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F150 Super Crew Cab

quadrunner500quadrunner500 Posts: 2,728
edited March 2014 in Ford
Truck Trend online has a story about a 2000 model
year F150 that will be a crew cab, with 4 full
sized doors and rear seating, yet will have the
same overall length as the current F150 extended
cab. The catch is that is will only have a 5 foot
cargo bed.

It will be a crew cab that handles and parks like
a smaller truck.

It could have some owners rushing out to trade
their extended cab models for real doors and
seating. What do you think? Would you buy one?


  • ladyblueladyblue Posts: 326
    Nope. Although I love the idea of four independent doors (the kids are going to wreck my quad cab doors!) I wouldn't want to give up my 8' bed. For my needs, it defeats the purpose of having a pickup.
  • KCRamKCRam Mt. Arlington NJPosts: 3,516
    Ford could have at least made the regular 6 3/4 foot bed, by using the SuperCab long bed chassis. Instead, they used the SuperCab shortbed body, and thus have the cut downt bed. Plus, the crew cab extension isn't as large as the Super Duty Crew cab.
  • bobs5bobs5 Posts: 557
    I like the idea of 4 independent doors, as long as there is sufficient room for "adult size" rear passengers.
    Would prefer a 6 foot bed though, it would make a instant tent for camping. I'm 5' 8"
    If I regularly hauled 4x8' sheets of plywood and lumber, then would want 8' bed.
    This is a neat concept giving passenger room and open cargo space. Bit more room for bulky items that a suv couldn't fit. (big boxes and furniture)
    For my needs, this one is in the running.
  • jmellenbjmellenb Posts: 35
    I looked at a SuperCrew at the Kansas City Auto Show. With safety a major concern for family buyers, I was disappointed there were no head rests in the rear seat. If the production model does not have them, I will have to look at the GM trucks that have had rear head rests for many years. It's too bad as I otherwise prefer the Ford.
  • peranich1peranich1 Posts: 1
    I have a '97 Lariat ex. cab, I like the third door, but the wife and I can't wait for the full size four doors to come out. I would hope that it is priced right, if so we intend to get one.
  • cdeancdean Posts: 1,110
    i think they will sell like hotcakes. the majority of todays half ton truck buyers aren't doing much hauling, other than people hauling, and they are just looking for a macho car. this truck fits that roll pretty good. enough room for 3 buddies and all their golf clubs--good enough to sell all they can make, I'd bet.
  • lwflwf Posts: 223
    "i think they will sell like hotcakes."

    Could you or someone else try to explain why? 4-door pickup crewcabs have been available for decades, but very few were ever sold. What has happened in the last few months that makes people believe that now there's going to suddenly be a frenzy for crew-cab buying?
  • cdeancdean Posts: 1,110
    Look at whats happened the past 5 years! They sell everything they put on the lot. Your right, for a long time, they were a low volume sell. I remember Dodge quit making them, Chevrolet and Ford too ( i think) only made crew cabs in 1 ton chassis instead of 3/4 ton AND 1 ton. the big 3 were cutting back on them cuz they weren't selling. Then, in the early-mid 90's, I noticed a lot of people buying new trucks were buying 1 ton chevy and ford CCs. It seemed suddenly that vehicle size wasn't as big a factor as # of seats and versatility. Then around '96 Ford brought back the 3/4 ton CC, and they were the hardest vehicle to find on a lot. Chevy saw the trend and got their 3/4 ton CC back in production. CCs and SUVs are the big money right now for Chevy and Ford. Ford stepping into new ground now with the 1/2 ton. The reason the 3/4 ton CC are so popular? My guess is people want to carry "people" around, not "loads", and 3/4 ton trucks ride better, manuever better, and still look macho.

    Well the half ton will ride even better, it will manuever even better, its still got just enough bed to be called a truck, so it will remain macho. If i were a bettin man, I bet on huge Ford success here.
  • lwflwf Posts: 223
    And if I were a betting man, I'd take you up on it. I think they'll sell more than they did of the earlier crew cabs, but only to the relatively few who can't make up their minds whether they want a pickup or an SUV. I suspect most pickup enthusiasts will consider a 5' bed to be too short. I guess we'll find out who is right in a couple of years.
  • KCRamKCRam Mt. Arlington NJPosts: 3,516
    I'll go with cdean on this one. Trucks are the "in" thuing to have; why else is the Lincoln Blackwood going into production? In the last 10 years, trucks have gone from industrial appliances to the family car. Families discovered that there was nothing to move up to when the kids became teens, and the Home Depots and Sam's Clubs of the world sprung up like weeds. So truckmakers began to market themselves to the suburbanite who needs a family-size vehicle that can do some occasional work, thus saving the owner from needing 2 vehicles (knowing full well, the minivans can't haul heavy loads, and the base pickups weren't comfortable). The "versatility" angle is in every commercial and print ad.

    Now we have leather interiors, CD changers, power everything, factory running boards and grab handles for those smaller-of-stature folk, and now, crew cabs as small as the Nissan Frontier and Dodge Dakota.

    Ford will have no trouble selling every F150 Crew that Kansas City screws together. Five foot bed or not, the aftermarket will add to its versatility and utility, and pretty soon, there will be more "Isuzus" (companies ditching their car lines to become truck only).
  • ladyblueladyblue Posts: 326
    cdean & lwf:

    I think you're both right. The 1/2 ton crew cab WILL sell like hotcakes, but those who buy it will be the current SUV crowd. I, for one, couldn't even see the sense of the short beds available now, never mind one only 5' long! Those of us who really USE our trucks will never go for it.
  • quadrunner500quadrunner500 Posts: 2,728
    And I agree with ladyblue. I need the 8 ft bed, but I still think they will disappear from show rooms faster than money.

    It would be perfect for the pedal-heads. 4 bikes and tent poles in the back, off to Moab.

    If it looks like something different, chopped or custom, it's going to be a hit as a personal use vehicle.

    But you won't see contractors putting racks, or ladders, or tool boxes on them. Then again?
  • lwflwf Posts: 223
    Maybe the next step in this evolution will be a 9-passenger pickup (maybe with 6 doors) and a bed that is only 2 1/2 feet deep. Why not? You could still get a couple of bicycles, some roller skates, and a bag of peat moss in the mini bed. From the sound of things, that's apparently why some folks might want to buy a pickup.
  • ixlr8ixlr8 Posts: 1
    It's perfect! I'll be able to throw my hunting gear in back and still fit everybody up front. And when the kids come, it'll still work!

    I'd like to buy one next year. However, I know there's going to be a heavy premium on them for quite some time. Watch these puppies sell. They're going to break records.
  • mikey43mikey43 Posts: 74
    One reason Crew Cabs are selling so well now is that they have more utility than an SUV and are generally less expensive. Also the Ford Superduty CC 4x4 looks awesome (IMHO). I saw one on the road last year and immediately decided that that's what I have always wanted. I started following the Superduty discussion groups to find out more and ordered one a few weeks later. I got an XLT V10 with most everyting on it, probably paid $10k less than for a comparable 'burb or Expedition and got something bigger and more powerful. I don't need seating for 9 (only have 2 kids) and now I can pull that big trailer that I'm gonna buy next.

    The F150 won't have enough cargo space. It WILL sell like hotcakes for those who want the Superduty look but don't want the challenge of parking it.

    I had to throw that last comment in so I wouldn't feel like I was posting in the wrong group
  • quadrunner500quadrunner500 Posts: 2,728
    I wonder what the sales numbers for crew cabs are? And is the same buyer of an F250/350 Super Duty Crew Cab long bed the same buyer who would otherwise be buying an Expedition, but for the price?

    Perhaps, but I think the F150 Super Crew is going to appeal to a larger group of personal use owners, and could take a bite out of the SUV market as well as the pickup extended cab market, while carving out a niche for its own.
  • jwbazarojwbazaro Posts: 1
    I'm currently deciding on waiting for the 150 crew or going ahead and buying the F250 HD crew. The Nissan is just to small in the cab area. The 250 is probably more truck than I need but I'll have all the truck any family will ever need. I debating to spend the money for the diesel because for resale that ( the diesel) will be a plus. The 150 5.4L will be the way to go. THe bed length of 5' vs 6.5' won't be a deciding factor. Either way I will have more than a just a SUV or minivan. I have a family of 4 and an extended cab isn't in the picture. The higher head rest for the back seat needs to happen for safety.
  • doubleetdoubleet Posts: 1
    There is many differences between the regular 150/250 and the SD 250+. The frame is stronger and the sheet metal is over 50% thicker is two of the big ones. If your the type of person that will keep this truck for a long time, the fuel saving with the diesel will outweigh the cost.
  • sviseksvisek Media, PAPosts: 34
    I think the current truck craze is about the search for one vehicle that does it all. Two options that would make a CrewCab/5'Bed even better were shown on the concept vehicle circuit a couple of years ago: I think it was GM that had a concept pickup with a bed that could extend itself from short bed to long bed at the push of a button. Another great concept was the Chevy Superwide - it looked like a dually from the outside but didn't have the inner wheels, thus allowing a bed without the wheel-well intrusions that rob so much space fom most pickup beds. Combine one or both of these options on a truck like the upcoming Blackwood/F-150 Crew (or the predictable GM responses) for a very versatile vehicle.
    But let me tell you what I really want: A vehicle that can transform itself from open pickup to enclosed SUV. It really wouldn't be that hard. Basically, build a pickup box/truck cap as one solid unit, but with glass windows on the sides and front; have two rear doors(like some Suburbans) instead of a tailgate and lift-glass; have the roof of the cap section open downward "butterfly"-style from the center and lock into place, protecting the side glass; and have these two fold-down sections covered with the same stuff they use for those spray-on bedliners, color-matched to the truck. To prevent twisting, you'd probably need some kind of bar running across the top of the rear doors, but this could probably be opened and closed for the loading of tall items into the bed. Although this would probably cost several thousand dollars, I think one of the service-body makers or even one of the truck-cap/tonneau makers could do this. Call me crazy but I'd buy one!
  • quadrunner500quadrunner500 Posts: 2,728
    Gobot trucks?
  • 1greg1greg Posts: 40
    I could see the new F-150 CC as very usefull for myself. I have been hauling a lot of landscape materials, wood and other things in my Pathfinder lately and getting items 8-10' long in the Pfinder requires some creative thinking. the problem is when I slide these items up along the passenger seat, the wood or plastic pipe catches on the interrior and is starting to wear things out. I would prefer to have the stuff hanging out of the bed of the truck. If I need a load of Rock, I just go and have a load dumped in the back. I currently use a small trailer that maybe holds 750lbs without the springs going out of wack.

    I would actually prefer a 6" bed on it though. Same problem with the Nissan crew cab, bed is slightly short for my needs, but the back seat is way to small for anybody 6'2" 230. I jst don't fit back there.

    Someboidy said it would be a good suburbanite truck and I agree. It would fit my needs.

    Greg Hoppes
  • gadamsgadams Posts: 1
    The F150 crew cab will be a great option for me. I'd use it for recreation and business. I want to be able to take the boat, the family, our gear, and the quad to the lake. I want the kids to be comfortable (if they're comfortable, so am I), and I want them to be safe! Head rests are a must, or I'll buy a GMC extended cab. I also want to take 2 or 3 clients in the truck comfortably to a job site, lunch, golf or whatever. Finally, I want to be able to fit my truck in the garage. I'll keep it for many years, and I like to keep my vehicles looking new.
  • chud3chud3 Posts: 4
    After doing research and reading all of your responses the one major thing you are all missing is this. It is a 5'6" bed not 5'. An extra six inches will go a long way. Also after looking at the superduty f250 crew cab specs and comparing them to the ext cab the crew cab leg room is only 10 inches longer than the ext cab. The f150 ext cab is slightly larger in the back area than the f250. Also ford said in its press release that the cab is being extended by 12 inches. So in looking at all of the specs for all of the trucks the f150 cc will be as large or larger than the f250. And bed size is something that each individual has needs for. If you need a 8' bed by the superduty long bed. For me with one child and plans for at least one more this is the perfect truck for me. It will do everything that I will ever need. And yes I do haul 4x8' sheets of plywood on occasion and I can get around the bed for that. Unless you are a contractor I don't see the need to have a 8' bed. How many times do people use the whole bed anyway. If anybody has any firm date of production please post a response please. Ford states early 2000 but have heard that they are shooting for earlier release due to popularity of the truck. Also when they say early 2000 is that model year or calendar year.
  • mikey43mikey43 Posts: 74
    Not to dispute your logic or anything but...

    Do you realize how much "only" 10" of extra leg room is? The SD Super Cab has 32.4" and the Crew Cab has 42.5". That means that if you have sufficient leg room in the Super Cab, you could have 10" longer legs in the Crew Cab and still be comfortable. I had a 6'5" person sitting in the back seat of my CC and he had plenty of both leg room and head room and was very comfortable. My kids feel like they are in the family room back there.

    I doubt that the F150 will have a larger interior than the F250. If the cabin is smaller to start out with (no doubt that it is), you can extend it more and still have a smaller interior.

    The F150 will undoubtedly be a great rig and a huge seller, but probably not as large in any dimension as the Super Duty.
  • chud3chud3 Posts: 4
    to mikey....

    And I have sat in both the f150 and the f250 super duty extended cab and the f150 had a better seat and more room. the only difference is the frame between and 150 and 250. When I said 10" extra leg room you proved my point. the cc has 10" more than the ext cab. the f150 cc is supposed to have an extra 12" of leg room, comparable to the expedition so I would deduct from that information that both cc would be about the same in size. I don't understand what point you were making but I am sure you will make it more clear. And as I was saying this will be the rig of my choice as well and will be as comfortable as a superduty.
  • mikey43mikey43 Posts: 74
    I've never sat in either of the extended cab trucks. If you say that the F150's back seat is more comfortable and has more room, I'll take your word for it. My only point was that you said in your previous post that the F250 CC has "only" 10" added legroom, but that 10" is a LOT of added legroom. 12" is even more! I will be really interested to try out the new F150 CC when it comes out. I'm sure that it will be a great choice.

    Happy Trucking
  • mikey43mikey43 Posts: 74
    If the F150 CC had been available last year when I decided to buy a truck, that would probably have been my choice too. I never even considered buying a pickup until I saw several SuperDuty CC's on the road and realized that I could fit my whole family in one, and carry a lot of camping gear at the same time. The F150 will probably be a more practical vehicle, unless you are planning on carrying huge loads or pulling a 10,000# trailer...
  • altecaltec Posts: 1
    Does anyone have any idea what the Invoice and MSRP prices for the 2000 F150 CC will be? I've looked on the internet and can't find a price.
  • Right now I think the Super Duty Crew is the best value out there. Basically it is a Surburban that can haul stuff as well as people at a less gouging price. I myself like to hunt and have two kids. My 93 F150 SC is good other than loading the kids in the back.

    I just saw a picture of the F150 CC yesterday. This is what I have been hoping for. I just hope they keep a reasonable price on it. I have been looking at the Super Duty CC but it is definitely more truck than what I need. I will give this new F150 CC strong consideration.
  • I just found out yesterday that the Kansas City plant where the F-150 Super Crew will be built has already retooled the assembly line. It had shut down for 6 weeks to do this. When I find production dates, I will post them here. Pricing has not been released yet. The market, as we can all tell by the comments above, is very anxious for this truck to come out. It is going to fill a void between a light duty Super Cab and a Super Duty Crew Cab. Just make sure you come see me when you are ready to order one!
  • dogsterdogster Posts: 94
    Been looking at trucks to replace my Toyota. The SD250 is too much truck while the F150 Supercab is to little. I need a crewcab but the SD250 uses too much gas and is too hard to park, especially in downtown LA where I sometimes have appts. - the garages are only have 6 ft. 6 in. clearance so the SD is too impractical. A 5 or 5.6 inch bed in a crew cab would be perfect. I live 2 blocks from the ocean and parking gets tight sometimes. I see the regular Crewcab longbed guys circling the block trying to find a space big enough to put it in. And I love Fords, but my Toyota was a great truck too - towed my 4600 lb. boat fine up 6 degree interstate grades in 130 degree weather with the AC on and never skipped a beat, nor did the temp gauge ever budge from the middle.

    Has anybody heard or seen towing specs on the F150? Will it tow 7600 like the F150 4x4 Supercab with the 5.4? Or since it will be heavier, will the towing capacity be lower?
  • sviseksvisek Media, PAPosts: 34
    For those agonizing over whether to go with a short bed or long bed, let me suggest a product I've found. It's called the Bed X-tender, by AMP Research, and with the tailgate down gives you an extra 18" of enclosed bed length. So you can get the space of an 8' bed from your 6.5'. And the new F150 CC could really benefit from this. If Ford was smart, they'd offer this or one of the similar products on the market as a factory or dealer option. It's basically a big "U" shape, made from aluminum tubing; and it can be flipped forward when you want to close the bed and can then be used to secure smaller items. It is not solid, so air flows through, so you probably wouldn't use it when hauling dirt or mulch, but it seems ideal for those who could usually make do with a 6.5' bed but sometimes need more space. There are other similar products I've seen that hook into the towing receiver, including one I've seen on the net that still lets you tow and use it at the same time.
  • rshollandrsholland Posts: 19,788

    The "Bed Extender" is now an official dealer option on the Nissan crew cab.

    I noticed that for 2000, Ford has combined the F-250LD into the F-150 model range. No longer is there a separate F-250. You can, however, now order the F-150 with a 7700 GVW package from the previous F-250, but only on the 139" wheelbase.

    The reason I bring that up is that I hope, at some point, that Ford will offer that 7700 package on the long-wheelbase extended cab -- and -- then offer the F-150 Super Crew with the 6.75' bed. They need to come up with a heavy-duty frame (as with the current 7700 pkg) in order to do that.

    There is clearly a market for that combination. I see a LOT of short-bed F-250SDs & F-350SDs crew cabs -- much more than I would have ever dreamed!

  • dbn7dbn7 Posts: 13
    Hey Everyone!! Spoke w/ a Ford Rep today...I will pass on the information I was told; hopefully my source is correct!! Kansas city assembly plant converted and being tested....F-150 Super Crews avail. for Jan.2nd delivery with order dates being taken in the fall most likely oct-nov. This is what the Rep. says is his latest update showing in his computer. ALSO a press release was done on Aug. 25 giving the trucks specs. (this is dimensions price, no options etc.)
  • I read an online description of the new F-150 CC at that states it will have an Expedition front end. There was also a comment that the production would be increased from ther original 85,000 up to 100,000.
  • Fordguru, what do you mean "come see me before you buy"? Please advise.
  • Did you happen to see what the bed length will be on the super crew cab?

  • I recall it was just a few inches better than 5 1/2 feet. Another thing the liturature stated is that the bed of the box will be steel construction, while the exterior panels of the box will be some kind of composite (plastic).
  • Anyone seen pictures online of the F150 SC?
    Please post.

  • Is there an actual OWNER ,who can tell me how their brakes are holding up? I've roasted Ford rotors before, in the mountains. We are talking about big vehicles here. like a Ford superduty CC SRW SB 4x4 with nothing in tow.
  • mjohnmjohn Posts: 38
    Today, Sep 30th, I ordered the Supercrew to be delivered sometime in January. Still not sure on the price. I ordered the XLT 4X2, oxford white with dark graphite interior. Cloth Capt chairs, 5.4 V-8. Another good web site is Some good pictures here.
  • Go to It has Specs and pictures, supposely
    straight straight from internal Ford Documents.
    Everything on this website must be TRUE, since
    Ford is trying very hard in court trying to shut
    this site down. Has other intersting stuff about
    Ford products. Check it out.
  • Thanks for those links. Great help!
  • Does anyone know when the pricing for the F150 CC will be out? Last week I spoke with a local dealer and he told me the pricing is not out yet. He also told me if I wanted he could order the truck for me today. I told him i'm not going to order/buy a new truck unless we agree on a price.
  • klloydklloyd Posts: 26
    MJohn just curious if you agreed to a $ over invoice before purchasing the Super Crew. Most dealers here will not agree to a price over invoice yet, but will sell it for Sticker Price, which is not very attractive. Also, I am hearing different information on actual delivery dates some saying early January 2000 and some as late as March 2000 for first arrivals. Any clue for yours?
  • mjohnmjohn Posts: 38
    The dealer gave me the deal of $500 over invoice. He thought delivery would be in early January but was very uncertain. He really did not have a clue of the price but gave me the incentive of the 500 over invoice if I would go ahead and order.
  • Pricing for the f150 supercab should be out in the middle or the end of October according to a Manager at Galpin Ford.
  • What dealership gave you the price of $500 over invoice???????????
  • mjohnmjohn Posts: 38
    Just got back from the State Fair of Texas. The Ford representative thought the Super Crew would sell for about $1800.00 more than the F-150 Extended Cab. He thought they would be out around Christmas.
  • mjohnmjohn Posts: 38
    Prestige Ford, Garland, Tx
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