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2013 and Earlier - Toyota Camry Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • jaydolljaydoll Posts: 120

    Here's the deal. $18600 was what I decided that I was going to pay. It is that simple. Everyone else seems to be quite content paying more. I have already the passed the tourch on to two other people who are following my example and paying the same price for an LE/auto.

    Best of luck
  • dhgdhg Posts: 9
    Northern California

    Picked mine up today, This was best, no haggle offer that I could find from Monterey to San Franscico. No other dealer would go this low. The Internet manager at Hanlees Toyota in Richmond,Ca., said he was getting a metallic gray with black leather in a couple of days, and reserved it for me without a deposit.I was expecting the usual dealer/salesman antics when I went to pick it up, but there were none. Signed some forms, gave them a check and off I went. The manager also provided a new car inservice, no corners cut. This internet sales manager sells all Camry's At $200 over invoice excluding hybrids of course. Great buying experience.

    Left the dealer and drove 338 miles doing errands.I hit the usual Bay area traffic congestion. It was stop and go for an hour, then mostly highway and a little city and went over Pacheco Pass. The fuel gauge was a slightly below half when I filled up. I put in 10.88 gallons, equals 31 MPG, sounds too good, but I really babied it, kept it under 65. Except on Pacheco Pass this car handles great, it is a long way from my EVO, this Camry is for my wife anyway. It is hard to believe this is just a Camry, it drives and looks great.

    2007 Toyota Camry SE V-6 w/ Leather: metaillic gray color

    MSRP: $29,654

    Internet Price: $26,572

    $200 over invoice
    Retail Total
    Vehicle Base .......................:$24315.00
    50 State Emissions .........................
    JBL Premium 6 Disc In-dash CD Changer/ ..... 1000.00
    MP3/Bluetooth w/ 8 Speakers, In 6 ..........
    Locations, 440 Watts and Satellite Radio ...
    Capability. Requires: Subscription to .....
    XM or Sirius, Antenna and Receiver. ........
    Sport Leather Package: leather package 1770.00
    w/ Driver & Front Passenger Heated Power ...
    Seats, & Heated Outside Mirrors ............
    Color-Keyed Rear Spoiler ................... 200.00
    Moonroof Package: Power Tilt/Slide ......... 940.00
    Moonroof w/ Dual Illuminated Visor Vanity ..
    Mirrors and Rear Personal Lamps ............
    Vehicle Stability Control w/ Traction ...... 650.00
    Control ....................................
    Carpet/Trunk Mat Set ....................... 199.00
    Total Accessories ...........................: $ 4759.00
    Destination Charge ..........................:$ 580.00

    Total .......................................: $29654.00
  • gosmangosman Posts: 6
    Where in Texas is Charles Maund? I live in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area. Any others here got a good deal. We have that dag gum it Gulf States charge on most of the cars here in Texas!!
  • gosmangosman Posts: 6
    Where did you get your car in Texas?
  • alamocityalamocity Posts: 680
    Charles Maund is located in Austin. You can go to their website and request an online quote
  • Thanks for all the information on this forum. It has been a great help. I closed on a 2007 Camry-LE with carpet and trunk mats total for 19,600 out the door. I was a first time car buyer like many people on the forum. I bought it through Costco-Auto buying program. Dealer told me that $500 above costco invoice is his price. Costco's invoice was $19,375. So his final price including TTL and other processing fees was approx. $20.5K. I told him about 2-quotes that were lower than his. One from Carmax (Laurel Toyota)which was 20,674 and other from Fitzmall 19,960. He offered 20 and I asked 19. Deal was finally made for 19.6. I could have bargained more, but that's OK. I'm happy. My advice to new buyers is to go thro' Costco (no need for costco a/c. i used my brothers card) and then haggle from that price. I will take the delivery on tuesday, some loan paper work is pending. Can't wait..... Good luck to all the buyers. Let's hope I do not frequent "Camry: Problems and Fixes" thread anytime soon. Have a great memorial day weekend
  • just1guyjust1guy Posts: 19
    My deal of $19200 for Camry 07 LE auto in Chicago - there was no talk about car and trunk mats . They were there when I picked up the car . Someone posted that they come with the car . That was verified by my dealer .You shouldn't be charged extra for them.
  • djpdx1djpdx1 Posts: 30
    I just picked up my grey/cream Camry hybrid from a dealer eighty miles from Portland, Oregon. The hybrid folks are waiting in most cases, months for their cars, but I called the rural dealer and had my car within a few days--a loaded hybrid unsold on the lot. (Try the country folks--they're great)
    I paid MSRP, $30,634, but I get a federal/oregon total tax rebate of $4100. And my credit union union financed at a fixed 5.7%. So I walked out with a loaded Camry hybrid (leather/nav/moon), 43mpg for about $26K. It looks and drives well and the mpg is great (I traded a Murano SUV with 18mpg of premium fuel).

    My first Toyota--I'm luvin' it.
  • martinfmartinf Posts: 121
    I am in San Diego, CA and I got two dealers (Mossy Toyota and Toyota of Carlsbad) at $18,700 for the $21,279 car on April 10, 2006. Bob Baker Toyota runs weekend ads in the San Diego Union Tribune on Friday for 4 or 5 cars only at even a bit less than that. I checked with Toyota of Orange and they were willing to go as far as $18,700, as well, but no L.A. dealers were willing to compete. I know San Diego is quite a bit away from San Francisco, but I did not see anyone else responding to your inquiry. There may be some Toyota incentives this weekend that might make your local dealers a bit more competitive. Good luck! I think it is a great car for the money.
  • tinatinatinatina Posts: 388
    Thanks for the reply. I wish I could get the same deal as yours below $19k. Although San Diego is a beautiful city (I was there and stayed at the Omni Hotel adjacent to Petco in 2004), it is too far for me to go to. The SF Bay Area dealerships appear to be holding their prices steady in the $19,200 to $19,400 range exclusive of TTL on the $21,279 MSRP vehicle. (There are some $199/mo leases, but no other incentives). Most dealers now have 3 to 6 LEs in stock. They have a ton of XLEs, SE V-6s, and LE V- 6s. This is a reversal from several weeks ago, when there were no or 1/2 V-6s in stock.

    I may actually go with a 2006 Accord LX 4 auto because of pricing. They are well below $18k, before TTL, and are giving the best trade-ins. The differnce is about $1,500 before trade-in. (I guess they are pushing volume, but one dealer had over 60 Accords in stock of all different stripes). The Camry LE is a fine car.
  • bvegabvega Posts: 4
    The lowest quote I got in DFW is from Toyota of Fort Worth for $19,500.
  • aznmaskaznmask Posts: 21
    How i can get a better deal for Camry 2007 LE V6? in MA? I really want to buy this car.. in june.
  • moogoo541moogoo541 Posts: 2
    Just picked up a titanium metallic 4 cylinder CE for 17277 and ttll = to 18934 out the door. good deal or no? came w/ floor mats, cargo net, first aid kit, and free oil changes from dealership for lifetime. in so cal btw, was in and out in 40 minutes, easiest car buy of my life.
  • Mr Moogoo, that my friend is a smokin deal. I'm up in the Bay area and would hop on a southwest flight for the 2 hour ride to get that price. Mind sharing the dealership name so I can email them for price quote?
    Best I seen up in the bay area for CE is 17988. LE are going for 192xx. These prices exclude tax title and license of course. I've been thinking about teh TCH but can't justfy it costs (MSRP) compared to just the basic Camry (near invoice)
  • filodfilod Posts: 189
    'Except on Pacheco Pass this car handles great, it is a long way from my EVO, this Camry is for my wife anyway. It is hard to believe this is just a Camry, it drives and looks great'

    DHG - coming from one driving an EVO, this is a good compliment on the Camry SE! I have a black SE because this is what my wife wants, but all the colors just looks great on the 07 Camry.

    And great price!
  • machismomachismo Posts: 6
    thanks jaydoll for the reply, is ur 18600 OTD with TTL ?
  • jaydolljaydoll Posts: 120

    My price was just for the car with mats.

    I would like to this oportunity to weigh in on the the car price comparison issue-

    If when stating a car price, I believe that just the price of the vehicle is what we are trying to compare.

    The following fees SHOULD NOT INCLUDED: tax, title and, registration, as these vary from state to state.

    Also, just for comparison sake, it would be great if everyone listed their documentation fee that they are being charged by the dealer. This is the fee that the dealers charge for doing the paper work.

    For example, the $18600, that I am paying for a 07 LE/auto is for the car. The documentastion fee is $199.

    That's it. I am registering the car myself and will pay the sales tax at time of registration. I will pay the actual registration fee that my DMV when I register the car.

    IMHO, this give us all the same data to compare.
  • citymomcitymom Posts: 8
    Can someone direct me where to find what the option packages are (ie, option a, option c, etc....)


    and is the voce activated navi woth the extra $ ?
  • Does anyone have information on the Costco program? is it a good deal, or is it better to negotiate a deal yourself.
  • tweliyingtweliying Posts: 23
    Don't recommend costco at this point. They set up a fixed price ($500-1000)over their invoice depended on trim.
  • tweliyingtweliying Posts: 23
    choose your zip and figure out the trim you desire.
  • doug52doug52 Posts: 25
    Moogoo, your deal is over $1,000 less any dealer in Denver, even without the extras. Only one dealer here has a CE, but I have not seen it. Aside from the power driver seat, did you (or others) find any significant difference with the LE? Thanks.
  • moogoo541moogoo541 Posts: 2
    um ok guys heres the dealio, im in so cal, and the CE price is advertised in LA TIMES newspaper for 17277 for all available models at Claremont toyota and when i went there, they had aloooooot of colors to choose from... well difference btwn CE and LE, i dont really like the auto chairs and was gonna get a better aftermarket alarm so felt it was more worth it for me to save 1000 or so... and the best part about Claremont toyota is they offer FREE LIFETIME oil changes for the car. dunno about the handling, bought the car for my mom. as far as what was charged, it was 8.25 sales tax, CA registration, and 45 DOC FEE. thats it. love that place, it was so fast.
  • taydavtaydav Posts: 3
    I've been to a couple dealerships in the Pittsburgh area. The best deal i received was 20,200. These guys around here do not want to give a deal. They also tell me my edmunds and KBB invoices are 700 off from their invoices, but they won't show me their invoices. I'm thinking they are lying. Any suggestions from anyone on how to get a better deal?
  • akim95akim95 Posts: 1
    The Libertyville Toyota near Chicago, IL quoted $22,866 for an 07 LE V6 with FE, EJ and CF options. After TTL (state sales tax of 7.75%), documentary service fee, and an electronic licensing fee for plates, we ended up paying $24,869.83.
  • just1guyjust1guy Posts: 19
    Watch out for those . I knew a lady that went in for one of those and came out with a bill for over $600 .
    My friend went in for a few of those and gave up after they started charging him for things that were not related to the oil change .
    I guess they are OK if you can stand your ground and not give in to the high pressure sales pitch for any other service or part that they think that you must have .
  • shopper102shopper102 Posts: 8
    Has anyone here received a great price at a dealer around NC?

    For that matter, what price can you expect to pay for an auto LE w/ the standard options?

    I was given a quote of 19,200 (don't know if it included dest.) +TTL
  • What dealership did you get it from, and how did they treat you?
  • maryann1752maryann1752 Posts: 12
    I'm in the Houston, TX area. How much am I looking to pay for the following: XLE Black exterior with Bisque interior with navigation, Smart Key System, Push Key Start and Satelitte radio.
  • njeraldnjerald Posts: 688
    Toyota of Kirkland, Internet Sales Manager only.

    Best price of all the dealers who responded to me. All correspondence by email. Got the total price itemized for a Cashier's check but Mgr. said a personal check was all right.

    Went over to look at the car, signed the papers and was gone in 15 minutes.

    No hassle on any dealer add-ons, didn't pay the sticker add-ons, didn't get handed off to a credit or acctg. person or another Mgr.

    Quick straight up deal!!!!!!!!!!
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