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2013 and Earlier - Toyota Camry Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • kpark6kpark6 Posts: 11
    Thinking about buying a 06 Camry this week or by next weekend. Can anyone tell me about prices paid and dealer experience? What about Carmax?
    Appreciate it.
  • Bought it on 02/18 - $16599 + ttl = 18310 (OTD).
    Gray LE - 2532model#
    No options added- not even floor mats.

    Donot go to stevens creek toyota as the service is bad and they make you wait a long time. Car was not clean when delivered so it is a disappointment. Capitol Toyota matches prices so try them.
  • kelvamkelvam Posts: 20
    The $16599 must be after the $750 rebate correct? That's an absolute amazing deal. Is this a Manual or Automatic? I have to guess it's a manual.

    Because as far as my research go, the "dealership invoice price" -- i.e. price paid out of dealership pocket to Toyota -- is $17491. Then there's destination chage of $580.

    Even excluding TDA (toyota advertise fee, usually in the $00 range), after $750 rebate it still total to $17321 -- a $700+ price difference!!!! :surprise:
  • The rebate in febraury went up to $1000 - check before you go to dealer. This is a 2532A => automatic.

    In bay area, they advertised these in the newspapers and sold out pretty fast. The Finance guy told me that this is close to they are not making much on car ($50 max) but they hope you will buy finance/insurance/warranty/prepaid maintenance from them. They make a lot from that !!!!!

    Where are u located? it all depends on location for deals....
  • kelvamkelvam Posts: 20
    Dang, I wish I'm up in the bay. I'm in southern CA. Maybe it's even worth it to fly up to SF, buy the car and drive it back :P
  • I read somewhere sales of toyotas in northern CA were slower so these deals are on....

    still i think wait till 2007s come out , if they have 2006 they will need to clear out..
  • kelvamkelvam Posts: 20
    I heard that since Feb already ended, and 2007 is coming out in mid-March (rumor?), they already up the $750 rebate to $1000 rebate. Have anyone heard of it, or confirm this?
  • statecatstatecat Posts: 10
    On Edmunds it shows the March rebate to be $400 and no APR incentive. Is the rebate regional? Is the info on edmunds correct?
  • kelvamkelvam Posts: 20
    I compare with KBB, and it does seem to be regional.

    "Models in Boston, Central Atlantic, Denver, Gulf States & San Francisco Regions - $1000.00 "
  • Bought a Camry Le, standard-equiped, auto transmission, for $18250, every thing-included, drive-out price. The original sticker price is $21190 Could get cheaper, since another dealership called and offered $18150 while I was test-drving, doesn't want to travel 100 mi(round trip) for 100 bucks (I know actually I could squeeze them to 18000, just felt enough is enough). By the way this $1000 rebate is national wide and the purpose is to clear the inventory and make room for 07 camry which is coming next week.

    Don't believe too much about this so-called invoice price since if using this number, it doesn't make any sense on my deal. As I know, every time the dealers get cars from the automaker, their prices will also be different. Also don't believe the so-called dinstination charge, it's a BS to squeeze consumer's money.

    If you are serious about buying a car, my suggestion is to call around dealerships and negotiate the price on the phone, let them know you are a serious buyer and you know what you are doing. Don't waste your time on traveling and talking in the dealerships. I only spent 2 hours on making phone calls and another hour to get the car.
  • $18,250 You said Drive out price. I am assuming you mean this is your OTD price that included Tax, Title etc.. ???? Please clarify Thanks
  • kelvamkelvam Posts: 20
    Ditto. If 18250 is price after TTL, that's amazing. In LA 91789 zip code, the tax itself (8.25%) is already 1500 which brings the car "drive out price" at 19000+.
  • Yes $18250 is OTD. I am in Tennessee, our sales tax rate is 9.25% for the first $1500 (don't remember how to calculate the >1500 part, maybe 6%, if i am right). The price before TTL is about $16400. This is a brand-new '06 Camry LE with cargo net and all the floor matts. The meter reading is only 27 mi.

    My salesperson couldn't believe her manager agreed on such a price ( I directly talked to the manager on the phone in the same day morning).
  • bigbird1bigbird1 Posts: 1
    Where at in TN are you located? I'm trying to get an 06 at around that price. :)
  • i am in middle tennessee. you can talk to alexander toyota in Franklin or Roberts toyota in columbia. I bought mine from alexander and roberts was the one called during my test driving. If you talk to beaman, you may reach the deal but usually they give you a lot of trouble. Last year I helped my friend to buy a 05 camry le there for 17980(with a $400 college new graduate rebate). That was the best deal i have ever reached but it took me 6 good hours! Good luck!
  • Ok I wish i were in TN due to the deals that the previous posts had but here is the best deal i could get after emailing and calling for three days 12 different dealers in OH ( Columbus, Dayton and Cincinnati dealers)MSRP 21,141 Negotiated Price of $18,028 with one free oil ( i could have had $17,028, but i chose the 2.9% APR instead of the extra $1000)They have coupons of $2000 for supposedly only one more week. I was told by all the dealers that they cant give all the discounts with the APR. I will break down the OTD price. REMEMBER REBATES ARE TAKEN OFF AFTER ALL FEES INCLUDING TAXES.
    MSRP = $21,141
    INV = $19,435
    subtract $407 (dealer cash back)
    This = $19,028
    + $ 100 ( Doc fees)
    = $19,128 x my tax of 0.65% = ($1243.32)
    = $20,371.32
    + $ 25.50 (title and registration fees)
    = $21,396.82
    - $1000 ( toyota coupon )
    GRAND TOTAL OTD = $19,396.82 with the special APR of 2.9% or 3.9%.
    Remember you can do $1000 better w/o the special APR. I have excellent credit rating and could not come close to 2.9% or 3.9%
    So this is basically $407 under invoice.
    Good luck Hopefully this helps, Like i said I have no clue as to how they did it in TN. I worked email and phone for three days and 12 different dealers.
  • how long before i wont have to pay sticker for the 07
  • njeraldnjerald Posts: 688
    have to pay sticker???????

    Someone have a gun to your head??

    It's called shopping!!! is advertising for $700 over invoice as of yesterday.
  • statecatstatecat Posts: 10
    How do you get the dealers to come down below invoice? or can you? Its possible to get cash and APR?

    Please help me. Im just not good at this process.

    I want to buy a 06 LE no options. What would you consider a good deal?

    Thanks in advance.
  • know of any dealers in ohio
  • nparthinparthi Posts: 6
    Are there any intenet dealers out there who will deliver the veihcle to any state (say) if my local dealers price is $800 more than other. Do I may my state tax?*O&photo=FALS- E&loc=LFT&mall=GA&year=2007&mk_code=TO

    Does fitzmall do that? I found this on their site
    "Time is valuable to all our customers. If you prefer, our Internet Specialists are trained to conduct most or all of the purchase transaction without the need to visit our location. In many cases we can deliver your new vehicle to your home or office. Just click the "I’m Interested" button, complete the form, and ask for more information on this service."
  • tightwadtightwad Posts: 2
    My lowest offer for Camry LE Auto is 19,250 OTD including a 1500 rebate, should I be able to get the car for less?
  • joecarnutjoecarnut Posts: 215
    I believe you can get one for below MSRP now.
  • neeedvanneeedvan Posts: 17
    Can any one please post the quote/price paid for 2006 or 2007 Camry in NJ?
  • kelly224kelly224 Posts: 4
    Does anyone know what's the lowest quote for LE/SE 2007 in CA?
  • tjcabqtjcabq Posts: 1
    Y E S,
    Rice Toyota was selling 2006 Camry's for $17,257 which included all paperwork & advertising fees. It did not include T/T/L.

    I suggest getting a 2007 version of the LE Camry for for about 1000 more than you were quoted. They also sell on eBay, go there and do a search for "2007 Camry"'ll see what I mean.
  • kelly224kelly224 Posts: 4
    One of the dealer gave me the quote $22,844.00 for Camry 2007 SE 4cyl. Is this the good deal?
  • joecarnutjoecarnut Posts: 215
    I believe MSRP is $21,790 for that vehicle not including delivery fee.

    Does it come with anything else?
    Check out under new cars and for invoice and other pricing info.

    What part of California are you in?

  • kelly224kelly224 Posts: 4
    I don't get why the dealer told me that their MSRP is $24,709.00 and their invoice is $22,200. But when I check online, it's $21,790 for MSRP and $19,391 for the invoice like you said.

    At Tracy Toyota, they are offering $22,644. I think that also includes destination fees but not tax.

    I'm living in San Jose, CA.
  • jerry44jerry44 Posts: 2
    I am new in Philly and will buy a 06 camry STD or LE soon. Please share some suggestions on dealers and price? I apreciate your help.
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