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Infiniti G37 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • I was quoted a price of $33556 with window tint, wheel locks, & cargo net. MSRP = $35140. How does this compare to other quotes? I am in AZ.
  • pjt:

    Thanks for the info. Have you had your G serviced at Lupient? Have you had similarly good experiences with the service department?

  • Saisson - Which Chicagoland dealership did you go to? I am willing to do the work to get a deal close to yours!
  • I'm also looking at a 07 g35x prem pack in Minneapolis. I was hoping to get $1000 or so off MSRP. Both dealers seem to have plenty of inventory. I had a good experience at both dealers but the Bloomington dealer seemed to know more about the car. Has anyone purchased one in the cities? I was also thinking of going to Madison WI if I could get a better deal.
  • I'm looking to lease a 2007 G35 Sedan Sport AT. Here are the options/numbers.

    2007 G35 Sedan Sport AT
    Premium Package
    Navigation Package
    39 Months
    12,000 a year
    $0 Down

    Due at delivery is only first months payment and a single security deposit.

    $579 a month (This includes all taxes, title, registration, fees)

    Also, please note I am in Illinois where the taxes work a little bit different then most states, even on leased vehicles.

    Is this a good deal? Should I move forward? Thoughts?

    Thank you guys for your help in advance.
  • This forum will not allow me to identify particular dealers.
    There are only 4 Infiniti dealerships (owners) in Chicago. The suburban dealerships will negotiate. Suggest you start negotiating via the Internet to get your discount. I feel that is the best site to use since you can direct your request to particular dealers. Good Luck.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 64,725
    You may identify dealership names, city and state... Please leave out any individual contact information.



    Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

  • Hi all,

    Just got off the phone with a salesman and was offered $31,500+TTL for a 06 coupe, auto, Premium Package + Painted Splash Guards + Trunk Mat, Liquid Platinum Metallic and Graphite. Should I take it? Any suggestions? Thank you very much.

  • So what was your final purchase price? What options/package?
  • Used to send out queries and got one back at $1,800.00 off MSRP for an 07 Sport, Premium Package, XM. Sounded like a good deal but thought I'd post it here before I commit early next week. Any input is much appreciated.
  • It is the Out The Door Price (OTD) that counts...any quotes are meaningless. Do not get hung up on the various "fees" or charges... they do not mean anything! because it is the OTD price that ultimately counts.
  • jb_tuner: So I should walk in and basically stand by paying $35k or less if I can negotiate it(MSRP $36,800.00-$1,800.00)+ taxes, and tax, title, license and no more. With 6% tax here in Ga., I'm figuring the total OTD should then be $37,300 or so, no fees or charges to be added. Walk out if I don't get it.Thanks.
  • If it's an 07 it's a steal..... :)
  • 2007 G-35X-Premium package, splash guards, trunkmat
    MSRP: $37,290 - $1,940 discount =
    $35,350 + TTL (tax,title,license)
    It's an awesome vehicle....
    Beats Every BMW 0-60; except M class...
  • opsmoopsmo Posts: 8
    I have to say that I believe I walked away with a great deal today. '07 G35xAWD with premium package and cargo net for $200 above invoice (34,011.26) with a trade-in of $21,000 on my '05 Honda Odyssey LX ($18,000 Kelly blue book trade-in value). It's year end and 2 dealerships (apparently) are having a sales volume rivalrey and frankly I don't care WHY but I got my car at what I believe is a fabulous price !!I can show anyone who is interested the websites to print to show your local dealership who claim to beat any competition.
  • Wow! That's the best deal I've heard about. Where and what dealership did you buy from? What websites are you talking about?
    Enjoy your new Xmas toy.
  • I am ready to buy a 06 G35X with premium C package.

    The first dealer to come back is throwing around $32,500. This looks a little high. The Invoice is $34,300, TMV is $33,300 and there is the dealer incentive of $2500.

    Should I be shooting for $32,000 or less?

    It is getting late in the year and everyone in my New Jersey area seems to still have a lot of 06's left.

  • opsmoopsmo Posts: 8
    I currently live in south NJ and I bought it at Holman Infiniti on Rt 73 in Mt Laurel (I think) but they also have one in Egg Harbor. I bought it yesterday (12/15). They aren't really toting a year end sale at this point but they said they will beat any regional competitor. So Infiniti of Willow Grove (PA), only 20 mi away) is having a year end, internet sale of any '07G35x in stock or to be delivered by year end for $200 over dealer cost ($800 over for the navigation and tech packages).I showed it to my guy here and it was done.
    Got the car I wanted at the price I wanted. This is a first for me. !!!!
  • opsmoopsmo Posts: 8
    They do have alot of '06's left over but you need to walk in and tell them you will pay what you want to pay (in nice terms, of course). That's how I got the great deal I did yesterday on my '07. $200 over invoice.................not bad if I do say so myself.
  • What is reasonable price for a 06 G35X at this point in the year?

    :confuse: :confuse: :confuse: :confuse: :confuse:
  • Where are you located? Would they have given you that prices if you did NOT have a trade-in? If not, the trade-in "muddles" the transacation.... ;)
  • opsmoopsmo Posts: 8
    The options cost more in the 06 than the 07 because more is standard on the 07. so look at the invoice and get a feeling in your gut what you want to pay for a car that is leftover that a dealer HAS TO GET RID OF SOON. Then you stick to that price and go for it.
  • opsmoopsmo Posts: 8
    same price as I told them I was going to sell my Honda privately originally.
  • IMO, having sold a number of car liine and knowing holdback and profit, $200 over invoice is not a great deal. I bought my last vehicle far below invoice but only after dealing with a number of dealerships. Some just will not budge but some will.
  • If you had a trade the G35 trade price is meaningless.
  • topgun7topgun7 Posts: 412
    Come on, Proscource1. If you sold a number of car then you know that car price is driven by supply and demand. 07 G35 is a brand new car with really good review. 200 over invoice is a great deal at this time. Have you shop this car lately?
  • $200 over invoice on a 2007 model is a fabulous deal, which most of us probably won't be able to get in most parts of the country. This is a brand new model, and in high demand.

    On the Out-the-Door price issue: When negotiating with dealerships, yes, always get out-the-door prices from each of them so you can compare apples to apples. (This is because dealer doc fees and city sales taxes vary.)

    But when reporting your deal to this forum, out-the-door prices really aren't very helpful, except to those members who live in the same locale as you. State and local sales taxes vary greatly, as do state registration fees. So the most useful thing you can do here is to report the actual price you paid for the vehicle: take the out-the-door price and subtract all the taxes and government fees. Leave the dealer fees in, since they should really be thought of as part of the price.
  • You must be kidding; if you bought a car far below invoice it was probably a model no one wants
    ....btw what is a liine?? :P
  • I'm looking at the G35 and wondering whether it's a better deal to go with an 06 model, with presumably heavy discount that might let me get an upgrade package, awd, etc., or with a stripped 07? From looking around, my guess is that for roughly similar specs I can get an 06 for about $5k less than an 07.

    Any thoughts on how much better the 07 is than the 06? Clearly more hp, better interior, but any thoughts on this choice?

    Thanks v much.
  • cdnpinheadcdnpinhead Forest Lakes, AZPosts: 4,055
    Partly it'll depend on how long you plan to keep it. The resale value of the newer car will be considerably higher for the next 3-6 years. If you're planning to drive it in excess of 100K miles, that year won't matter much.

    OTOH, if you're looking at 2-4 years/40-50K miles, the new one wouldn't be a bad plan.
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