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2013 and Earlier - Toyota Camry Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • gainesmbgainesmb Posts: 17
    Hello All,

    I was directed to this discussion site by Pat (Host) and any advice you can provide will be greatly appreciated.

    This is the current out the door price for the car I am requesting as per the dealer who I test drove the vehicle with in Long Island, NY. You will note that the JBL Radio is not available as per the dealer. He stated that the option is not available for the LE model from the factory. It was brought to my attention in a separate discussion group that it may have something to do with the region I am in. If anyone can clarify that for me it would be ideal because I did locate a vehicle with all of my options except for the side molding in Maryland at and wouldn't mind traveling to get it if not available locally. In the mean time, Please let me know if this deal is flawed in anyway for the Long Island, NY area and I will post the Maryland OTD price when I get it.

    2007 Camry LE (V6) $22,906
    1) Titanium Metallic exterior color
    2) Ash Interior color
    3) Vehicle Stability Control $520
    4) JBL AM/FM w/In Dash 6 CD Changer N/A
    5) Body Side Molding $199
    6) Floor/Trunk Mats INC
    7) Cargo Net $49

    Sub Total = $23,674
    Tax = $2041.89
    DMV = $67.50
    *Total = $25783.39

    *Plates Extra
  • Yes, I bought Camry LE for 20,500 out the door from Crystal Auto Mall on Route 22, Green Brook, NJ. If it is allowed here, I could also suggest the name of the salesman who got me this deal. The overall buying experience at Crystal was good..the negotiation lasted about 15-20 minutes. If you want to buy from Crystal, you should consider that they have a very small inventory. I had to wait for about 2 weeks to get a 4 cyl metallic grey LE without moonroof.

    I got over-the-phone offer of $20,800 out the door from Route 22 Toyota (on Route 22, Union, NJ) but I had problems with their committment and offer. I confirmed an offer of 20,800 OTD with their online sales manager, and he asked me to stop by and buy it from a specific salesman. When I called that salesman in the evening to confirm, he denied the offer saying it was too low for him to sell. Next day, the manager called again and asked me to stop by, and the same thing happened again. They were either playing games, or were just too stupid.

    I negotiated with at least 4-5 other Toyota dealerships in NJ, but no one quoted below 21k OTD.
  • tchcroftontchcrofton Posts: 2
    The sticker was $27,969 and I got it for $25600.

    Not a bad price. Just do your research and go is with a
    printout for a dealer that advertises Internet Pricing.
    Like this one:

    Your dealer will either come down, or you can go to another

    Another way to do it is to contact a few local dealerships
    and ask for their best and final price on the car you want.
    They'll either give you a good price, or at least give you
    something to take to another dealer and see if they can
    beat that price. :)
  • brownie523brownie523 Posts: 22
    So....I posted back in December regarding my purchase of a new, fully loaded 2007 Camry XLE V6. Just 3 months after I bought it, I was in an accident with only 5500 miles on the car :cry: . While sitting in traffic, I got rear ended by two cars, and the impact pushed into the truck in front of me, so there was damage to the front and rear of the vehicle. The car has been at the body shop since March 26th and is scheduled to be ready May 16th. The car has incurred about $16,000 worth of damage, and needless to say, I'm not sure if I want to hang on to it.

    SOOOO, I am considering buying the same exact car, if I can find it with all of the options!! I appreciate anyone letting me know about any deals you've come across in the VA/MD/DC or Atlanta, GA areas--Thanks!!
  • I made an offer of $20,800 OTD for a black 07 Camry LE auto, CX10 rear lip spoiler, PV50 mats, and AWAT alloy wheels.

    NC sales tax is only 3%. Title and tag is $72. MSRP is $22,674. They did not take my offer of 20,800, but offered it to me for 21,300 OTD.
    Was my offer really $500 off. Anyone else bought a camry near Charlotte, NC? I have seen a few deals on here that was better than my offer.
  • No, your offer was not really $500 off. It's just the way dealerships do business in the art of negotiation. Basically, you offered too high. They will always counter with something like $500 more, and then you counter, and then they counter, etc. At this point, it looks like you will eventually settle at $21,000, so when it's your turn to counter, counter low like $20,900 (or better yet: just say either $20,800 or you'll take your business elsewhere). Anyway, at least now, you have a "price to beat" of $21,300, and you'll need to get a few more dealerships involved and see if they can beat that price or match your offer of $20,800. With the next dealership, try offer a little bit lower like $20,500 or $20,000. :)
  • raleighprraleighpr Posts: 9
    I asked Leith Toyota to give me a VIN number so I can switch my insurance before the camry arrives on the 25th. They responded with this......

    Right now, there is just an (interim VIN). I should have a (real VIN) by the end of this week or beginning of next week...

    I was under the impression that all cars have a VIN and never a temporary VIN. Am I getting a run around.
  • kiawahkiawah Posts: 3,666

    When I bought mine, I had ordered it w/VSC (which isn't readily available in the SE, let alone Raleigh). I knew when it was supposed to be built, and I could see it on the Toyota website when it was built. It was easy to track which one was mine, due to the model/color/features. I was able to watch over time as the manufacturing/shipping dates changed a couple days slightly, and finally arrived at the Anderson dealership. I went to the dealership, and knew it was there before the salesman was told. It had the exact same VIN number as when I first saw it on the website.

    I suspect they either haven't taken the time to investigate it, or they're doing some dealer swaps to get your vehicle.
  • raleighprraleighpr Posts: 9
    I was tracking it on the dealer website and it showed it was assigned to Leith and to arrive on May 25. It no longer shows up on the dealer web site and cant seem to locate on the toyota website. Interesting. I do not think it is a dealer swap since it was originally assigned to Leith. Thye probably just havent looked into it
  • Do you have the website you used to track your vehicle? I have a VIN and would like to search where my car is in transit :confuse: .
  • kiawahkiawah Posts: 3,666
    The website I used was the main Toyota website, and then going in to the build a vehicle and check inventories section. However, I understand that the functionality of the website is substantially different based upon the area of the country and zipcode you are in. I'm in the SE.
  • telco59telco59 Posts: 16
    What's a good price for a basic 6 cylinder LE in the Washington DC metro area (DC, MD, VA)? I am not looking for any options. I'm already familiar with the TMV price. I am helping an elderly relative with some pricing research, so the car is not for me. Also, are there any dealers in the area you were very happy with, or conversely, any you wouldn't recommend?
  • dllharwooddllharwood Posts: 10

    Two weeks ago I bought a demo, 3700 miles on it, XLE V6, for $24000, $500 below invoice. It had the leather package, vehicle stability control, everything but navigation and pushbutton start. I think you should be able to do better. What is invoice on the car you want?
  • bug0926bug0926 Posts: 2
    The dealer I am working with is saying he is giving me $700 over invoice on a hybrid 50th anniv

    It has for a 50th anniv
    22794 base
    4455 on the package
    $620 on the det
    TDA of $422
    $10 gaw
    $524 holdback
    $262 wholesale reserve

    so is 29987 a good price?

    shouldn't holdback be taken out, i.e. he'll get that twice?
  • Read my post #5294 to explain about all these bogus fees they are trying to scam you with (ie: gas, holdback, wholesale reserve, etc).

    It looks like this dealership is trying to rip you off big time.
  • bug0926bug0926 Posts: 2
    So what would be a decent price on the car as invoiced?
  • slickjusslickjus Posts: 2
    I just got an amazing deal in Pennsylvania on:
    2007 Camry LE Auto, silver with DK and Z1 package.

    MSRP: $21,872

    Break down:
    Vehicle Price (inc. $500 reb.): ~$18,840.00
    Tax ( 6.00%): ~$1160
    Tags & Title: $82.50
    Processing Fee: $99.00
    Total (out the door): ~$20,180

    I got this price after going to 1 dealer, telling them to match or do better than the price from fitzgerald automall, they returned with price match plus Z1 package instead of CF, I then called a couple of local dealers, the conicelli told me, selling at that basically makes the dealer lose money. But I called sloane, they said they can do cheaper and provide a silver camry. There you have it. The dealer showed me it cost them $19987 to buy the car, so they make less than $200 out of this - the fees it cost them to have the car in their inventory. I wrote +/- because I am going to the dealer to finalize the price saturday. I know for sure, it is less than $20,205 OTD b/c that was the price from 2 other dealers.
  • kiawahkiawah Posts: 3,666
    Nice, which part of PA?

    Fitzmall also has a dealership in Chambersburg, PA.
  • dllharwooddllharwood Posts: 10
    I have seen the 50th anniversary Camry priced at $33,000. I think you may be getting a pretty good deal on a top of the line Camry. I guess it depends on how badly you want it.....
  • slickjusslickjus Posts: 2
    I got it in the suburbs of philly, is in Devon, PA. You know, I could get the 150% difference from fitzgerald but its not worth the hassle driving to maryland.

    The Chambersburg, PA one is 150 miles away from me, 2 hours, its further than going to maryland.
  • thelnel52thelnel52 Posts: 1
    I'm new to the car game; I just got a job at a Toyota dealership, and I was hoping to get some suggestions from some potential buyers/experienced salesmen about exactly how to approach this profession. Basically, I am asking what, outside of simply price, would make a person want to buy a car from me instead of someone else. Thanks a lot for whatever input you might have.
  • Not knowing the MSRP and/or all the options come with the vehicle, I can only give you a guess of $27,500. The acceptable range should be between $27,000 and $28,500.
  • Here are a few things that I would expect from a salesperson:

    - Honesty ( that's gonna happen) :)
    - Friendliness and Helpful
    - Knowledgeable of the vehicle I'm interested in
    - Not trying to push me away from the vehicle I'm interested in
    - Go back to the pit boss with my counter-offer, instead of whining about it
  • This is exactly how every buyer should do his/her homework when shopping for a vehicle. Great job!!! Good luck with the finalization, and enjoy your new Camry! :)
  • Finding a Toyota Camry with no option will be tough, but a good price for an LE V6 (with no option) would be around $21,500 plus Tax/Title/Tag.

    One good dealership I know of is Younger Toyota in Hagerstown, MD. Fitzgerald has excellent online deals at You can always use their price as the starting price-to-beat deal. Stay away from Darcars in Frederick, MD. They are so shady!!! They have a bogus website with fake invoice prices to convince the buyers that they are getting their vehicles "below invoice". Luckily, I did my homework prior going to the dealership, so I know what the real invoice price versus their bogus invoice price.
  • kyrptokyrpto Posts: 216
    This is a limited run with unique badging and other trim.
    You would probably do better on a standard hybrid but the supply is tightning some because of the higher gas prices.

    We've owned a Hh for almost two years and we really like it.
  • lessachslessachs Posts: 44
    Bought a TCH at MSRP last November at $26,800. Its the base model but still has a lot of extras. I got a fair trade on my older auto. Can't complain. No great deal but not ripped off either (I think). Location: Midwest; St. Louis area.
  • smegsmeg Posts: 3
    I'm looking at a V6 SE right now -

    leather interior
    heated seats / mirror
    mats / cargo net
    jbl stereo

    Currently the agreed price is $26,300, which sounds about right for it being loaded like it is (lower than msrp, seems to be at invoice price, if not lower)

    Sounds like a good deal?

    I've been arguing on my trade in price. A 2006 Scion xB, manual, high milage but always serviced with the same dealer I'm buying from. I wanted $11k, they offered $9k, we're settling in the middle at $10k right now.

    This is in central Mass
  • bolansbolans Posts: 1
    This week in NJ, I was quoted $28,700(before tax)for new 2007 Camry XLE V6 with the following options above base: (1)Navigation. (2)Vehicle Stability Control. (3) Smart Key System. (4) Front Heated Seats. Is this good?
  • dllharwooddllharwood Posts: 10

    The key to whether it's a good deal is the price quote in relation to invoice. Have you figures what invoice is yet? For all those options, it doesn't sound out of line but be sure to know the invoice.
  • timmushtimmush Posts: 10
    I have been looking for a Camry CE automatic.
    I was quoted a price for a Camry auto CE at about $18,650 which would make my Out the Door Price of $20,526 (NJ is 7% tax and 264+299.50 MV doc fees +7.50 tire tax)
    He told me that his price for me is $100 under invoice.

    Invoice at many websites lists it at about $17866 or so.

    This is my email after being given the quote of $18,650 and the dealers response to it.

    Thakn you for your price quote and the invoice you sent to me.
    ...according to the sheet you sent me the invoice was including
    TDA .........................................: $ 259.00
    Gasoline ....................................: $ 10.00
    Dealer Holdback .............................: $ 386.00
    Whsl. Financial Reserve .....................: $ 193.00

    All of those prices wouldn't be added to the invoice of the car I would be purchasing because:
    TDA is the toyota advertising fee and since I did not use a newspaper ad. or anyofhter form of advertising (other that the phone book to send you an email) that shouldn't be a charge.
    Gasoline: don't you give a full tank of gas to every car you sell?
    Dealer HOldback and Whlsale Financial Reserve are what the manufacturer (Toyota) gives to the dealership, so if you charge me for them, you are getting double the money you really should.
    So, that is 848 dollars to be taken off right there.
    Am I correct?



    That is not correct!

    The price I have giving you is the price.

    Those are expenses that built into the car, and allow me to sell the car at dealer invoice.

    If you would deduct $848.00 from dealer cost, then I would have to ask you to pay profit.

    This is how it works.

    I will make it very simple, but my price is firm....

    Thank you

    --- original message ---
    Sent: 5/17/2007 7:24 PM
    To: ;
    Subject: RE: Re: James Toyota Price Quote

    What do you guys think of this?????
  • gamdgamd Posts: 2
    I just bought a loaded silver TCH for invoice price. MSRP was $31,007 and I paid $28,036 + $98 processing fee. Not sure if I got a good deal but when i mentioned fitzmall they dropped their price $600 to invoice to match it. My salesperson then changed from a very pleasant lady to a nasty b*tch, which makes me think I did good. I love the car but I wanted to get the XM radio option installed but they said they're not doing SAT radio installs until the XM/Sirius merger is completed - which sucks. I guess they think one or the other will become obsolete.
  • mvperez4jesusmvperez4jesus Posts: 231
    My friend read below: you may be able to get 19500-19800 for a CE. This is the best deal in the State of NJ so far. I am keeping track of them since sept 06. Go with them or if you want to try Samsone Auto mall in woodbridge, NJ. its another good choice.
    for the way they answered you, i will say that the dealer u are talking about is Toyota in Route 22w. If not they sounded very similar. just put that offer on the iternet $20500 OTD for an LE with matts and see what u get

    Bought a Camry LE 4cyl Auto for $20,500 out the door from Crystal Auto Mall, NJ. Metallic Grey exterior with Ash interior. Base LE model with floor mats. No moonroof.
    Invoice (including destination): 18,837.38
    Tax 7%: 1,318.62
    NJ Tire Tax: 7.50
    Registration/Title: 47.50 (transferred my plates, so cost about $200 less)
    Data processing, documentation fee: 289.00

    Total: 20,500
    yes, it is Camry LE 4cyl Automatic. i
  • mvperez4jesusmvperez4jesus Posts: 231
    Just to make sure i give credit to whom deserves it, it was not me buying the car. But it still the best deal so far
  • telco59telco59 Posts: 16
    $21,500 is below the listed invoice of $21,569. So far, I've gotten quotes in the $22,000 range. That's before the $500 rebate currently being offered, and tax, tags, and processing.

    Thank you for your suggestions regarding dealers. I will check into Youngger and Fitzgerald.
  • riddlermythriddlermyth Posts: 40
    I can get the Camry CE automatic for $20k OTD, good deal? Its from a "family friend" that claims he isn't making a penny on the transaction. True? BTW, I'm in Florida.
  • gainesmbgainesmb Posts: 17
    As promised, below is the quote from Fitzmall in Maryland:

    Delivered Internet Price: $23,409 2007 Camry LE (V6)Automatic
    Includes Freight and Maryland inspection
    Features and Installed Options:
    (EJ ) JBL AM/FM STEREO W/IN-DASH CD CHANGER INCLUDES: Bluetooth, (8) speakers

    Excluding Tax+Tags+Title and Optional Dealer Processing Charge of($99)

    The invoice price is $444 more than the Edmunds invoice price but $17 dollars less than the sales price from the NY dealer minus the JBL system, which costs around $800.

    What do you make of the Fitzmall deal? They say that they are no haggle and the internet salesmen has not responded to my request for a lower price. Do they deal or are they truly no haggle and the price quoted is firm?

    Before you mention the travel cost and time to pickup from Fitzmall, I will not mind making the trip because I want the JBL radio in the LE model and it is not available from the factory in the New York and New Jersey Region. I do know that it is available in maryland and Virginia at this time.
  • kiawahkiawah Posts: 3,666
    FWIW....I don't believe they charge you for $99 because you're out of state.
  • dextchdextch Posts: 1
    Thanks to this discussion I felt like I knew what price I should expect to pay in the Los Angeles area for my TCH. I just purchased a loaded TCH (leather,nav,sunroof,convenience package, and floor mat set) for $27,800 or $300 over dealer invoice (MSRP 30,930). Tax and license extra of course. I love this car. Hope this helps others.
  • gampagampa Posts: 78
    ...and they don't haggle... just like they advertise.
    If you like the car, color, additions, etc... what are you waiting for? $444 seems like fair profit.

  • kemiezkemiez Posts: 3
    I'm currently shopping for a 2007 Camry LE. I've found one with a sticker of 24,188 with leather and sunroof. What's the best deal I can get on this vehicle?
  • kiawahkiawah Posts: 3,666
    Is that an I4 or a V6, what area of the country are you in, and have you looked at to do your own comparisons?

    Is the leather factory installed, or dealer. Not sure how you got up to a 24K MSRP on a 4 cylinder LE, with only the features you list.
  • kemiezkemiez Posts: 3
    it's a 4cyclinder and I'm in houston.
  • kemiezkemiez Posts: 3
    is 23k OTD a fair price on 07 camry le 4cyc w/leather & sunroof or should i keep shopping? i'm in a little pickle because i currently have a solara and just had a baby, really need the four door, like yesterday.
  • kiawahkiawah Posts: 3,666
    Sorry, you'll need to do a little more research. Based upon invoices of other vehicles, not sure how the one you are looking at is MSRP'ing out at over 24K with only the features you mention. Is the 24,188 really the factory MSRP sticker, and there are no other options? So there may be some other features or dealer add-ons where they have uplifted things. Without knowing for sure the exact features and the makeup of the MSRP, then you can't really figure out the dealers invoice. But once you do figure this out, then you'll know a reasonable starting point for an offer. After you collectively agree on the selling would then add the sales tax and dmv charges. Some dealers will try to add on more administrative fees at this point, so you need to be on the lookout for those and not accept them.

    My gut, without having enough info to really know, is that the offer is probably high. Folks are picking up base LE models for high 18's low 19's. Off the top of my head and adding about 1.5 for leather and sunroof, you should be around mid to high 20's (pre tax and dmv). Would really need to run the numbers to get closer.

    Off the subject, you might want to consider a minivan with small children. Having gone thru the child growing phases, that would be a much more practical're going to need the space and the seats. Wait till you try to haul a crib and stroller around.
  • gainesmbgainesmb Posts: 17
    Fair enough Gampa!!

    Car buying has been such a nightmare and in my 27 years of buying I have never purchased no-haggle. It seems too good to be true so that is why I am treading lightly and have so many questions. If this is the direction of Automobile sales for the future, I say it is about time...

    I will share the out the door breakdown shortly and hopefully it will help others on this forum as I have been helped. (Never would have looked out of state if not for this forum).
  • byduskbydusk Posts: 1
    I would appreciate the name of dealers who gave you good deals for the Camry Hybrid, and what type of deal you got, please.

    thank you
  • bobafettbobafett Posts: 9
    Just bought a LE 4cyl with moonroof as only option.
    I had a trade-in so who knows how that affected my price, the trade value seemed fair.
    Camry LE $19050 + $299 Doc Fee = $19349.
    Add Tax(3%) and Title/tags $50.
  • trevvvvtrevvvv Posts: 1
    i am considering the jasper pearl too.. how do u like the color.. i havent seen the car, just pics for now.. and i am also thinking of getting it at carmax in kenosha..

    id appreciate your input. thanks
  • cdfno1cdfno1 Posts: 3
    Just bought one from DarCars in Silver Spring. It is a standard LE. Price: 19000 - $500 (Toyota rebate) = 18500.
    Taxes, tag and processing fees are extra.

    It appeared that the price could go down a little more as they took my offer (18.5K) on the phone without any hesitation.
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