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2013 and Earlier - Toyota Camry Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • carleton3carleton3 Posts: 12
    can someone please let me know about advertising fees? i came up with an invoice price of $26,853 for a toyota camry hybrid with leather, sunroof, convenience package, xm radio, floor and trunk mats, and destination on edmunds. however a salesman said that invoice was actually $27,476 because of advertising fee or something like that which isn't shown. sounds like b.s. to me. not sure if it makes any difference, but the dealership is in ohio.

  • mcdawggmcdawgg Posts: 1,684
    Yes, for some reason the advertising fees are not negotiable. Just check the Edmunds pricing for this and you will see that the advertising fees are the same for MSRP and Invoice.
  • pbhagatpbhagat Posts: 8
    Yes, it is Wondries from Alhmabra. But they told me that they have a special on weekends and that I need to come in early on Friday or Saturday (not sure). The sale will be only for a few selected colors. How did you manage to get the color that you want? Did you get a car from the weekend sale?
  • wvgasguywvgasguy Posts: 1,405
    Yes, for some reason the advertising fees are not negotiable.

    From Edmunds: However, in either case these local fees are a part of the dealer's cost of doing business.

    If it's a cost of doing business it's negotiable. I've never (in my area) seen this cost on my invoice. That doesn't mean they don't recover it. That's why discounts vary all over the country. Having a building and accountants are a cost of doing business too. I don't see those charges either. many dealers don't show all these costs but they also are not selling their cars "$1000 below invoice" as many of you seem to be claiming on deals. Bottom line all dealers have to make money. Volume dealers have an opportunity small dealers don't but they too have to make money to stay in business. Everything they do from advertising to preperation of a car to writing up the paper work comes out of their revenue and determines if they make a profit.

    Some dealers discount advertising (or just don't show it as a cost), some dip into the dealer hold back. Some don't mention these things but simply discount from the MSRP a lesser amount than what many are reporting here. Some do funny things with the trade allowance.

    I've seen deals told on here of $4000 off on a TCH. Not saying it's not true, but it just may not be any better of a deal than in some parts of the country where someone only got $2000 off.
  • Karen_SKaren_S Posts: 5,092
    A reporter for a weekend news program is looking to interview consumers in the Los Angeles area who are interested in purchasing a hybrid. Please reply to [email protected] no later than Thursday, March 22, 2007 with your daytime contact info.
  • jbriskojbrisko Posts: 9
    One thing I have noticed during my past experience of buying cars is that , timing is very important to get a good deal. I would step into a dealer ship and take a quick peak at the manager's cabin if possible. If I find them relaxed and chatting ,then may be it's not a good time for me to buy a car from them. Usually 11th hour on a monthend is a best time to buy any car,even a toyota.I would walk in at 8:00PM assuming that most dealer ships close at 9:00PM on weekdays and continue negotiation into wee hours of closing .No salesman or manager will dare close doors on your face and loose a month end sales prospect.Be prepared to walk away if you don;t get waht you want.When they sense that they come to their senses.Hope this helps. Happy shopping for a new car every one!
  • koolkottkoolkott Posts: 3
    Yesterday I bought my 2007 Camry LE with the CF mats for $ 20,737 OTD in upstate NY.

    $19000.00 Price
    $1520.00 Taxes
    $217.00 DMV Fees.

    Was it a good deal?
    The VIN number starts with "J" and the Color is Metallic Gray.
  • jack47jack47 Posts: 312
    Four or six?
  • hey could you please post the dealer's name address/location and all the details of your experience, the negotiation process etc. i live in nj, but that price is the best so far around here (not including ca, where people are getting them cheaper). but i am willing to go there for that price.
  • jg6jg6 Posts: 70
    You can buy them everyday for ~$19,200 here link title.

    Most dealers have loss leaders advertised weekly on the CE and LE strippers.
  • koolkottkoolkott Posts: 3
    4 Cylinder
  • i'm also interested in a Camry LE Auto 4cyl. i see people are paying 17,988 for it. that is 1390 below invoice. is this for real?
    i got a costco price quote of invoice plus 650. that is 2040 more than other people are paying.
    how can i get my price down?
  • kiawahkiawah Posts: 3,666
    Geographic competitiveness.

    A very good deal on areas on the west coast is around 18K, areas on the east coast around 19K, South East deals with SET markups, etc.

    Any particular dealership in any particular city could be all over the place. You get your price down by shopping around and finding a dealer who has what you want in stock, and for that day is willing to accept your offer.
  • ansariansari Posts: 11
    12000 miles per year and MSRP is $ 20975. It is LE automatic 2.4 L 4 door sedan with standard features. i leased for $300.39 per month with rolled over texes in this amount.
  • ecgz88ecgz88 Posts: 14
    I get the same quote from WA, looked like I need ignore Costco.... How much did they offer you for Hybrid?.....Can anyone tell me why huge difference between CA and other states?
  • kenkokokenkoko Posts: 5
    i saw their add on the news paper. They have one every friday - sunday

    the sale price is only valid from friday to sunday ( according to the sales person)

    When i first called, they also told me that they only have few selected colors (white/grey/blue). i called back telling him i wanted a black one at the ad price. They initially said no, but i called several times and found a salesperson that agree to do it.

    i personally think the " selective color" is just their bargaining chip. I think you should ask them what color they have at that ad price before you tell them what color you are looking for.
  • Thanks. I realize that the md fitzmall has the best prices. the only reason why i may hold on to that one, is because those people who have experienced "transmission issues." If it was not for that reason, i would have a red camry in my back yard. However, do u guys know how will things works in the event that you get a camry in another state (i am form nj) and then the car presents some problems. would u have to take it to the dealer that u bought it from, or can u take it to the closest dealer in your area? (assuming that is under the 3 yrs warranty or so?
  • jack47jack47 Posts: 312
    You can take it to any dealer...they are all happy to collect from Toyota if it is still under warranty.

    BTW, like yourself, I'm waiting 'till the fall to I expect any transmission problems will have been taken care of by then.

    I can wait as my '95 still runs like a charm.
  • jg6jg6 Posts: 70
    There are no transmission issues with the I4 5 speed automatic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • True, i've seen the best prices around that time. that will include the 08 prices. since the first month will be camry's that were made on 07, but with the sticker of the 08. Another issue that i see people do not notice when buying a year ending model, is that they automaticlly loose about 3-4k for the first year depreciation. making your savings almost at 0. i was going to buy the accord, but i love the new camry and the xtra feautures which are standard.
    With the transmission issue, i am sorry to diappoint you, the issue is all throughout I4 and I6. The only one that i'vn't seen any complaints (which really amaze me) is the Hybryd version which i will love to have, but is out of my budget, and i rather go with a v6.
  • youmeyoume Posts: 11
    It is true. I got one for myself. Currently looking for TCH for 22400 at Power Toyota
  • youmeyoume Posts: 11
    Is it a good price in S Cal for THC 22400 plus TTL.?
  • mcdawggmcdawgg Posts: 1,684
    "With the transmission issue, i am sorry to diappoint you, the issue is all throughout I4 and I6. The only one that i'vn't seen any complaints (which really amaze me) is the Hybryd version which i will love to have, but is out of my budget, and i rather go with a v6."

    Don't forget, the 5 speed manual is perfect, too!

    But, I think MOST people are having no problems with the automatics, especially after the updates or the newer builds.
  • jg6jg6 Posts: 70
    With the transmission issue, i am sorry to diappoint you, the issue is all throughout I4 and I6.

    You have no clue! I repeat, there are no transmission problems with the I4 5 speed automatic.

    There was a software change (TSB) for some owners that had a hesitation problem. That's it!!!!
  • carleton3carleton3 Posts: 12
    i'm looking to buy a 2007 toyota camry hybrid with leather seats, convenience package (heated seats and mirrors), sunroof, xm radio, and floor and trunk mats. i've got an offer on the table for $27,747+TTL. edmunds invoice shows $26,853 for the same equipment. every dealer i've talked to says they also have advertising fee plus installation of xm radio. basically just want to know what anyone thinks of this deal. also, i have a 2007 honda ex coupe with automatic transmission and xm radio for which they will give me $17,750. this is more than any dealer i've spoken to. any advice?
  • hoho823hoho823 Posts: 6
    Is this a good deal if it's in North Carolina?

    This is a > Camry LE 4 cylinders w/ no carpet mats or any options (except for the 6 gallons of gas)

    Invoice Amount: 20093.97
    MSRP Amount: 21660.58

    Including the online certificate, $19743.97 plus the 3% tax, $134 new tag, $9.10 and $399 doc. fee.

    Out the door price: $20,878.39
  • kiawahkiawah Posts: 3,666
    You don't say what part of NC you are from, but www.fitzmall in g'burg (4 hrs from Raleigh) has that car w/floormats at 19,159 and no doc fee for out of state, and no haggle prices. You'd save about 1K. You pay tax and tag when you register in NC. Heck, with that much savings you can spend a nice vacation weekend in DC.

    Car details
  • What is the Southeast SET costs? Where should I buy in atlanta?
  • smed1065smed1065 Posts: 2
    I had an an excellent experience with Toyota South Atlanta. Here is the "deal" I got. I bought a SE V6 with upgraded JBL stereo, moon roof package with wind shield, rear lip spoiler, floor mats and window tint. List was 28,871.80 with SE fees and BS. I purchased for 24,782.12 without tax but with document fees. Taxes was 1717.88 Out the door was 26,500. You do have to watch their option prices, I noticed theirs was higher than most list prices.

    I had shopped for about 6 months and I was in and out in 3 hours or less on a Saturday (including test driving and driving away) They only tried once to pressure but backed off when I mentioned it. I did end up financing thru them because they saved me 2% on my credit letter APR. They do it right and talk price first. They then fill out an order with all add ons and changes. The last place you stop is the finance manager of course, but that is the first time they asked me about the type of payment I preferred. They did explain the extended service plan but they would not match the price I already had from here, so I will purchase online if I decide to take it.

    I could not believe the sales people they have around Atlanta, this was the only dealer I felt comfortable around after 15 minutes, usually I am leaving at that point based on their answers and/or heavy tactics.

    I feel I did good but also feel I could have done better if I wanted to spend a lot more time hassling back and forth.

    They even brought out the invoice that listed the 2% hold back and the 1% finance hold back without me even asking to see it.

    I have a name if you want, IM me
  • jbriskojbrisko Posts: 9
    Is it fully loaded? with leather package and all.Also it depends on how many miles you have on your accord.TCH may sound like a lot of car , but you need to consider how much you are loosing. Listen from a guy who lost 3K trading Volvo 2006 S60 2.5T with 13K miles fro TCH.( I bought a demo at 5K miles ,drove for 8K).
    Do you think I did a dumb thing?
  • Ok, Since this forum has been so helpful to me and my purchase I figured I'd give the same courtesy to all who are looking for pricing info.

    I just purchased a car at Claremont Toyota in So Ca for $21,318 OTD. Here is the break down

    Car: $18,400
    After Market Leather: $1,100
    CF: $100
    Free Oil Change for life.

    First, the key to getting a good price is to go to a dealer that is a VOLUME dealership, Claremont, Toyota of Orange, Power and Longo seem to be the largest in my area. From my experience the smaller dealers can't seem to match the big dealers prices since the little guys don't have the sales volume that allow them to be competitive with the bigger boys.

    I was quoted prices between $18000-18400 ( Toyota of Orange has weekly specials for all their auto LE for 18395 ) I probably could have done $200-300 better but decided to go with Claremont because I liked the quality of their aftermarket leather.

    One more thing, be aware of dealers telling you that low 18000's is way below invoice price, the toyota hold back is $560 per Camry.

    Anyway good luck and I hope my post helps.
  • carleton3carleton3 Posts: 12
    sorry i didn't specify the mileage. it only has 1200. also, the car is a civic, not an accord. i would only be paying sales tax on the difference between the new tch and the civic. the big question for me is if the sales price for the tch is any good considering i'm getting pretty good money for the trade-in. if the dealerships truly don't have much room to negotiate away the regional advertising fee, it seems like a good deal--again considering the trade-in value and the fact that they have to locate the car i want. if the ad fee is valid, it seems they are getting about 300 bucks over invoice plus good trade-in value. any thoughts? thanks.
  • carleton3carleton3 Posts: 12
    jbrisko, i meant to also mention that i'd be losing about 1,100 bucks on the civic, which really doesn't have any options except for navigation and xm radio. i just have xm radio and all season floor mats and trunk mat. thanks
  • Thank you - I'm going to try a couple in the area - thanks for the scoop on Toyota South. Do you think Toyota of Roswell is similar? I see their joint ads. I'm north of the city, but will drive if it means a deal.
  • What is the diff between (AW) 16" Alum wheels and (WB)16" alloy wheels? The (AW) description includes the word alloy? Some option packages also list a 16" BBS wheels (PPO). I can't find pictures. I'm confused - I just don't want plastic wheel covers. Anyone have an idea?
  • Oh yeah - when does the 2008 come out? I'm looking to by a 2007 at min price. I don't care about depreciation as I drive them 12 years or more. My early "90s" Toy is about to die.
  • sbargersbarger Posts: 3
    A dealer me offered a black 07 camry v6 for $23,000 OTD. Good deal or no?
  • jg6jg6 Posts: 70
    Who knows???

    New, used?

    What options?

    I4 or V6?

    Do you know what OTD means? It includes Tax and License which vary from state to state and even between counties.

    So who knows?
  • strthusler, that seems like an excellent deal! i am planning on buying a LE 4cyl Auto sometime this week. edmunds shows invoice as $18,771 + destination charge of $620 = $19,391. did you say you paid $18,400 + tax title and registration + after market leather = $21,318?

    if yes, i wish i could find a dealer in NJ who could match that deal.
  • sbargersbarger Posts: 3
    brand new, no options just floormats, v6, yes $23000 out the door, all tax and license included, i'm in california btw

  • I think you can get better. I see adds every week for $18395 at Toyota of Orange. I'm sure other big dealers can beat that.
  • kenkokokenkoko Posts: 5
    if you are in southern california, you can do better.
    my friend got one at Longo toyota LE V6 with carpet mats OTD $22794 ( with 8.25% tax )

    i think he got the ad price in the weekly chinese newspaper.
  • what is the lowest anyone has got in NJ? I am planning on buying a 2007 LE 4cyl in a day or two, and will appreciate any advice.
  • I've just got a LE with moonroof package for 21400 out of door in NJ. Not sure if that's the lowest :D Was in a rush to get a car.
    Sale Price: 19400
    Tax: 7%
    Title and Registration: 300
    Documentary Fee: 300
  • crystalclear, thank you for the reply. could you please tell me which dealership offered you this rate?
  • It's route 22 toyota

    Good luck :D
    I think there is still a bit more you can negotiate. I was getting really tired and just decided to close it.
  • smed1065smed1065 Posts: 2
    I know they own three dealers in Atlanta but not sure which ones. I have a dealer 2 miles away but they tried to be pushy, so I shopped everywhere. I just had to wait for them to get in the kind and color I was looking for, they were very professional.
  • sbargersbarger Posts: 3
    Thanks for the info, guess I'll go back to the researching and see how much lower I can go.
  • berchooberchoo Posts: 2
    Just bought an '07 Camry CE Automatic for $17,990 plus 7% sales tax and registration fees. Total out the door was around $19,100.

    Thanks to everyone who posts here. It was very helpful!
  • Completed following deal from Continental Toyota in Countryside IL (Chicago area). 2007 Camry XLE V6. Options: Navigation (NV), smartkey (SK), heated seats (HD), XM (P7), vehicle stabilty (VS), remote start (V4), floor/trunk mats (CF). Dealer invoice $28,674 (incl destination), MSRP $32,557. Price paid $29,146 ($472 over invoice). Other costs: electronic filing fee $8, dealer doc fee $58, sales tax (7.75%) $2,264, county use tax $15, plate transfer $80. Total OTD, before trade-in $31,571. Our $3,300 98 Camry trade-in (blue book value) then lowered the sales tax by $256 to $2,008 (sales tax is applied to sales amount, net of trade-in).

    Overall a painless experience. Based on this forum, and thinking our option combo would require a special order that would be hard to get at invoice, I set my internal ceiling at $800 over invoice and expected to do better. Sent out e-mails with desired options and known invoice cost to 4 dealers, received two e-mail replies (actually three but Westmont did not give a price). Naperville Toyota was at $1700 over invoice w/o XM--then promised to beat any offer by 5%, which hurt their credibility/trustworthiness with me. Continental sales person was very professional, upfront, and a pleasure to deal with. Accepted her strong initial offer without probably could have done better, but the no-hassle factor was worth it to me. I called to confirm a few things then visited dealer with wife to finalize colors (magnetic grey ext, bisque int). Ordering took 10 minutes.

    Other cars considered: Avalon--too big with a shockingly bad Nav system. Altima’s rear seat was too small. The Acura TL’s ride was too rough for us and it doesn‘t offer a Smartkey, though we loved everything else. Accord’s interior and electronics (no Bluetooth, no mp3) seemed dated, interior also was noisier. Lexus ES350 was $10k more with comparable options. I’m leery about buying a first year model, but this car fits us perfectly and we really couldn’t wait.

    Order to delivery took 3.5 weeks. Final deal close took about 30 minutes. For those interested in the extended warranty I can confirm others’ posts that Midwest Toyota of Hutchinson KA offers a platinum 7 yr 100k 0 deductible warranty at $880.
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