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2013 and Earlier - Toyota Camry Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • wvgasguywvgasguy Posts: 1,405
    West Virginia had a credit on the books until June 5th, 2006. I insisted that my dealer give me the first one they got in or I didn't want it. I was lucky they got a loaded one in like I wanted. I got it in on May 5th and am able to claim the State Tax Credit, which is over ta three year period.

    There are a few other states that have a credit or an exemption, but not many.
  • wvgasguywvgasguy Posts: 1,405
    As a tax credit, does it actually reduce the purchase price?
    No, my comment before was concerning the guy that said he bought a loaded TCH for $24K. My point being that's all I have in mine, but had they been available for $24K with discounting then I could had effectively gotten mine for $18. His $24K claim is a little unbelievable (again unless he married the dealers daughter).

    Credits only reduce your tax obligation. And as many have complained, if you pay the AMT the credit doesn't help. The AMT is designed so that people with a certain income and expense level still pay a "fair" (governments view) share of taxes. From what I can see (it was complicated to fill out) the AMT affected business owners and "normal" tax payers in areas where they had large deductions due to high mortgage interest. (Here in WV a $500,000 California cottage only costs $125,000 so we don't have the huge mortgage interest expenses to write off.)
  • jhs70jhs70 Posts: 213
    I'm going to wait until my son goes back to TMMWV next year to finish his co-op program, and then I'll let him buy me a TCH with his employee discount. I actually don't know what the discount is (may not even be worth the wait if you are a good negotiator) but waiting until next year to buy makes some sense to me for a variety of personal reasons.

    My boy is a VT co-op; he's home this weekend. Hokie Nation is hurting right now.....
  • wvgasguywvgasguy Posts: 1,405
    My boy is a VT co-op; he's home this weekend. Hokie Nation is hurting right now.....

    That's gotta be tough. It's tough enough for young people to be exposed to war and terrorism, but sensless acts of violence from crazy people to occur is tough for anyone to understand. The worlds hard enough to adjust to. This just makes them wonder "why".

    But hey, co-op'ing at TMMWV is a great opportunity! Congrats to YOU, (has to help with him working)

    If I were buying now without the WV credit, I would go out of state if I had to,to get some of the deals others are getting. I'm curious to see if they quit dealing again as the gas goes over $3 and demand goes back up.
  • car111car111 Posts: 24
    Hi, I'm in Sanfrancisco-bayarea and would like to know what price (range) I should pay for XLE V6 2007 new camry with all factory options (ie stability control, smart key, navigation with jbl, blue tooth, heated seats). Invoice - dealerholdback is approx $27,600. Also is it better to have sirus or XM radio or can I get later after I buy the car ? I assume security alarm comes with car.
  • I've noticed in my consumer reports they offer a New Car Price Service that will tell you what the dealer paid for the car (Consumer Reports Bottom Line Price) and how to bargain up from that. It costs $14. Has anyone out there paid for this and was it worth it? I know how to find invoice and how to bargain from there. Also know of any incentives on the Camry or when Toyota puts them out? I can wait until June to buy if it benefits me.
  • car111car111 Posts: 24
    I got that - it had a section saying "no rebates" on camry. I ordered report and it gave V4 pricing I didn't need. Then I clicked on order another report and chose V6 Camry and whose pricing it showed me for free. This report gives dealer holdback that is useful to negotiate as you know then rock-bottom price (ie "real invoice" for dealer). Sometimes out-of-area dealers give better deal so check on that.
  • I picked up my LE today. As discussed earlier, I got it for $20,500 out the door. Since I got Toyota financing, I also qualified for $400 recent graduate my final out the door was $20,100!!

    I also bought extended warranty for $815 + 7% tax = 872. I told them that I have 2 quotes of $880 from out of state dealers, and since it is out of state there will be no tax. He was more than glad to match it in a way that the total amount I paid him, including tax, was lower than the out of state dealers. This would be a nice deal of non-NJ people - 7yr/100k for $815!!

    MSRP details off the window sticker:
    MSRP - 20,975
    Carpet/Trunk Mat set - 199
    Destination - 620
    TOTAL - 21,794

    My purchase break-up:
    Invoice (including destination): 18,837.38
    Extended warranty - 815
    Tax 7%: 1,375.72
    NJ Tire Tax: 7.50
    Registration/Title: 47.50 (transferred my plates, so cost about $200 less)
    Data processing, documentation fee: 289.00
    TOTAL - 21372 less 400 rebate = 20,972
  • yousofaryousofar Posts: 8
    where did you get info about Toyota financing and $400 recent graduate rebate?Is it what your dealer offered you?
  • great job body, i just checked this add this morning. congratulations! you have done the best so far in NJ. I beleive that i qualify for that rebate too. but although i think i am going to loose it eventually. i rather wait to save a couple of $$.

    thanks for sharing this, very very helpful my friend. Enjoy your car!
  • either lookup "toyota financing" on google, or follow this link -
  • Quick question in order to save some money. How did u transferred the plates? from your old car? How did that work exactly with MVD and the insuance, just curious since is $200 less
  • my dealership is handling my registration. i provided them with a copy of my old registration (my previous car), and they said the difference between old and new registration is about $200 at MVC (aka MDV/DMV). doesn't make any difference for insurance.
  • thank's it seems that crystal auto mall has a pretty decent customer service people. Like i said again thanks for your inputs
  • Hello, I'm looking to buy a 2007 Camry XLE to replace the 2006 that was totaled in a car accident (we're all ok... thank God for those airbags and crumple zones!!). Problem is that when we got our 2006 car, Toyota was offering 3.9% financing. And now I don't see any incentives on the Camry at this time. I did hear something about Toyota Financial having an Encore program to benefit those who have had previous financing with them. But when I called them they could not give me a straight answer on the benefits stating I need to have the dealership call them about it. It sounds like the dealership has the power to adjust their interest rates to suit whomever they want. What do you think? We'll have 50% of the funds to put down on a new car and our credit score is 800+. Any thoughts on financing? Our local credit union told us 6.9% is the best rate out there right now. Also do Toyota's incentives change month to month? We can wait until June to purchase if we had to.
  • Just bought my 07 Camry LE yesterday from Fairfield Toyota in Muncy, Pennsylvania. I traded in my 06 VW Jetta. They gave me way more than I was expecting for my trade-in which is why I paid a little more than I wanted for the Camry. Here is the breakdown.

    MSRP details:
    MSRP - 20,975
    Carpet trunk mat set - 199
    Destination - 620
    Total - 21,794

    What I paid:
    Selling price - 19,857
    GAP insurance - 400
    Sales tax - 201 (Just paid tax on the difference).
    Doc fee - 55
    Tire tax - 5
    On line service and dealer fees - 30
    Registration fee - 33
    Total - 20,537 less 400 military rebate - 20,137
  • base428base428 Posts: 3
    A few financing options since we just bought a TCH in March:


    2) (for government employees, subcontractors, and military)
  • leotskleotsk Posts: 13
    I was researching for the last four weeks to buy a car. This forum gave me a lot of information and it was of great help.

    I posting this message to help people like me who don’t have any negotiation power or perseverance to survive in the world of pressurizing old fashioned sales people.

    I enquired the price of Altima through phone. I was foolish to drive 150 miles to the dealer believing the price he had offered me. Reach there, I come to know from them that it was a trick to get me to their dealership. The sales manager seems to be proud of this tactic and he bragged that he sold 200 cars last month in the same way. For your information forum users, I am talking about Quirk Nissan.

    The next day, I started looking for a different car. Test drove two other mid sized sedans, decided on Toyota Camry. Got a better deal in my own small town. No negotiations, all through phone. Thanks to the cost numbers I got from the forum.

    Camry LE price - 19587 (including floor mat 199+ Mud guard 0$)
    MA tax 5% - 979 $
    Doc Fee 160$
    Inspection 29$, title 86$, title preparation 5$
    Total OTD price - 20846$
    Local bank finance is available at 5.9% .

    The office people very nice and I was watching them dealing with other customers when I was there. Altogether it was a pleasant experience and the sales people were very different from the ususal bunch I have seen in other places.

    The dealership is Haddad Motors, Pittsfield MA.

    I am happy with the car and deal i got. thanks once again for helping with all the information. I will post any valuable information i get in future
  • I need some advice for an OTD price.
    07 Camry LE, auto, 16" alloy wheels $410, mats $199, chrome exhaust tip $65. Total $22,340

    From my reading this site I should be able to get it OTD for $20,000-$20,500. Is this close to what I can buy for in NC?
  • car_fan1car_fan1 Posts: 10
    How does a dealer do a "locate" for a vehicle? Do
    they call the other dealers or do they have access
    to the inventory information of other dealers?

    And, how long does a locate take?

    Just trying to understand the process ...

  • None of these were ad's, this was talking them down as lowest we can, either through e-mail or in person. Orange County, CA. I really like talking them down through e-mail, beats hours of sitting in the dealership. Prices shown do not include tax & license fees.

    In-Laws: Basic Camry LE (w/CF) - $18,495
    Me: Basic Camry LE V6 (w/CF) - $20,758
    Camry XLE V6 (fully loaded w/NAV & Lojacks) - $26,979

    Hope this helps others.
  • leotskleotsk Posts: 13
    Most of the dealers have Web sire they update the information daily. If you ask for a model bring it from other dealer then it could cost more.

    if the car is in their lot for one month or more then you can get some discount on price.
  • car_fan1car_fan1 Posts: 10
    Thanks for the response!

    What I am trying to find out is how long does it
    take for a dealer to do a locate. If I ask for some
    specific options, and the dealer says he does not
    have that particular combination of options and will
    have to "locate", and says it will take a week to do
    the locate, is it reasonable?

    For example, if I have to locate it myself, I see
    that I will have to call the dealers one by one to
    find out if they have a particular combination of
    options - say body side molding and rear spoiler.
    That is because some dealers have their inventory
    on their website, and some do not. Even those that
    do list the inventory, have only basic search
    options based on trim levels.

    Do the dealers go through the same process? Or do
    they have a dealer network or toyota network that
    they can tap into to access this information much

  • kiawahkiawah Posts: 3,666
    All of the dealers have a computer network. The national Toyota website also has the capability for users to see the details of the inventory, but as I understand varies substantially by area of the country. I know the SouthEast is really pretty good.

    If you go to, go into build a vehicle, and then check the inventory. Inventory will show all inventory available to the immediate dealer, as well as you can expand the scope to the whole area. You can use zipcode 27609, if your area of the country doesn't have a similar capabilty for customers.


    Go to the above link, select the Camry, and then click "Click here to view inventory". After you look at the car inventory, you can go up to the top and expand the search to the area inventory.
  • vnguyen3vnguyen3 Posts: 2
    I'm looking for a new camry 07 LE Auto transmission in southern CA. so far, i was given quotes around $18,500 but that doesn't include carpet or anything. what do you think? is there any better dealer that any1 would recommend?
  • ecgz88ecgz88 Posts: 14
    doesn't work for NorthWest though
  • joecarnutjoecarnut Posts: 215
    Try Longo or Claremont.
    Tell them you want carpet mats (CF I think) with the car. Ask for OTD prices.
    Was 18,500 an out the door price?
  • jkisthemanjkistheman Posts: 2
    KIIS FM has an ad out today 4-30-07 that indicates Toyota of Orange is selling 30+ Camry LE's for $18,395. I am not sure if this will include the floor mats (CF). Good Luck.
  • car_fan1car_fan1 Posts: 10
    Thanks. Yes - it looks good for southeast. Not very
    helpful for northeast!
  • car_fan1car_fan1 Posts: 10
    What is considered acceptable mileage on a new car that was
    NOT transferred from another dealer?

    less than 10? less than 100?

  • mcdawggmcdawgg Posts: 1,684
    Mine was right off the truck, and it had 3 miles. No test drives, so it was completely unmolested. I have heard that some come off the truck with about 7-9 miles, because Toyota randomly does extra tests on some cars.
  • car_fan1car_fan1 Posts: 10
    This is what I was wondering about: I do not know what
    kind of testing they do, and how the distribution happens -
    do they get shipped to the dealer straight from the
    assembly (after testing, if any) or do they get shipped
    to a regional distribution point or something and then
    are driven (I hope not!) to the dealership ... I hear
    the camry is made in Kentucky.

    In your case it looks like it was probably shipped
    straight to the dealership. I wonder what is generally
    considered acceptable - less than 10, less than 50?
    (I understand this will go up if the dealer gets it
    from another dealer in a trade.)

  • mcdawggmcdawgg Posts: 1,684
    I am sure they all get trucked in and not driven. The most miles you should see on a new one that has not been test driven at the dealer is 3, or if it was one of the few that was tested at the factory, 10.

    I am very picky, but I would only buy one that has never been on a test drive, because you never know what happens on those test drives!
  • lay2lay2 Posts: 13
    Hi I need some help with what is the OTD on a Camry XLE(2007) with Nav-color magnetic gray in New York City.One dealer is telling me 32204.00 OTD with a trade in value for my 03 Camry XLE V6 for 12000. It has some scrathes and I owe about 1500 dollars on it. Helpppppppppppppppppppp! What should the true deal be for my trade in and p[urchase of the 07....Any suggestions will be appreciated.
  • geffengeffen Posts: 278
    I've been shopping for a used Camry, i've found a used 2006 Camry with the 2.4 engine priced at $16,800 which has 32,000 miles on it at a Chevy dealership, this Camry isn't certified since its not at a Toyota Dealership, I've also seen some 2005 models with the 2.4 engine at Toyota Dealerships however they are priced at $17,900 with higher miles into the 40k's also there are some 2004's priced around $14,900 with the 2.4 engine. The 2004 and 2005 are certified and have the extended warranty, would the price be more because of the certified Camry? i've driven a few of them and one thing i have noticed which i'm unsure if its just the Camry but the brakes on the 2006 and the 2005 i test drove seem to feel very light and on the 2006 it seemed you really had to slow down well before coming into a stop, the brakes dont seem to stop as quick as on other cars i've driven in the past.
  • I was quoted on a 2007 Camry XLE V6 w/Navigation (MSRP $32,345) with OTD (including Fee, Tax, Title, Tag, and everything) for $30,500. This is from a Maryland dealership. I wouldn't know what the price is going for NYC, but I hope this will help. Good luck!
  • BTW, my $30,500 quote has not been negotiated yet. I think I can probably knock off another $1000 (or at least $500 anyway) when I go to negotiate with them. Also, tax for Maryland is 5%.

    So, your $32,204 OTD might be too high, unless the car is fully loaded with MSRP over $34,500. I would continue getting quotes so that I can use them for my negotiation.
  • kiawahkiawah Posts: 3,666
    Prices seem high. $16,800 for a used 2006 Camry with 32K miles on it....for not much more you can have a brand new one w/zero miles and full warranty, and more airbags standard safety.
  • car_fan1car_fan1 Posts: 10
    I am in the market for a camry LE, and my friend
    says that there are some colors that do not sell
    well (like sky blue pearl, aloe green), so if I am
    not particular about the color, I can get a better
    discount. Is this true? Sounded a little dubious
    to me - one would think that unpopular colors will be
    made in less quantity, so things would even out ...

    Also, w.r.t. camry, is it true that the dealers do not
    always have a choice on what colors they receive from

  • geffengeffen Posts: 278
    I just noticed the dealership actually lowered the price on the 2006 Camry down to $14,995 which is much better than $16,800 however I think i'm still going to look around a bit more the brakes not stopping correctly concerned me and when i looked up the carfax it had been in an accident last year. I did test drive a different used 2006 at a different dealership and this one had 28,000 miles on it, the brakes stopped normal where you actually can stop the car when coming into a red light and it had a clean carfax report however this Camry was priced at $17,995. Still a bit on the high side, i think its the market that i'm in Camry's seem to be a bit more expensive compared to other places.
  • Yes, it's true that some colors do not sell well, but it doesn't mean that you will get a better price "specifically" based on the color. It has more to do with how long a certain vehicle has been sitting on the lot, eating away at the dealer's parking fee profit. So, in a way, if a certain color doesn't sell well, there's a bigger chance that those cars had been sitting on the lot longer. You can get lucky and get the good deal on a car that has been sitting on the lot for awhile, and it happens to be your favorite color. The key to getting a good deal is don't give the salesperson too much info, like you're looking for a specific color. The way I played their game was just telling them I'm looking for a specific model, and they will show you the car they are trying to "get rid off", but of course, they're not going to tell you that. Check it out, test drive, do the whole bit, and then negotiate on price to your liking, and then say you don't really like that color and if they have some color that you like. They will not like that, but tough. If they are still trying to push that car on you, you tell them that if they knock off the price some more, you might sacrifice your color preference for the better deal. They will either knock the price off a little bit more, or will check for the color you like. Both ways, you win!

    When it comes to getting good deals, it all comes down to your negotiation skills. Some tips include:
    - Preparation: Getting as many quotes as you can on the model you want, and knowing what people are paying for it (Thanks to forums like this one).
    - Patience: Being ready to spend over 2 hours at the negotiation table and outlasting them.
    - Flexibility: Not falling in love with any specific car, model, color, feature, etc.
    - And MOST important: Be ready to walk away from the dealership if you can't agree on a price, especially if they try to bully you. There're plenty of cars, and plenty of dealerships carrying them.
  • flattoflatto Posts: 2
    Just came back from dealer in mid Missouri. Great sale man and nice test driving. The best price I can get for XLE V6 w/o Nav was $26,118 + Tax + Licence. Here are the add on options with this model:
    Heated Seat
    Smart Key
    Vehicle Stability Control
    Carpet/Trunk Mat Set

    The MSRP was $30,379. It seems that I can get more than $4,000 discount. Is that a good deal to go? What do you guys think?

  • That sounds like a good deal. The best quote I was able to get for a similar car was $26,500 + Tax/Title/License. Let us know if you can get a better deal.
  • flattoflatto Posts: 2
    Sure, let's see whether I can make a better deal then...
  • car_fan1car_fan1 Posts: 10

    How can I find out how long a car has been sitting on
    a lot? Anyway to find out with the VIN number or stock
    number or whatever?
  • car_fan1car_fan1 Posts: 10
    I was reading the "Confessions of a Car Salesman" (very interesting read, BTW) and in Part 5 there is a mention of how some buyers get excited because they get a free tank of gas. I thought when you buy a new car, it will come with a full tank of gas! Is that not the case?! Does this depend on the dealer? If I buy a camry, does Toyota expect the dealer to fill gas as part of the prep?
  • Yes, my LE came with a full tank of gas (in NJ). I believe this is the standard, because the window sticker did mention "full tank".
  • geffengeffen Posts: 278
    Every car i've purchased even used the dealer filled it up for me when I purchased it.
  • syadwadsyadwad Posts: 2
    I am from Phoenix, AZ (Tax = 8%). I got a quote of ~ $30700 (OTD) for Camry SE v6 with leather/sunroof without navigation. After reading couple forums, it seems people are getting much better deals!!! Ireally want magnetic gray with leather and sunroof. Please help how to get better deal. On edmundds, the invoice price for this loaded car is 27620. If you add tax/title/reg. it does comes out to over 30K.
    What am i doing wrong?
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