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2013 and earlier-Honda Accord Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • akkijainakkijain Posts: 17
    I am getting 2005 Accord V6 for 24900 OTD. Is this a good price seeing 2006 Model will come out soon. Please help from your experience.
  • alphawolfalphawolf Posts: 100
    Hi Dennis,

    "In Florida you can't a discount on an extended warranty either - everyone has to sell them for the same price.

    I am not sure who that law is aimed at "protecting", but HondaCare buyers wish it were not so.


    Not sure how I worded it- but to wasn't less money off the same warranty. It was just less of a warranty. Sorry if I implied otherwise.
  • alphawolfalphawolf Posts: 100
    "Thanks. That is another trick that I did not know. Looking through the contract, I think I found the extra $66 charge -- "government documentary stamp taxes."

    What the heck is that? It is not the tax. Maybe another Florida thing?"

  • piturrapiturra Posts: 30
    The other two outside of the four (Fremont AutoWest / Stevens Creek Honda, Santa Clara / Sunnyvale Honda / Anderson Honda Palo Alto) links were via phone calls ...

    1) Santa Clara County Federal Credit Union - Car sales rep
    2) Capitol Honda - talked to the sales rep that sold us our 2004 Pilot EX-L w/NAV last Nov. 2003

    Anderson Honda matched the lowest priced email quote I got from Fremont AutoWest and beat that by another $100! All I had to do was print a copy of their email and bring it in to show them. Fremont's AutoWest email didn't originally state whether his price included Destination, so I emailed him again asking that question and it did. I forgot to print a copy of that 2nd email, ... so I used Anderson's computer to visually show him AutoWest 2nd email and that's all he needed to proceed with my $20,986 purchase ($22,961.81 OTD). It was really a no hassel, pressure free and pleasant experience!

    So far, I have 1,421 glorious miles on my new 2005 Accord 4cyl. EX-L Sedan (since May 6th) with an 27.5 MPG AVG* (*4 tanks - 85% City / 15% Highway) ;)

    Hopefully you can match or beat the price I paid since it's now half-way thru June, getting closer to Honda's 2006 introduction.
    Pic's of my 2005 Honda Accord 4 cyl. AT EXL PZEV Sedan
    My 2005 Honda Accord Review
  • bee7bee7 Posts: 15
    Duncan Honda Internet Division in Christiansburg, VA has some great deals on Accords, every one except Hybrids.

    $ 200 above dealer invoice, with $ 199.00 Dealer Processing fee.

    Great to work with, they even delivered vehicle 5 hours away.

    Best car buying experience ever, local Honda Dealer, Hall Honda was all about
    trying to milk the customer.

    Highly recommend them.
  • col_10022col_10022 Posts: 18
    YES you are right, I forgot to mention that MD dealers only cahrge 3% tax and only have a $99 processing fee.

    This was for an EX-L V-6 with Navigation.
  • col_10022col_10022 Posts: 18
    I paid $25,156 +515 destination + 289 processing fee + TTL for a EX-L V-6 with Navi.
  • paulo31paulo31 Posts: 5
    which dealer did you get this from?

  • dwynnedwynne Posts: 4,018
    $ 200 above dealer invoice, with $ 199.00 Dealer Processing fee.

    That may be a great deal on a Pilot, but not a great deal at this time on an Accord. There has been $600-950 in dealer incentive money on Accords so folks are getting them for WELL under invoice. I got a new one in March for my wife and we paid $600-700 under invoice, but the incentives got even larger in later months.

  • rajd1974rajd1974 Posts: 31
    "it's called retooling the whole assembly line."

    On a simple change such as minor variations to sheet metal, the whole assembly line need NOT be retooled. What you need is a Program - Design, engineering, manufacturing and assembly operations sign-off following which the stamping dies will need to be retooled [this may cost anywhere from $100,000 to $500,000 and perhaps even more [depending on how simple or complex the change is]. Body welding and assembly Robots need not be re-programmed as long as the weld flanges are not touched. Some trim parts such as lamps, gimps and others may need to be redesigned to accommodate changes to the sheet metal along with changes in the way the parts are assembled.
  • proffyproffy Posts: 46
    Anyone have any idea how Honda is going to spruce up the Accord? Optional HID in Ex line? Tiptronic manual automatic maybe? More aggresive rear-end? standard mp3 player?
  • lorryfanlorryfan Posts: 76
    Congratulations sdaccord -

    You got a sweet deal......

    For all those in the Phoenix/Tucson area (markphx, et. al ), here's what I paid for my 05 Accord LX Auto I-4 back in March of this year.

    Showcase Honda Fleet Proposal Sheet
    Sales Price $18,100.00 (including destination fee)
    Taxable Total $18,100.00
    Sales Tax 8.10% $1,466.10
    Registration (DMV) $372.60
    Documentation Fee $289.99
    Tire Disposal Tax $5

    Sub-Total: $20,233.69

    Total OTD: $20,233.69

    Enjoy your new car.........
  • dwynnedwynne Posts: 4,018
    The news blip mentions more power and changed front and rear designs. That would seem to be a simple change. I can't image the normal sedan buyer gives a hoot about a manu-matic tranny and I would not think they are losing sales over that.

    I think the problems is that most folks still think you can't get a deal on a Honda, so looking at prices they are "overpriced" VS the competition. Also folks are buying SUVs and "CrossOvers" (station wagons?) now and the number of sedan and coupe buyers is shrinking. FWD coupes really don't make sense to me - if you want sporty why buy a FWD car? Lots of competition and shrinking market. I don't know that some simple changes will help that much, I would think something more radical to make the Accords stand out - and get current owners to trade up to the newer design. I don't think they will spend that much now, however.

    They need to add DSC and maybe traction and EBD to all the cars, just to keep up - and rear side airbags (in addition to head curtain bags) make not hurt either.

  • bklynguybklynguy Posts: 275
    Honda has to keep the Accord competitive with the upcoming next-gen Camry (only 7-8 months away) as well as the new Hyundai Sonata. What does that mean ? Maybe new features like VSA, HID headlights (EX), MP3 standard, LED taillamps, Sportshift (don't need it), who knows ? Anyway, at least Honda has finally admitted that they made a mistake with the Accord's styling.
  • fuma20fuma20 Posts: 6

    I am looking to purchase a new 05 Accord EX or a new 05 Accord EX with leather in either the Pittsburgh, or Baltimore Area. In Pittsburgh I was quoted a price of $21,413 including delivery for a Accord EX wo Leather. Is this a good price?

    Also, what is the dealer hold back of 3% I see on this form? Is the hold back the money the dealer gets to keep in addition to any profit they make on the car by selling over invoice?

  • jluedejluede Posts: 34
    Not sure how the market is in your area, but in Texas I got an EX wo Leather for $21,400 OTD. That's was $19,900 + TTL. Invoice - 3% holdback = Dealer Cost. However there are currently FTD incentives that make it possible to get an Accord for well below invoice.

    Below is the breakdown of all of this for an EX-L. Start with the MRSP + Dest on an EX to come up with an idea of what you should expect for that model. Also, It seems the top end FTD may have dropped form $900 to $750 but it's hard to uncover exactly what that is or how far a particular dealership will dip into that money. In the end there is usually a $1200 to $1500 difference between an EX and EX-L

    MSRP + Dest on an EX-L Auto is $25,115
    Invoice + Dest = $22,651
    - 3% holdback = $21,970
    - FTD Incentives ($400 to $900) = $21,570 to $21,070

    Hope this helps,
  • jluedejluede Posts: 34
    There are som links to spy shots of the 2006 Accord in the future models forum. It looks the front remains the same while the rear gets LED tails and slightly different bumper/trunk styling.
  • rishipriship Posts: 65
    Looked into trading in a 2003 EX V6 sedan with 23K miles. Dealer is giving me 17 for the car and asking 23,619 for a new EX V6. Total out of pocket after tax will be about $7200. At this figure I'm considering it. Does anybody think that I can get lower than 23,619 now, or if I wait till the 06 comes out, or perhaps when the new camry comes out. Obviously my trade will be lower in 6 months, so that needs to be factored. Or I can keep the car since it runs perfect but will be leaving warranty in 6 months. There are 2 small dents which will run me $250 deductible each to fix, and I would guess costs $1000 total without insurance. I'm in Houston.
  • bklynguybklynguy Posts: 275
    The front stays almost the same with the exception of a slightly different grille and a changed bumper (to accomodate the Inspire's rectangular fog lights). BTW, fog lights "may" be standard on the EX V6 for MY06. The pictures are on
  • joonjoon Posts: 121
    Just out of curiosity, why are you considering trading in your Accord that is only two years old, for another Accord in the exact same trim (EX V6)?. Essentially the only difference (I think) between the two cars is a cosmetic change in the rear lights in the 05' model. I hear some people like to get a new ride every three or four years and that's why they prefer to lease. Are you leasing your current car? With only 23k miles your car probably still has the "new car" smell... Also, $1,000 to fix two small dents seems a little high. If it were me, I would just keep the car.
  • rishipriship Posts: 65
    Why would I trade? The math seems to make sense to me. I can spend 500 now to fix my car or 7200 for a completely new one. So really I'm only spending 6700 for the new car. If I spend 6700 every 2.5 years, that seems to make as much sense as spending 25K every 10 years. I will never have to buy tires nor will I ever have to do scheduled maintenance beyond oil changes. Plus I will always be under warranty.

    Why not just lease? I thinks its cheaper to buy and trade. I paid 23.5 for the car. Now i can get back 17. Thats only a loss of 6500. The car is 30 months old. I don't think you can get an EX V6 for 300 month and even if you could thats 9000 over 30 months. Plus I'd have to pay an additional 500 to get the car fixed before returning it. Granted I could have made interst on the 25K put down 2 years ago but not that much. If I were financing at a high interest rate it could have made up the 2500 difference from leasing, but since my money is sitting in the back making less than 2%, I'm not making squat on it.
  • dmbst68dmbst68 Posts: 50
    Fuma 20,

    I'm in Western PA as well & I'm looking to purchase a 2005 Accord Sedan EX-L automatic (4 cylinder). I'm not sure whether I want Navigation or not. Anyways, could you provide the dealership name that gave you this quote? Was the dealer quote of $21,413 an "out the door" quote, or did this exclude tax, doc fees, etc.?

    I'm looking to purchase at either the end of June or July. I'd appreciate your input ASAP...I was going to start soliciting quotes via email this Saturday.

    thanks for your assistance...
  • fuma20fuma20 Posts: 6
    Hey dmbst68,

    Valley Honda (Monroeville)

    + 515.00 Destination
    +20,698.58 Invoice Price (2005 EX without Leather)
    + 200.00 Profit
    = 21,413.58 subtotal
    + 1,284.81 tax (6%)
    + 141.00 state/notary
    = 22,839.39 OTD

    But like the other guy that replied to my message said, you can probably do much better. I have not yet started negotiating, so even I consider this price high- I just wanted to test drive the car to see how it drove, and didn't really feel like "discussing" the price.

    Let me know if you find any deals
  • mldj98mldj98 Posts: 378

    After reading you post I felt compelled to input my two cents...
    I happen to agree with you on this one...for the simple fact that if you take the 6500 loss that you describe and divide that by 30 months that comes out to be only 216 bucks a months it cost you to have that in todays world having a car payment under 300 is almost unheard of unless your buying a Kia...but we are talking about a V6 accord...
    The only thing that I might do different is ask myself do I want to get the 05 or wait until the 06 comes out? But as you and I both know they will not be discounting those until a couple of months after the initial release...and if you seen the spy photos of the 06's then it might be better to buy now while you can get huge discounts! If those spy photos are accurate then I am not sure I am going to like the styling of the new Accord...have to wait and see...
    I will close on this note...not sure about you...but I do get that itch every so often to get that new car...especially when a remodel comes out...and if it doesn't break your bank then...what the hell! Although some people would say that all us types are doing is trying to justify our itch by giving an explanation like your giving for wanting to trade your 03 Accord! And to all of those people out there...mind your business!!!
    I'm out!
  • tawneycattawneycat Posts: 114
    I hope your car had leather at that price. Many folks are getting EX-L auto for 21400 now. I have bought at MR before as I live in Tulsa. I bought my Odyssey there in NOV. Nice dealer but not real competitive on the 4 door sedans IMO
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 176,137
    I have to agree.. I definitely see the benefit from strictly a cost/value perspective.. It isn't much different than someone who chooses to lease every three years, enabling them to avoid costs such as tire replacement, out of warranty repairs, etc..

    However... how long do you really want to drive the same car? I leased three Accords in a row for my wife... But, after 7 years of driving virtually the same car, she was bored with it.. I'm on my second CR-V, and now have almost 7 years driving the same model... Great cars, but I'm bored as well..

    Do you really want to drive the same car for 5 years (3 more years).. If so, go for it.. But, if you are like a lot of people and like to have something different every three or four years... you might just wait till you find something else that you want..


    Did you get a good deal? Be sure to come back and share!

    Edmunds Moderator

  • markinphxmarkinphx Posts: 37
    I dont think Honda is doing themselves any favors with the restyling of that rear end of the 06 Accord.

    I dont think I would consider buying the 06 with the new rear lights and squared off bumper.

    Just doesnt fit the cars lines, sticks out like a sore thumb.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 176,137
    .. about the current Accord is with the rear styling..

    I'm not surprised they are changing it..

    Did you get a good deal? Be sure to come back and share!

    Edmunds Moderator

  • dwynnedwynne Posts: 4,018
    It looks OK to me, but I can't figure out why they changed from red and clear lenses to all red. A guy at work has an 04 and the red w/clear looks better to me, and I always like having a car that has distinct (amber) turn signals. My wife's new 05 has all red lenses. On my 'vette and 330i I even purchased euro (or asian) versions of the OEM lights to get clear w/amber and separate turn signals (in the case of the 'vette).

  • sh_maestrosh_maestro Posts: 20
    Are you looking at the coupe? I got mine for $24,600 + TTL (Honda of Steven's Creek). Thats about $1,500 below invoice or so. Some of the earlier posts in this thread will give a better idea.
  • mzimmermzimmer Posts: 2
    I am looking to buy a 2005 Honda Accord in a few days. How much should I pay for it ?
  • xbixbi Posts: 9
    You should be able to get a 2005 Honda Accord LX auto around $18,000 (including destination fee) plus doc and taxes. Where you located?
  • hey, I'm new to the forum....HELLO! You guys really are on the ball!
    I'm looking to buy a new 2005 Accord in either the DX Value Package Trim or the LX trim.

    The best prices so fare I've been quoted from dealers in Chicago are $16,100 + 515.00 dest charge + 50.00 doc fee + tax (8 % in Chicago)...this is for the DX Value Package model

    For the LX I've been quoted $17,900.00 plus lic, title, doc, dest and taxes.

    Are these pretty good. They are internet sales rates. Does it help to go in and negotiate face to face and/or should I wait until Aug to buy, seeing as the 2006 models are coming in September.. I am not picky about color of car at all...don't want alot of bells and whistles, just airbags (side and frontal) and ABS.

    Thanks! :confuse:
  • bklynguybklynguy Posts: 275
    Yeah, I would like to have amber turn-signal lights too. All Honda would have to do is make the area of the lense above the LED taillamps clear and install amber bulbs or amber LEDs (instead of keeping the lense all red). The new Audi A4 also went to all red.
  • dash400mdash400m Posts: 55
    OK people... It's time to purchase a new car. I'm currently driving an '89 Civic Wagon with 260,000 miles. It's been a great car, but parts are wearing out, and I'm not interested in a major restoration. I've already restored an '85 Wagon, and the cost sent me to the poor house.

    Anyway, what's a reasonable price for a basic LX, 4-D sedan with an AM/FM radio and CD player? I don't care about navagational systems, sat radio or a TV! My estimate is ~ $19,400 - $20,000. Maybe I can hit the $19,000 target with the 2005 coming to its year-end. Maybe I'm off target here, given my thriftyness of not buying cars too often. I'm located in central Virginia.

    Thanks for comments.

    *Auburn63: Are you still out there? I'm looking for a nice N-600. BTW: This '85 Civ-Wag is running strong, although my AC just died. I'm looking at $900 for a new installation. Hope you're doing well...
  • mzimmermzimmer Posts: 2
    I will be buying this car in the next dew days. Any suggestions on how much I should pay for it ?

    Thanks !
  • dmbst68dmbst68 Posts: 50
    Fuma 20,

    Thanks for the info. The quote from Valley Honda doesn't seem bad as a starting point. I'm going to solicit quotes from Smail (Greensburg) and Delaney (Indiana). My local dealership (Alvin's in Windber) is notorious for not negotiating much since they're such a small dealership...but I'll still try anyways.

    I plan on e-mailing the aforementioned dealers very soon. Once I get quotes, I'll be sure to pass them along. If you get good quotes from other Pittsburgh area dealers, please let me know.

    thanks...maybe we can assist each other...
  • barryc1barryc1 Posts: 2
    Hi, I am in the process of looking at 05 Honda Accord LX's. In reading this column, people refer to dealer incentive, dealer holdbacks and other types of things as ways of caluclating what the dealer bottom line might be. I gather that all of these change over time and over geographical location. I am looking for a car in Boston and will buy one sometime this summer. I am wondering how one finds out about and keeps track of incentives, holdbacks, etc.


  • jsmith99jsmith99 Posts: 1
    Today I bought a silver Accord LX COUPE w/ automatic, not special edition. Did I get a good deal on this car? The price was approximatly:

    $18100 for the car
    $515 destination
    $300 (includes documentation, title, and temporary plates)
    ~$600 tax.
    ~$500 in optional warranty

    This comes out to around $20,000 total.

    I understand that I could get better deals in California but it would have cost me more to get there and back from where I live in Ohio (i'm a VA resident).

    Please respond, thanks!
  • txmantxman Posts: 2
    Planning on buying a new LX 4cyl tommorrow. (My second one). Can anyone give me a good price for an LX sedan with leather (aftermarket), window tint, and possibly alloy wheels in Texas. Thanks for all the help. I wish I'd known of this site before I bought my first accord!
  • temj12temj12 Posts: 450
    You can do better than that. Go back to some earlier postings here. I purchased an EX-L so I can't help you, but there are postings on here that can. Also, there is a posting that follows yours where someone is purchasing an LX.
  • richards38richards38 Posts: 606
    If you want leather and alloy wheels, get the EX-L rather than adding things to an LX. The EX-L is a fully-equipped car with other features you'll probably enjoy and the cost won't be much different. Be sure to compare the specs of the EX-L vs the LX.......Richard
  • drewbadrewba Posts: 154
    .. and if you get the EX-L over the LX, the leather and alloy wheels will bring some value at resale time. Aftermarket add-ons aren't typically worth much.
  • freewillyfreewilly Posts: 8
    Dear All,

    So Far the best quote I have received for 05 Accord LX AT is
    17417.00 Is it a good price or should I check with few other dealers?

  • akkijainakkijain Posts: 17
    Is this Inlcude destination charges?I am also getting very good quotes for Accord EX V6 for 24000 OTD ( Rt 22 Honda) which is basically 2000 below invoice in a week period.May I know which delaer you are dealing with?

  • lorryfanlorryfan Posts: 76
    I will be buying this car in the next dew days. Any suggestions on how much I should pay for it ?

    mzimmer -

    Go to Open Road Honda's website (they are locatd in Edisson, NJ) and get an internet quote. Try and see if your local dealer can beat that price or at least match it.

    The rule of thumb is NOT to pay more than $18000 including dealer fees and destination charge for an 05 Accord LX I-4 Auto.

    Hope that helps......good luck.
  • lorryfanlorryfan Posts: 76
    txman -

    Go to Open Road Honda's website (they are locatd in Edisson, NJ) and get an internet quote. Try and see if your local dealer can beat that price or at least match it.

    The rule of thumb is NOT to pay more than $18000 including dealer fees and destination charge for an 05 Accord LX I-4 Auto.

    This does not apply to aftermarket leather seats.

    Hope that helps......good luck.
  • col_10022col_10022 Posts: 18
    I have a post on page 409 or so that rates a few of the Washington DC area Honda Dealers. I got mine from the internet department at Landmark honda (my experience is that the internet departments are better than the floor salespeople when it comes to prices and honesty).
  • rishipriship Posts: 65
    2005 Accord EX V6 4 DR in Graphite Pearl. It's coming off a truck arriving in 48 hours. Price paid was 23,600 plus TTL. This included a free tint job that I wanted. Traded in an 03 EX V6 accord with 23K miles. They gave me 17,200. The car also had a dent which I got an estimate for that was $500. Otherwise the car was excellent though. So I figure they really gave me 17,700 for the car since I was going to get it fixed. KBB has trade in value of 16,200 for good condition and edmunds has 17,100. I previously only had a quote for 17,000 on the car and 2 other dealers wouldn't match it. Carmax offered 16,750. TTL was about 600. 6.5% tax rate here. Dealer was Goodson west in houston.
  • rishipriship Posts: 65
    I did the trade. Ended up paying about 6300 to upgrade. Would have cost me 500 to fix the dent though, so that's really 5800 for the upgrade. Plus 600 for TTL. 6400 to own an EX V6 for 30 months and drive 23K miles. I'm happy with that.
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