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  • tym2gotym2go Member Posts: 2
    My 03 i35 just passed 100k mi and has been a great car, just today the ABS and TCS/off lights came on and car looses all power, speedo drops to 0, and it just idles. It sometimes flashes in and out almost like a shorted wire, i'll have full power and then nothing. Anyone with an answer or idea?
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaMember Posts: 64,482
    You gotta plug the car into the computer to figure this one out. Your engine must think your tires are spinning wildly on black ice or something, so there's a faulty signal to the ECM from somewhere. The trouble code or codes will pinpoint the circuit at fault and then it's a case of step by step elimination to track down the errant component itself. Anyway, that's my lame guess at this point===bad data to your engine management system.
  • davmarinedavmarine Member Posts: 6
    I had something like that happen to mine and it was in warranty.The traction control light came on it died and the transmission light and maybe the abs.It was quick and I shut it down and called and had it towed in.Turns out it was the throttle body that was messed up and threw everything off.They said it would have been 800.00 bucks but it was covered.Were you backing up?Several people have had this happen as they put their car in gear to go forward.I'm dealing with a fan issue,my passenger side fan is racing when the ac is on and the driver side never runs.A mech told me the drivers side is a backup and since we are running over 100 to 105 everyday the ac is going to race.I found a box today on the right side behind the headlite that has circuit breakers or fuses maybe?the box says radiator fan 1 2 and 3 and has tan plugs in it almost like printer ink cartridges.I wonder if these can be tested but you will need to plug your car up to a computer and the car will tell them whats causing it,thats what they did to mine to find it.Good Luck Mine is also 2003 I35.Great car
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    04, Infiniti I35.
    Can anybody provide tips on how to clean or remove clog from the AC water pan? The symptom is water dripping all over the driver and passenger floor carpet after the AC has ran for a few minutes, or pretty soon on humid or rainy days. I would like to solve this myself without having to take the car to the "stealer". My wife works at a plant that is located on a campus where Cement plants are located too. My theory is that mud and cement has clogged the hose that provides relieve for the water extracted by the AC from the cabin, and accumulated on some secret pan that I have no idea where it may be. The water dripping becomes critical when I turn left or right.
    Any advise?
  • lococarlococar Member Posts: 3
    What Month/Year is your car?

    If I send you a free Cabin air Filter would you take pictures of you installing same?

    Let me know information requested, we might be able to help each other.

  • wilson16wilson16 Member Posts: 20
    I have a I35-03 and the plugs are pain to change
    The front ones are a cake walk but for the back ones
    you just about have to pull the intake to get to them
    Each coil pack is held down with a 10mm bolt
    The dealership wants a war-pension to change them
    I have almost 163,000 on my car and I wonder if
    anybody out there has ever had a timing-belt issue
    or had one replaced

  • acacetusacacetus Member Posts: 2
    The I35 doesn't have a timing belt. None of the VQ-series engines does.
  • wilson16wilson16 Member Posts: 20
    What does the engine consist of if it doesn't have a belt
    or chain?

  • windowphobe6windowphobe6 Member Posts: 765
    It's got a chain. It's difficult to change, like all such, but it's not a scheduled maintenance item, and in the unlikely event that it goes, you have more worries than just a bad chain.
  • jchan2jchan2 Member Posts: 4,956
    for the 60K service for the I35?
  • patpat Member Posts: 10,421
    You should be able to look it up here: Maintenance Schedules, Recalls and Technical Service Bulletins.

    Hope this helps - let us know how the service goes for you.
  • slaydemonslaydemon Member Posts: 8
    2002 Infiniti I35, 53,000 miles
    For about the past 15-20,000 miles, i feel like whenever I hit a pothole, the car goes into it, makes a very loud "THUMP" noise, and comes back out. The feeling is very hard, Its like the whole car drops right into the pothole and comes out.
    I dont know how else to explain this issue, but I have taken it to many car mechanics and none could see anything wrong. Just wondering whether anyone else is experiencing such issues or has any ideas as to what maybe wrong. Thanks.
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaMember Posts: 64,482
    sounds like a defective strut/shock on that one side. "blown out" or weak. I'd lift the car and look for leaks on that strut or test the car on both sides to see if there is a difference in "push resistance" on one side.
  • valovalo Member Posts: 7
    I bought a 2004 I35 six monthe ago. Now has 45000 miles. The service engine light comes on and then goes off whenever it is tested or I fill the fuel tank. Three tests have all pointed to different results. The tests were done by a trusted local guy who finally said, "Never seen anything like this. You better ask the dealer." The dealer says he has "more sensitive equipment." Any ideas about what might be the cause of such erratic behavior before I get into replacing expensive parts?
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaMember Posts: 64,482
    Hard to say what's going on, but yes, the dealer could have better equipment, definitely. Whether this higher standard will do any good in this situation is hard to say. If it's some kind of bizarre loose connection, then it might be just a matter of plain old-fashioned, step by step diagnosis by a real human being.

    If this occurrence is always connected to filling the tank, then the evaporative emissions system is the place to look IMO. Purge valve, purge solenoid, loose hoses somewhere, that kind of thing....could even be a bad gas cap.
  • valovalo Member Posts: 7
    Thanks Mr. Shftright. I did buy a new gas cap, hoping for an $8 solution instead of an $800 one. No luck there. But it is good to have at least some guidance before the car disappears into the bowels of the dealership.
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaMember Posts: 64,482
    I guess you could check for loose hoses in the evaporative control system.
  • npriestnpriest Member Posts: 13
    My 2002 I35 started making this grinding noise when I am turning to the right and accelerating at the same time, as in parking for, example.
    This car, which I bought new, has only 40K miles on it, mostly from city and suburban driving. I have done all the required maintenance on it. Otherwise the car is in top shape.
    Could this be a CV Joint problem? The noise is definitely not a clicking noise, normally given as a sure symptom of bad CV joints. What else could that be?
    I sure would appreciate a comment from Forum members.

  • myrcgaragemyrcgarage Member Posts: 18
    I am glad you asked. My 2004 I35 is doing the same thing. Only turning to the right is making the noise. Turning to the left is fine. Also, it only does it when it is cold or first start the car after it is parked for a few hours. Once it is warmed up, everything is fine and there is no grinding noise. I am afraid it is damaging something.

    Also, the rear suspension is not "smooth" and kinda bumpy when I first start the car in the morning, but after warmed up it is fine.

  • cubs9999cubs9999 Member Posts: 5
    My grinding noise eventually got worse and ended up needing a wheel bearing replaced - NOT CHEAP
  • myrcgaragemyrcgarage Member Posts: 18
    Did the noise go away after it was warmed up? I am taking mine in to the dealer. I hope the extended warranty will cover any expenses.
  • npriestnpriest Member Posts: 13
    First of all, thanks to all those who responded to Msg #374.

    The grinding noise did not go away. However, in the past couple of days, the weather warmed up to about 72 F in the afternoons, and that resulted in the noise of getting so low that it became almost non-existent!! I wonder if that is a clue as to the nature of the problem. I hope the problem is not a wheel bearing as suggested by #376, because that is an expensive repair, and the car is not covered
    by a warranty.
  • young77056young77056 Member Posts: 8
    I simply would like to see Thank you infinitech1 for such excellent helpful message. It saved me at least a hundred dollars and lots of headache to deal with dealer. I run into garage and insert the key hold the close button for over 10 seconds. The sunroof is sliding again!!!.
  • young77056young77056 Member Posts: 8
    Greeting to everyone. I am not a very active member in this forum but surfing here sporadically. A month ago I had a little accident with my 2004 I35 and one head lamp was replaced in a body shop. I don't remember that I checked everything when picking up my car. Until yesterday I found sun roof is not sliding, but tilting. I went back to the body shop and the guy asked me to go to dealer to figure out if it's due to battery disconnect during repair (not due to my abuse, according to the guy, he thought I absue the car :mad: ) . If yes, the body shop will fix for me charge insurance company for all cost. We have only one infiniti dealer here and it's long way from my home and work. So I went to a nearby Nissan dealer instead and they said to charge me $70 for inspection only. So I called Infiniti dealer and they said similar thing plus the earliest appointment for inspection will be two weeks from now. (You don't believe how slow and inefficient here in my place and how many headache to deal with any kind of services). So I start to search this forum and find out #316 by Infinitech1 which provides a wonderful solution to help me reset the sunroof. You know what , it's working! :)

    I would like to say that this is a wonderful forum to have so many helpful members here, I just want to thank you!
  • cusafrcusafr Member Posts: 184
    nprist check this out: (myrcgarage: since you have a 2004 it does not apply, but may be something to check)

    Potential Number of Units Affected: 90500Manufactured: 06/2001 - 01/2002 Defect Summary:
    Consequence Summary:
    Corrective Summary:

  • atma97atma97 Member Posts: 47
    Check the wheel bearing by jacking up your car and shake the wheel to see if it plays. It's done on Youtube under title search "You know your wheel bearing is bad when". If it is bad, it will get worse over the time. My 2002 I35 left bearing was replaced at 60K miles, and the right one at 98K miles. Both Infiniti dealer and independent shop charged 3.5 hours for labor work.
  • myrcgaragemyrcgarage Member Posts: 18
    If wheel bearing is bad, does the noise go away after it is warmed up or it stays. My 2004 I35 has the grinding noise when it is turning right only when it is pretty cold outside and it is first thing in the morning or when I go home after I park it for the whole day at the office.

    I took it to the dealer, but they couldn't duplicate it because it wasn't that cold that day. I am afraid something bad will happen while I am driving on the highway.

    I will take it back to the dealer down the road when it is cold. My warranty expires in 2010, so I have sometime...
  • atma97atma97 Member Posts: 47
    Grinding noise may go away when it is warm up. You may be in an early state of the bearing problem since the noise is intermittent. After five to ten thousand more miles, there will be a constant annoying noise. The faster you drive on a highway, the quicker bearing wear down. At that time, the wheel will apparently loosen up. Then you can take to a dealer so they will not deny the problem. Since this is a $700 job, dealer may be reluctant to do it unless it shows a clear indication. So, I would wait for more constant noise then take to the dealer to check on the loose wheel. Last time when I went to the dealer, they asked me how I knew the bearing problem. I told them to check how loose the wheel is.

    By the way, does anyone know this car OEM front struts are Tokikos? I replaced them with Kyb-Gr2 ones. The ride is much smoother on highway and less choppy to run over the bumps.
  • rrerre Member Posts: 2
    I have a 2003 I35. Over the past month, I have had an intermittent problem where I have a buzzing sound come from under the hood. All of a sudden the buzzing sound is continuous. The sound occurs when both the car is running and when it is off. It sounds like a relay, but I can't seen to locate it. I have removed the battery terminals in an effort to see if reseting the computer would fix the problem, but this has not made any change. I have also had my computer scanned and there are no codes present.

    I am wondering if anyone has had this problem...


  • myrcgaragemyrcgarage Member Posts: 18
    What did your grinding noise sound like? Was it more like a grinding/studdering kinda noise?
  • atma97atma97 Member Posts: 47
    This following quote is from Dudesky from another forum is a good way to describe the noise:
    "Bad bearings will be a low rumbling sound, particularly at lower speeds because at higher speeds, the bearings aren't weighted down by the car as much due to the forward momentum of the car. If they're really bad, you'll also get a high pitched grindy/squealy sound. You'll also feel and hear a bad bearing when cornering hard. "

    Personally, the sound is like you run over rumble strips on highway but quite lower and softer pitch. It still masks the engine noise so that you just can't ignore it.
  • myrcgaragemyrcgarage Member Posts: 18
    Thanks man! I do think my I35 sounds like what you described. As soon as the temp is consistently cold, I will take it to the dealer and have them look at it again. The noise is driving me nuts. It sounds like an old car...
  • walter41walter41 Member Posts: 5
    At 2,000 rpm's have a loud clanking noise from back of engine. Above 2,000 no problem. Sensor problem or could this be the master air flow or caused when spark plugs were recently changed ? Dealership wants to run a non- refunded diagnostics check.
    Any ideas ?
    Walter 41
  • atma97atma97 Member Posts: 47
    If check engine light is not on then I would do a tune up or clean the engine before sending the car to the dealer. I used Seafoam on my car and it worked great. Mass air flow sensor could be cleaned also and it helps starting up the car quicker and smoother.
  • walter41walter41 Member Posts: 5
  • srs3srs3 Member Posts: 5
    I have a 2002 I35 with 105k miles, right front tire made noise everytime I went over even a small bump, so I thought it would be the sturts. I had all four struts replaced , still the problem persisted, so the mechanic changed the strut mounts also. Problem still persists, even more now. Tire seems to bounce at will, everytime I go over a small bump and also when I make left turns. I even took it to dealer and they said, nothing they could find, it is common with I35. I don't beleive it!!! The problem wasn't there till i reached 95k, there must be something else wrong with the suspension. Infiniti supposed to be a luxury car Can anyone help?????
  • kiddogokiddogo Member Posts: 14
    no lights on the unit screen...cannot see the station numbers, etc. Any ideas? Tried looking for the fuse and can't seem to find the right one to reset.

    Thanks in advance
  • rballdanrballdan Member Posts: 1
    I saw no response to your problem. How did you fix it? I have the same problem.
  • myrcgaragemyrcgarage Member Posts: 18
    Hi npriest, did you fix your grinding problem? If so, was it a wheel bearing problem.

  • valovalo Member Posts: 7
    Didn't fix it yet. The only thing that seems sure is that it is a problem for a dealer. Have scheduled that twice and each time the light went off on the day it was scheduled.
  • losadalosada Member Posts: 2
  • losadalosada Member Posts: 2
    Anytime I start up my I-35 in the morning lately I hear a knocking noise that seems to come from the engine compartment (passenger side). This noise doesn't really sound like a metallic noise and will go away after the engine warms up. One other thing, if I shift the gear from park to drive while the engine is still cold it appears to muffle the noise. THANKS.
  • srs3srs3 Member Posts: 5
    I also have the same problem and the noise goes away after 4-5 minutes of driving. Also I am having a noise from right front side in the suspension every time I go over a bump or pot hole, this is despite getting new struts and strut mounts!!! Took it to the dealer and they said some noise is normal and they could not duplicate the rattling or bouncy suspension. I also drove a new g35 as a loaner and the suspension is not as smooth. I was really happy with my car till all these unsolvable problems started popping up. I will never buy a infinity again!!!!!!!!!!
  • TX_SleeperTX_Sleeper Member Posts: 4
    Did you get this resolved? Was it being caused from the power-steering system??
  • srs3srs3 Member Posts: 5
    I have consulted other mechanics for this problem and none of them mentioned anything to do with the power steering. My car actually makes bouncy and rattling noise when I turn left at 5 mph or more and also every time I go over even a small bump or pot hole. The car also pings a lot, the dealer mechanic said it is normal!!!

    Let me know if anyone has solutions.

  • TX_SleeperTX_Sleeper Member Posts: 4
    The only thing I can think of that may cause the bounce or rattle would be a off-balanced wheel. Or, your tire is some how damaged, where it would not roll smoothly. You may want to double check the treads to make sure it doesn't have a flat/worm patch. While you're at it, check to make sure the rim is perfectly round. Sometimes a slightly dented rim could cause some rattling... PS: is your wheel an alloy wheel or a steel wheel with a wheel cover? If it's the latter, then try removing the wheel cover and see if that fixes the issue.
  • myrcgaragemyrcgarage Member Posts: 18
    I finally got my dealer to replace the driver side wheel bearing even though they said they couldn't hear the noise(I wonder how they cannot hear it!), however, the problem is still there! What else could be wrong? Here are the 2 noises I heard:

    -Grinding noise when making right turn
    -noise like running over rumble strips on the highway but with way lower pitch and not as frequent.

    Both happens in cold weather - first thing in the morning or park for a long time during the day.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  • srs3srs3 Member Posts: 5
    I have already tried rotating the tires, the bounce still happens and it is only on the front right side. I have alloy wheels and they are not damaged or bent. It sounds like something is loose but the mechanic has tightened all the bolts possible! I believe it may be the axle/tie rod, I am not about to keep spending money on replacing parts unless I know it would resolve the issue. I'm very surprised that there is a common problem with Infinity I35's and all the dealer says that they can not replicate the problem yet they are willing to give you free loaners for couple of days while they try to figure out the problem!!! The common issues here are engine noise when the car is cold and suspension noise/rattle. May be there should be some kind of recall or should be reported for violation of the lemon law.
  • myrcgaragemyrcgarage Member Posts: 18
    I need new tires and I am going to see if it is tires problem.

    But you are right, it seems like there is a common prob with suspension/noise with I35...
  • bhenchodbhenchod Member Posts: 1
    anyone know where i can get stock side skirts for a gold i35? i bought the car off my aunt and it didnt come with it. you can see me neon tubes i have under my car since i have no side skirts...
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