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Infiniti G37 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • $2500 Rebate is from Infiniti to Dealers on 2006 Sedans only. It expires on 11/30/2006. No Special financing on Sedans.

    There is a $1000 Marketing support from Infiniti on 06 Coupe expiring on 11/30/2006 also. Also, the coupe has special 1.95% APR financing.

    Dont know if there will be any rebate in December or not.
  • I'm looking for pricing experiences on any configuration of the new '07, sedan or coupe.

    Specifically how close to invoice you were able to get, not including credit for a trade in, etc.

    The Edmunds tracker is showing that people are paying exactly MSRP, and I'm sure that's not right (I hope).

    Is this car sufficiently hyped that dealers are getting sticker?
  • Thanks for the info again. I tried to contact a dealership and run these rebate and discounts on G35 Sedans or Coupes and they said outside of the low financing they are not aware of the other two savings. They said that these things aren't applicable to any deals.

    Can you let me know how I can get them to at least consider the $2500 rebate or $1000 off the Coupe? Is there a site that states these values besides forums. Thanks.
  • topgun7topgun7 Posts: 412
    gmorales, I think you need to approach the car buying process in a different way. As long as those rebate or cash offer not offer directly to the consumer, dealer will try to wiggle out of giving it to the buyer. As a buyer, the leverage we have is the knowledge and other dealers in your area. So instead of trying to "convince" this dealer that they have those rebate etc (and those are only for 06. Nothing for 07 right now), just go to the next dealer to see what deal they can get you (emails work great for me). S. Cal is always a stand by if you are in the west coast and willing to travel. At end of 03, I shopped for an 04 Accord for my kids in N. California for 1000 below invoice by sending out e-mail to about 15 - 18 dealers in N. Cal. And I bought myself another 04 Accord in Tucson for invoice. And you probably guessed that Tucson only has two Honda dealer and Phoenix only has 4 dealers. And AZ reduced the tax for value of the car that one trade in. So the tax saving make going to S. Cal not worth it.
  • I got the new 07 g35 sedan for 1,500 off MSRP... I got the Premium Package (no navigation or xm). 18" wheels in liquid platinum for $34.9k ish (I think) I can't remember the exact amount. The total came out to $36,900. And I even got two free oil changes, two free car detailings, and free window tint. I will tell you, however, that I had a blank check through my credit union ready. I walked in with intentions of buying a black base model, but after the deal the dealer gave I budged and bought the higher priced model. AND GLAD I DID. just an FYI I beat a lexus is 350 at a little friendly race on the highway :-)
  • I just picked up a 2007 G35 Journey with Premium Pkg and Sirius, Platinum Graphite with Black leather. After calling around to a few different S Calif dealers, Santa Monica agreed to sell me at $850 under MSRP, for a purchase price of $34950...I think I paid a few hundred more for mud flaps and a truck net.
    What they told me is this is the most they've discounted the 07 G since they started selling it. (who knows if totally true?) They told me because it was end of the month and they were having a slow Sunday, they decided to beat by $50 the best offer I got when starting to solicit bids through

    Overall it was a very good experience. So far the car is great, drives perfectly. I wish Infiniti offered a course in how to use and work the gadgets!
  • Are you looking to Get a 2006 or 2007 model ?

    if 2006 Sedan, Take the invoice price and subtract $2500 from it and that should be the HIGHEST you should pay (+TTL).

    if 2006 Coupe, Take the invoice Price and subtract $1000 from it (+TTL). For the Coupe, it is $1000 rebate OR SPECIAL APR - you cannot get both.

    For the 2007 Sedan, best you can get is ~1500-2000 off MSRP and that is tough (depending on the inventory dealer has).

    let me know if you have any more questions.

    I will be purchasing a 06 Sedan w/ Package C in the next couple of days...just working on the price.
  • Thanks again. I am only looking for a 2006 Sedan or Coupe, leaning toward the Coupe because of the financing option. I guess this pretty much counts me out for the $1000 rebate.

    I still think that I should be able to get a Coupe for $31K with just a sunroof or $30K with no options, or a Sedan for $28K with just a sunroof or $27K with no options.

    I figure that at this point that I am left with what ever colors the dealerships have since few have more than a few models left that fit my criteria.
  • A dealer told me they can offer me 3% above the invoice price. I am interested in a 2007 6MT, Prem Pack, Nav.
    MSRP: $37,400
    Invoice: $34,198
    +3%: $35,223
    That's the best deal I have so far.
  • I just got a G35X with nav and premium packages. After working three different dealers over the internet, got $1500 off of the $39k MSRP for my combination of options, for a $37500 price.

    This is in New Jersey, close to New York City.

    Good luck.
  • robertmoreno, re your msg on the deal you got on a new 07 g35 sedan for 1,500 off MSRP. Can you provide the dealership info? Thanks.
  • I realize the G35 is a powerful car but mpg is still important, especially with rising gas prices, geo-political unrest, and the environment. I'd be interested in knowing what kind of mpg those lucky '07 owners are getting. Of course the moderators will want you to post under the Actual Mileage topic area. I'm asking here since everyone seems to ignoring that topic.
  • Hello All,

    I was interested in the 07 G but was turned off by Southwest Houston dealership.

    I live in North central Texas, yet on a holiday trip to Houston, I got the opportunity to drive the 07 G35s and loved it. They would not budge one bit on price.

    I then got a referral to another dealership closer to where I live and in the process of working a reasonable discount, I kept getting calls from the dealer at SouthWest Houston Infiniti really pushing the car. Felt like a typical used car salesman tactic.

    Bottom line is this dealership is slimy and has no moral character. I guarantee you that you will walk out of this dealership wondering if you had been in prison because you feel you got shafted some way and somehow.

    Here are a few phone conversations for your reading pleasure.


    Dealer: "We have 22 on the lot and more arriving daily. So are you going to buy one?".

    Me: "Not at sticker"

    Dealer: " They will be at sticker for at least 9-12mo because they are flying off the lot."

    Me: "So then why do you have 22 sitting there?"

    Dealer: "Listen, if it is the payment, we can work something out. I can get you a sweet lease deal."

    Me: " work out the numbers and get back to me."

    a few hours later I get a call from the Dealer.
    Dealer: " okay, I can get you into the car for $680 a month for 42 months which is a really good deal."

    Me: "Okay what is the cap cost, residual, MF"

    Dealer: " cap cost is MSRP, residual is 50%, MF is 0.0485"

    Me: " No thank you, I can get a better deal at another dealership. "

    Dealer: "Who is it and how much are they giving you?"

    Me: " I cannot divulge name but they are closer to where I live and they are giving me reasonable $ off unlike you guys."

    Dealer: " well I know dealers in that area. they will screw you when you get there with fees, etc". He was really bad mouthing the other dealer.

    Me: " They are a reputable dealership and there are no hidden fees."

    Dealer: " Well I am not giving a discount. The car sells itself."

    45minutes later SW Houston calls.
    Dealer: " My manager said he will beat their deal if you can send proof of the discount."

    Me: " Man 9 months went by very quickly didn't it".

    Dealer: " I need you to give me the other dealer's name and proof of deal"

    I sent an email stating " I promised I would not divulge this info and I will not. I sent an except of the email showing the discount but took out the names to protect the innocent and basically told him, You will need to trust me."

    THE NEXT THING I GET is an email from the discounting dealer bitching me out that they got a call from Southwest Houston Infiniti (they must have call every dealer in town) and bitched them out for discounting. They told the sales person they did not know how to sell cars at sticker and need to go to their dealership for training.

    WHAT TACT. I would expect this from a Daewoo or Hyundai dealer and not a premium brand.

    I sent an email to the SW Houston Infiniti dealer complaining about this salesperson. Do you think I got a call or return email? No.

    Turns out the sales manager also called the other dealers to [non-permissible content removed] them out for driving price down so soon.

  • I would send the dealer and salesperson info to the local Infiniti office or to their new U.S. headquarters in Nashville. Explain that their treatment of you has turned you off to the brand completely. They will take the complaint seriously.
  • topracer, can you give me info on where you got such an offer? I would jump on that in a heart beat.
  • Yes. I'd like to know too. I'll fly there if necessary and drive back.
  • jhs70jhs70 Posts: 213
    No lie! Count me in too. We should at least be able to get a group discount with the airlines.
  • I have had a love for the G35 coupe for several years now and since I've graduated from school and have a means to purchase one, I finally pulled the trigger! I was thinking about waiting for the '08 coupes to come out next summer but I would not be able to purchase it with the VPP discount for at least one more year. I started looking at purchasing a used one and just got hooked. About one month ago I found a '06 Ivory coupe w/ premium and aero from an individual in St. Louis off AutoTrader with only 2200 miles on it. I was able to purchase it for $31,200 + shipping and taxes. I am very happy with my G!
  • Where ? Count me in also. Willing to fly and drive it back.
  • Does anyone has any information on the rebate on the 2006 G35 sedan for December ?

    The current $2500 cashback from Infiniti is expiring on 11/30/06 (tomorrow), so I was wondering as to what rebate Infiniti will come out for Friday (12/1/06) ?
  • I suspect this is very doable for '07 coupe and not '07 sedan. That would certainly make more sense!
  • I just purchased the same thing in Chicago w/o NAV for $1,500 off list. My best quote was $1,940 off a MSRP of $36,940. I went with the lower discount at a dealer who was 3 miles from my house. It took a lot of work on the Internet contacting a variety of dealers in the Midwest but it was worth it.

  • hey guys, been following this forum for a while..and just bought my first 07 G35 sedan platinum graphite, journey with premium package at Southwest Infiniti in Houston, Tx 2 days ago! It was an easy process...did some tough bargaining but in the end I believe they came out the best. You have to talk to the internet managers for the cant talk to the regular salespeople or you will get jacked. Went to another dealer close by and they gave me a regular guy who could not negotiate at was pathetic. Anyways with ttl i saved around 5-6 hundred dollars. They threw in free tinting, splashguards, and also cash back in form of gift cards! These guys are very professional and friendly...this car is extremely limited! so the price will remain msrp..but if you show concern and caution u can win at the end. good luck in the buying process....
    fyi walk out 36900!!! maybe im just lucky??
  • The problem with Houston is that although there are 4 infiniti dealerships, the two largest (Southwest & Clearlake) are both owned by Fred Haas so that decreases the competition greatly. North Inf and West Inf are independent but each are a lot smaller.
  • ppnffppnff Posts: 65
    I believe what the people at Southwest Houston Infiniti did in terms of comparing prices and artificially trying to keep prices elevated for the consumer is illegal. You may want to document this and tell them that you plan to report them to the fair trade commission to be investigated. I am not an attorney (and you should find one if you pursue this course), but anytime retailers try to gouge more out of consumers, retailers will be faced with stiff fines and penalties... I think the term is collusion. Good luck and I agree we should all boycott these people...
  • Just purchased my 07 G35 sedan Journey with Premium, Nav, Tech package,and Splash Guards. MSRP is $38290. I got it at $36164, It's $2100 off MSRP.
  • Calif_man...Where are you located and which dealer? Did you buy through fleet/costco or other? Sounds like a good deal. Congrats.
  • Excellent-I just bought a G-35X 2007 for $1,940 off....
  • You are so wrong!! Dealers are independent businesses and can charge what they want. Cars are not "fair traded" and a Dealer has the right to charge MSRP. You are free to buy or not buy-no one is forcing you to buy the car. What do you consider gouging? Anything over invoice? Using your logic, since Nieman-Marcus is an expensive store- they should be fined and penalized. Have you seen their XMAS catalog? They have a car selling for $1.2MM!! I just bought @ 2007 G-35X for $1,940 off. The dealer made a $1,000 profit + holdback. Was I gouged? I am not a dealer nor working for a dealership.

  • you are right about collusion. merchants can charge a price and the consumer has the right to buy it or not. BUT the merchant CANNOT prevent the consumer from buying it somewhere else at a lower price, by talking to other merchants into keeping a price up.

    THAT IS COLLUSION...not fair trade. I posted a note on another blog (maybe this one too), where some major dealers in my area had to defend against collusion charges brought against them by in a class action suit..I believe the litigants won the suit, in fact.

    Collusion happens all the isn't far fetched that this may be happening to the gentleman in houston...

    that's all for me again....
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