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2013 and Earlier - Toyota Camry Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • lawomanlawoman Posts: 1
    I'm buying the SE 4 Cyl through Costco ( Costco sets up a deal so I can buy my car at a local dealer for $50 above invoice. I'll get the SE for $18,477. After rebate it's $17,427. I also get invoice price for any options I want to add.

    So, in the end, I decided to get the premium leather package and carpeted mats options and paid $19,384 - this includes dest. charge and rebate.

    This price was so great that the other competing dealerships literally told me they couldn't come close. Didn't even try.

    Because I don't want the spoiler and want the moon roof (at no extra cost - it's a standard option) I have to order the car from the factory, and wait for it. It's worth the wait.

    Good luck!
  • Hi Lawoman:

    Thank you for the COSTCO info. Which state are you in? I am also a COSTCO member, and interested in purchasing a new camry. I am at Houston, Texas.

    Could you provide me with more info? My e-mail is

  • fredvhfredvh Posts: 854
    The only problem that I can see if you order one is if it comes in after April 5 and there is no longer the $1000 rebate. As far as I remember the vehicle has to be purchased prior to April 6th. What happens if your vehicle is not at the dealership prior to the date?
  • TMLTMLTMLTML Posts: 22
    Good pointe fredvh. How long does a special order take? I was told it would take 8 weeks to grab a Base LE from the delivery stream, and that was NOT a special order.
  • TMLTMLTMLTML Posts: 22
    Well, considering where you attended college, I am happy to have to explain to you that lawoman is a woman from L.A.

    L.A. is an abbreviation for Los Angeles. In case you don't remember what state Los Angeles is in, it's California.

    Gig Em, Aggies!
  • jeff1jeff1 Posts: 11
    Bought yesterday:
    XLE 4cyl, leather, moonroof, side+curtain airbags, heated seats, floor mats:
    $ 22,200, take the $750 cash rebate,
    final price : $21,450.

    I think it's a good deal.
  • fredvhfredvh Posts: 854
    What was the MSRP of this vehicle? If the MSRP of this XLE was 26,489 it was a very good deal. I show the invoice to be 23,302 and you got it for 22,200?
  • jeff1jeff1 Posts: 11
    Yes, the MSRP is 26,489.
  • Is that $21,450 the driveout price for this vehicle? If not, what is the driveout price? By the way, where are you located?
  • jeff1jeff1 Posts: 11
    drive out price:
    21450+ tax 1110 + title and fees 284

    = $ 22844

    I am in MA
  • Hi Everyone,
    I am in NYC, researching prices in the Lake Worth, FL area for my mother. Plse let me know if this is a good deal: Camry XLE-4cy
    $36.00 fee
    $1264.00 (6% tax)
    $175.00 (tag)
    $22515.00 (without rebate of $750.00)
    If this is high for the area, where should the pricing be? Also, is roadside assistance part of the warranty? or should she purchase the Toyoguard, offered at $240.00? (from this dealer).
    I just read alot of these posts and found out that this dealer is also the authorized dealer for Costco, so it will be interesting to see if he comes up with a better price now. I will also investigate some of the dealers in South Miami that were recommended to other people here. Ahything else you can recommend??
    Thanks in advice for any help you can give me!
  • xinyuxinyu Posts: 3
    You can try to call Toyota of Orlando. It seems they have good price on Camry XLE. see and choose internet specials. Good luck.
  • mj2002mj2002 Posts: 1
    This is the awe place to get the useful information from folks and I also would like to share my bad experience with folks to let people keep alert when they deal with the same or similar situation.

    At about 11:00 AM on March 20, 2004, I called the salesman in Jim Lynch Toyota Dealership in St. Louis, MO and asked him if he could beat the price $17228 for a 2004 LE, 4 dr., 4 cylinder, automatic silver Camry with ABS, JBL system and floor & trunk mats. He said he COULD and he had an exact car I was looking for and offered me at $17128. At about 1:00 PM on my half way to the Dealership, I called that salesman again to make sure that Camry with those options still available. He said YES. At about 1:00 pm I met the salesman, did the test drive and sat down with the salesman. He filled out the purchasing form with the price that he offered me on the phone, then he went to the general manager to get approved. At this moment I was happy to get a good deal. However, two minutes late, the salesman came back to me with the price $17687. I was shocked and asked the salesman what was going on. He said the general manager approved the previous price at $17228 for me when I called him on the phone, but he didn’t approve now and increased price with $559 more. I told him I wanted talk the general manager. The general manager came in and told me I didn’t know how to negotiate the price. I said, “ If you told this earlier on the phone, I don’t bother to come to your dealership now.” At 2:37 PM, I left Jim Lynch Toyota Dealership with disappointment.

    I finally end up with Seeger Toyota Dealership in St. Louis, MO for a 2004 Camry. Seeger Toyota offered very good price and service. They are very professional and honest! I highly recommend !!!
  • 03lxv603lxv6 Posts: 126
    What's up with Sunnyvale Toyota? I saw their sign: new owner! new management! Are business not good there?

    Aren't Toyota dealers doing so well that they can turn away customers?

    Last time I went out for a Camry, I went to 4 Toyota dealers.

    The first one, a sincere saleperson tells me the sticker price is the price that I have to pay.

    The second one, we loved a used camry, the manager told us he had no problem selling it since it was in just one week ago and refused to take my offer, which is 500 below his bottom line.
    The third one, the manager very politely told us we should go to the other dealer after we told him another dealer had a lower price than his.

    The the last one, S Toyota, everything was fine except a sales person wanted to sell us a new camry with 109 miles on it.

    So here I am wounded up with a Honda Accord.
  • junepugjunepug Posts: 161
    I guess you would be "wounded" if you bought a Honda instead of a Toyota.
  • 03lxv603lxv6 Posts: 126
    Definitely "wounded", but not by the 03 Accord.

    Will try my luck next time at some other Toyota dealers.
  • TMLTMLTMLTML Posts: 22
    Be sure you send Lynch Toyota a link to your complaint on Townhall here, so they know that there is a price to be paid.

    To reduce the chance of similar experiences in the future, be sure you speak with/deal with the Internet Sales manager. They are MUCH more honest than Joe Floor salesmen who like to play those games.
  • fredvhfredvh Posts: 854
    When one purchases a new Camry is it normal for the dealer to charge an additional fee for advertising? I have heard this before- that all Toyota dealers charge this fee. Is this correct? I am in the mid-west.
  • jeff1
    May I ask you the dealership name where you purchased your toyota camry xle in MA.

    Thank You
  • bellabella Posts: 4
    What is the "anti-theft system w. engine immobilizer and ALARM" that is standard on the XLE? Is it the same as the passive alarm? Dealer says it is not, and that will it not be recognized as an alarm by insurance. Thanks in advance.
  • lok888lok888 BostonPosts: 1,788
    It is a passive alarm system. You may have to buy an optional glass breakage sensor to enhance the factory alarm system. You will get auto insurance discount with or without this accessory.
  • bellabella Posts: 4
    Thanks lok888 -- What is my recourse if the dealer insists the passive alarm system is not part of standard XLE package, and wants to discuss in the finance room (starting at $495)?
  • lok888lok888 BostonPosts: 1,788
    bella - Make sure you do all you homework before you go to the dealer. They will find many ways to increase their profits. BTW, my dealer offered me $585 for the extended warranty. I don't remember for how long, maybe the 6 year plan. But I didn't buy it. Good luck.
  • jeff1jeff1 Posts: 11
    It's BOCH Toyota. They are good.
  • hank2hank2 Posts: 75
    Bella -

    My Opinion:
    I agree with lok88. Do some research on Edmunds and carsdirect on the price of the car with the options that you want. Print out the results. Ideally, you should deal with the Internet Mgrs, because they tend to give you a better deal.

    Go in VERY confident about what you want and how much you expect to pay. Be very pleasant, but don't answer personal questions. Be very business-like, because they are trained to smell weakness and they want your money.

    You will probably get around $2000 off the listed MSRP from the Web sites, with additional rebate for your area, when you buy the car.

    Now is a great time to negotiate, because it is the end of the month. Typically, they will give you a better deal to close the deal, increase sales numbers for the month, and take a car off inventory. You can try to get free mats or free oil changes, depending on the dealer. And if you don't like the deal, you can always walk out.

    Also, you can get extended warranty after market, during the current warranty period... Just check through some of these posting for more info.

    If something isn't written down in the contract, it doesn't matter what the salesman says. And his word is not final. The contract isn't good until the Manager signs it.

    Keep us informed.

    - Hank2
  • jeff1jeff1 Posts: 11
    Is it necessary to buy extended warranty?
    The dealer offer 7 years bumper to bumper, for $1069. Is it necessary for Camry. The dealer said there are many electric parts, and the repair will be very expensive.

    If this is not the case, I will cancel it.

  • nw1997nw1997 Posts: 227

        These vehicles are built well for the majority. I would wait out the 3year/36 months warranty and bank the money. If during the 3year/36 month period you are having alot of problem, you could then decide whether to trade it in or buy the extended warranty before the basic Manufacturer warranty expires. Why give up monies now, when you don't know what the future holds, you may decide to get a minivan or an SUV.
  • lok888lok888 BostonPosts: 1,788
    It covers most major car components, towing & rental reimbursement and meals & lodging. And it is transferable. It is up to you how long that you are going to keep the car. Keep this in mind that everything is negotiable. And they will always compete with others.

    Yes. I would begin with email or fax to the internet sales department of several dealers. I bought my cars via internet/email. And Edmunds has great information on invoice, options price, TMV. Good luck.
  • lok888lok888 BostonPosts: 1,788
    It covers most major car components, towing & rental reimbursement and meals & lodging. And it is transferable. It is up to you how long that you are going to keep the car. Keep this in mind that everything is negotiable. And they will always compete with others.

    Yes. I would begin with email or fax to the internet sales department of several dealers. I bought my cars via internet/email. And Edmunds has great information on invoice, options price, TMV. Good luck.
  • andy71andy71 Posts: 96
    Why doesn't Edmunds allow people to post links to a particular car dealership?
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