that, indeed, we had not discussed this. I thought he was very fair. I would not tell you that what you had added is worthless because I don't know that. Your story reminded me of what happened to me. This was the first time I had bought a Honda Accord. The month before I had purchased an 05 Civic for my son and it had the mudguards. I had assumed it came with those but they were an ad-on. Nothing was mentioned at the dealer about charging for them. I think your story reflects what happens with the Honda buying experience.
  • biker4biker4 Posts: 746
    How much of the car do they actually show? It seems pretty early to be showing a real production 06 Accord.
  • akkijainakkijain Posts: 17
    I think, it is a very good price . I also got very good price quotes from DCH but I was curios to know that if any other deal can beat their price So I called Rt 22 Honda and they gave me best price for Accord EX V6 which I am goona pick this week so I will suggest that check out with Rt 22 Honda otherwise your price with DCH is good too.
  • markinphxmarkinphx Posts: 37
    They show the rear lights at a minimum, thats what I saw.

    I didnt watch the entire commercial in a highly critical fashion, the lighs caught my eye, and I thought "them are new" and then it was over.

    It is a real fast paced spot, they cut from the interior to the exterior and back and forth real fast.
  • swordmanswordman Posts: 7
    The dealer wasn't shady about the dealer installed options, i.e. wheel locks, mud guards and "appearance package" (pin stripe and the thin line of plastic on the door edges to protect against scrapes when opening the door in parking lots etc..)

    it was those "services" and the lojack, post sale. there doesn't seem to be alot of lojack, undercoating, rust proofing, paint treatment discussion on the honda boards so i was wondering if anyone had opinions on this. being offered right after our price negotiation and not having done any research on it, i was thrown for a loop. it was unsettling. Just thought I would post my experience on them so that other buyers could be prepared.

    I agree, i think got a good price on the car. 22,664 out the door with dest, TTL, wheellocks, mud gards, appearance package (these 3 are on all their cars) for a 2005 accord EX-L 4 cyl auto 4 door sedan. internet quotes are definately the way to go. they are the best starting point IMO. Even before going to the dealership or reading this board, i would start off with internet quotes from all over your area.
  • dmaizedmaize Posts: 7
    Edmunds posters are the best! Thanks to many members, but especially to Phil (piturra), I drove home Saturday to the East Bay, CA in my very own Graphite Pearl Accord EX-L 4cyl automatic sedan w/o nav for a bit over $23K OTD! I think it's one of the best prices I've seen online, even though the OTD price was a hair over Phil's price due to a higher tax rate. It was an extremely positive buying experience, mainly because I did my homework and followed the lead of the Edmunds community. Here's how I did it:

    1) I used the online price quote feature of and recieved three quotes: from Autowest, Marin and San Leandro. All three were higher than the lowest I've seen so far, and were all between 21500 and 22000 +TTL.

    2) I wanted more quotes, so I went to and got quotes from about ten other dealers (remember, I live in the Bay area so there are so many choices). I got a few calls but most were emails. The range between the highest and lowest prices was over $2000!

    2a) Don't use your regular email address for doing this. I used a new gmail account to separate all my quotes from my regular email; this will help in the future as I inevitably receive many, many more emails from dealers...

    3) My lowest bid was about $21200, a very good price from a dealer about 45 minutes away (Hayward Honda). He did not have Graphite in stock but had my 2nd and 3rd choices (silver and blue). When I told him he had a good price, he made it even better, telling me that my price would be...$20986.00, the exact price that Phil paid at Anderson! Hmmm...that seems like WAY too much of a coincidence. I told him I would get back to him.

    4) Price matching! I called/emailed all but the highest priced dealers to find out if they would match or beat my lowest price. I was surprised that most dealers quickly said "wow, that's a really agressive quote, I can't touch that" or something like that. Even the dealer that promised in their email that they would beat the lowest price by $100 provided I lived within 20 miles of the dealership (I do) would not get anywhere near the lowest price. Two dealers said they would match my lowest price, quote unseen, including the dealer closest to my house (Honda of Oakland).

    5) I really had a good feeling from the dealer in Oakland. He did not have Graphite in stock but said he could have it within a few hours, for the same price. Then today he told me he just got a shipment yesterday, with a Graphite on board and a 06/05 build date. We exchanged faxes (I was at work with no external email), he gave me the VIN number and had him meet me at the BART station nearby. He said he'd pick me up in "my car". Cool! The dealer showed up and my car still had all the plastic on the wheel, seats, everything! And the odometer...a whopping 2 miles!

    6) Arrived at the dealership and signed quite a few papers, a quick trip to the finance mgr to sign forms, about a 45 minute wait for detailing and a full tank of gas, and my wonderful car was all ready to drive home! Oh, and he gave me a pair of nice metal/graphite Honda keychains with the dealer's name engraved on the back. Here's how the price broke down:

    CAR: 20986.00
    8.75% Sales Tax: 1839.25
    Doc Fee: 45.00
    License (est): 199.00
    Tire Fee: 8.75
    Total OTD: 23066.96
    (this price was about $60 below my lowest price from Hayward)

    Wow, what a beautiful car. It feels SO expensive! All the features and extras are a bit much to take in the first few hours. But yesterday was Father's Day so I guess you can say I gave myself a bit of an early FD present. When I pulled up in front my 8 year old daughter saw the car and literally jumped up and down, she was so excited! My other daughter (4) came running out and jumped right in, pushing all the buttons. After we put the kids to bed (I got home at 7:30pm), my wife and I hopped in and played with XM for an hour or so. That is going to be so very very cool, I love XM already!

    I just cannot say how happy I was with this new way of buying a car. I've used credit union buying services and car brokers before, but this just makes so much more sense. Plus I got a way better deal. I love the graphite and the gray leather, esp. the stainless console up front (I was expecting woodgrain). I will probably post pictures and other impressions on in the next day or so. But thanks to all of the edmunds community for helping me make a very good and frugal purchase, and thanks to Honda of Oakland for a beautiful Accord.

    One question...I didn't get any sort of wallet to hold the owner's manual and warranty information. Every previous car I've had came with something like that. Of course, at over 300 pages, the Accord's owners manual is a bit thick. Did you get anything to hold all your paperwork?
  • swordmanswordman Posts: 7
    What a coincidence! we got the EXACT same car 4 door Graphite Pearl Accord EX-L 4cyl automatic sedan w/o nav.

    I have the exact same impressions. it feels expensive. and so nice. i paid a little less than you but thats because i only paid 5% tax. 22,664 out the door. I would have the check my documentation to get the breakdown but its nearly the same as yours. (did u get charged extra from the wheel locks, mud guards and appearance package? my quote included those)

    I got the lojack for 695 + tax and they threw in rust proofing, undercoating and the paint treatment for free. (still not sure if this was a good deal, still looking for feedback from ya'll)

    our dealer didn't have the graphite grey in stock, but he drove out to another dealership (about 40 miles away) and came back with the car in about 2 hours while we waited in the dealership. it made the car buying day very long though. we got there about 3pm, looked around on the lot for a grey EX-L, didn't find one, we test drove a silver ex-L (both me and my fiance) and got to work negotiating, the dealer left to get the car from the other dealership, they had the options lady come talk to us about the lojack, auto start, back up sensors, undercoating, rustproofing, paint treatment and upolstory treatment, we went to get dinner at a nearby restaurant. came back, the car arrived. we took a short test drive of "our" car, he sent it to the garage to get the detailing, undercoating, rust proofing, paint treatment etc... and about 8:15pm we drove away in our brand new car with a full tank of gas. so about 5.5 hours. Long day.

    we also didn't get a jacket for our ownership info. didn't even get a honda keychain. we got 2 keys with the alarm, locks, trunk opener and 1 spare key without all the buttons.

    we have to go back and get the "appearance package" installed when we go and pick up our plates in a few weeks (we got it in writing for the work to be done so they couldn't later claim that it wasn't included).

    definately, don't use your regular email address. get a free new email address for your car quotes. i've got about 50 quotes and automated messages from dealers. since then I've also emailed the other dealers saying that i bought my car and to take me off their mailing list. it felt good to tell them that, since some of them didn't bother to respond to my emails asking for a better price once i recieved lower quotes from their competitors. Just another way to say: "thanks for your response or lack of response but we found a better price someplace else".

    enjoy your new graphite grey accord EX-L, I know I will.
  • piturrapiturra Posts: 30
    [QUOTE... by dmaize]
    Edmunds posters are the best! Thanks to many members, but especially to Phil (piturra), ...

    Your welcome dmaize!!! Glad your experience was worth relating here! Taxes do impact the final OTD, but at least California doesn't go crazy with Doc Fee's like some other States related here! ;)

    [QUOTE... by dmaize]
    Wow, what a beautiful car. It feels SO expensive! All the features and extras are a bit much to take in the first few hours.

    I agree 100% with you! I have over 1,430 miles now (since May 6th) and I look for opportunities to drive my car!!! My MPG AVG = 27.5 (4 tanks of gas - 85% City / 15% Highway) :)

    My dealer spent about half an hour showing me all the different features and options, including where the Sunroof tool and manual opening access panel is located!!!

    [QUOTE... by dmaize]
    ... my wife and I hopped in and played with XM for an hour or so. That is going to be so very cool, I love XM already!

    Yep - I'm a XM fan now :D , ...though my wife was not super impressed! She did let me ...

    1) Buy the Delphi SkiFi2 Unit w/Home adapter kit (eBay)

    2) Subscribe for 3-years ($9.99 a month or approx. $0.33 a day)

    3) Send away for the FREE Roady2 w/Car kit!
    .... a) Requires 3-month subscription - family plan @ $6.99 a month.

    I won't add my Honda XM Radio on the family plan until the Roady2 family plan expires.

    I'm listening to my Delphi SkiFi2 @ work right now!!! ('The Lone Ranger' is on right now on Channel 164 - "Old Time Radio" - love this channel, ...not available with the XM Internet on-line 75+ XM channels webpage - ... - the main reason I purchased a home unit)

    [QUOTE... by dmaize]
    One question...I didn't get any sort of wallet to hold the owner's manual and warranty information. Every previous car I've had came with something like that. Of course, at over 300 pages, the Accord's owners manual is a bit thick. Did you get anything to hold all your paperwork?

    I did receive the Dealership's Velcro-Lid Manual Plastic Case for the last 3 Honda vehicles we bought, ... you probably can get a small plastic snap- or velcro-lid case, large enough to encase the manual, etc. @ Walmart, Target and or Office Depot/Max.

    NOTE: I didn't get the a pair of nice metal/graphite Honda keychains with the dealer's name engraved on the back. I attached my key to my Star Trek Starfleet Academy keychain from Star Trek Experience, Las Vegas!

    After seeing the 2006 Accord spy photo's, ... I'm glad I got my 2005!!!

    Enjoy your car (break-in period is approx. 600 miles) and drive defensively!
    Pic's of my 2005 Honda Accord 4 cyl. AT EXL PZEV Sedan
    My 2005 Honda Accord Review
  • ready2buy2ready2buy2 Posts: 13
    Just bought my new accord coupe 1 week ago, dealer quote is $20,533 ($22,569 OTD), which is $1,000 under the invoice. Overall it is a good car, but there are few minor problems: noticed a small tear on the back of the passenger side sun visor, dealer replaced it; some small gaps on the door trim fittings; engine is very quite, but road noise is noticeable. Looks like the price has gone up since I bought it.
  • Who did you speak to for this price?

    I offered 21000 at Carmichael Honda and was told to have a nice drive to Hayward.
  • dtatedtate Posts: 1
    I'm trying to find a new Accord sedan, LX-V6 in the Oklahoma City area. None of the dealers in the area have any in stock. Is this model hard to find/in short supply for some reason??
  • pkevinbpkevinb Posts: 3
    rajd1974 said:

    "You are wrong. The only variant accross states is the Octane rating and this is because of altitude and not some laws. You can always choose the Octane you want to place in your car. As for the additives or detergents that individual companies [shell, chevron etc], these are nothing but marketing hype to distinguish their fuels within themselves and introduce the "stickiness" factor so that they can charge a bit more. If there were variations in fuel accross states, then it would be specified by the body that overlooks the specifications in fuels."


    You really outta check your facts before you tell someone they're wrong.

    Gasoline sold in California is a state-specific RFG (Re-Formulated Gasoline). Its affect on the durability of a car's emissions system has nothing to do with octane or detergents, and everything to do with sulfur. All octane indicates is how resistant a gasoline is to exploding (bad) instead of burning (good) in your engine's combustion chambers. By the time the exhaust gasses hit the catalyst, the octane has already done its job.

    California Air Resource Board (CARB) requires refiners sell only California RFG in the state because our air quality does not meet federal EPA requirements. The "Re-Formulated" part refers to chemical additives to optimize combustion (which, after all, is a chemical reaction) and also to strict limits on other chemicals; far stricter than other states except for a few in the Northeast, where Honda also sells its PZEV models. For our primary additive, we first tried MTBE (ether), then that was determined to cause more environmental problems than it soved, so now they're just giving CA gas a mega dose of ethanol. This acts as an oxygenate, causing a cleaner burn. As far as the limits on other chemical compounds (here's the important part), CA gas is also very low-sulfur, which is primarily to preserve our cars' catalytic converters. "Marketing" ha! This is one of several reasons CA gasoline is almost always the most expensive in the country - gasoline refined for other states, right here in California refineries, can't legally be sold here!

    My assertion that it may not be a good idea to run a car with the higher-performance (and more delicate) catalytic converters such as the Accord PZEV exclusively on non-RFG is a good question for an engineer, not necessarily a mechanic or even a guy who thinks he knows it all (I imagine you slept at Holiday Inn Express last night).
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 176,221
    LX-V6 is not a very popular model.. Most people who will spend the extra money for the V6, also want all the goodies like moonroof, leather and alloy wheels..

    They are hard to find, and generally don't have quite as high resale as the other models...


    Did you get a good deal? Be sure to come back and share!

    Edmunds Moderator

  • 0x42454e0x42454e Posts: 14
    I too was looking for this car. I actually only found one dealer within 60 miles of me that had it. Fortunately, I am moving to the Southwest, where every dealer had at least one.

    As just mentioned, few people want the car because generally, anyone willing to spend the extra on V6 is willing to spend even more on the other stuff in the EX. Pesonally, I would prefer cloth to leather, and I don't have any particular use for dual climate control or alloy wheels. So for the difference, I'll just take the LX.

    I also figure, the LX has less chance of getting stolen than the EX.

    The nice thing is, with 2006 models right around the corner, most dealers seem pretty anxious to get rid of this not-so-popular trim.

    If you really want this trim, I recommend using internet quotes on any dealer within driving distance of you. One of them is bound to have it. Unfortunately, he probably knows he has the only one.

    Good luck.
  • dmaizedmaize Posts: 7
    Did you tell them of the Hayward quote I had or did they read about it online? Anyway, forum rules prevent from disclosing individuals we get quotes from. I just used Edmunds and Honda's website for quotes. Hayward's original quote was around 21100 before they went lower. If you're in Sac, a dealer I got a low quote from was Steve Hopkins Honda in Fairfield so you might want to give them a try.

    Good luck!
  • bearablebearable Posts: 1
    I got an amazing deal. I went to Criswell Honda in Germantown Maryland and they were great. They were friendly and very pleasant to work with. They were not pushy or demanding. They worked and worked until they found the perfect deal for me. I walked away with an absolutely amazing deal. Price was below the manufacture's buying price and they added more encentives to even sweeten the deal more. They were patient and understanding. I would recommend this dealership to anyone that is interested in a Honda and is looking for a good and fair deal. I couldn't have been more pleased.
  • zxpoppyzxpoppy Posts: 4
    I am a new member.

    I got a quote of 18,034 for this vehicle and is this a good deal?

  • sundazedsundazed Posts: 15
    As an Arizonan working with a California dealer on a new car purchase, I was told that the $15 one way DMV registration pass that is required to drive the car back to Arizona would take nearly two weeks to process.. Does anyone know if this is true? .
  • barryc1barryc1 Posts: 2

    Thanks for the information. That sounds like a very good deal from Bernardi.

  • dwynnedwynne Posts: 4,018
    For an automatic sedan? If that includes the destination fee and any dealer fees then that is a good price. If if does not include the dealer or doc fees and they are reasonable then that is an OK price.

  • zxpoppyzxpoppy Posts: 4
    Thanks for the mesage.

    It is for an automatic sedan which only includes the destination fee.

    I have another question, how many kinds of fees be included in the final price?

  • cole505cole505 Posts: 3
    Anyone know what a fair price would be on a 05 Accord EXV6 w/NAV in the Chicago area at this point? I have seen posts from folks indicating that Accords can maybe be had for under invoice - but it gets difficult at that point because I'm really not sure how far under I should expect. I would think the pending introduction of a "redesigned" Accord might drive the pricing on 05s down even further.

  • cole505cole505 Posts: 3
    I was asking about the sedan...obviously an important piece of info.
  • eman4eman4 Posts: 3
    Not sure if it exactly helps. I am buying an EX V6 without NAV at $1000 under invoice. Another dealer told me to jump at it because that is as good as it gets. I am also in the Boston area, however.

  • dwynnedwynne Posts: 4,018
    It depends on where you live.

    You said the price included destination, so just ask them if they have any other dealer or "doc" fees and add that in.

    Different areas have different taxes that are added to all deals - "tire tax" or "title fee" and others like that. Those should be the same no matter where you buy the car.

  • 0x42454e0x42454e Posts: 14
    I hadn't heard anything of this sort. Who did you hear this from?

    I'm in the same boat. I'll call the California dealer later and ask him about this. The guy I am buying from has known for two weeks now that I am driving back to AZ.
  • mqqb1mqqb1 Posts: 29

    No problem; let me know if you need any other information. I'd be happy to help you out.

  • Purchased yesterday, invoice $21,214 less $550. Then received $100 over KBB trade in value on trade. Dealer made his holdback. Here in Ohio the dealers are willing to pass thru the FTD incentive ($550), but giving up 3% holdback is tough to happen. Anyone else in Ohio doing any better?

    Car is awesome, love the all red tail lights with my Redondo Red color. Still trying to figure out the dashboard light settings. Can't find a setting I like that works for both day and night driving.
  • sundazedsundazed Posts: 15
    I talked with another dealer in California and also checked with the California Departmen of Motor Verhicles and found that the information i got was wrong. Apparently you purchase a blank form from a DOMV office for $15 and put in the date that you will be going back to Arizona. Sorry if I caused you concern. I would like to know how you are working your deal. I am getting pre-approved financing from an Arizona credit union and that might be causing a problem. So my next question is: has anyone done a deal in California while using Arizona financing? If so, how did you work it out between the dealer and your credit source? I'm going to give it one more try.
  • Hi all!

    This is my first post, but I've been reading for a long time! I've been trying to get the best deal that can be had on a 2005 Accord Sedan V6 w/o navi.

    I've been playing the games all around the midwest region and the best deals I've gotten so far are $23,700 +TTL in Wichita, Kansas, and McDavid Honda of Irving, Texas was offering $23,500 for one without their "protection package" and $23,700 for one with.

    I received an email from McDavid today stating:

    From now until the end of June 2005, we'd like to invite you to come in and receive $1500 below invoice on all in stock V-6 Accords and 2-Door EX Accords with standard options. Customers must be present to take advantage of this special promotion. And you never know, come in and we may be able to do even better!

    Please email or call for an appointment.

    All prices are plus tax, title, license and destination and handling charges.

    Let's see....$24,673 - $1,500 = $23,173 not too bad I think, and they may even do better!

    Would someone that has a new Accord tell me if the front license plate holder can be easily removed without leaving holes or marks? The reason I ask is because in Kansas we only have a rear plate so the cars here don't have a front holder. But, I'm considering getting a car in Texas and they have both front and rear plates, so that front holder would have to come off! :)

    Thanks to all for sharing your experiences and information!
  • richards38richards38 Posts: 606
    Dashboad lights (electroluminescent) are great, but too bright for night driving and too dim when headlights are turned on during daylight.

    I'd like to see a button on the steering wheel that would change gauge illumination from lighter to dimmer and the other way around with just one tap of a button.

    Now must lean forward and twist the odometer switch when headlights turned on before dark or just try to read a dim gauge cluster until it's darker outside.

    That's one of 3 complaints I have about my '04 Accord Sedan EX-L. The others are: the turn signal clicker is so quiet that I can hardly hear it, and the spare tire is mounted under the trunk floor with the tire valve facing down; the spare must be removed to check air pressure. I wonder who engineered that! :(
  • Richard,

    Thanks, for a minute I thought I was crazy about the dash lights. That's my biggest problem, I have a habit of turning on the lights all the time, day or night. When I turn them on during the day the dash is too dim so I turn it up, then at night I blind myself when I get in the car. Looks like the location that is a little clockwise from the middle is the best setting for me. Only 60 miles so far, I'll adjust to dash lights, I had not noticed the other two issues you noted.

    I was thinking of getting the EX w/leather, but with Ohio weather extremes and two young children I decided to save the $1,500 and instead buy a couple cans of Scotchgard.

  • 0x42454e0x42454e Posts: 14
    I'm financing through Honda. You know, a few of the dealers in CA asked even before the quote if I was financing through Honda. When I asked one of them, "why do you ask?" They said, "if you are, it makes things easier."

    You are aware that Honda is offering 1.9% APR on a few different vehicles, specifically, all 2005 Accords. I assume you're getting a better rate from your credit union, though.

    This probably doesn't help you too much. But good luck, and thanks for correcting your post. The dealer I called took yesterday off, so the question was still unanswered for me.
  • joonjoon Posts: 121
    About a month ago, when I purchased my Accord, I found that Honda Finance (AHFC) offered rates that were much lower than anything commercial lenders were willing or able to offer. Although I have excellent credit, the best rate I was able to get was from Capital One, who offered me a 60 month loan for 5.25%. I ended up financing through AHFC who offered me 1.9% for 36 months, 2.9% for 48 months or 3.9% for 60 months.

    My advice would be to get pre-approved by a non-Honda source (commercial bank, credit union, etc.) and use this as negotiating leverage. Capital One, for instance, will issue a blank check with a pre-approved limit to be completed at the dealer. Then, after the price negotiation with dealer is finalized, ask them about financing through AHFC. Choose the lower of the two, which is likely to be the AHFC financing.

    BTW, on a $20,000 loan the difference in monthly payment between 5.25% and 3.9% for a 60 month loan is $12.29 a month ($379.72 versus $367.43).
  • hbuy1hbuy1 Posts: 3
    I am looking to buy the 05 Honda Accord Value package in Detroit.

    The dealers are quoting $16,170 as the invoice price.

    What would be a good deal for this trim level including tax and destination charges.

    Also, does anything think, opting for the LX works out better in the long run (while selling the car). Please respond.
  • hermannhermann Posts: 38

    The front license plate holder is put on by dealer. Simply have them not install one on a incoming unit that you like..
  • dwynnedwynne Posts: 4,018
    But, I'm considering getting a car in Texas and they have both front and rear plates, so that front holder would have to come off! :)

    About 1 minute with the right sized nut driver and the plate holder comes right off. We don't require front plates here either, but the dealers put ad plates on the cars. On the Accord the bolts go "up" into the "mouth" of the car so the holes can't be seen once you remove the plate holder. On some Hondas (S2000) you can get painted filler plugs since the plate holder bolts into the front of the car.

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