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2013 and Earlier - Toyota Camry Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • chadlinchadlin Posts: 2
    Just got a TCH with the following options: 1.50 state emissions 2. Comfort pkg 3. Leather Pkg. 4. Navigation 5. Moonroof 6. Carpet/Trunk Mat set. The out the door price was 29100. I thought this is really a good deal. Got it the end of last month in LA, CA.
  • syadwadsyadwad Posts: 2
    Hi Chadlin,
    How do I get the same deal? Which dealership was it?
  • pmanzapmanza Posts: 34
    Can you tell us what dealership? That is 2,000 better than the best I can do in No. CA. May well be worth a trip to LA and D-Land to get the car.
  • rsantan1rsantan1 Posts: 11
    That's a good price if you get the NAV also. I paid $28,800 OTD for my SE V6. Everything but NAV including the rear spoiler.
  • dllharwooddllharwood Posts: 10
    This past weekend I purchased a 2007 Camry XLE, V6, with leather interior. Sticker was $29,200 and I paid $24,000, $500 below dealer invoice. It was a demo with 3700 miles on it. It doesn't have navigation or the push button start. I think it has everything else. How did I do????
  • kiawahkiawah Posts: 3,666
    Just be cognizant and be on the lookout for the "transmission flare" problem on 6 cylinders. Was it really a demo and never licensed before....or pre-owned? Take it back quick if you have the problem, and have them undo the deal.
  • timmushtimmush Posts: 10
    Ok, I want to buy a Camry but have tons of questions. anyone want to help? I will be very thankfull. I will post the questions and you (if you want) can just copy and paste , then type in your answers! and thanks again.

    If I pay invoice on a Camry LE , gray. automatic what is the actual invoice and what would be a very good walk out the door price?

    If I pay Cash for the whole car, should I be getting a bigger discount?

    I have 2 months left on my Honda Accord lease that the buyout is about 2 grand+ less than what they are selling for now. 11k buyout vs selling for 14k. Can I ask for the difference to be applied for my new Camry?

    What are those fees that I do not or should not have to pay?

    If I transfer plates over to this car can I save money? (i read that in here)

    What about all of the transmission problems, is that something that should keep me from buying a camry?

    Should I get the waranty or should I wait until it is close to being up before I get the extended.

    Is buying better than leasing? I don't go over on the miles so I have always leased.

    I am sure I have more questions, so if you have any other car buying tips let me know.
  • geffengeffen Posts: 278
    What is the "transmission flare" problem? I've been looking at used Camry's and test driving some, I didnt know there were issues?
  • dreasdaddreasdad Posts: 276
    If you didn't pay cash for the car how would you pay? Would you trade a horse? If you pay cash, you pay less, as you don't pay interest to any one. If you Finance the bank you financed with pays the dealer in Cash as well as giving them at least a small fee for the loan if they orignated it.
  • kiawahkiawah Posts: 3,666

    Read thru these two forums:
    2007 Toyota Camry Transmission Questions
    2007 Toyota Camry Problems & Repairs

    There is a problem with the 6 cylinder transmission that some users are experiencing, which has been called 3-4 Transmission Flare Problem. It happens when the car is cold, and is shifting between 3rd and 4th gear. It's like the transmission goes into neutral and flares up about another 1000 RPM's. The rumor has been is that when the transmission is cold the fluid level is too low (and perhaps a little thicker), so it can have this problem until the transmission warms up. There is a TSB to replace the transmission, but some users are reporting that even the new transmission doesn't fix the problem.

    TSB 3-4 Flare
  • timmushtimmush Posts: 10
    I meant, if I am paying cash at the time of the sale and not financing, will the dealer be more likely to give me a better price? just wondering.
  • geffengeffen Posts: 278
    Looks like the TSB is for the 07 Camry's I'm looking at the used 05's and 06's so I shouldn't be effected on the previous model years.
  • kiawahkiawah Posts: 3,666
    Paying cash doesn't get you a better deal. Dealers can make additional money thru a loan or lease, so paying cash limits the total profit to just the front end purchase.

    You can check out for no haggle Camry prices. You'll be doing good if you match their prices in your local geography, without a bunch of additional fees. They show the inventory, MSRP, options, and prices.

    I'd highly recommend the 4cyl
  • dllharwooddllharwood Posts: 10

    I bought it from the Toyota dealer. It has never been titled. They had been using it as a demo for almost 4 months and wanted to get rid of it. It's dark blue. They had been trying to sell it for two months. My buying experience with the saleman and dealership was good.
  • mktamericamktamerica Posts: 1
    That is to much, you can get the car for $200.00 over dealer invoice price. I just got mine below dealer invoice!!! Make them drop the price. They can and will, just dont let them push you around and give you stupid excuses why they cant do it.
  • thanks for providing the link to "Confessions of a Car Salesman". had i read it before, i would have saved $200 on the car i bought last month. anyway, the article was a whole new perspective of dealing with dealerships.
  • amirkamirk Posts: 13
    I would like to purchase 2007 Camry XLE-V4.
    Here are Edmunds numbers:
    invoice: 24,217
    msrp: 27,370

    Here are KBB numbers:
    Invoice: 23,890
    MSRP: 27,209
    (maybe an option i forgot to select here).

    I havent started any negotiation but i was wondering what is the lowest offer i can get in the Southeast region?

    Is $24,000 out the door possible?

    Also, on a sidenote does anyone know when the 2008 camry will be coming?
  • kiawahkiawah Posts: 3,666
    The SouthEast Region will have a SET surcharge on each car, it's about 600 bucks, if IRC.

    Not sure where you are in the SE, but if you can make your way up to in Gaithersburg, you can use them as a pricing point reference and/or alternative to any local dealer. They aren't in the SE, so don't have that added cost. Additionally, they have low no-haggle online pricing, with no dealer administration charges if you are buying out of state. Check out their website, inventory is online with all of the cars options and prices.
  • jb_turnerjb_turner Posts: 702
    No "demo" has 3700 miles on it... That car is USED!
  • car_fan1car_fan1 Posts: 10
    I have different dealerships, some in the same county, quoting different figures from $180 to $230 for the same car. Is this not supposed to be the same all over the state? Or is this one way a dealer can recoup a bit of markdown?
  • wvgasguywvgasguy Posts: 1,405
    Actually I believe in some areas salepersons still drive cars as demo's and could put 5000+ miles on a car. They are usually discounted.

    If it's truly USED the the title would so reflect prior ownership.

    Personally, I'd have to get a very good deal before I'd consider buying a demo or an end of the year model
  • raleighprraleighpr Posts: 9
    Bought a Camry SE V4 in Magnetic gray with dark charcoal interior with only options being a moonroof and rear spoiler.

    Out the door price of 22,900...How did I do? I compared 6 North Carolina dealers internet quotes and bargained back and forth. Leith Toyota in Raleigh was able to offer the best price. Thoughts??????
  • chadlinchadlin Posts: 2
    I got it from Penske Toyota (Downey, CA). The internet Sales guy is called Sean. He is really nice. Btw, I bought it towards to the end of last month. Camry hybrid is difficult to negotiate the price, but it's always the case that you can get a better price when it's close to the month end, especially last day.

    Also, if you are interested in a car with FULL options and silver color, there is a car from Claremont Toyota where offered me 29,347 (OTD). The downside is the car is about 60 miles, but it's really a good deal, if you don't mind the milleages. Good luck, Peggy.
  • kiawahkiawah Posts: 3,666
    If you want feedback, you need to break the deal down so people can see the details. Need to identify what options were on the vehicle. Tax rates and DMV rates are different from county to county and state to state. Dealer admin fees vary wildly from nothing to 600 bucks, I believe Leith is probably in the 400 range.

    For instance, provide the original MSRP of the vehicle, and the negotiated price of just the car w/options. Then show the admin charges, the dmv charges, tax, admin, etc. If you have a trade-in you need to identify that as well, but then it becomes very difficult to evaluate the deal as the dealership could have under bid on your old car by a couple thousand bucks (booking the profit on the deal on the tradein).

    I've personally never found the Leith chain to be competitive.
  • raleighprraleighpr Posts: 9
    Camry SE V4 Sport in mag. gray and dark charcoal int.
    Base price 22140
    Moonroof 940
    Rear lip spoiler 300
    Man.Delv.Prc. 675
    Dealer Fee 400
    Total MSRP 24,455
    Total Price to me before tax/tags 22,156

    Taxes 689
    Tags 55

    Total out the door price - 22,900

    Now how did I do
  • kiawahkiawah Posts: 3,666
    Automatic or Manual?

    And No Leather, correct?

    And you don't mention the basic Mats option, but they're included, right?

    And when you say 'Sport', you are referring to the package that gives you the mirror, compass, and garage opener buttons all in the mirror.. right?
  • raleighprraleighpr Posts: 9
    I apologize it is an automatic that has the basic mats, no leather, and by sport I was just referring to the SE trim.

    From everything I have read, 22,900 out the door is pretty good, below invoice I reckon.
  • actstuactstu Posts: 1
    Just picked up my 07 LE with CF option last night at a huge LA-SoCal dealer. All negotiations were done over the phone or through emails with their internet manager.

    Final cost before tax and fees: $18,420
    MSRP: $21,794
    Invoice: $19,517
    Total OTD: $20,192.

    Just a sidenote, a huge OC-SoCal dealer is advertising an $18,395 price for the same model+options over the radio.
  • amirkamirk Posts: 13
    what is true dealer cost or dead cost? how much lower would it be to the actual invoice?
  • kiawahkiawah Posts: 3,666
    I believe you did well for buying in the local Raleigh area (part of the SE region). You could have potentially saved about 1,100 (600 due to SET and 400 for the dealer fee.) if willing to do a little more negotiating and willing to buy out of immediate area (about 4 hrs away). I personally did get an agreement from local dealer Anderson a year ago when 07's were first released, to price match out of state dealer. Leith wouldn't budge on their price.

    Fitzmall in G'burg have a couple SE Auto's (2007 SE) which are loaded up a little more than yours, but they will do a custom order for you as well if you were willing to wait.

    That model has a couple features yours doesn't JBL (1000 msrp/750cost), VSC (650 msrp/520cost), plus some fancy pedals, and wheel locks which I didn't take into consideration. They don't have any admin charge for out of state purchases, and if I remember correctly the delivery charge is 55 less up there as well which I didn't take into account either. Take their vehicle and back out the JBL and VSC, and it would be 24,249MSRP/21194 invoice, and they sell about 60 under invoice for that model so call it 21,130. This is before you would pay NC tax and DMV when you register in NC.

    So that's about 1100 less than your local deal, which we know 400 is Leith's admin charge, 600 is an additional cost item Toyota SE puts on the cars, etc.

    In my case I travel to G'burg on business occassionally, so wouldn't have been a problem at all to purchase there (and I did stop on one trip and check out the dealership). But even for driving up 4 hours, wouldn't be a bad return on investment.

    Sleep well and enjoy the car, you did well for a local purchase, and I'm sure will be very happy over the years.
  • dllharwooddllharwood Posts: 10
    Yes it was driven by the finance manager. It's the fewest miles on a car that I have ever bought. I tried to get them to go lower than $24K but they wouldn't budge after about 90 minutes. To be honest I wanted the car. I also knew having been shopping for a used 2007 XLE V6 that $24K for one so nicely equipped and so few miles wasn't a bad buy. It has never been titled so all new car warranties applied.
  • buybuybuybuy Posts: 1
    I just paid $29,000 for XLE V6 with HD, NV, VS, CF..I'm hoping I got a fair deal but from the posts I've read I think I could have gotten a better deal. :(
  • What was your MSRP? Is the $29,000 the out-the-door price that included Tax, Tags, Fees, and everything? If your MSRP was over $31,000 and your OTD deal was $29,000, then you did ok. You could have gotten it for $500 less (depending on the MSRP), but your $29k was a fair deal. Now, if the $29k was just the sale price before adding in all the Tax and Fees, then I'm sorry to say you did really bad.
  • doug52doug52 Posts: 25
    Saves a few bucks (except at resale), more fun to drive (except in commuter traffic), and presumably avoids the AT woes. In Denver, a MT Camry(CE, don't need the power seat) is about $19K + ttl. Impossible to find with VSC tho.

    Anyway, would like to hear from any camry MT buyers about price and your overall opinion. Thanks.
  • timmushtimmush Posts: 10
    i just read that for 14$ you can get the price the dealer got the car for and you work your negotiations up from that price. Does anyone know what that price is for a 07 camry le automatic. I dont want to pay the 14$ ( I am cheap). Or, if you can tell me what I should pay in nj for that car, let me know :)
  • mcdawggmcdawgg Posts: 1,684
    I paid $18,050 back in February (including everything EXCEPT tax) for a manual transmission CE. The only extras it had was the carpeted floor mat set. I also got them to install the body side moldings for free.

    I agree, I don't need a power seat, and I can add keyless for about $200, so it makes no sense $$$ to get the LE.

    In my opinion, the manual transmission is the only way to go on any car! Now, most people don't agree (the wife would rather have automatic), but considering the money savings, it is worth it. Resale is at least 10 years (150,000+ miles) away, so the resale value reduction for the manual is not worth considering. Besides, if the automatic fails, it a big expense compared to a clutch replacement.

    No problems to report, other than a minor interior rattle, but only when really cold, and even then it goes away after the car is driven a few miles.

    Let me know if you have any other questions. Good Luck!
  • yxk9969yxk9969 Posts: 12
    I tried one time with that price. But, I am concerning Interest Rate. How much interest rate did you have for that price? Here is NJ. I called 2 dealers. They said 6 to 7% financial Rate for 60 months.
  • timmushtimmush Posts: 10
    Here is the info on the Camry I am looking at. Does anyone know how to break down these fees and tell me what I should really pay for this car? THank you so much!
    CAMRY CE : Base retail: Retail: $19520.00 Dealer: $17275.00
    Carpet/trunk mat: Retail: $199.00 Dealer: $126.00. Destination Charge $620. TDA???: $320 Gasoline: $10 Dealer Holdback:$390 Whlsl. Financial Reserve: $ 195.00 TOTAL: $18936.00 Ok, I live in NJ and the tax is 7%.That price with tax is $20,261.52. They said this price would be $100 below invoice. I was given the OUT OF THE DOOR PRICE as $20,816.06. EVERYTHING INCLUDED no other fees at all. Is this a good price. What can I work on to get this price lower. THANKS AGAIN !!!
  • Oh boy...this dealership is trying to rip you off every way they can. I can't believe that they are so cheap that they would double-charge you for gas!!! Gas should already be part of the invoice. Even if it's not, a good dealership would use that to their advantage by offering you a free tank of gas. TDA is Toyota Dealer Advertising fee. If you are a good negotiator, you can get them to drop that fee. If you started out by requesting for quotes online using Edmunds and other websites, tell them that you found the car on your own and not with their ad, so you shouldn't have to pay that. If you saw this car in a newspaper ad, then it will be very tough for you to get them to drop this fee (but can still be done). Dealer Holdback and Wholesale Financial Reserve are what the manufacturer (Toyota) gives to the dealership, so if they charge you for these bogus "fees", they are double-collecting these fees.

    The key for you to get a better and maybe more honest deal is to get quotes from some more dealerships. Out-the-door (OTD) price (including Tax and Fees) should be between $19,000 and $20,000. The max OTD price you should pay is $20,000, so don't let this dealership "take you to school"! Tell them you know all about these bogus fees and if they don't drop them, you'll take your business elsewhere. Actually, just on the gasoline deal alone, I would take my business elsewhere.

    Good Luck!!!
  • timmushtimmush Posts: 10
    ok, i was at the dealership for a few hours today. the lowest I could get for a Camry LE was 19710. which had an out the door price of $21,651.20. I told them I couldn't do it, they said they were losing money on the deal (yeah right) but I offered $20999 cash and they couldn't do it. I told them I was leaving, thought they would give it to me but no, so, I walked. OK,,, how can I get this car for what you are saying. I actually think I would want the CE now so I think it should be about $1400 less, so now we are talking $18600. Is that possible, because the other place said there is no way it could be done.
  • kiawahkiawah Posts: 3,666
    LE for $18.8K


    Where are you located, and what were the elements of the markups on top of the dealers price? That dealer offer is 900 more than you can pick it up at no-haggle Fitzmall. If your dealer offer had other admin fees on top of that, you could save even more!

    Take a vacation to DC.
  • First, in order to know if it's a good or fair deal, you need to at least provide the MSRP price (or all the options) of the vehicle. And good for you that you were able to walk out on them. They will call you back with a lower price, so don't worry about that. Just look at post #5283 and see what he got his LE for. Also, in my area (Maryland) the LE model is giving out a $500 rebate.

    As for the CE, it's possible to get an OTD price of $18,600, but it will be very tough. As in my previous post, the realistic range is between $19,000 and $20,000. Most people get it for $19,500 with almost no problem.

    I don't know how many Toyota dealerships are around where you live, but just get quotes from all of them, and use the lowest quote as your starting point and ask the other dealerships if they can beat it or not. Also, tell them that you know people are getting the LE out-the-door for around $20,000 and the CE for around $19,000 and you want the same deal.

    Just be patient, and they will come to your price. Every month that vehicle sits on their lot, they are losing around $300.

    Also, if you don't mind going to another state to purchase your vehicle, get quotes from PA and MD dealerships as well. They'll be glad to sell you their vehicles as well. The more ammo you have, the more you can shoot down the price.
  • It's very difficult to know the actual Dealer Cost. The typical formula for it is:
    Dealer Cost = Invoice - 3% Hold Back - Manufacturer-To-Dealer Incentive.

    There are a few more pieces to the formula like other Special Incentives and Dealer Floor Plan Interest, but you can just lump them all in as part of the Manufacturer-To-Dealer Incentive category. That's the piece that we consumers are unsure about because it varies month to month.
  • timmushtimmush Posts: 10
    thanks for all of your responses. If you help me get a good deal, I will have you all over for a drink!!!
    anyway. The car was a base model LE. . THey said $19,710 was the cost of the car to me, with tax (I AM IN NJ) and other fees-tire fee 7.50, Registration (254) and DOc fee (299.50) out the door price was $21,651. they wouldn't go any lower. I dont know the MSRP on the vehicle but it only had floor mats, that is it. So know I decided on a base model CE. I have sent 7 emails to different Toyota dealers and no one says they can beat the $20,816 out of pocket for a CE
  • kiawahkiawah Posts: 3,666
    That's what I thought, your dealer had put on a doc fee as well. Go to fitzmall, save $1,200 over your current offers.
  • Yep...If these NJ dealerships aren't budging, it's time to cross state line and take your business there. I think a $1200-1500 saving is worth that trip.
  • I bought a Camry LE 4cyl Automatic with floor mats for $21,500 out the door from NJ about 3 weeks ago. On top of that I got a $400 recent graduate discount, making the final deal at $21,100 out the door.
  • amirkamirk Posts: 13
    Hey guys, here is the car I want:

    XLE V4 with Leather package. On Carmax, the no-haggle price is: $24,468.

    My question is: Can I get a better deal than Carmax at local dealers? If yes, then how much lower would they be willing to go?
  • kiawahkiawah Posts: 3,666
    That carmax link says the car is no longer available, guess it was a good deal for at least one other buyer.
  • mvperez4jesusmvperez4jesus Posts: 231
    Bought a Camry LE 4cyl Auto for $20,500 out the door from Crystal Auto Mall, NJ. Metallic Grey exterior with Ash interior. Base LE model with floor mats. No moonroof.
    Invoice (including destination): 18,837.38
    Tax 7%: 1,318.62
    NJ Tire Tax: 7.50
    Registration/Title: 47.50 (transferred my plates, so cost about $200 less)
    Data processing, documentation fee: 289.00

    Total: 20,500
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