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2013 and Earlier - Toyota Camry Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • smslegendsmslegend Posts: 3
    I was just at Longo Toyota and was able to test drive one but they didn't have the color that I wanted. I didn't get a quote from the guy because he didn't want to make a deal on a car that I didn't want. The MSRP was $26,234 and he said that he might be able to get it for $500 over invoice if and when the color comes in. I was referred by my insurance agent to talk to someone who sells toyotas' and he turned out the be the Fleet Manager at Longo Toyota. The best price he gave me was $27,800 out the door. 8.25 % tax here in Los Angeles. He said that he couldn't work on the price because of the high demand. Oh Yea, the car didn't have the JBL, Nav, or anything. All it had was a sunroof.
    I'll give those dealers a try. and I'll keep everyone updated.
    BTW, I loved the car after driving it.
  • bobgwtwbobgwtw Posts: 187
    Just looked at your post again. Your zip is probably 29204, not 19204
  • bconnellybconnelly Posts: 1
    I am new to this so bare with me. I can buy the car at my local toyota dealership and then call one of the dealerships listed on in your message and order the extended warr.? How long after I buy the car do I have to get the warr.?


  • sunny30sunny30 Posts: 2
    Here is what I paid for my new LE V6 w/ RS, CF, A1.
    $ 22,777. (w/o TTL)
    Manufacture's sugg retail price was $24,738.
    Tax here in San Antonio TX is 6.25 %
    All other fee was around $ 280.
    I also bought extended protection plan for $899. (5 yr/75000 miles)

    How does this deal looks?

  • bobddbobdd Posts: 1
    07 camry LE 4cyl
    Estimated Pricing*
    Base $19,320.00
    Options $199.00
    Manuf. Delv, Proc, & Hndlg $635.00
    Fuel Surcharge $23.35
    Total $20,177.35

    The discount price is $19,795.00. The options include "Carpet Mats and Trunk Mats". I am just curious if anyone have paid 'Trunk Mats'
  • njeraldnjerald Posts: 688
    Extended Warranty High.
  • martinfmartinf Posts: 121
    Actually, this was a new concept to me as well that I learned from this and some other internet searching. You do not have to buy the extended warranty from the selling dealer of the vehicle and you do not have to buy it at the time of purchase of the vehicle. Both with my 2001 Landcruiser and my 2001 Mercedes CL500, the dealer gave me the impression that I would get the best deal if I bought it at the time of the vehicle purchase. I know now that you have until almost the end of the original new car warranty. I do believe that it must be by 35 months and 35,000 miles, but you can check the Toyota Financial Services website for the exact details. Bottom line - You can buy the warranty from any Toyota dealership and there is no great rush. I just decided to go for it on the 2007 Camry because I was concerned that the great prices I was getting might not be there in two or three years. I contacted a dealer that a member posted a year ago that was selling the warranty for about $500 and now that particular dealership wanted $700. The scenario that I described with Midwest Superstores Toyota in Kansas was exactly, step by step, all that I had to do. Good luck with your new vehicle and do not let your selling dealer intimidate you! If you already bought the warranty, Toyota Financial services gives a 30 day, non-prorated grace period to get your money back.
  • thomasj2thomasj2 Posts: 12
    I too just purchased an LE 4cyl with just floor mats. After much website searching for prices from area dealers in the DFW metro, the one listed in Grapevine was the cheapest. They gave the best internet deal with the same price shown in the post above. The biggest problem I had with them was with my trade in. All info was over the phone, and the person I dealt with wanted to give me $6000 for my trade in, which was $1800 short of what the blue book said it was worth. She wouldn't budge on that.

    I contacted the dealership in Paris Tx, same over the phone info, and said he could probably give me blue book or higher. I drove the 97 miles up there and they gave me $200 above blue book and came off the MSRP about a grand.

    Now if you want to travel a little further, like down to Austin, they had the best deal. Same car for $18,999, until the end of the month.
  • wvgasguywvgasguy Posts: 1,405
    I'm curious as to what everyone is calling "Blue Book". In your case is it Kelly Blue Book trade in price? Is that with an "excellent", "good" or "fair" condition rating?

    (Or have some of you been able to get KBB Private party Price with "good" condition rating)
  • bobubobu Posts: 1
    I am a new engineering grad and I just got a job out in San Jose and I am from Indiana. Would like to get the forums advice on buying a new car.

    1) Should I buy in Indiana or California?
    Sales tax is significantly lower here in indy but if I buy a new car in Indiana then register it in California will I have to pay any additional tax?

    2) Will prices in bay area be more competitive than in cities in Indiana?

    3) Is it a bad idea to drive a car cross country a few weeks after buying it?

    Thanks alot for your help.. hopefully will have a new 07 camry by early june :P
  • wvgasguywvgasguy Posts: 1,405
    Don't forget, but I believe even Toyota has a $400 credit for new grads if they finance through Toyota. You can always finance through them and pay it off with another creditor. I don't usually dicker over cars once I get to within $500 of a good deal, but coming out of college $400 might mean more to you than it does me.
  • shaopengsunshaopengsun Posts: 17
    Austin dealers really offer better price($18,999) :) . The best quote I got in Dallas(2007 Camry LE auto with Carpet) is $19,700. :confuse:
  • grphgrph Posts: 2
    made typo on the zip. It is 29204. I tried it again and could not get a quote.
    Thanks for your assistance.
  • thomasj2thomasj2 Posts: 12
    "I'm curious as to what everyone is calling "Blue Book". In your case is it Kelly Blue Book trade in price? Is that with an "excellent", "good" or "fair" condition rating?"

    Yes that was with an excellent rating from Kelly Blue Book, with dealership tradein. Of course the private party trade in was much higher, and wish I new someone would've liked to buy it so I would have just have had to shop around for price. They always try to stick it to you on the trade in.
  • hsthst Posts: 2
    I just negotiated a lease for a 2007 Camry LXE with navigation. 3 years, 15,000 miles. This is the top of the line and fully loaded.

    I put no money down but will be giving them a $7,800 refundable security deposit, (the proceeds from my trade-in), which I will get back at the end of the lease.

    I am paying $1,000 up front which will cover registration, $400 bank fee, $410 first payment, plus some minor taxes and fees.
    The monthly payment is $410.

    I have two questions:

    1. How is that monthly payment look?

    2. They said that GAP coverage is not automatic with Toyota Financing and it is not the law in NJ that it must be included in all leases as it is in New York. They wanted to charge me $17 a month but I got it down to $10 a month (in addition to the $410).

    Is this true about GAP coverage in NJ and Toyota Financing?

    Thanks for the help
  • wvgasguywvgasguy Posts: 1,405
    I've never leased but I'm not sure how this looks good unless there are tax advantages. I thought the advantage of leasing was to not tie up your own money. You're letting them hold your $7800 for three years as well as giving them $1000.

    If you simply purchased a $31,000 XLE with a $2000 discount and had $8000 downpayment (your trade) then your payment would only be $406/month for 5 years. However in three years you would owe $9100 if you wanted to sell it. You own it! You drive all the miles you want with no penalty.

    It appears that in essence you have indeed given them a $7800 down payment (not a security deposit) and they are simply guarenteeing they will see that much back in "value" when you give it back.

    I don't know what your residual is, but if owning it for $400 a month means in 3 years it's yours if you pay off $9100 then I would want to compare that number with what they would allow me to purchase the car for at the end of my lease.

    Now if you leased for $400 no money down and gave them the car back in 3 years then I'd go for that.

    Also leases don't get tax credits on hybrids, not that you're interested in that.

    I've always been interested in leasing but perhaps I just don't see the light in leasing. I would like to lease for 2 years max with 15,000 miles a year and keep a new car. However for my TCH I just purchased I need to keep it three years to keep the tax credits I'm claiming.
  • hsthst Posts: 2
    I forgot to mention that the original lease payment without the $7,800 refundable deposit was $450 so it lowered my monthly by $40. It is like getting 6% on your money "after taxes" if invested in a regular investment vehicle.

    The lease route works for me because it makes it easier to deduct the expense for my business. A lease also allows me the option to give the car back if I am not happy with the car after 3 years or purchase it for about $17,500 which is an option since my son will be turning 17 in 3 years.

    I purchased a Maxima 5 years ago and was not in love with it but would have had to take too big a hit if I sold it after 3 years so leasing is a little more attractive to me.

    Lastly, when you put no money down with your lease and have gap insurance, (an absolute must for a lease), if the car is stolen or totaled, you are only out title & fees, (in my case the $1,000 which included my first payment) and payments you made and your insurance deductible. The GAP insurance takes care of the diference between your financial obligation and the insurance proceeds.
  • wvgasguywvgasguy Posts: 1,405
    Interesting. If you have to pay $17,500 to purchase it and they still owe you back the $7800, there is not much difference in the lease vrs purchase since on the financing you would only owe $9000+/- on the loan.

    The downside to the lease for me is that I would have to watch the miles/yr or pay a big penalty.. Then again on a purchase if I only owed $9000 after 3 years and could sell it for $17,500,.... Oh well I guess I don't understand the business expense side of this.

    Anyway, enjoy your Camry
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 120,254
    I would wait to buy it in California... Some states are really sticky about transferring registration on cars that have been purchased recently.. In a high sales tax state like CA, they might think that you were trying to get around the sales tax. It wouldn't be too nice to pay taxes in Indiana, then find out that CA is going to charge you again.

    From what I can tell, after reading thousands of posts... the car market is pretty competitive in California.. I don't think you'd have any trouble making a good deal out there..

    Driving across the country wouldn't be a problem, but why put all those miles on your new car?

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    Did you get a good deal? Be sure to come back and share!

    Edmunds Moderator

  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 120,254
    It is possible that there are no dealers in your area that participate in the quote system.

    Maybe you could get a response by going through Toyota's own website?


    Did you get a good deal? Be sure to come back and share!

    Edmunds Moderator

  • bbinsdbbinsd Posts: 6
    Buying a V6 XLE 2007. Just test drove and dealt with a fleet manager. +$500 above invoice($25,000). Total loaded except Nav is $26K They are throwing in a Sat radio for free since we hate the wood trim and are having to change it out for aftermarket pieces. This car is hot in SOCAL. I'm buying one that is still in the inpound lot in long Beach. :shades:
  • smslegendsmslegend Posts: 3
    How and where did you get such a good deal on yours? The best deal I've been offered was $24,451 before ttl from Toyota of Orange for the SE V6(no navi, no leather, just sunroof, spoiler and mats). Or is that a decent deal at the moment?
  • jbolgerjbolger Posts: 6
    I have been researching this vehicle for over three weeks now and in doing so I feel for the money this is one auesome car.After going to five different dealers here on Long Island N.Y. and leaving a deposit at one of the dealers,which by the way said my car would'nt be in until sometime in June I was reffered to Millennium Toyota in Hempstead.My wifes uncle knew the owner and would'nt you know they had the exact car I wanted on the lot.Not only did they match the price of the other dealer they treated me with respect and made me feel extremely comfotable.I know what your thinking I got a good deal because of the relationship to the owner, maybe so but let me tell you while I was sitting their signning the paperwork four other deals were going on within ear shot of me and all those people were getting the same treatment as me.If you live in N.Y. do yourself a favor and give these guys a call.Get your best deal and bring it to them and like me if they only match the price it will still be worth the personal sevice you receive.My SE-V6 out the door was $29806.85 with everything but nav.
  • wvgasguywvgasguy Posts: 1,405
    $29,806 without nav sounds about like you paid MSRP. What kind(if any) of discount did you get?
  • jbolgerjbolger Posts: 6
  • blindmantooblindmantoo Posts: 139
    Don't want to burst your bubble - but I might. If you read through many of these posts, you'd find that discounts can be had, but you might have to travel a bit. While I'm not sure what Z1 & Wl are, I purchased (ordered) a V6SE w/ your list of options plus NAV & XM for $28k - before sales tax. As long as you are happy, that's all that really counts.
  • wvgasguywvgasguy Posts: 1,405
    My dealer will sell me a SEv6 at $750 over invoice. Patience is the key. Toyota plans to make 400,000 Camries. There is NO WAY they can sell these at MSRP unless people are willing to pay it. There is always a few people that just have to have them and thus like the PT cruiser when it first came out early buyers get gouged. If the TCH does not get discounted in the future then it should hold it's value. The V6 however will start getting $1500 to $2000 discounts soon and that's just money thrown away if you were willing to wait three months.

    My Hybrid only cost me $30,000 (got a $589 discount) and it's loaded (roof, Nav, leather....)Additionally I get $6300 in tax credits. My deal looks better to me every day.
  • jbolgerjbolger Posts: 6
    Sounds like we both got the same deal.Z1 is the preferred assc.package $264.00- floor mats/trunk mat cargo net and first aid kit.WL are wheel locks $59.00.I too have XM with the JBL stereo.$27,300 before tax.Yes I am very happy with this car and you will be too.Good luck.
  • bbinsdbbinsd Posts: 6
    I'm in San Diego. It's scheduled to arrive on the 23rd. I'm never using a salesman again. The fleet manager pulled it up and it was done. I am going to another dealer's fleet manager in the AM who says he can do better. I have the check in hand so it talks. The reserved one is a XLE PKG with nav. This is a better deal then the LE we bought in 1999. :shades:
  • gbabalukgbabaluk Posts: 70
    Just picked up my SE V6 at a dealer in Winnipeg, MB and this was the worst experience that I have ever had when purchasing a new vehicle. First, I am 54 years old and have owned at least 10 new vehicles.
    The car arrived at the dealer last Friday, May 12 and they had to install the side mouldings and heated seats. Hence, they had the car for 7 days.
    We get to the dealership and after about 45 minutes of NO ADDED value selling of the additional maintenance, etc., I just say, I want the car. This is at 4:30PM and we have a long weekend here in Canada. We get to the car and it is washed and sitting in the service area which is very dark. I check the exterior and it is free of scratches, etc and the ONLY thing that is missing is the aluminum pedals.
    No problem.
    WE get into the car and drive off. We hit the Expressway and are stuck in traffic with the Long weekend beach traffic and we notice that there is so much grit and dust in the car that everything you touch has a layer of it everywhere!
    They did not even clean the car when it arrived at the dealership! Here in Canada, we pay over $1200 for dealer prep, delivery/freight and they only washed the outside!
    Thanks Toyota! Maybe I was expecting more, YES I WAS!
    I haven't named the dealer, as they are CLOSED on Saturday(Anyone ever heard of this?) and I can't speak to anyone until Tuesday.
    Well, I have vented. Tomorrow, I will spend a couple of hours and clean up the car and decide where I will have this car serviced.
    More to follow, but you will have to wait until Tuesday;
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