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Infiniti I35 Maintenance and Repair



  • jchan2jchan2 Posts: 4,956

    Update on my 2004 Brilliant Silver/Willow I35:
    Mileage: 12,200 ish as of today
    Problems: 0. Nilch. Nada. Nothin'. However you want to say it.
    Likes: Value. Space. Bose stereo.
    Dislikes: not much. For the money, it was a wonderful buy.

    Why don't you just wait for your next oil change just before 60,000 miles and have it checked out?
  • jhinscjhinsc Posts: 399
    Today, it rained and the humidity was high. While driving my normal routine, I noticed no engine knocking. I wonder if the humidity had anything to do with it? I'll find out when it clears up tomorrow and the next day. :D
  • A quick update on the smoke problem. The dealership did a compression check and it ranged from 90 to 160. I now have a new engine and all under warranty. They still have no idea what went wrong. Even flew in techs from corporate!
  • jchan2jchan2 Posts: 4,956
    sounds like you got a nice free new engine...

    Problem solved. (albeit quite expensively, but at least you didn't have to pay a single penny)
  • shiskashiska Posts: 16
    Glad it worked out for ya!
  • I definitely would not have liked to pay for that repair! They said they are going to break the engine down to see what went wrong. I hope I hear just out of curiousity.
  • I just came across your message and I'm in the same position. The seat stopped working in the fore and aft direction a month after the warrenty expired. Did you ever get any relies to your message or if you got it fixed, did it actually cost $700 ?
  • I have a leased 2003 I35 with 24k miles spun after another vehicle nudged me on a highway and rear right tire broke off from the axle with all the nuts and bolts intact. Threads are worn out on the axle. right front tire is damaged. Airbags did not deploy. At the moment insurance is inspecting on it and I am really concerned about the safety of this vehicle and I am not sure if I want to take my family in this car again after this incident. Trying to talk to insurance and infiniti get their input. Any pointers or guidance are welcome. Will this be a totalled or can this be fixed. Should I take this up with infiniti to get replaced.
  • I35 power seat
    Same problem. Same timing. Have you had any luck resolving this?
  • jhinscjhinsc Posts: 399
    Update on my engine knock problem. I went on my annual holiday trek, total of 1500 miles and no engine knock. I think I had some bad gas - so I'll be more picky about where I buy gas now.

    My mpg was 29 on the way out with cruise set no higher than 72, and it was 28 on the way back with cruise set at 75-78. Mpg was calculated using mile driven divided by gallons used. My trip computer stated I was getting 34 mpg, I wish! :)
  • jchan2jchan2 Posts: 4,956
    I'd take it down to the dealership to get it checked out.

    You didn't get an owner's manual? I'd go ahead and get one- it helps you learn more about your new I35.

    I think dealers can order a manual right?

    Congratulations on your new (but used) I35! Could you give the rest of us some more information on your car such as:

    Color Combination
    Options (apparently you have the Sport Package since you have VDC)
    Where you bought it
  • kmntr6kmntr6 Posts: 1
    I am having an identical problem. I was told the part is $300 and labor would be $150 to correct. I bought the car new. The seat motor was replaced under warranty during the first year of ownership. Now with 75,000 miles, since it is my work car, of course there is no warranty and I guess I am SOL. My wife is 4' 11" and I am 6' 1" and the seat doesn't move. I guess my wife won't be able to drive the car until I get it fixed!
  • Posting this here because the other Forum seems dead. I just bought an 03 I35, Gold/tan, Spoiler, heated frt/rr seats. 20k miles. Still under factory warrnaty until Sept 07. I paid 17.5 which seemed good to me for what I got. Was this a fair deal?..luv the heated steering wheel.. What do you think?
  • jchan2jchan2 Posts: 4,956
    Yea these boards are deathly silent.

    Probably because the I35 is so reliable and probably because you can't get a brand new one anymore :D
  • After washing my 2002 I35 last week at a touchless car wash, I pulled out and noticed these lights came on. I called the dealer since my car is still under warranty, and was told they don't know why this happened. Make an appointment for 2 weeks and HOPEFULLY they can find out what happened. This exact thing happened in 11/05. After taking it to them they said can't find error in OBC. HUH?
    I asked them if I could take it to the nearest Nissan dealer to get the codes so they could see it and I was told no I have to take it to an Infiniti dealer and the soonest they could look at it would be 2 weeks. What a joke. I took it anyway to Nissan and planned on paying myself for the computer hookup but being a DECENT car dealer they did it for free. The code C1105 was there.
    RR wheel sensor. The lights have since gone out. We have an appointment with ANOTHER dealer to hopefully get it fixed. As a test we took the car back this morning to the car wash and guess what happened? The lights are on again.
    Is this a trait of the Infiniti? Possibly too sensitive to wet ground? Anyone else have this happen when you wash your Infiniti?
  • jchan2jchan2 Posts: 4,956
    I've taken my Infiniti to the touchless car wash once, and I'm sure the local dealer has done it for me once when I took it in for service on slow days (Mondays) and no problems.
  • tdp60tdp60 Posts: 2
    I also just purchased a used 2002 I35 with 41,000. for $17,600. I previously owned a 1993 Infiniti J30. I had to retire it. I really love my car. I just have a concern, the Service Engine Soon came on yesterday and I hope it's nothing. I did not get an owners manual, if you could check your manuel and let me know what it say, it would be good, I am awaiting for my owners manual. Thanks
  • My check engine light came on alittle while back and when I took it to the dealer they had to replace the O2 sensor.
    I believe the manual says have it checked by the dealer.
    Sorry, you just bought this thing.
  • My brake light on the dash goes on and off. No issues with the pads or rotors. Plenty of life left. 02 I35. Anyone had an issue with this?
  • jchan2jchan2 Posts: 4,956
    Is it the ABS light or just the regular Brake light?

    If its the brake light it might be something to do with your parking brakes. I'm not too sure about this but it might be a possibility.
  • tdp60tdp60 Posts: 2
    Thanks,but turned out to be a simple thing, I was talking a girlfriend and she said her daughter had same problem, she said to make sure that the gas cap is tightly on..I checked the gas cap and made sure it was tightly on, it resolved the problem, the "Service engine soon, did not come on after that, hope that was all.....
  • Help....
    "Check Engine" light came on several weeks ago. I took my 2002 Infiniti I35 to an Infiniti dealer. They got codes U1000 and U1001 ( bad communication ), they reset computer and told me nothing is wrong. Next day as soon as I started my car TCS off and Slip lights came on, AT lights blinked 10-15 times. Waited 2-3 minutes, stopped engine then started engine again. TCS off and Slip lights gone out but "Check Engine" light came on. Took car to a dealer. They got same code U1000 and U1001, they do not know what is wrong. Does anybody have suggestion? Thanks.
  • jchan2jchan2 Posts: 4,956
    Alternator maybe? Who knows?

    Is there a different Infiniti dealership in your area? Perhaps you could try a... umm... more competent one.
  • shiskashiska Posts: 16
    Check online at . In particular look at the service bulletins for the I35.There is one last month that deals with these two codes and identifies high resistance in a couple of grounding circuts as the culprit. The simple fix is to clean and tighten the grounding posts for the battery and ECM. Hope this is your problem as it really is very minor.
  • I just used a non-dealer tire shop and found out something interesting. The I35 only needs a 2 wheel alignment. My dealer has been charging me for a 4 wheel alignment but they cannot adjust the rear, there are no adjustments. My husband did some digging and found out that parent company Nissan tells the dealers to "do" the 4 wheel as a way of checking that the car is still square, in other words they are charging you double to see if your car has been in an accident. We are furious. We've paid for work they aren't doing because no one told us it can't be adjusted in the rear and it isn't in the manual. So next time you need an alignment, save some money and get what you are paying for, a 2 wheel alignment.
  • Does anyone make a afternsrket stereo install kit for the '02 I35? I have the factiry BOSE system and would like to replace it but cany seem to find a I35 kit anywhere..Pleasse help. I thought a Manima kit of the same year would fit but it doesnt
  • jchan2jchan2 Posts: 4,956
    An only 2 wheel alignment makes sense as the I35's rear axle is solid beam I believe...
  • But when I take my car in for service and ask for an alignment wouldn't you expect the dealer to say, "You only need a 2 wheel alignment." instead of putting down and charging for a 4 wheel alignment that can't be done? If they want to know if the car has been in an accident they can either ask or simply look at the car. The car gives it away every time. My point is that the dealers are charging for work they aren't doing and it is a standard practice. Owners beware.
  • flawsonflawson Posts: 2
    When the weather get's really hot, like 105 F or higher, the air conditioner won't kick in with in town driving where it's stop-n-go. When I'm on the freeway, the air conditioner performs fine. I'm wondering if this is to protect the car from overheating. The engine temp indicator is still mid-range during these episodes. Last week while in Las Vegas, temps were up to 115. We were miserable driving up and down the strip in traffic with no AC. Once the traffic cleared and we were able to maintain a reasonable speed, then the AC was great. Should I be looking at an overheating problem, or is this how AC problems start? Or is this situation typical in this kind of extreme temperatures? Thanks.
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