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Mazda6 Sedan



  • maltbmaltb Posts: 3,572
    03/30 - 04/07/02
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    I agree and had forgotten about the shifter. Very notchy and a bit vague on the Altima. I had a positive impression on the rest of the car, though, especially rear seat space and styling.

  • vocusvocus Posts: 7,777
    Speaking of auto shows, when is the one in Maryland? It's usually in Feb., and I can't find the date anywhere.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    I think it passed. Baltimore hosts the Hot Wheels Auto Show, but I think it was a couple of weeks ago. DC had theirs right after Xmas.

    Take the train up to NY, that's the big one around here.

  • the_big_hthe_big_h Posts: 1,583
    is this weekend at Baltimore Convention Center. From their site's pics look like it's mostly old-school hot rods mixed with some Uncle Ben-mobiles.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    I stand corrected about the dates.

    The show is OK, though. I went last year and liked it.

  • ickesickes Posts: 82
  • is everybody?
  • I'm still waiting for someone to post pics of Mazda5 from the Detroit Show. C'mon, anyone?

    OK, so according to the autonews link above, Mazda is also going to bring the Wagon version; woohoo. Can't wait until that happen. I know it might be a year after the sedan comes out the end of this year, but I think I can wait. In the mean time, my wagon car is my Protege5.

  • The Chicago show starts next week, so more posts should come from those that will see it there, like ME!
  • This weekend and will have my digicam with me. I'll be sure to take plenty of pictures of the 6 and grab any info available. I'll post a link to the pics sometime next week.
  • Sorry for the delay. I've added a digital camera to hit/wish list. Let us know if these same cars appear at the Chicago Auto Show.

  • ambullambull Posts: 255
    The silver one is obviously a sedan, but what were the red and blue ones? They look good! Any further comments about them?

    Also, the Autoweek article has a typo saying the 4-cylinder is 3.2 liters instead of 2.3.
  • vocusvocus Posts: 7,777
    I went to the auto show last night in Baltimore. I asked them at the Mazda booth if they had any info on the 6. They said it wasn't sent in time. Also, they said the 6 would be available in November.
  • ickesickes Posts: 82
    That silver sedan looks awesome! I read that the wagon is due to be in Chicago. It looks like Im going to drive down from my in-laws near Madison to check it out on the second Saturday.
  • The two blue ones were sedans (leather w/ auto, leather w/ 6 speed). The silver one was also the sedan. The fire red one is the hatchback and was locked.
  • ickesickes Posts: 82
    Were the Blue sedans both the same trim?

    The one with Tan interior looks to have smaller wheels/tires than the one with the black interior. The wheels on the blue/black sedan look the same as the silver sedan, but the red hatchback look even bigger...
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    A major newspaper is looking to interview folks who learned how to drive stick in their adulthood, and either fell in love or hated it. Also welcome is any input on why people love to drive stick, and any unusual anecdotes about how you learned etc.

    Hope to hear from you before Feb 22 via the Talk to the Press discussion or at [email protected] with your thoughts and contact information.

    Thanks as always,

    Jeannine Fallon
    PR Director,
  • At the Chicago Auto Show, Mazda only had a blue sedan on display and people couldn't sit in it. :P

    It still looks great, though.
  • ickesickes Posts: 82
    Disappointing. I had read that they would show the wagon at Chicago. It is one reason I'm driving down from Madison next Saturday to see the show...
  • swsmsswsms Posts: 62
    Did you have your test drive of the 6 already? If so, can you give us your initial impressions? I have my eye on the 5-door!
  • All, check out for some cool new pics, wallpaper, video clips of the new Mazda6; even a Mazdaspeed version of the Mazda6. Hope they call it Mazdaspeed 6; that'll be nice.
  • Full production of the Mazda 6 started yesterday in Nishinoura, Hofu in Japan and the first vehicle to roll off the line was a sedan destined for Europe. Let's hope that by the time Mazda starts sending them to the USA all the little kinks have been worked out and it is one fine machine.

    I was disapointed at the Chicago show - the only 6 was a blue sedan and it was up on a rotating platform so you couldn't sit in it. The picture I took didn't come out right, so I'm not posting it on the web.

    Mazda Executives - I want a V6, manual transmission 6 in hatchback in Anthracite or some other dark metallic grey color. I'll have my checkbook ready.
  • srosssross Posts: 33
    When N. American production starts, please have them make a hatchback, 4 cyl, automatic, with stability control for me.

    tiredofmanual--Not so fond of your Focus? It seems like such a good car in many ways (interior layout, handling), but recalls and assembly problems seem to have spoiled the experience for a lot of owners. Do you have any thoughts on how the relationship between Ford and Mazda would affect reliability? (Flame free zone, of course.)
  • I love my Focus.... when it is running well. It seems as though the one I got was not perfect, though it is far from a lemon. Aside from the large number of recalls, I've had an oil pan gasket go bad, a CV boot go bad requiring a new CV joint, a power window retaining clip break, and a small exterior piece vanished the last time I went through the car wash. I haven't had a problem with it since about two weekends ago, when reverse gear in the transmission started acting funny. But, I still have yet to pay a penny for repairs and the Ford dealership is just a couple blocks from where I work so taking it in for service is not really inconvenient. I guess that is what I get for buying in the first model year.

    You are right that the problems are spoiling a great experience. The interior layout and quality (yes, quality) is better than any Ford I have ever been in (this includes Mustangs, Taurus', Escape, Explorer, Excursion, Expedition). The steering feel is outstanding and the handling is amazing considering the price of the car. This past summer, I came across a great deal on a sport suspension kit for the Focus that I couldn't pass up. I bought it from a Canadian company which had imported it from Germany. When I opened the box, I found that the instructions were entirely in German. Luckily, my neighbor had done suspension work on many cars before and he said "well, I think we can just figure it out." A couple of hours later, the kit was installed in my garage and my neighbor commented "I have never seen a suspension that was this easy to work on. Whoever designed this car should be congratulated." The kit gave my Focus race-car-like handling while still being comfortable. Highway off-ramps are a joy and I find myself taking them at double to triple the recommended speeds with no body lean and the tires don't even complain. Absolutely amazing. This is one reason I am anxiously awaiting the Mazda 6 - the suspension is supposed to be wonderful and unless it is a heavy car the V6 should provide the oomph that the Focus lacks (the Focus really should have about 150HP).

    I don't think that the Ford-Mazda relationship will negatively affect reliability. I posted an article I found in the Focus thread which stated that the Focus had been named the most reliable vehicle sold in Germany. Outside of the USA, Ford seems to be making very good vehicles. If the US-bound 6 is produced in the same factory as the European and Japan-spec versions I have no doubts it will be very high in quality.
  • Has anyone found any info at all about the weight of the 6? I can't find anything about it at all. This strikes me as odd considering that it is now in full production. Is Mazda hiding something?
  • maltbmaltb Posts: 3,572
    I haven't read that it is in production.

    Also, the 6 that will be sold here will be made at the Flat Rock, Michigan AAI plant. The same place North American 626s have been made since 1988. As far as quality goes? fingers are crossed.
  • The Mazda 6 that we're getting here in the US will be built at AutoAlliance plant (joint between Mazda and Ford) somewhere in Kentucky. This is the same plat that built '93-'02 Mazda 626, '93--97 Mazda MX6 and Ford Probe and I beleive also the Ford Mondeo/Mercury Mystique for the US. I used to own a '93 Mazda 626ES 2.5V6, which was built in this factory. While the quality is not like a japanese 626, it's definitely a lot better than any other Fords that I've driven so far; like Explorer, SportTrac, Taurus, Mustang, Windstar and Expedition. And this is the first production year model that I have, so I expect the quality of the new Mazda 6 to be even better than my '93 626. However, I don't know if Mazda is going to built all three version of Mazda6 here, maybe they'll import the wagon or hatchback from Japan.

    I think we've decided on the color choice for our 6 Wagon, Silver or Dark Grey.
  • That Auto Alliance plant is located in Flat Rock, Michigan just outside of Detroit. Have a friend who owned a Probe built at that plant who had no major problems so hopefully US made 6's will be ok.

    Glad you guys have time on your hands and can wait for the hatchback and wagon. Unfortunately my present lease is up in November and it looks as though only the sedan will be out by then (and only just barely). My getting a 6 will be pretty unlikely in light of the above. Still, I'm hoping that a nice sport version of the sedan might be available in time for me. The Silver cutaway sedan at the Detroit Auto Show looked great so maybe I might be tempted.
  • Thank you for the correction! Yes, now I have to revise my statement about quality. I'm going to have to take a wait-and-see-attitude but am hopeful that Ford will be up to snuff by then.

    You need a media account to get into the Corporate Newsroom for FoMoCo. I don't have one but know someone who does.
  • Contour/Mstyique was built in K.C., according the the sticker on my window. That is where they now build the Escape/Tribute. They also built Contour in Mexico.

    I think they are building Cougar at Flat Rock.
  • ashutoshsmashutoshsm Posts: 1,007
    At least according to a letter I received from MazdaUSA today. I'd requested info about the 6 when the website first had a mention of it (months ago) and the letter I received said the brochures are being printed and the car will be released in early 2003.

    Pity :-( Ahh, well, guess I'll just make do with my 95 Mazda Protege (Mazda 3!) until then!

  • audia8qaudia8q Posts: 3,138
    don't sweat it...they are building in some cushion...We have been told to expect the car in late nov with the "official" launch a little later...They won't turn on the HUGE television advertising until all dealers have at least one car. We can still sell and deliver the cars during this period. Some bigger dealers will have a bigger supply early on...Mazda is increasing advertising by 40% effective Feb 15 thru the end of the year.

    They also want the cushion for quality holds which they hold back from shipping built cars for quality checks...and the real reason the lauch might be delayed is...a big inventory of 2002 maz. 626's. If there is a huge nation inventory of these units they will delay the launch. This is often the cause of delays. We probably would have received the 2002 MPV a few months ago if they idn't have such a big inventory of 2001's.
  • at Chicago and it looks like a contender. It was the blue-sedan, likely in top-trim and left-hand drive. I like the North-American taillamps better than those shown on the JD market cars.

    The exterior is very attractive, almost Audi like, but a bit wilder. The interior looks good, but you couldn't sit in it, so will have to reserve final judgement. My only concern is that the windshild looks very steep and the door sills high, which may make the interior feel small. It certainly didn't look as big in there as our Accord.

    The materials looked to be of higher quality than those in the Altima, which I found to be quite disapointing (see Jamie Kitman artical in March '02 Automobile Magazine).

    Kind of disapointed that Mazda didn't have more of a display at Chicago. No RX-8, 6 hatch or wagon. Kind of spartan, especially with what Ford brought in for the other brands.

    Best car of the show... BMW Mini Cooper!
  • I'll be the market for a new car in about a year so the Mazda 6 should be on my list. I'm not interested in anything but the hatchback with the V6 and 6-speed. Some people have voiced concerns about the Ford based engine. Jaguar also uses Ford engines with modifications. From what I've read, the mods make all the difference. Its so much smoother, quieter, and more powerful than in the Taurus. Hopefully Mazda has done the same with the V6 in the 6. If the 6 drives anything like the Protege, Mazda has a real winner on its hands. Its great to see the excitement about the Altima and now the Mazda 6. Accords and Camrys are so boring, its about time for Honda and Toyota to wake up and see how to design a sport sedan.
  • I heard offical launch is November 02, but it will probably be spring 03 before there are ample supplies.

    Also, the AA plant in Flat Rock is in MI, not KY.
  • I may have missed this earlier in the message board, but does anyone know about pricing of the new 6? The Altima's price went up significantly with its recent overhaul, I assume the 6 would at least go up some. I'd want a fully loaded model, but don't want to spend more than about $25K.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    I doubt you'll have to. I bet that's about the upper limit on pricing.

  • audia8qaudia8q Posts: 3,138
    We have not seen prices for the '6' yet....but Mazda has told us they expect the car to be similar in pricing to the current car...but to also expect a little higher "top end" model. This is an effort to pick up the Millenia buyer since the millenia is done this year.
  • I was told by the Mazda rep at the Detroit auto show that it'd be priced at $20-28K. Thus for leather and v6 you're looking at $29-30K out the door. Plus being a brand new model car I bet the dealers won't budge on price ("will not go lower than sticker...").
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    I don't know if they can demand those kind of prices. The Altima is roomier and has more power, and they're already being heavily discounted.

    Mazda has always offered good value, that's why we bought our 626 ES V6. We paid a good $4-6 grand less than an Accord or Camry would have cost fully loaded.

    I don't want to see Mazda get in a position where they have to offer big rebates a year or two from now. That would kill resale value and hurt them in the long run.

  • ateixeira-

    I'm guessing Mazda is shooting for a wide price range on the 6, because it's supposed to replace both the 626 AND Millenia, which represent a good chunk of Mazda's lineup. I read that the 6 pricing would start at the same level as current 626 pricing (that would be around $19K MSRP), but I haven't seen anything about what the top end will be.

    -Andrew L
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    They have to be very careful, though. Nissan took a beating for Altimas that could reach $30k, even though very few did. So people skip the Altima and go shop for pricey BMWs because they assume they're in the same price range.

    Subaru also took a hit with the VDC models for $33k or so at sticker. They fell to invoice pricing very quickly, and got a $750 rebate in their very first year.

    I'd like to see Mazda avoid that. It should be value-priced from the start. $28k tops, fully loaded. $25k very well equipped (V6, 6 speed, leather, moonroof).

  • What? It's gotta hit 24k tops with every option. Anything more is crazy for a Mazda.
  • maltbmaltb Posts: 3,572
    Yet that's ok for a Jetta which is much less of a car?
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    No, actually, it's not. I saw a loaded Jetta wagon for $27k and almost fell down laughing.

    The Millenia took a huge hit with prices up in the $30k region. I recall rebates as high as a whopping $6,000, higher than even Chyrsler rebates.

    It kills resale value, and it prevents owner loyalty. They have to price the new 6 carefully.

  • ateixeira-

    I agree that pricing should be as low as possible. I still think Nissan is crazy for allowing Altima MSRPs to go above $25K. That's Maxima territory. And the addition of the Altima V6 is no excuse; you can get a 626 V6 for about $21K. You mentioned Subaru, I agree there too. I've always thought Subarus were cool, and they're definitely good cars judging from the reviews, but I think they've been getting a little ambitious in their pricing lately. Right now, there's little difference in pricing between Imprezas and Legacys. I thought Impreza was supposed to be an economical vehicle. I know the WRX models have a great reputation, and I'm not suggesting that they should be cheapened or dropped, but the Impreza needs budget models, too. Anyway, returning to the topic...I've seen Millenias offered at very deep discounts. You're right; the 6 should be priced to sell right from the start.

    -Andrew L
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Protoge5s carry a street price in the $16-17k range nowadays. So a step up is $20-22k, not $28k. At least that's what most buyers will be looking for.

  • I don't see how a person can spend 25k on a Jetta. It's a 20k car, quality, size and content wise. I paid a hair over 19k for my Wolfsburg 1.8T with the sunroof - no leather option for that model. :(

    As others have stated, a 6 should top out at about 24k with all the goodies, thus making the car more realistically 20k or so when you buy it at Mazda. Heck, you can buy a loaded Millenia for 23-24k (MSRP of 30k+).
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